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Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous



  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    Bud, it'll be OK, we'll get you to buy 3-4 cars a year like the normal people....
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    but after hearing of the latest Honda tranny recall (on top of my growing desire to shift my own gears again) the thought of a Camry SE 4 cylinder with the manual transmission and the SE appearance package (18" BBS, ground effects, and rear lip spoiler) is beginning to cross my mind. I would be giving up XM radio, leather, and dual-zone climate control but I would gain a manual transmission. The above vehicle can be had for around $20,000. Not bad. I was thinking of trading my 04 Accord EX-L for either a 04 EX-L manual or a 05 EX-L manual but thought that would be a stupid idea. Not that that's ever stopped me before though ....
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    but I'll argue that even though people know people who've had transmission issues with Hondas/Acuras, the "sky is falling" routine on their part is a joke. I'm a lemon law investigator and I've seen ONE case in 3 years, in one of the most populated areas of the nation.

    Get a manual because you want one - sounds good enough to me if that's your reason for trading! Of course, my car being dirty or low on gas is good enough reason to trade!
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    A dirty car is one of the biggest factors in CCB syndrome. There has been more than one occasion where I washed my car and was able to postpone car buying for another month or two.

    My husband isn't too fond of the Camry idea (he doesn't like the interior) but wouldn't be too opposed to an Accord 5-speed EX-L or TSX.

    OTOH; I drove my Accord to grab some Chinese food today and couldn't get over how much I like driving it with the exception of not being able to shift. The cost-effective thing to do is drive the Accord until the wheels fall off .. I just don't think I can make it.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    and very fun with the manual trans - 200 hp feels just right -

    I, personally, would choose the TSX over the Accord or Camry just because of how it looks - it's dead sexy...(nausea-inducing quote from Austin Powers).
  • michaellnomichaellno Posts: 4,300
    Tell me about it. I put new tires on my Saturn L300 last week and was amazed by how much more I enjoyed driving it -- the old tires were badly cupped and were making a huge amount of noise. Now, it's the quiet car I remember buying 18 months ago.

    However, the wife is currently driving the Saturn on a daily basis and has made noise about trading it in on a VUE when the weather gets bad this winter ...

    It's funny, that when I think about it, most of the purchases in marriage #2 (see previous post) were instigated by the wife, not me.

    The Escort was leased when she took a new job that required a 15 mile commute and her '86 Tempo just wasn't up to the task.

    The Expedition was leased (trading in the Escort) when we woke up one snowy November Saturday and she announced "I want a 4WD".

    The New Beetle was leased (a month after the Expedition) when the local dealer got a bright blue GL in stock that they didn't add $3000 worth of "add ons" to.

    Hmm, that's only 3 of the 6. OK, guess I'm just as guilty as she is.

    The Explorer was leased (turning in the Expedition early) when we could get the same 3 rows of seats and improve the gas miles from 14 to 18 MPG. My idea to do this.

    The Saturn was bought because the lease on the VW was ending and it was my turn to get a car. 0% financing on a car that was $2-4K cheaper than anything else I was considering sealed the deal.

    (BTW, we ended up keeping and buying the VW for our son).

    The Focus was bought (turned in the Explorer early) when Ford sent us a "pull ahead" offer to pay off the last 7 months of our lease. Cut the payment by 45% and almost doubled the MPG. Also my idea to pull the trigger on this deal.
  • jlawrence01jlawrence01 Posts: 1,828
    Personally, I wouldn't care if I was driving the same car for 10-12 years. I am sure not going to dump a vehicle that is running well. It is easier to deal with the devils that you know than the unknown gremlins that might be present in a different car.

    Anon - I am fortunate. About once a quarter, my wife steals my car and takes it up and gets it cleaned out. To me, having a dirty car is an advantage as it discourages thieves ... It gives them that "I am not going to do ten years to drive THAT car." (g)
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    Chronic Car Buyers and the rest of you folks. The longest I've ever owned a car was 5 years, and it just about drove me nuts.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    The longest we have had a car is 3 years and 3 months. We had a 97 RAV4 that was lease for 39 months and we somehow managed to keep it the entire length of the lease even though we almost traded it a couple of times. We have also had our 94 LS400 for 3 years and 3 months but my husband is contemplating selling it because he has only put 10,000 miles on it in the last 39 months. It is worth mentioning that even though we owned both of those for 39 months the revolving garage door continued around them.

    The TSX is most of what we look for in a car. The only my husband wants Acura to add before he buys one is XM radio.

    BTW: I am already mostly over the Camry kick. Just doesn't ring my bell interior-wise like my Accord and the TSX do.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    I came thisclose to buying one in December. I shopped on a Saturday, and was planning on going back on Monday after work, when a previous used car contact called me at work on Monday and we struck a deal for a car that I had given up on.

    My second brand new car was an '82 Accord hatchback.. The only power accessory was brakes. Not even power steering or air, or even a right side rear view mirror. It came with an AM/FM stereo (no tape), and floor mats. I didn't sell it until 1994!! 130K and still on the original clutch and CV joints. I bought four other cars in the time I had it, but it was my daily driver right up until the end. The longest I've kept a car since I bought that one is 4 years.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    well, at the end of this September I will have had my '57 DeSoto for 14 years. I bought it back in 1990, when I was still in college. Had no job at the time, but somehow it seemed like I had more disposeable income!

    I've had my '68 Dart for a bit over 12 years it April 3, 1992. I still remember the date because it was the day after my birthday.

    I got my '67 Catalina in April of '94, so it's over 10 years now. I've only had my '85 Silverado for a bit over a year and a half now, but my Grandad bought it brand-new, around this time of the year, in 1985.
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    I bought a really nice 1989 Saab 900S when I was F&I manager at Lithia Honda in Medford, OR in 1998 - the car looked great, had 118k on it, and the used car manager hated Saabs and only put $500 in it.

    Nice, dark blue, grey leather, 5-speed car w/roof...

    I got it for $600 and owned it just over 36 hours. The next evening after I bought it (Halloween), like a dummy, I ran the car out of gas about a mile from my house and walked home. When I came back with out other car, my wife, and a gas can, someone (kids, I'm assuming) had vandalized the car, breaking every window, beating the body panels, and cutting all four tires. The car was totalled.

    The bright side is two-fold: (a) I hadn't really gotten attached to it, and (b) I had full coverage on it and got a $4400 check.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    was my '67 Newport. It belonged to my friend's grandmother, and when she passed away, they simply wanted it gone, so they could get it away from the house, settle the estate, etc. So they gave it to me.

    I think it was May or June of '99 when I picked it up. That November, I bought my Intrepid. Decided that I had too many cars (what a concept!) so when the brakes went out on the Newport, I got rid of it. I also owed my uncle money, so that helped me to start paying him back. And back then, I think it cost me about $250 a year to insure, where today, I could get something like that insured for about $25-30!
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    for discussing your addiction in such a public manner. All I can say is "there but for the grace of God go I." I have the inclination to buy something new every few months, but never get the nerve to do it. Just to show you how those of use on the other side live, my list is

    1980 Mazda RX-7, purchased in September, 1987 traded in for $500 on a...

    1994 Nissan 300ZX Convertible, leased for 36 months in August, 1994. Purchased off of lease, still driving it, now with 122,000 miles. It's in semi-retirement because of...

    1999.5 Nissan Pathfinder LE, bought off of ebay motors in September, 2002.

    So three cars in almost 17 years, and I still have two of them.
  • "30 seconds after I drive off the lot, I am already starting to think about what car I will buy next."

    I don't get to pull the trigger very often, but often enough to suit my never-ending need to get into something different. This last one was a bit premature and I have a few regrets, until this last month when temps topped 100 and I reminded myself how feeble the AC was on the 318ti.

    Here is my list.

    1984? Plymouth Horizon (Auto) - maroon and white. Crashed it my first day with a license. Fixed it, drove it for about 7 months, let my brother have it for three weeks when his truck died. That was the end of the died a horrible death two weeks later (engine seized)

    1984 VW Rabbit Diesel (4-spd) - 64 hp and 350+ watts of stereo power. Removed the backseat to make room for the sub box enclosure. (!) Somehow I held onto that thing for almost 4 years. A mishap with a '68 Ford truck put it on the "do not resuscitate" list.

    1986 Saab 900S (5spd) - Was my pride and joy. It was outfitted with most of the electronics from the Rabbit...had a sunroof, was that cool Malachite green color. A short 15 months later, I had invested $6k in repairs, it needed another $3k and I dumped it for a $4k loss over purchase due to the repair needs. That one cost me big. (I loved that car...and it broke my heart.)

    1986 Mercury Sable (Auto) - inherited from mom. It was a tank, handle like crap, had the digital dash and somewhat working AC. Drove it for almost two years until the bills were paid off from the Saab.

    1995 Infinit G20 (5spd)- big incentives got me in...electrical issues and a job displacement ended up pushing me out. Sacrificed it to trade only 11 months after buying...

    1996 Honda Civic HX Coupe (CVT) - never bonded, but it helped me get through college. Soaked up many miles, got good mpg, the CVT was flawless, no AC and only a moderate stereo. The window regulators failed twice in the middle of MN winters, two years in a row. Was nearly totalled and them dumped when a Dodge Durango used MY brakes to come to a stop on the highway.

    1995 BMW 318ti (5spd) - fun, almost sporty, immediately upgraded the stereo to something decent. Burnt out the clutch, but had no other mechanical weaknesses or gremlins. AC was too weak for AZ summers and the black paint looked like a 5-year old had rubbed sandpaper all over it. Sold it when I decided to go back to school for Masters...

    2003 Hyundai Elantra (5spd) - reminds me of the Saab, but not quite as "snooty" or as eager. Like the AC, stereo is ok, all the added features were hard to pass up and the warranty was just what a school-bound, fixed-income guy needed...then I got a new job offer and put going back to school on hold.

    Now I am back shopping. I need to get a condo or house first...but then I am planning to trade up. Depending on the day, I am looking at 2-seat convertibles (from used SLKs to new Miatas), 4-door sedans (G35, used BMW 323, Chrysler 300c, VW Passat Diesel) to wagons (Passat, Legacy) or who knows. The Audi A3, Saab 9-2x, 9-3, and Pontiac Solstice have all had me considering a wait and see attitude. I can't afford to flip cars every year...but I would like is hard not to.

    So, while my CCB is under control...I am always looking for ways to feed the habit, like helping friends buy theirs, test driving 6-12 cars a year, and reading Edmunds site all the time, Car and Driver and Road and Track...

    not bad I guess, 8 cars in 16 years. Almost a car every two. Guess I am following my keep for 1 year, keep for three pattern.

    Plymouth - 1
    VW Rabbit - 3
    Saab - 1
    Sable - 2
    Infiniti - 1
    Honda - 3.5
    BMW - 3
    Hyundai - 1 and counting.

    Either I am getting "better" or I am "due" :)

    Have a good Fourth.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The longest I've ever owned a car was 5 years, and it just about drove me nuts.

    Wow, a kindred spirit here! I'm a five year at the most guy myself!
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    My husband wants to go look for a manual EX-L Accord this weekend. I was thinking a Civic EX 5-speed sedan would suit our needs more. We bought the Ody for when we were all three in the same car so the Accord is just used if one of us goes somewhere with our baby. I think the Civic would comfortabley serve the same purpose while costing $7,000 less and getting better gas mileage. He says Accord, I say Civic. Which is the better car for our needs?
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    ...I think it's likely I'd be a CCB were it not for...

    a. relatively low (or at least erratic, I bartend) income
    b. living in the city with cabs, public transportation and high rent
    c. I work two miles away and frequently have access to the other two cars in my household most, so combined with a and b and the many bad memories of owning a car equals little justification to own any car right now.

    Sigh. If I move away somewhere that necessitates having a car, I'd really just like a nice 4-cylinder, manual sedan, somewhere between a Mazda 3 and Accord. Boring, I know, but I'm a bit jaded, as I haven't had the best of luck with cars; I feel like 99 people could own a trouble-free whatever but I'd be the guy stuck with the 1% lemon. With the exception of my '90 Protege and my '77 Caprice, my cars have been total nightmares. I'd really prefer a brand-new or almost new car next time around.

    My list of irritations and heartaches, otherwise known as used car experiences:

    71 Buick Electra-paid $450 for it in '85 a week after my 16th birthday, had to put in a water pump soon thereafter. Didn't understand yet that working 12 miles away for $3.35 an hour while driving a car that gets 6 mpg will leave you flat broke in a hurry; sold to a cousin who crashed it into a tree two days later;

    77 Caprice-mom bought it for my brother and I in October '86 when she discovered it would be cheaper than trying to insure two 17 year-old boys on her 944 (which actually wasn't even possible). Very good car, bought from original owner with 100k, got me through most of college with minimal drama. By '89 or '90 with 160k, it needed major suspension work, a radiator and water pump, so traded in (VW dealer had a '$1000 for any running car on trade' deal) on....

    85 VW Golf 5-speed-pretty reliable, really fun to drive, had the typical VW annoyances of the era (flimsy interior peices, terrible breaking outside door handles, expensive suspension fixes), sold to brother, then had, briefly...

    80 Subaru DL hatch-5-speed with non-functioning 2nd and 4th, hole in driver's floor big enough to soak your leg in the rain, no heat; about what you'd expect for the $350 I paid for it, gave to an uncle, bought...

    85 Jetta 5-speed-a bit classier than the Golf, really loved it, but again, expensive to fix, my last car for seven years, sold in '91 when I moved to Chicago. Next car purchase was when I lived two miles from the lake, where I could actually park without fear of nightly tickets.

    86 Saab 900S automatic sedan-bought for $800, ran great, beautiful body and interior but a real dog and quite the gas guzzler for a 4-cylinder. No heat either, I was to discover. Pretty reliable but typical SAAB repair frequency and cost.

    90 Mazda Protege LX 5-speed. Fun, cute, quick, roomy, economical and reliable, one of the best cars I ever owned. Alas, it was stolen and, naturally, recovered sans wheels, tires and my cassettes, ONE day after I bought...

    89 VW Golf 5-speed-As nice as the '85 and a bit more refined, but made me recall the heartaches of previous VW ownership (door handle issues, especially). Had to put in a clutch, the car never ran right after that and eventually just died (blew the head gasket, after which the engine seized).

    '90 SAAB 900S 5-speed hatch. A nightmare. My learning disability regarding SAABs disappeared after this one. Put in a clutch, suspension work, exterior door handles twice, a window motor, ABS malfunctioned, stuff on this car broke that I'd never even heard of, with alarming regularity. A miserable experience of a money pit, sold to the SAAB repair shop, literally. My last car...

    87 Accord DX stick-manual everything, which is what I wanted, bought for $500. About the only thing I put into it was tires, but it used a lot more gas than I would have thought (probably a bad carb) and eventually blew a head gasket. Junked, now happily (relatively) carless.

    I think I should have just bought a brand new car in '97 or '98 when I bought that first SAAB! I probably would have spent half as much money and had a tenth the drama altogether. And I'd probably still have that car. Please remind me of this next time I even hint at car shopping!! I think I'm cured otherwise.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    ...I think you could look at your situation a couple of different ways. First, the Accord will have side curtain airbags and a bit more collision safety in general, certainly something to consider. Is hubby absolutely insistent on the leather? If not, you could cut a grand or so off by getting cloth (plus, good luck finding an EX-L with a manual trans in any case). If leather is a 'must', I still don't think the difference in price between the EX-L and the Civic EX will be $7000, at least not from the TMVs and 'prices paid' postings I've seen. Of course, if it isn't a priority, then there goes part the incentive to get the Accord anyway (leather being unavailable, as far as I know, on Civics).

    You must keep at least one salesperson at your local Honda dealer employed by your purchases alone!!
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,584
    "the typical VW annoyances of the era (flimsy interior peices, terrible breaking outside door handles, expensive suspension fixes),..."

    What precisely do you mean by "of that era"?

    "I think I should have just bought a brand new car in '97 or '98 when I bought that first SAAB! I probably would have spent half as much money and had a tenth the drama altogether. "
    I've had the same experience, but since I've stayed away from the exotics, I would have spent the same money, a lot less time, had a lot less fun, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

    But then I'm CCBA, which is like AA, except WE don't plan on quitting.

  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    That was ONLY becuase it was a 60 month lease (I was very stupid back then)....
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    can I hit ya up for a free drink if I'm ever in Chicago? ;-)

    Just out of curiosity, if you had to take a cab to work, do you have any idea of how much it would cost? Also, have you ever walked the distance? I guess that wouldn't be too safe at night, though!

    I'm about 3 1/2 miles from work nowadays, and have actually thought about the idea of hoofing it or riding my bike every once in awhile. I could probably walk it in an hour, and ride it in maybe 10-15 minutes? But who am I kidding? I know I wouldn't have the ambition for that!

    I've got a friend staying with us now who's trying to go the carless route to save money. He was thinking about getting a job in DC. Only thing is, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to the nearest bus stop, and then another 15, if he catches the bus right then and there, to the subway station, and then God-only-knows how long, to whereever work might be. That's one thing that sux about the 'burbs...
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,584
    You showed me yours, i'll show you mine... since I keep track of this stuff, it only costs me a cut&paste.
    BTW, who was it called me a "nut job"?????

    auto history:
    ------------------------------------------------------------------ - - - --------
    83 plymouth horizon 100,000mi Aug '91 $900 dumped summer '94
    85 nissan pulsar 105,000mi oct '93 $1400 sold spring '94 for $1700
    89 pontiac lemans 135,000mi nov '93 $800 sold early '97 for $650
    80 chevy cargo van 150,000mi oct '94 $560 dumped june '95
    83 malibu wagon 107,000mi aug '95 $725 sold jan '97 for $850
    87 audi 4000 105,000mi jan '97 $1000 sold oct '98 $900 to shaheen
    88 vw fox 68,013mi dec '95 $1700 sold nov '97 for $1750
    85 chevy beauville 92,200mi jul '96 $1750 sold oct '97 for $1750
    97 nissan truck (new) 45mi sep' 97 $10500 sold jul '02 for $5,700
    98 chevy prizm (new) 43mi oct 98 $10,958; or $9280 after rebs w/ audi || sold $7280 7/01
    92 ford a-star extended xlt 110k mi Jul 99 $3,400 sold nov '02 for $950
    98 Toyota Sienna LE 54k mi jun03 $14k from Columbus
    93 Toyota Corolla LE 170k Sep01 $1,500 sold jan '03 for $800 (to a friend)
    03 Toyota Sienna CE (new) 4mi Jan03 $3,800 OTD + $20k @ 0%
    04 Pontiac Vibe base (new) 5mi Oct03 $14,060 cash OTD

    EDIT: Now that i look at the list, the colossal blunder appears to be the exchange of an '83 Malibu in decent shape for a nice '87 Audi 4000 in '97. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, Audi lasted until late '98, and the Malibu was still on the road locally last fall...

  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    for some reason, over the years, I had just gotten it in my mind that I wanted a certain car, and when I found it, I bought it. For instance, I've wanted a '57-59 DeSoto (preferably a '57 hardtop coupe) ever since I first saw a picture of one, so when I found one for sale, I snatched it up.

    I've always been fascinated by the '67 Pontiac ever since I was a little kid, so when I found this Catalina 'vert, I snatched it up, too.

    And I've had a morbid fascination with the Chrysler R-body like forever! I bought a high-mileage '79 Newport from the junkyard, which turned out to be, not too reliable, to put it nicely. Ended up ditching it, but regretted it ever since. So when I found a '79 NYer 5th Ave for sale on eBay that wasn't too far away, I was able to satisfy that fetish again!

    As for my Dart? Well, I don't know how, exactly, I started liking Darts. I actually hated them when I was a kid. In high school one of my friends had a beat up '72 sedan that wouldn't go over 50 mph. But one day I saw this good looking '69 GT hardtop for sale at a Nissan/Saab/Oldmobile dealer, of all places, and fell in love with it! So much that when it got totaled, I found a '68 for sale the very next day, and about 10 days later it was mine. I really should get rid of it as it now has about 338,000 miles on it, won't start (bad fuel pump I think), and rusted out quarters. But hell, at this point it's become a part of the family!
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    The side curtain airbags are VERY nice to have but I wouldn't not buy a car because it doesn't have them. Leather is a necessity for us because my husband (who is 6'6) doesn't fit comfortably in the Accord without the 8-way power seat. Add the XM radio and side curtain airbags on top of that and we see little reason to buy cloth. I just did an inventory search at one of the largest Honda dealers in the south and they have one EX-L manual in gray but it is not built in Japan (a hot button for my hubby).

    Here's the price difference according to my calculations:
    Accord EX-L manual invoice: $21,637
    Civic EX manual invoice: $16,200
    Total: $5,400
    Then I have to add the difference in sales tax which is 6% .. so that difference is $300.
    Total: $5,700
    Cost for accessories would be about the same because I would add fog lights, spoiler, splash guards, and fenderwell trim to both.

    So I guess the difference is closer to $6,000. It's not that I feel as if the Accord isn't worth the extra $$$. I just don't know if it's worth the extra dough considering the purposes for which it will be used.

    Too many decisions .. the thought of a slightly used Passat has also crossed my mind. I am just too afraid of VW reliability to go down that road though.
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    is the one I'm using now as a work car -- my daughter's old '92 Paseo. i got it for her when she was 17, which was almost 9 years ago, and put it to use when she took over my wife's Celica, so it's been in the family for awhile. Still running strong at close to 200k, and I'll proably keep it another 4-5 years since I'm seriously contemplating putting a larger engine and 5- or 6-speed in it. I just love the size, the styling and the whole personality of the car, and the darn thing was paid for years ago, which means I can spend my car payment on toys instead...
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    ...I'm guessing if he doesn't fit in the Accord sans power seat, he probably wouldn't fit in the Civic either (though that line of reasoning doesn't always pan out). I also don't think any U.S. Civics are Japan built.

    Have you considered a Mazda6? Those seem readily available with manual transmissions, and I think they're all built in Japan, no?
  • suavechavosuavechavo Posts: 40
    my Dad sure did.

    Here goes:

    60's Volvo (b4 I was born)
    70 BMW 2002 - white
    73 Vovlo 164E - blue/red
    76 Volvo 245DL - throwup green/brown
    81 Volvo GL - brown/tan
    82 Mercedes Benz 240D - yellow/tan
    83 Mercedes 240D - white/tan?
    85 Mercedes 300D - silver/blue (my favorite)
    85 Mercedes 300SD - white/red
    87 BMW 325ic - white/red
    83 Audi 5000S - silver/blue
    86 Audi 5000S - silver/gray
    85 Peugeot 505 Turbo - gray/blue
    87 Volvo 240DL Wagon - yellow/tan
    87 Volvo 740 Turbo silver/gray
    87 Alfa Romeo Milano - white/black
    86 Peugeot 505 Turbo - blue/gray
    90 BMW 525i - bronzit/tan
    87 Peugeot 505 Turbo - white/blue
    89 Peugeot 505 Turbo S - gray/red (his baby)
    90 Peugeot 405 DL - red/gray
    91 BMW 735il - white/gray
    92 BMW 735il - gray/gray
    91 Peugeot 505 Turbo wagon - blue/blue
    93 Jeep Grand Wagoneer - white/gray
    93 BMW 740iL - white/gray
    94 BMW 840ci - (dont know)
    95 Toyota Landcruiser - green/tan
    95 BMW 740 il - gray/gray
    97 Toyota Land Cruiser - white/gray
    96 Volvo 850 R (2nd baby) - red/black
    98 BMW 740il - gray/gray

    I'm sure I missed a few. Sadly, he passed away in '98. But he sure had a blast driving 'em. Unfortunately, I never got any as hand me downs. :(

  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    pretty sure it is built in the US.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,292
    Mathias hit on my motto for most things I do (not just cars): "it seemed like a good idea at the time" Truly words to live by.

    Well, I am offically off the CCB wagon. after a 3 year hiatus, just bought my 2nd car in 7 months last night. Picked up a new Scion tC to replace my '99 Maxima. Also looking to sell my Miata, so basically consolidating my family car and fun toy into 1 do-it-all set of wheels. At least I will get back into the garage, and pay less to Liberty Mutual each year (gotta love insurance in NJ).

    Best part, I already made the shopping list for the next purchase! Now that I'm straightened out (or at least have new wheels), it's my wifes turn. Another benefit of getting the cheapish Scion, I'll have money left over after selling the Miata (and no payment) so she can go to town.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

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