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Chevrolet Equinox Maintenance and Repair



  • dghunterdghunter Posts: 1
    I have had me Equinox for about 5 months now and everytime I get in and out of it, I get shocked very had to the point I have seen sparks... was wondering if anyone else is having this problem.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I don't have an Equinox, but I've had my 2000 Impala for just over 5 years now, and I get shocked every time I get out. The only thing I can recommend is getting in the habit of touching the door with your elbow when you get out, so the shock happens there instead of on your fingertips when you close the door. Could be a cloth seat versus leather thing (I've got cloth), but I don't know of anything that can be done to alleviate it.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Try switching to rubber floor mats and spraying seats with static free or rubbing dryer sheets on the seats weekly.
  • I just got my nox back from the dealer after I took it in for the smell. Took me two different dealers before any one would admit to knowing that the problem existed. The dealer that I bought the truck from said they never heard of it. Second dealer knew all about it and told me that the repair takes about two to three days. It took exactly two days. Glad that smell is gone much nicer now. However I opened up the garage to find my truck locking and unlocking itself, complete with lights flashing, has anyone had this problem before? I took it back to the dealer and they said they could not find anything wrong, there are no diognostics for electrical systems. They told me that somehow the truck intercepted the garage door opener signal. Im confused about this because up to this point I have not had a problem, and I have had the truck about three months and always park in the garage with it. Any Suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
  • So I got my car back after they had it for 6 days & when we went to pick it up it kind of hesitated when it started. My husband noticed it immediately & because of all the problems we have been having w/ this car & GM he had them pull a new model over & start it to see if it started the same way. Of course the new one started right up. The service writer said he noticed the difference but said it was because of the mileage. PLEASE!!!! So I've driven it for a week now, the key in the ignition can turn while you are driving. It is very lose because of the "jerry rigging". Today at lunch I started my car & it stalled. Is this really normal? I can't believe I can't get anybody to help me deal with these issues.
  • Okay while I do admit the coolent smell is gone, seems I have traded it for even more of a mess. It was not bad enough that all of a sudden my truck started leaking oil all over, so I took it back to the dealer immediatly and they determined that it was a defective oil filter, which they seemed to fix. By the end of the day after 40 miles of driving the engine fan would not shut off, then much to my surprise coolent started spitting out all over my driveway. I then had to get a wrecker to tow it to the Dealer so they could figure out what went wrong. Has anyone had any problem like this after the coolent repair? Help! this truck has been in the Dealer three times this week, including two in one day. I am not a mechanic, but I do know enough that something is terribly wrong, and they have not even considered addressing the mysterious unlocking and relocking itself complete with lights flashing issue, any advice from you more experienced nox owners? :cry:
  • barry22barry22 Posts: 3
    The noise that you are probably hearing is the ABS system. When you start moving after about 3 miles per hour or so, the ABS system performs a quick check of itself and then arms itself. I hear it on mine all of the time. The only reason I knew what it was is because when I bought my Astro Van it came with a video tape about the ABS system and mentioned about the noise.
  • barry22barry22 Posts: 3
    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to the NOX club. I bought mine 3 months ago. The build date on mine is June 2004. I heave read most of these posts and as far as my experiences go I have not had any of the problems that I have read here. I have 3500 miles on mine. I am getting about 20 MPG. About 75% of my driving is on the highway. I have checked my spare tire area and it is dry as a bone. I live near Seattle Wa. and we get plenty of rain. I noticed some of you are hearing a noise from the front end when you first start up. Funny because everyone should be hearing this. It is the ABS system doing its self check and then it arms itself. It is not very loud but if the radio is off you can hear it. These SUV's have a lot of electronics in them and a lot of relays. It is normal to hear some of these little noises. As far as the tranny goes, it is also electronically controlled. Lots of relays there too. Gone are the days when transmissions were controlled by speed and vacumm. As with all new cars problems will occur and occasionally you will see a lemon or two but I am happy with my NOX and I would not hesitate to buy another one. With regard to large A pillars at the front, I think it is a nice feature. It gives more stability to the frame. I am sorry some of you have had problems. I hope that the dealership where you bought yours will make everything right. As a mechanic by trade I can tell you that the NOX is a well built SUV and even though there are a few bugs to work out I believe I will be happy with mine for a long time.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Thats nothing new. That happens in just about any car particularly during the winter. To prevent it, before you exit your car place your hand on the metal part of the door frame and leave it there until you are completely out of the vehicle. I do this to reduce the shock as I get out of my car.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Sweet Jesus, the repair shops must be totally out of the loop.

    * * *I M P O R T A N T N O T I C E* * *
    GM has issued a fix for the smelly coolant issue. Its been out for 4 months or so now. Take your Nox back to the dealer and tell them the hoses need to be replaced and they should do a thorough check for the TSB (Technical Service Bulliten). If they tell you they know nothing of it or that it does not exist, take your vehicle to another GM dealer if you are able to.
  • tarmentarmen Posts: 6
    Hi All,
    Just to give everyone a heads up on the TSB concerning the Equinox coolant issue. The TSB can be seen at

    and click on "Cooling System - Underhood Coolant Odor"
    (Wed, Dec 15, 2004 Wed, Feb 9, 2005 04-06-02-010)

    Hope this helps. I just took my Equinox to get it's first oil change yesterday, and was told that the coolant "looked black", and required a flush. The TSB states that "the discoloration of the coolant is normal and not related to odor. It is the result of sealant pellets that are added to the system during production. DO NOT add sealant pellets when performing this repair".
    Anyone out there might want to inform their Mr. Goodwrench that the coloration is "normal", since obviously they don't read the TSBs. Thank goodness for the internet!

  • Thank You for posting the TSB, evidently my dealer has read the TSB, but did not follow it to the T. I talked with the dealer yesterday, and they are telling me that there is air in the system, thus the reason it keeps leaking coolent. Going on day two with the rental ( week two ). They told me it is extremly hard when this happens to get all of the air out of the system, seems like since I have not heard a word from them on my truck they are not resolving the issue easily. Now the service manager has made my truck his personal vehicle so that he can resolve the issues that it is having since the repair. I will keep everyone posted as this progresses, see what they have to say :cry:
  • cjdana1cjdana1 Posts: 1
    I dont think that this has anything to do with your problem but it is similar. I just bought mine in jan of this year and it has 5000 miles on it. Anyways it all started in april. aparently my check engine light likes to go on and it pleases. (my car being the 3rd in the nation to have this prob) The trick is is that it doesnt register anything once the car is shut off. I am in the dealer about 1 every 2 weeks. Today being my 4th time in, i guess GM issued some kind of bullitan yesterday may 11 saying that it is something with power steering and that they are still working on a fix for it but the dealers are told not to try to fix it. My service tech says that it could be up to 2 months before this is fixed. Once i left the dealer the check engine like came on again....go figure! I was talking to some old GM retirees in there that said GM was going down the tubes and they told me to write a letter to GM with a copy of Michigans Lemon Law attaced to it so ill give that a try. :mad: :lemon:
  • Okay, got a call from the dealer to pick up my nox, they said they got all the air out of the system and everything should be fine. HOWEVER, when I looked in the garage in the morning, there it was again, coolent on the floor, by comparison not too much about the size of a coffee can, in addition to that drivers headlamp is totally burnt out. Reading in the owners manual, you practically have to remove the whole front bumper to fix a burnt out light, and disconnect from the radiator is part of the repair. So my nox is back into the dealer, they now know me by my first name, and certainly asked what I was doing there. This is the third trip to the dealer for this coolent issue, and they did not even address the electrical problems that I had with the truck. Im back in the rental AGAIN!!! :sick:
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    The issue date of this TSB "Odor from Underhood, Coolant Odor" is dated Dec. 15, 2004.
    Does that mean GM has updated thier assembly line by the time this TSB comes out?

    Do Equinoxes, built after Dec 15, have the new hoses?
  • burg1997burg1997 Posts: 1
    The noise you are talking about is it like a swishing of water? I hear some kind of noise and I've only had my Equinox for a week and the noise just started yesterday. To me it's sounds like water swishing back and forth in the engine only when I start the car and go for a mile or so.
  • we've had ours since dec of last year. I have brought it up the dealer's and the toll free number's attention and I have been given no solution. I've tried rubber mats, not touching the doors, and I am stil getting shocked if you find a solution let me know. I hate this
  • I always get shocks from my nox, however in the last two weeks I have had three rentals, and all of them shock me except for the red one that I now currently have. I did take dryer sheets to my nox interior seats, and that did the trick for about a month. For some reason it seems to be tied to the color of the vehicle. I also have a cloth interior so that made the dryer sheet application easier as well.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    Wow thats a good one but its not tied to the color of the seats at all. It happens in most vehicles and you'll notice it more during the winter months. Its like when your dragging your fee across a rug then touch another person or metal object.

    I have a 99 Infiniti G20 with leather seats and it still happens to me but I prevent it by keeping my left hand on any metal part of the car as I am exiting. That way the static is discharged. You'll notice that it is most prominent if you have cloth seats.

    One other thing you can do which is rather difficult is to try to raise yourself up out of your seat rather than sliding out of the seat.
  • Read the reply again, not the color of the seats, the color of the vehicle. I have owned two red vehicles and never got a shock, all other colors and other vehicles seem to do this. Its a mystery. Grab the plastic part on the upper part of the nox and everyone should be fine as well :)
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    My apologies, I did read your post incorrectly in reference to vehicle color however, the rest of my comment stands.
  • lesliemc1lesliemc1 Posts: 1
    I have had the same thumping noise from my Equinox....and the gas gauge issue.
    I am taking my car in this weekend to see what they tell me. Have you had any luck finding out what the problem is?
  • simonovsimonov Posts: 25
    Hi I have an LT Eqinox AWD with 11K miles purchased August 2004...I have never smelled the "Smell" but I am wondering if I should have the hoses changed anyway...what do you think...also...why does this take two days????
  • simonovsimonov Posts: 25
    I have an LT Eqinox AWD with 11K miles purchased August 2004...I have never smelled the "Smell" but I am wondering if I should have the hoses changed anyway...what do you think...also... does this take two days in the shop????
  • I have to say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Just keep an eye on things. I finally have my Nox back after back and forth to the dealer for two weeks. I have had three rentals as well. Happy to report that I have not had any other problems with my Nox it seems to be running just fine, good to have it back. The whole process of fixing the coolent smell according to my dealership is two to three days. If you do decide to do this, make sure they bleed the system of all air before they give it back to you. They did not do this at first with mine that's why it went right back in to them. ;) By the way my nox is an awd with 1800 miles on it with a production date of Jan 05. I do not think at least of that date they have fixed the problem during production.
  • I would also like to hear from anyone knowing status on the assembly line updates; I am seriously considering a 'Nox for purchase within next 30-45 days, LT AWD, but only if I can verify that these many issues discussed in this forum have been resolved in manufacture phase. Otherwise, I'm going with the much more reliable, but not as beautiful, Honda Element! It's such a shame, too; the 'Nox is a gorgeous vehicle and a great value...IF you can stay out of the service bay!
  • rich11rich11 Posts: 2
    Mfg date 3/1/05. The smell appeared at about 300 miles, so the factory hasn't changed anything by 3/1/05. It went to the dealer at 1,000 miles for the procedure. The dealer followed an older TSB and did not change the hoses. I pointed out the TSB number that was posted on the forum and he then looked the new one up. The bad news is they have been waiting for a hose on "backorder" for the last week, so its been 10 days now. Hopefully it comes in soon. They have been very communicative and offered a rental which we didn't take. We have not had any other problems with it. The vehicle is better than the 03 Jeep grand cherokee that we had which needed brakes every 15,000 miles and developed an intermittent starting problem that Jeep could not duplicate. The Equinox gets combined 20 mpg and its fairly flat around here.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    Caution is required when removing this coolant cap. "Caution Label" is posted.
    Treat it just like you would treat a radiator cap. It should be removed only when vehicle is cool.
    This is not just a reservoir tank, but part of the whole cooling system.
    It is called a "Coolant Surge Tank" which is part of the radiator's cooling system.
    Steam and scalding liquids from a hot cooling system can blow out an burn you badly. Please use Caution!
    Normally in a closed cooling system there are no odors.
    If this cap is loose or if there is a leak somewhere, loose heater hose clamp, surge tank clamp, or bad core, then the odor will be present.
    I opened my "Coolant Surge Tank" when my Nox was cool and had no significant odor. Coolant does have odor when hot and when it leaks.

    I believe people are opening this cap under pressure and hot coolant gases are blown out of the Surge Tank and that is what they smell.

    Also, if this cap is loose, the hot coolant gasses can be released.
  • lori68lori68 Posts: 1
    Hi,My rear passenger doors were not properly put on right and caused the paint to wear off.It is in the body shop now .I hope this problem doesn't persist.But, watch the inside of the doors for paint damage.I have had my Equinox for a year now and have 9300 miles on it and seems to be in the dealer for quite a bit.I am having trouble now with the rear tires have no inner tread...totally worn out and i am getting no explanation as to why.They say i must of hit a pothole ,well yes that is possible but should not cause that amount of damage.
    Lori in Mi
  • htseat2000htseat2000 Posts: 1
    i noticed the poor gas mileage too at one time, but i turned my traction control off. If you have traction control, turn it off. grant it, it is a pain in the butt because every time you turn off the car and then start it back up it automatically turns the traction control on and you have to turn it off, but you will notice a 2 to 3 mpg difference. we average about 21 to 22 driving around st. louis.
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