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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • Sorry, we kinda finalize the deal over the phone. At first, she quoted me online at $17,230, not including taxes and tags, but I decline the offer, days later, she called me to check up if I'm still interested. I again decline. Then she called back days later and ask what I was willing to spend since I told her before that I had a limited budget. Then days later, she called again, saying that she spoke with the manager and was willing to sell AROUND $16,800. She never mentioned sell it AT $16,800, but AROUND $16,800. But I told her it better be only a few hundred bucks around $16,800 otherwise I would walk. I figure if I can pay 17k(OTD) or under, it would still be a good deal for me, since a 06 Corolla S would cost be around $17,500 too. Mind as well go with a next gen Honda Civic then a old gen Corolla S.

    Hope this help
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    That's fine, as long as they stick to their promise after you walk in the door. But have you ever heard of "bait and switch"? Happens all the time. You walk in, love the car, gotta have it, and they say, "Oh, I didn't mention there is a $595 mandatory dealer prep fee" or whatever. Easy to say you will walk when you are on the phone. Stay strong when you are in the dealership.

    Also if the deal really is legit she should have no problem sending you an email with the exact price and other terms.
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    drexelnet: Get the price she quoted you in writing, ie: e-mail!! Call her up 1st thing tomorrow morning or tonight (they 're usually there late) and ask her to send you an e-mail with her final and best offer. Do it now. Don't delay. If you get no reply back in 20-30min. Call her up and demand she send you an e-mail with the breakdown totalling $16,800.

    Are you sure she 's not trying to sell you a left over 2005? Make sure she 's talking about an '06 because I 'm getting suspecious since you 've been dealing with this lady for a couple of weeks now. Noone had any '06 models 2 weeks ago in the US. Did she tell you she has the color you want, etc. available in the lot? "Around $16,800" could mean hundreds more. What is invoice on the LX sedan auto? What is the sales tax rate where you live? Don't repeat that to her again "a few hundreds within $16.8K is ok by me.." Don't ever say that to a salesperson. Say "ok you got a deal, $16.8K but not a penny more, now send it to me in an e-mail". It's always better to deal in e-mail and so you have the price in writing. Print it out and take it with you when you go see her. If you don't have it in writing, they could produce any price they want and come up with any story they like when you get there. They did it to my dad 2yrs ago. The Subaru salesman told my dad over the phone he 'd give him the car for invoice and when he got there, they wanted invoice but that included the $1,000 dealer incentive. BULL. A promise is a promise. We started walking out and the GM came out in the parking lot and apologized and asked us to come back in and he 'd go over the figures. We got the Subaru Impreza Wagon 2.5L AWD at $1 over invoice minus $1K dealer incentive (which the manufacturers give to the dealers so they can sell the cars faster). So it came out $999 under invoice (plus tax of course).
    I guarantee you this lady is going to mess with you. They always do when they use the word "around" so much..
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  • Here's the autoweek article...

    2006 Honda Civic
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    "customer can get any parts, accessories, or extended warranties for this car at dealer cost"..

    This is garbage. Of course, they will sign it since they will never tell you what their true costs is. They will make up a price and you have no choice but to believe it.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    That's an interesting price and story... My internet dealer stated that he would only go $ 200 off MSRP on a 06 EX sedan with NAV and Automatic. Argued with him about fools buying the darn thing at MSRP, and he stated those that do are not fools, but got a good deal on a good vehicle. Reminded him that he just reduced the price down $ 200 dollars, and those that purchased MSRP just lost $200, and I know the prices will go down further. And yes, they are fools for purchasing a econo car for MSRP. He did not know what to say, and I told him to give my a call someday when the prices are down even further.

    If your purchase is sound, than you got a fair deal and I and hope others will just walk out of the dealership until they start reducing it further.. Never know, it could go down $500 or more in a few weeks. Just hoping they will....
  • Glad you enjoyed my review. I'm not really sure what you mean by "if your purchase is sound". My dealer is Bob Barbour Honda in Greenville, NC and they have always been pleasant to deal with and agressive on pricing. On my past two hondas and my BMW M Roadster where I had the "parts" clause in my bill of sale, I simply asked them for the invoice and they made me a copy. I'm not really sure how they could change the invoice amount but they've never given me a hard time and it's saved me money.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Well, as long as you were satisfied with the total price for everything at the end, it doesn't matter, but it is trivially easy for them to make bogus invoice numbers and pad the cost of any installation.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    If you are paying cash the only things you should be signing are the purchase agreement....which has the price breakdown of the car and it also lists all of the other charges...i.e. tax, tag, dealer fee, doc you will have to sign another paper that's states that you do not want any extra's like paint sealant, fabric protection, extended warranty, and any possible maintenance program where you pay for your routine maintenance ahead of time...that should be credit checks....nothing like that is needed...not sure if your paying actual cash, personal check, bank check, or whatever...but they do reserve the right to make sure your check clears before letting you drive off the lot...if you don't want to wait they will make you fill out a credit app and set up financing just in case your check bounces....either way they are going to protect their interest...

    Now the price of the car...I hate to say it...but based on my researched there is no way you are going to get an 06 Civic LX for 16,800 out the door...the numbers just do not add up....even if they sold the car to you at the time you add in tax, tags, and any dealer fees you are going to be way over 16, somebody mentioned earlier...they may be trying to sell you an 05 and even then the numbers seem a little tight but doable...
    I agree with the other post...get them to breakdown the price including all fees and have them send it to you....I think that they may burst your bubble....
    But nonetheless good luck and let us know...I am curious to see how it turn out!
    Good luck!
  • obie2obie2 Posts: 20
    I agree. Civics are simply over priced at MSRP. I had a salesman call me today because I had test driven a vehicle at his dealership in L A area. I informed him that I wouldn't pay MSRP for a Civic, and told him to call back when prices drop. He "informed" me that prices would never drop! I said OK, see you later then. He said "how much are you willing to pay?" I replyed" didn't you just say they would never go down in price" . He said "just give me a simple answer, how much will you pay? I said $1000 under MSRP. He said when can you be here? Me: 10:00am tomorrow. Salesman: OK. 5 minutes later my phone rang. It was the salesman. Matt, I presented your "offer" to the sales manager and it is not possible to sell for under MSRP. Me: call me when prices drop.(see original coversation above!) Him:You have to be flexible. Make an offer. Me: YOU JUST SAID....never mind, good bye!.... Click
  • playplay Posts: 38
    The stick hasn't gotten worse but the automatic has gotten better. You're all looking at this backwards. Turn around...

    Hey, don't be a wise guy! :)

    What does seem odd to me is the fairly sudden change in MPG's. I would like to see absolute values at a steady state 60, 70, or 80. Let's be clear, once a car is going at hwy speeds and is in it's final gear be tha t4th, 5th, or 6th, it really is just a question of the gearing when comparing auto vs manual in the same car and other things being equal, nothing more.

    Most of the mileage in my 130 mile daily commute is at hwy speeds which are 79-80 here in So. AZ. So that final gear ratio is important. (you should know that from cycling. Yeah the efficiency of the cyclist matters, but imagine the straightaways in low gear). I bought my first automatic (after 39 years of driving) with my 04 TSX but I miss the involvement I had with shifting and gliding and anticipating lights etc. Driving an auto has reminded me of the steady state of some stoners I know, but it is hard to justify buying a manual when you know you are going to be all abuzz at hwy speeds.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    watchdoc2003....What I meant by that statement ( if your purchase is sound ) is if and when you get the 06 vehicle in hand, and at that price, than its a good purchase, but as the poster below you stated the price does not seem right for the 06 model, but the 05 maybe. Get back to us on this will ya ? Thanks
  • evpedevped Posts: 39
    Could you comment on the shift action of the manual again. I've heard various opinions on it. Thanks.
  • Ummm, I'm not sure where the confusion started but I bought it two days ago. Here's pics of my car along with the window sticker, invoice, and my purchase invoice for any doubters. If you can't see the pics well enough, I'll personally email you the full 5meg digital photo. Also, before you say, "They must have killed him on the trade". Look it up yourself. It was a Green 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada AWD with 50k in "clean" condition. It was due for a complete service and needed a set of tires. They allowed me private party value from edmunds. kbb values it even lower.

    I will be adding photos today and if anyone wants a specific shot, please email me and I'll take it for you.

    2006 Civic photos
  • I describe the shift action as slightly notchy but doesn't require a lot of effort. The clutch is very light IMO. The 2-3 shift will be easy to miss. The 1-2 shift feels rewarding and sporty. To drive the car aggresively you will have to stay in the revs to keep the I-VTEC activated. It's something like driving a turbo car that you need to keep spooled up.

    I'd like to comment on the new key. No more key fob remotes. The keyless entry is inside the key now. I like it.

    Also, the new wipers are cool. They are large and pivot towards the sides of the car instead of in the middle of the car. I'm sure there is some engineering behind this as a way to improve wiper action but it isn't mentioned in the brochure.

    Speaking of the brochure, the centerfold of the brochure is a spread just on safety features. The list reads like a car you'd see from Volvo. I was very surprised to see so many safety features I wasn't aware of.
  • You're right. today when i went there, I got the turnaround. Another saleperson showed up instead of the internet consultant that I spoke with over the phone and online. He said that everything was sold out because the inventories that were priced around 16.8K were are gone because I came a day late. They quoted me $18,906 for the 06 Civic LX auto sedan. Then lower the price to $18,729.20 if I bought it today. And the car was a demo car, which already had 40mi. They claim that they only had 1 LX auto and 1 LX manual and 1 EX auto and manual and that all over the tristate area, there were only 4 Civic per lot. I can't believe that, that's a bunch of crap. My worst experience ever. And where I got to the dealership, all the saleperson were paying football.
  • playplay Posts: 38
    You're right. today when i went there, I got the turnaround. Another saleperson showed up instead of the internet consultant that I spoke with over the phone and online. He said that everything was sold out because the inventories that were priced around 16.8K were are gone because I came a day late. They quoted me $18,906 for the 06 Civic LX auto sedan. Then lower the price to $18,729.20 if I bought it today. And the car was a demo car, which already had 40mi. They claim that they only had 1 LX auto and 1 LX manual and 1 EX auto and manual and that all over the tristate area, there were only 4 Civic per lot. I can't believe that, that's a bunch of crap. My worst experience ever. And where I got to the dealership, all the saleperson were paying football.

    At least you did the right thing. You turned around and walked out. A couple of months of good production numbers will take care of this shortage, if there is one, and there will be plenty to talk about.
  • playplay Posts: 38
    Below is the link to an article here on about comments from the head of Nissan. These are the sorts of things you say when you have made a terrible miscalculation on where the auto business is going. They could have been releasing a state of the art vehicle, such as the new Civic Hybrid, and instead are years behind.

    I think its particularly ironic where he says that Hybrids are a "terrible business prospect". They surely are for him because they won't have their first one until next year, and they have to license the technology from Toyota to produce it, because Nissan has none of their own.
  • I would like to revise my earlier shift review. At higher RPM's the notchiness disappears. Now that I'm willing to rev the engine more, the car shifts much more directly and smoothly. I think I was simply babying the car since it was my first few 100 miles and I'm getting used to it. I clearly shifts very well. I'm really amazed at the handling of this car. Based on this chasis, the Si should be a AutoX killer.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I would like to see some of you new owners post your gas mileage. I had a 2001 civic lx 4 dr auto and never got more than 23 mpg on the highway. I drive with the cruise control on at 80 mph. I know the new car has a 5 speed auto and that should help the mileage on the highway but 40 is hard for me to believe.
    P.S. I know 80 is fast,just keeping up with traffic.
  • hmm... probably because of the high speed... mostly highway miles, a little bit of local... 2004 civic ex auto... avg 65-70mph on highway... calculated it twice, once aroudn 32+mpg, and another time around 33+mpg.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    In other words, their "best offer" was almost $1000 over MSRP. Don''t worry, though. Just wait a few months and there will be plenty of Civics on the lots to choose from, and dealers will be more reasonable. But you might want to choose another dealer next time. :(
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Someone may have posted this already, but if you make an appointment with an internet consultant, NEVER talk to anyone else, they will try to steal the sale. The internet depts are usually on a different pricing structure and also have a different philosophy of customer service. There is a large dealer near me where the internet department is straightup and super nice, but the salesmen at the door are all high pressure and bogus deals.
  • Well, actually the price that I got quoted for were all OTD price. Everything included, except for the security system. He mentioned that it was only on EX model not LX. I will go there again. And I didn't appreciate them staring at my girlfriend while I was there. Thanks.
  • This morning I dropped by my local Honda dealer here in Beaverton Oregon (Portland suburb), just to see how many 06's they had. They had four 06 sedans on the lot. They were having a "special" on these. What was the special? Well, instead of the huge "adjusted market value" posted on the stickers, the price had now been lowered to about $200 over MSRP.

    I don't personally care for the styling of the sedan, so I'm waiting for the coup. I asked a salesman when they would be getting the coups, and he said "next week".

    Now get this - - A couple hours later I was driving around town running errands - and what da ya know - there's a truck in front of me loaded up with brand new Civics. Most were natural gas powered 05 Civics (a fleet buy I would learn later). But there was one 06 on the very back of the truck. Yep, it was a coup.

    Whipped out my camera and took a photo (below). Then I followed the truck to the dealers off-site lot and took some more photos.

    Then I went back to the dealership and asked if I could take a test drive in it. The salesman drove me back to the off-site lot and there was a brief argument with the truck driver. The dealership hadn't signed for the cars - thus we weren't supposed to touch it. Someone eventually signed for them - and off we took for a test drive. This was the first time any of the salesman had see one. The car was dirty and the radio didn't work at all (code not programmed yet). Nor did the remote locks work (also not programmed yet). None the less, it was nice to know I may have been the first in Portland to drive a coupe. The coup was an EX automatic. It was built in Canada - not Japan like the sedans. No, I didn't buy it. Will wait a little while longer.

    Photo Here

    Photo Here

    Photo Here
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Re. car shopping and buying . . . I was young once too, and would fall in love with a car I was considering buying. One thing that age and experience teaches you is very simple: don't fall in love with any car! Time is your friend, and don't rush into buying anything. Even the young folks on this thread may remember all of the "hoopla" when VW introduced the New Beetle. Now, many sit on the lot for months without any buyers. Additionally, there should be no rush to be a first adopter on any new car model, as there are ALWAYS problems with the first year of a new design - even with a Honda.

    Not all dealers gouge a customer on new and popular vehicles. If a dealer does this, run away as fast as you can. This behavior comes from upper-level management, and if they do this to you now, you can be assured of trickery later, even in the shop when your car needs normal maintenance.
  • That's true. I'm definitely going to wait now, but i can't really wait that long though, because my current car is almost falling apart, it's a 1986 ford. I don't think that it will last much longer. I hoping by mid-October, there might be a price relief and I don't really want to buy a 06 Corrolla S.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    While you are waiting, check out some of the Civic's other competitors. You may find something you like for thousands less. And it will give you more bargaining leverage with the Honda sales rep when the time comes ("You know, I like the XXXXXX car too and it costs $4000 less than the Civic...").
  • gas milage for my new civic 06 (EX, automatic) / after one week was aprox 31 mpg. This is mixed (city + freeway) for the very first 250 miles for this car.
    It goes at aprox 2000 rpm at 60 - 65 mph (fifth speed) - but if needs additional power (like going uphill on freeway) it will switch back to forth speed.

    I've noticed one problem - the front passanger door doesn't close very well (I don't know if this is only in my car or a general issue).
    But overall, I'm satisfied with the new car.

    This Honda Civic replaced my Toyota Corolla LE (model 2001). I really like the new car more but I miss the automatic lights existing in Toyota.
    Also, I have 4-5 friends owners of old Civic models (mainly EX) - and all of them liked more the new car.

    The engine seems pretty quiet and the sound system is good. Finally - my first car with MP3 player by default and aux input.
    And, of course, I like the new design + dashboard. As other people said, you don't see the hood of this car - but after a while you probably get used to it. I understand you have the same problem in other cars, too.
    There are also minor details: chromed exhaused pipe, a cover for wires in the trunk, automatic sunroof and driver window (both directions), telescopic steering wheel, etc.

    Initially, I've negociated unsuccesfully on another EX. Second day, I've decided to see other cars (Ford Focus, Mazda 3) - and found a Focus with a lot of accessories (leather, sunroon, ABS, etc) at aprox 14k + taxes (way cheaper than Honda Civic)
    But I really liked the new Civic EX (sedan), so I ended up paying more than 19k + taxes.

    Beware - the dealer wanted to sell me a security system for 650$ - although the car has a standard security system. The standard security system in my car works just fine without any dealer's intervention :-)
    Oh, these dealers...
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