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2007 Toyota Camry



  • Yeah I like the avalon, but it doesn't seem like I will be able to put a aftermarket navigation system in the car (avic z1). You sure the camry xle is smaller and better for the money, it seems like I get more with the camry then the touring avalon. Put i'll look more into it, thanks and God Bless.
  • larryt22larryt22 Posts: 125
    Anybody got a picture of and 07 with side moldings?
  • gandyfiregandyfire Posts: 36
    just curious if Fitzmall charge MSRP or a different price. Also, how long of a wating list do they have?
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Look them up on the internet. They show all their prices - volume dealer.
  • petomlinpetomlin Posts: 103
    Wow. Thanks for the info. It's great to hear the SE is as comfortable and fun to drive as the TL. Does the SE feel as fast as the TL? Is the road noise inside the car equal?

    I must admit. I love the look of the TL, but now that I've seen the Camry (not an SE yet) in person the car is definitely growing on me. The TL somehow looks bigger than the Camry though.
  • petomlinpetomlin Posts: 103
    You're right. Black is a pain for the reasons you've stated. But, I just love the look of a black car. :blush:
  • bigd58bigd58 Posts: 39
    Yes, you would get more with an Camry XLE than with the Avalon Touring, but you have to remember you're comparing an apple with an orange. To be fair you'd have to compare the XLE to the Avalon Limited, or at least the XLS.
    For a time I had changed my mind & decided to go with the Touring, but backed away because the JBL system in the 06 Av doesn't have bluetooth, a feature I really want, so I'm back to a JBL equipped SE.
    If you're looking for all out comfort with all the goodies standard equipment, the XLE should do very nicely.
  • Actually, SE v6 is faster than TL, :)

    source R&T: 0-60 6.1s vs. 6.3s

    but TL should handle better.
  • petomlinpetomlin Posts: 103
    At Fitzmall Camrys seem to be $900 over invoice. Right now you can probably do better thru the internet department at a local dealer.
  • samchinchsamchinch Posts: 47
    If you want them to go $18,000 just get a friend to give them a call on the phone and tell them that and then all you have to do is go in and sign the papers with your friend. Your friend can say he is buying the car and giving it to you.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    Go to

    I got mine for $600 over invoice that way.
  • gampagampa Posts: 78
    Last response I had from Fitzmall for the Hybrid was...

    - $500 (refundable) deposit
    - MSRP
    - 4-6 Weeks
    - your color combo
  • They say they are charging MSRP and expect that to hold for a good while. I don't know how long their wait list is now, but give them a call (or email) and they will be happy to tell you. I'm hoping that they will receive more hybrids than most local dealers so that their wait list will clear a little more quickly.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    No, it doesn't display your phone's phone book. But I don't think Acura does either, does it? The Camry has its own phone book which you can enter manually or by sending contact data from the phone. I'm pretty sure it does have caller ID.
  • The Canadian Toyota Camry website shows an iPod interface as a $300 (Canadian) option. Does anyone know how that works and who makes it? I plan to get Nav on mine, and I'm very interested in controlling my iPod through the touchscreen. Are there other solutions for this that are compatible with the 2007 Camry? Thanks -
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I'd like to gather the opinion of folks on this thread regarding:

    the 07 Camry's cloth interior (LE) vs. the previous generation of Camry, as well as segment competitors such as the Sonata GLS, Accord LX/EX, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

    Personally, in my limited experience with the vehicle (auto shows and dealerships), I have found the cloth in the LE to be superior to that of the previous generation, as well as to that in the Sonata GLS (which I recently had as a two week rental), and the Accord EX (which is owned by a very close personal friend).

    just curious....

  • markthr1markthr1 Posts: 9
    Really? Ok, that changes things a bit for me. From the info I've been able to find, it will transfer phonebooks from certain phones only. Have you heard that at all? When you say that it has caller ID, do you mean it displays the number or the name and number if it's stored in the phone book? Thanks for the info!
  • markthr1markthr1 Posts: 9
    Oh yeah, and no, the TL does not do that either,that's one of the things that I didn't like about it. In fact, I could definitely be wrong, but I don't think it uses the Nav screen at all for the BT option, only the "information screen" on the dash but I'm not 100% sure.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    Caller ID (incoming number only) appears on the NAV screen. The address book transfer functionality is very dependent on the phone and its capability and interoperability with the BT system of the Camry.
  • mookie5mookie5 Posts: 22
    Does this car exist? Can't find one in any Texas dealer inventory (available or arriving). I did order one (MSRP) but they can't tell me when it will arrive. Their likely just waiting for one to show up rather than actually ordering it. Fitzmall doesn't have one or know when one will show up. Don't bother with the resale value argument, I don't care to hear it. My G35 coupe is worth more than its auto counterpart, but it did cost more as well.
  • fsowirlesfsowirles Posts: 195
    While I would agree about the G35 coupe, a Camry sedan is a diff. animal that appeals to a diff. demo.

    If you do it, do it because you want it. Don't fool yourself into thinking there is a resale advantage or even a wash. It will be like a strange color...unless you have the one guy looking for it, you can't get a premium for it.

    Econ 101: the value of a widget is what someone is willing to pay for it. Supply and Demand only guide that willingness!
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    Does anyone know if the nav in the new Camry for 2007, is exactly the same as in the Lexus LS or not. And if not,,,what the difference is. Thank you...
  • ix1is1ix1is1 Posts: 55
    I'm not sure about the LS but I know it's the same as the IS350's
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Since they don't allow you to use the touch screen with the nav while driving, I'm sure they would not allow you to play around with an iPod via the touchscreen either.
  • Oh okay thanks, but the reason you recommended the Avalon is because of the size right? Is the avalon that much bigger than the avalon? I mean I hope the camry XLE can comfortably fit about 5 or 4 people. I have a 1995 camry, I don't if the interior size has gotten any bigger. But the camry 2007 just looks so much better to me. Thanks and God Bless
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Does anyone know what the towing capacities are? They use to be 2,000 and 3,500lbs. Thanks.
  • mookie5mookie5 Posts: 22
    no doubt, I want it. Addicted to shifting. Genetic, my 65 yo mother still drives a manual Integra.
  • bigd58bigd58 Posts: 39
    I think you'd find the Av definitely more robust than the Camry. As to riding 5 people in the XLE, not too sure if I'd want to be one of those 5 (if all are adults) in the back seat if the ride is further than across town! Don't know if the 07 is any larger either, but I can't imagine it would be a whole lot bigger if at all. Again, best thing to do is drive them both, figure out what features are most important to you, and be willing to compromise to get the best overall fit.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Today my wife and I took a test drive in both the Camry and Avalon. We started off most interested in the new Camry, to replace one we now own.

    There's a lot to like about the new Camry XLE. The back seats are a little larger, the front seats are about the same overall--hip room up, head room down. And we both thought the Camry was the more attractive car.

    Good luck in your car hunt.

    However, I'm 6'2", 200 lbs. In terms of room and comfort, the Avalon wins hands down. We tested the Touring model. It handled extremely well, much better than the Camry. And I've reached an age when comfort matters! The Avalon's back seat is large.

    We wished the Avalon's radio/cd was mp3 compatible and that it had the Camry's new 6-speed transmission. And the center dash isn't as user friendly as the Camry.

    We may wait for the '07 Avalon. I'm pretty sure the cd player will be updated and there's a good chance the Avalon won't be left with an old transmission.
  • cwwestcwwest Posts: 1
    We went to the Toyota dealer to test an '07 Camry. It looked good in the pictures but strangely ugly in person. Why? My wife saw it - no side moldings. You know the strips that prevent (mostly) getting little door dings in parking lots. Really ruined an otherwise excellent car for 3 reasons. 1. No door protection. In a couple of months the sides of this car will probably look like it was 5 years old. 2. It makes the car look bloated. If you look at an Accord it not only has side trim but a sculptured horizontal crease that makes the car look lower and longer. and 3. With the plain expanse of undisturbed sheet metal even the XLE looks like a cheap bottom of the line model. Toyota really blew it. Don't think we can live with this. Very disappointed. Also the Toyota distributor in Central Texas loads all cars with very high priced, unnecessary accesories like $147 floor mats and $400 tire upgrade. Disgusting profiteering. Really wanted an '07 Camry - now am looking seriously at an '06 Honda. Maybe I can some trim, but those extras!!!
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