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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • I did try searching for other cars, like Mazda 3, Corolla S, Focus, Spectra, Cobalt, and Forenza. But ultimately, I narrowed it down to the Corolla S and Civic LX because of their reliability, durability, performance, reputation, and quality of their cars. Although the Mazda 3, Focus, Spectra, Cobalt, and Forenza were way cheaper and longer warranty than the corolla and civic, but there built quality very stinks and I planning to keep the new car for at least 6 to 9 years so I wanted to buy something that I know would last for a long time.
  • Thanks for the head up thought. Why can't the honda dealers be like the Saturn dealers. The sticker price for the 06 LX auto sedan was $17,320..taxes...$1,212.40...tags and fees...$154. Funny thing was that, hours later the saleperson called, and he was willing to charge only $18,250 if I bought it tomorrow. But the car already had 40mi on it with scratches on the back bumper, some kind of sticky substance all over the front hood and on the back trunk and there was black ink stain on the driver side armrest when I test drove it and they only had one LX auto sedan. But, the dealer would only charge $375 for the extra security system compare to $600 something that others had posted earlier. I still decline and would rather wait until mid october or by thanksgiving at the latest.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    The MSRP of the LX automatic sedan is $17,860. So with over $1300 in taxes and fees, the $18,250 is not a bad price if the car is cleaned up. The sticky substance was probably residue from the protective sheeting that covers a car during transit--it's easily removed by the dealer (and they should have removed it by now--same thing happened on a Civic I bought years ago, I had to take the car back to the dealer to have them remove all the residue).
  • Yeah, come to think about it, $18,250 is not so bad, but I would rather wait for a while so I could try to negiotate it further when they have more LX sedans on their alot, since they only have two right now. I kinda want to spend around $17,500 at most for a civic, because it is a civic after all and I still have to pay my tuition. I can't go all out for a civic. In addition, I really dislike that place because they don't treat people well.
  • irnmdnirnmdn Posts: 245
    e coup was an EX automatic. It was built in Canada - not Japan like the sedans. No, I didn't buy it. Will wait a little while longer.

    Photo Here

    Photo Here

    Photo Here

    Nice pics of coupe's rear, none of the ugly front?
  • obie2obie2 Posts: 20
    Here are the invoice prices that are posted on website(click-"services" then "auto buying" then "research". Looks like EX coupes w/ Navi are $250 more than sedans w/Navi (different radio/cd player?) Also, LX sedans are $200 more than LX coupes. Hope this helps with negotiating. Thanks, Matt
    P.S. I am going to dealer in L A area tomorrow to find out the "special" Costco price. Will post what they tell me. (If the price is fine, I'll sign on the line. But if its too high, I'll just say good-bye!
    EX AT-NAVI ---$19017.88---------MSRP=$20810
    EX AT-----------$17421.53---------MSRP=$19060
    EX MT- NAVI--$18383.12---------MSRP=$20010
    EX MT----------$16691.77---------MSRP=$18260
    LX AT-----------$15642.74---------MSRP=$17110
    LX MT----------$14912.98---------MSRP=$16310

    EX AT-NAVI---$18789.83---------MSRP=$20560
    EX AT----------$17421.53---------MSRP=$19060
    EX MT-NAVI--$18060.07---------MSRP=$19760
    EX MT---------$16691.77---------MSRP=$18260
    LX AT----------$15825.18---------MSRP=$17310
    LX MT---------$15095.42---------MSRP=$16510
    DX AT---------$14046.39---------MSRP=$15360
    DX MT--------$13316.63---------MSRP=$14560

    Destination fee is an extra $550 in my area (not included in these prices)
  • My 06 Atomic Blue LX Sedan has a rubberized cover for the floor of the trunk (it goes on top of the carpet that already lines the trunk. I was wondering if this was a standard item on the new Civics or an option - there is nothing about it on the option sheet or in any of the paperwork. If it is an accessory, I didn't pay for it. Also, my car came with wheel locks which were installed (the old lugs were in the package in the glove box) - again, optional accessory or standard? If extra - I didn't pay form them.

    Has any one noticed just how much the Civic looks like a BMW 3 and 5 Series? I don't mind. BTW - the car rides very low and I have noticed that I have to take great car when pulling in and out of my drive way - it tends to scrape.
  • Thanks, glad to hear this info, I should test drive but I don't want to be tempted to make a rash decision and walk out so soon in the new model introduction. Hoping for better deals and incentives after the hoopla subsides.
  • Have you ever used the Costco's auto program to buy a car? I would love to use this as an option to haggling. I love there store's they always manage to save my money. If this is as good as Costco tends to be, it should be a great deal. Not to mention all the salesman crap it can help avoid. Please let me know. Also where on there site did you get those prices I couldn't find them.

    Thanks in advance :P
  • Ciprian:

    You say you miss the auto lights that existed in the Toyota Corolla.

    I am considering a compact car purchase in the next few months. Earlier I mentioned the fact that this feature is missing on the civic 06 on another message board. A person wrote that I could order a part from JC Whitney and then I would have this feature. Honda stated they could install the part on a new civic. Honda said they could place a warranty on the installation but of course not on the part itself.

    What is your opinion of this idea? I see no drawbacks thus far. I do not understand why Honda has not included this feature already.

    BTW, what is it you don't like about the auto sunroof in the civic 06?
  • Civic 06 has DRL (daytime runing lights) - but this is different than low-beam headlights. You can not use DRL during the night.
    Toyota had a sensor - and it used to switch from DRL to low-beam automatically when it was dark. The device included in your link doesn't have a sensor - it just switch the low-beam lights on/off with ignition.

    Frankly, after a few days of driving I start getting used with the manual lights system. It warns you if you take the key out of ignition and the lights are on - but in a decent way. This is not the case when you start the car without wearing the belt - the warning sound in this second case is too loud. I wonder if there's a way to turn it down.
    And I assume, after you get used to have manual lights - it's a reflex to turn them on when it's dark. Right now, I don't mind too much about them but it's a nice feature than Honda doesn't have.

    I was talking about small (good) details. So, I liked the sunroof in civic 06 because it's auto. Also, I liked that's finally a cover on the wires in the trunk and so on.
  • See
    They are optional accessories.
    Trunk tray + wheel locks are not standard. Are you sure you didn't pay for them when you paid for the car? Check the sticker.
    Maybe you were not aware about them during the negociation...
  • "Everything included, except for the security system. He mentioned that it was only on EX model not LX."

    This is not true. LX has standard security system with remote key.
  • nr9nr9 Posts: 55
    the civic offers negligeable improvement over the previous generation.

    Ths only thing better is the engine.

    I don't understand the obsession over exterior styling when the interior looks cheap.
    comon, a nice leather or leatherette interior with fake wood accents or metal accents does not cost that much to make.

    When Im driving the car, I dont look at the outside and my girl doesnt look at the outside. We are both in the car. The interior is the most important part.

    They should spend less money on the exterior styling and more money on the interior. I could care less if my car looks like [non-permissible content removed] on the outside.
  • Ciprian:

    You are right it SHOULD be a reflex to turn manual lights off. However, if one is absentminded and forget to do this there is a dead battery.

    Do you see where there would be any drawback to adding the JCWhitney part before driving the civic out of the dealer lot?

    Glad you like the sunroof (I believe it is called "moonroof" now) in the new civic. I made what I consider to be a HUGE mistake when I tried to negotiate a deal several months ago. I informed them up front that I wanted to pay cash. They don't give a good deal if you do that.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I think the interior of the new Civic is quite nice for this class of cars. Which cars in its class do you think have nicer interiors? The Mazda3's interior is sportier I think, but nicer than the Civics, I don't know. Actually, it does have fake metal trim. Who needs/wants fake woodgrain in a Civic? It would seem out of place to me. If you want it, I'm sure that aftermarket wood kits will be available. If you want leather, that can be added aftermarket also. I prefer cloth myself. Who knows, maybe Honda will add a SE trim with leather and woodgrain later.

    We all know what happens to sales of a car when it looks bad on the outside (see "Aztek" for example).
  • But, would I have to be a member inorder to get those deal with seem to be provide by Costco. thanks.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    Well, a few days ago I test drove the new Civic. I have to say, I was impressed. When I first saw it in photos, I thought to myself "eew" :P But in person, I find it striking.

    The interior is very nice, when i first saw it in pictures I thought it was too extreme. But when I saw it in person, I thought it was very nice. I love how the two-layer gauge cluster lights up at night, and I love its 'futursitic' design.
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    Joining Costco or Sam's for that matter is not a big deal. Yes you'd have to be a member, but if you go to the stores frequently you can get enough free food samples to cover the membership cost. :D

    Oh, by the way I see a 2006 Civic (no other info. in the ad) on sale at a Honda dealer in Lawrence MA, for $12.9K. It shows despite the current "rush" at introduction, you're still going to lose thousands when you drive it off the lot. Don't pay MSRP.

    Go to Costco, negotiate near invoice and walk away, or just wait a few months. It'll be better for all consumers if people resist paying MSRP, and get the price down quicker.
  • Well I paid $18700 for a 06 EX plus tax,tag, and title. Its only options were Splash Guards, pinstripes and Moonroof Visor. Price included $550 destination charge. That's not too bad I think. Already put a 1000 miles on and have got 34MPG. I have a Courier business is why I have 1000 miles already. I got the car Wednesday night and will keep you up to date. So far I love the car. Only complaint might be my knee does rub the emergency brake some.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Too bad about the e-brake digging into your legs. May be a deal-breaker for many.
  • This afternoon, I saw four of the coups in our local dealers off-site lot. Two of them were the "atomic blue metal" color - which is the first I've seen of this color in the real world. None of the sedans at the dealer's main lot have been this color. Very nice color. Test drove the one in the photo.

    Atomic Blue Metal Coup

    However, I also test drove an 06 Accord 4DR LX. I will have to say, the more conservative styling of the Accord pushed me towards the Accord. It was on special for about $1K below MSRP. Before I knew it, I was driving it home.
    What I Got
  • I was the one that mentioned this to begin with. While I still think the placement of the ebrake is somewhat odd, I don't consider it a deal breaker. I'm simply gonna cover mine with some tennis racket softgrip. Honda has done some odd ebrakes lately. The CRV and Oddessy come to mind. I think 80% of buyers will never notice. It will only be noticed by taller and larger drivers.

    Also, I saw a black LX 5spd at another dealer yesterday with a big SOLD sticker in the windows. It looked great but I'm really happy with my Galaxy Grey EX 5spd Coupe.
  • I am a tall, but not particularly wide driver. When I test-drove the Civic LX last week, the positioning of the parking brake did not bother me at all.

    My least favorite position for the parking brake would be by the footrest, where it would likely rub against my shin and prevent me from stretching my left leg. I don't know of any Honda vehicles where the parking brake is set there, but some Toyotas would include the Camry XLE, the Avalon, and the Prius.
  • nr9nr9 Posts: 55
    the toyota corolla LE with leather and woodgrain trim has a nicer interior.
    other cars with nicer nteriors:
    chevy cobalt LTZ
    pt cruiser limited
    ford fusion
    kia optima and hyundai sonata(bigger but same pricing)

    lots of cars have better interiors.

    the civic interior looks like an arcade game machine, not a place where you can relax with your chick.
  • obie2obie2 Posts: 20
    Salesman at my dealer said they are not offering Costco special pricing on '06 Civics yet. But, to answer your question,yes. $40 per year. Back to the drawing board!
  • nr9nr9 Posts: 55
    the design is futuristic, but the materials they use look cheap. hard untextured plastics, etc.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I actually saw my 1st '06 Accord here in South Florida the other day and I was truly stunned...what a difference for the better. What price did you end up paying for the LX? It's a bit scary that the Civic price is so close to the Accord. But I can see why the Civic coupe will sell. It's drop dead looking, especially the 3/4 rear view. And I just fell in love with the blue color. A more pleasing color than a navy and not as wild as the Mazda 3 electric blue.
    If we didn't just buy our Mazda 3 recently, I would've steered the wife towards the Civic, as she likes that size. Also, how is the vision from the drivers seat in both the Civic and the Accord. She's real unhappy with the vision out of the 3, as the headrests are really a bit large. Am hoping to get her into a Honda so I can get the 3.

    The Sandman ;)
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