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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    "You don't have to whisper in my ear about knowing a quality vehicle, I've been buying Asian and European cars probably longer than you have been alive."

    Driving a Caravan and looking at a Kia??? I'll say this out loud. Go for the Kia and let us know how long before the check engine light comes on.
  • I've been wondering what my next car would be for a few months now, but that all changed when TOV release the stats a few days ago. I absolutely love this car. The 05 already had all the features i was looking for, but thank god I waited. Now I get more HP, better MPG, telescopic steeringwheel whith audio controls, MP3, an AUX jack, side curtain airbags and some seriously funky styling. It's a little strange, but I dig it. I'm really happy about the new i-VTEC and 5-speed auto. I plan to use it as a commuter, and cruising at 80mph for an hour and a half on the old VTEC and 4 speed whould have meant higher rpm's than I am comfortable with. This new setup is right up my ally. Now if Honda would hurry up and post an online brochure, I'd be ecstatic.

    On a side note, I've been reading this thread for a few days and I'm see less 06 civic posts and more whiny, defensive rants. Can't we just let it go already. :sick:
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Garbage post. That eBay car has salvage title.
  • creamyam said "why fwd the scion tc has rwd and burnouts are cooler rwd "

    Did you just say the scion tc is RWD???

    All of your posts have just lost their credibility.
  • True, but the car was fixed, I don't see what the problem is. If you can get 40% or more of a discount over the KBB price.

    My point is that although rare, deals exist. Many people are saying that Civics are useless new because their high resale values mean that you need to wait 5 years before a deal can be found. I'm just saying that that is not always the case.
  • I am very excited about the optional voice activated satellite navigation system in the 2006 EX sedan. I am a bit curious about how it works. I know other systems require DVD's of regions in order to funtion. Also what is the monthly charge if it is truly satellite oriented. How easy is it to use? Do you input addresses verbally, manually, phone numbers?

    If someone has used the system before or knows about it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer these questions.
  • ^^^ ya i so wanna know :cry: :cry:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    Let's stop the bickering about build quality. We're focusing only on the Civic in this discussion, and not on the build quality of various manufacturers.


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  • similar to Accord and Acura NAVs, No monthly charge. If you want to get updated DVD every 18-24 months it costs about $180. Very , Very easy to use. The NAV voice works very well; also audio, AC are integrated. If they enable the bluetooth and you phone is bluetttoth capable it communicates with your phone. I have the 2005 Accord NAV it does npt have bluetooth but all theo ther functions. The new Civic line looks awesome !
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    The new civic looks to be a home run but I've been searching for info to see if and which models come with 4 wheel disc brakes. Drum brakes are out dated but everyone still uses them on lower model trims.
  • is jumping on the Civic's MPG way too soon. It still gets better mileage than most cars in it's class. Even the base engine in the 3 is rated at 28/35. And with i-VTEC there is a possibility the Civic will perform just as well, if not better, than the 3s.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The EX and SI have discs all around; the others have drums - all ABS, of course.
  • will be released when each model goeson sale as follows -

    Sedan 9-15
    Coupe 9-15
    Hybrid 10-5
    Si 12-1
  • So satellite navigation uses DVD's? How exactly does the Accord and Acura Nav units work?
  • Agalas,

    The information about streets, cities, highways, restaraunts , etc. is located on the DVD.

    All navigation systems use satellite GPS positioning to determine where the car currently is and the position of where you want to go. Software programing takes you current postion and the DVD infomation to calculate directions to reach your destination.

    The only key thing about the DVD is that is contains a very, very large amount( gigabytes) of information and therefore has details of every street, POI ( points of interest : ATM, grocery store, restarants, etc) for every major and most minor cities in the continental US and some Canadian provinces.

    Other types of infomation are contained in memory or hard drives and were regionalize. Fopr example Garmin had the US broken into six regions. You usually received unlock keys to your region , but if you went to another region and wanted dertails you had to download or insert another hard drive module. With DVD you have it all.

    Having said that and having looked at multiple navigation systems Honda/Acura is one of the best, if not the best. Touch screen, voice input, easy to navigate, easy to understand, easy to read. In contract one of the worst is the new Dodge Charger, no touch screen, no voice input, a rotary only knob input and very hard to read yellow on white display.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I do. There's not much point in saving $7K and wondering for the rest of the time you own the car whether it will be safe or not.

    Since I'm in the moneyed elite, I can afford to buy new, so I guess it doesn't apply to me.

    But I know I would never buy a Salvaged car for my teenage driver (when he becomes one)

    Back to the Civic....
  • Not to mention that a wreck that has been repaired isn't always repaired well. If you bend a car's frame, things tend to be a little off even after it is repaired. Who knows how this could have compromised the handling of the vehicle as well as its performance in the next crash.

    Or maybe the thing was submerged and then salvaged. What condition is all of the electronics in?
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Although I like the new Civic part of my interest in the vehicle is fuel economy. I just compared a 06 tC to a 05 Civic EX Coupe. My insurance company is USAA. I used 15000 miles per year. After one year of use the tC is $115.00 dollars cheaper. Granted, I used 28 MPG on the tC since most of my driving is highway. The reason is the high insurance on the Civic. Again that was for a 05 Civic. Figure a $100-120 increase for the 06 EX and the difference gets bigger. Wonder what the Si will run? I'll wait until the test drive but that 30-40 MPG is not that big of a deal anymore. The Si is basically the same MPG as the tC.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Agree. And it was 1 thing to bid on a salvage vehicle if you inspect it closely and drive it; but very, very scary to bid based on a picture and someone's word.

    You've got to suspect that the reason the person isn't selling the salvage vehicle locally is because people who do inspect and drive it have rejected it, and the only way the owner is going to get more than a few thousand is to find some sucker who thinks he's going to get a deal.

    And, I'm kind of disappointed that Honda doesn't have anymore on their website. Everything they posted was pretty much already known. And I've got to think they have the pricing figured out by now. What's with withholding the info? Sometimes I get the feeling from Honda that they think the customer should be thrilled to throw money at them.
  • Civic SI using premium fuel = BAD!
    No hatchback = BAD!
    No SI motor for sedan = BAD!
    SI Motor, high RPM to get power = BAD!

    Honda COME ON. who in their right mind
    is going to rev a motor beyond 8000 RPM?!
    I don't care how good the motor is, or how
    any of that. Running the RPMs over 4000 will
    kill the seals on the motor and it will start
    leaking oil.
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    22 mpg of premium fuel in the city w/ weak low-end torque? It's quite RX-8-ish alright. But then the rotary RX-8 w/ RWD platform, when equipped w/o the sport suspension, rides like a limo & still handles like a race car -- something even the full-Double Wishbone Civic's can't do.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Honda COME ON. who in their right mind
    is going to rev a motor beyond 8000 RPM?!

    People who like a spirited ride. :shades:

    High RPM has no negative effect on engine wear if it was designed for it. I had a CBR600 with a 13,000RPM redline for 13 years and never had a problem with the engine.

    If don't like many revs and don't want to buy premuim wait for a couple of years until the diesels show up.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    The car averages 24 miles a gallon. Has 265 horsepower and will smoke the SI.

    Until it has to turn, and then it just falls off the cliff and bursts into flames, while Civic handles the corners and keeps on going.

    1998 Mustang GT probably cost over $20K at the time. 1999 Civic Si sold new for $16K. In 2005 the 1998 Mustang GT may get $5-6000, while Civic Si will still get $8-10,000.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    On Ebay it is difficult but not impossible to find fantastic deals.

    Such as - - e

    2004 Civic EX Coupe, 20,364 miles, excellent condition according to inspection, automatic transmission. Kelly Blue Book says it worth $15,530 (private seller)
    and (with 2 days 1 hour left to bid) it is going for $8,246.

    I bet by year's end a few 2006's will pop up on ebay. Within 2-3 years, good deals will be rare but existant. Within 5 years, steals will be common.

    Of course for those of us in the moneyed elite, we can enjoy the frivolity of buying new, so as not to risk contamination by the unclean surfs.

    It is a salvage car.
  • 2006 honda civic si performance
    0-60 7.3 sec
    top speed 136 (red line limited)
    estimated base price $19,500
    credible source (car and driver)
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Civic SI using premium fuel = BAD!
    No hatchback = BAD!
    No SI motor for sedan = BAD!
    SI Motor, high RPM to get power = BAD!

    Honda COME ON. who in their right mind
    is going to rev a motor beyond 8000 RPM?!
    I don't care how good the motor is, or how
    any of that. Running the RPMs over 4000 will
    kill the seals on the motor and it will start
    leaking oil.

    Maybe if you are revving a GM or Ford engine it wil fall apart at 8000 RPM. Honda engine can run all day at red line and still start up next morning.

    Ford is actually getting better, even the Non-SVT Focus survivied my driving it at redline.

    Yeah a 350 will blow seals at 4000 RPM. But a Honda engine that has capacity to rev to 10,000 RPM will be fine at 8500 RPM.

    I agree Si should only be a hatchback. It is its heritage to be a hatch. Call it EX-R if you make it into a coupe. And R does not stand for race, but for a starchy grain.
  • Why are you comparing an RX-8 to a Civic Si. You are aware that the RX-8 is in a totally different class of car right?
  • no price yet? anyone know when they will release prices?
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    The best example of engines being run at high rpm is of course the racing leagues. I'm not sure which leagues Honda , Ford ... build engines for, but I believe they ALL need rebuilds after 1 or 2 races of several hours at high rpm. And I'm sure there are much more exotic materials in Indy, F1, and SCCA engines than on any Honda on the road.

    Aluminum is aluminum, and steel is steel in Japan, Germany or the U.S.

    Very, very few people are accumulating hours of high rpm driving on the street. No one is holding their engines at 8,000 rpm. If they hit that they're shifting to the next higher gear immediately.
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