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  • osofresh97osofresh97 Member Posts: 6
    09 Cayenne GTS Tip Invoice price from Edmund's is 4.5% less than what Porsche states, why?

    The Base invoice prices from Edmund's are from the "dealer order guide" which I've contacted edmunds.com 3 times and repeatedly been told it is accurate. However, when I goto the Porsche dealership, they show me the MSRP Pricing for the car and the Invoice pricing... everything matches edmund's EXACTLY except for the BASE invoice... Edmund's say's it's $62,815... Porsche says it's $66,180. Edmund's insists they have contacted Porsche to verify this... yet when I've gone into 4 different Porsche dealerships in the area, they all have the same Base invoice. Is it a conspiracy? I don't believe they have holdbacks included in the base invoice... there are definitely no additional fees included, no destination charge, no regional fee.... can anyone help explain this? Is Porsche just trying to make sure they make a profit by lying about the true Invoice?
  • noidea123noidea123 Member Posts: 3
    unfortunately i can't shed any light on this issue, but i would be interested in the source of the discrepancy as well. though would you be able to comment on what type of discount you are seeing on the GTS? I am looking at the GTS as well and wanted to see what the market is looking like. are you looking to order or are you looking at ones on the lot? i've seen people say they are getting around 7% off MSRP on 09s they've ordered, but I just wanted to check on the accuracy. thanks for any help you can provide.
  • osofresh97osofresh97 Member Posts: 6
    what was the base invoice on the 2009 GTS that you saw?
  • osofresh97osofresh97 Member Posts: 6
    Yeah the Base invoice I saw from Porsche is $66,180 for the GTS Tip 09... Edmunds, Nadaguides, and Costcoauto state the base invoice should be $62,815. So far... I've easily negotiated to $1000 over invoice (Porsche's Invoice... not everyone else's), regardless of the the options... this is for a car that is either on the lot, in production, or to be obtained from another dealership. The truth is - from what I've read and also told by the dealers is that Porsche anticipates a much slower year to come, and has cut back it's production by 40%. Porsche is small enough to adjust more quickly to the economic turmoil that we're going through right now. However... that doesn't mean they are getting rid of cars easily... they are still down significantly in sales compared to last year for the months of sept & october. Can anyone please let me know the Base Invoice for the GTS TIp 09 that they are seeing at dealerships in their area?
  • osofresh97osofresh97 Member Posts: 6
    I've been able to easily negotiate to $1000 over invoice (Porsche's invoice.. not edmunds). This is about 9%.
  • mdellingermdellinger Member Posts: 13
    At those prices, you should be jumping on the vehicle and enjoying it now.

    In Northern California, I haven't seen that price yet. I just purchased an 08 Cayenne S about 4 months ago and they took 12% off the msrp and won't go lower than $63,000. It had everything that I wanted, so I took the deal (I don't care about the 09's--just wanted my color and options).
  • osofresh97osofresh97 Member Posts: 6
    Well... the prices are not that spectacular... considering the economy.... I am talking about the BASE invoice... when you add in all the options I want the MSRP comes to about $94,000 ... so the best price I've been able to get is around $85000.... like I said... just about $1000 over Porsche's Invoice... if Edmund's pricing is correct then $1000 over invoice w/options should be more like $81,500... THEN I would be jumping into the vehicle and enjoying it right now...
  • osofresh97osofresh97 Member Posts: 6
    Hey all... I still need help... please post the Invoice for the 09 Cayenne GTS Tip that you're seeing at the dealerships in you area... I'm trying to see if there's a regional difference...
  • marvelmmarvelm Member Posts: 28
    Hi all,

    I was offered a discount of $4500 by a dealer in Southern California for a 09 Cayenne Tiptronic with options that has an MSRP of $57,700. Is that a good discount? if not, how much discount do you guys think I should get in this down economy?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  • mdellingermdellinger Member Posts: 13
    We are seeing 12% off MSRP here in Northern California, which is the same % I got a few months ago.
  • marvelmmarvelm Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for your feedback, mdellinger. That's an amazing discount you got there. Did you have to haggle really hard to get to that number (12%.)? I have not started bargaining with the dealer yet because I wanted to know what the market is like right now.
  • mdellingermdellinger Member Posts: 13
    Nope--they were happy to do it. I also didn't trade anything.
  • PORSCHE08_NCPORSCHE08_NC Member Posts: 1
    Looking at a Cayenne Tiptronic with a msrp w/options totaling $59,605. Edmunds says invoice is $51,349 but I see some comments here re: discrepancie between Porsche and Edmunds invoice prices. Can someone help clarify invoice price and offer points on what a realistic offer/final price should be? Thanks.
  • gctngctn Member Posts: 3
    I paid 48,000 for a 2008 Cayenne that had a 55,000 list (PCM etc). 09's were 8% off.
  • rockurocku Member Posts: 4
    11.5% off MSRP $58450, dealer is willing to do 12%off on any other 09's except this one. He just exchanged from another dealership because of an unique option.

    36 month/10000 MF 0.00163, Res 59% of $58100 (yes, there is a cap)
    Dealer said he waived acquisition fee of $750 which I think it is just anther trick.

    Decent deal but not super hot, I got myself trapped for one option.
  • marvelmmarvelm Member Posts: 28
    May I know which state your dealer is located? CA?
  • RUSSRUSS Member Posts: 6
    I am in the market for a Cayenne.

    How did it option out?
    Did you close with this deal? -12% off; .00163MF.

    I am in NJ.

    Thanks for the input.
  • ml2005ml2005 Member Posts: 10
    What dealership in Nor Cal did you get 12% off MSRP?
    Most places I went to said 8% off MSRP...and that was working it hard.
    Most deals I found for 2009 "S" on 36 mo 15K mi lease are .0025 MF, 49% residual...Anything better?
  • RUSSRUSS Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for the input, I will keep you posted.
  • mlad11mlad11 Member Posts: 19
    Just got a lease on an 09 Cayenne with a sticker of $63,290. 36 months, 15k per year No money down just first month. Payment is $840 a month with taxes in. I dont have the MF or Residual off hand but based upon multiple dealers this deal seemed to be best, good deal?
  • rockurocku Member Posts: 4
    I need to point out that the 'super' price that I got was for year end sale, expired after Jan.1st, unless they start another special :P

    Giving this sucking eco, you never know when the best deal in on the block.
    We see some crazy ads from dealer, dont we?

    Nevertheless, call Winner Porsche if you like. Alex is very nice and easy to work with. He should give you the best price in tri-state area.

    I really enjoy my Cayenne, purchase/saving experience.
    My pocket isn't deep, so I watch it carefully these days.


    Good luck to you.
  • bdmccullenbdmccullen Member Posts: 6
    I am curious to learn if anyone has seen pricing below invoice on 2009 Cayenne Tip or S? Two different dealerships offered to sell me Cayenne Tiptronics at invoice this weekend. I have been monitoring inventory at six dealers within driving distance for about 6 weeks and these vehicles are just not moving but will they sell below invoice as many other manufacturers have had to do? I don't expect the buying environment to improve and inventory remains high so should I hold out for even better pricing?
  • grkmecgrkmec Member Posts: 12
    Been almost a month since anyone posted, so was hoping to get the latest from you guys on pricing. Thanks!
  • bdmccullenbdmccullen Member Posts: 6
    I've been offered invoice from more than one dealer on any '09 Cayenne on the lot. I haven't tried to push it further yet as I haven't settled on a particular car. '08 discounts are around 20% or more from what I can tell.
  • bdmccullenbdmccullen Member Posts: 6
    Oh, one more thing, I have been keeping an eye on inventories and haven't seen any cars moving so I expect the deals will only get better as this economy continues to drag along...
  • pk800pk800 Member Posts: 2
    hi, does anyone have any buying experience with luxurymotors.com?
    what is quality of service and vehicles? Any price negotiations/ financing experience? Thanks.
  • RUSSRUSS Member Posts: 6
    Working on a deal, asking for 15% off.

    Resid after 3 yrs 58%
    Int rate about 3.5%

    Anyone have any recent closed deals?
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    My dealer in the Northeast quoted me the following for '09 V-6:

    15k miles a year
    $0 Cap Cost Reduction
    Resid: 56%
    MF: 3.98%
    MSRP: $57k
    Sale Price: $54k (only 5% off MSRP)
    Monthly Payment: $823/month (this includes Tax)

    If I can get the vehicle at invoice ($50,700), then my payemnt drops to only $718/month (including Tax).


    P.S. I really want a V-8 (S) but the resid. SUCKS at only 51%.
  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151

    I am considering the Cayenne as well. Where did you get the residual values? I'm very familiar with BMWs and there is a great source for this type of info. at bimmerfest.com but I have no idea where to get this for Porsche.

  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151
    Would you mind telling me which geographic region the dealerships that offered you invoice on an '09 are? If it is close to me then I'd be interested in buying from them.
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    I got this information from my local Porsche dealer. You can call them and get this information in less than two minutes. You're right though, I don't know where this can be had online.

  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151
    I actually found a resource where you can find this information online for Porsche. I wouldn't trust the money factor since those can be marked up by the dealer for extra profit.
  • opjp88opjp88 Member Posts: 11
    Hi Rubin, was starting to look into the cayenne, did you get the $718 month deal? I am also in the north east on long island NY, can I ask which dealer is working good numbers for you ? thanks. Has anyone have any recent lease #'s ? has anyone ever leased a used cayenne?
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    No, I haven't leased a Cayenne yet. My Volvo XC90 (V-8) doesn't come off lease until August-2009. I'm just starting the search early for my wife's next SUV. I'm a little spoiled because my '08 XC90 MSRP'd for $52k and I was able to do a 2-year lease, 15k miles/year, with NOTHING down for only $599/month -including tax!

    She loves her Volvo but she's really starting to love the looks of the Cayenne. I had her drive a V-6 last weekend and she thought the power was only adequate. However, she had great things to say about it's handling, brakes, and steering. The interior aint' too special though.

    I'm working with Vision Porsche/Audi in Leesport, PA. Just to be clear, they have NOT offered me invoice . . .yet. I won't start the hard haggling until I'm closer to August.

    Good Luck.
  • opjp88opjp88 Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for your input, as well my wife likes the Cayenne (ugg!! couldn't be a cheap car)wow what a great deal on the volvo you got! going pn Wed. to look since her current lease is up next month. I do see some lease offers out there on 06-08 models with low miles, will see what happens. Thanks again
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    I started doing some preliminary looking at Cayenne "s" since my current lease on my BMW expires in August. I found that my local Porsche dealer in Virginia Beach has some very aggressive deals. Every Cayenne in stock is clearly marked at least 10% off of MSRP. The dealer also said that he has an additional $5K in "coupons" to play with from Porsche HQ. I was offered a $72k Cayenne "S" for $62K. A lease would look like this:
    36 mos
    0 down
    1st month +acq fee+ttl
    15k miles
    pymt approx 890 per month
    The dealer even offered to go half with me to pay off my lease!!
    Just an example as how motiviated some dealers are to move cars in this economy.
  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151
    Did you actually figure out the monthly payment yourself or are you passing on what the dealer quoted you? I've been looking long and hard for the Cayenne lease money factor and residuals so that I can avoid the dealer marking up the money factor, etc., but unfortunately I can't find this information.
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    Determing your lease payement is really simple if you go to: www.leaseguide.com
    and under "Quick Start Menu" click "Lease Calculator" and then click "Start".

    All you need to know is:

    Sale Price (the price you nego.)
    Money Factor (interest rate)
    Residual Value (set by auto maker)
    Length of lease
    Sales Tax

    the website will then spit-out your monthly payment. You can also include things like down money, trades, ext. warranty, etc.

    it's a pretty cool website that I've used to flush-out dealership [non-permissible content removed]!

  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151
    I very well know how to calculate lease payments but I can't find the money factor and residual offered by Porsche financial services for the Cayenne anywhere. The money factor and residuals offered by BMW and MB financial services are readily available on the web but I can't find anything for Porsche financial services.
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    The dealer told me the money factor and residual. But since I was not actually intent on buying right then, I don't remember the exact figures. The residual on the "S" was 51% for 36 months with 15k miles per year. I'm a little fuzzy on the money factor but the dealer said he was buying down the money factor with incentive money from Porsche.
  • opjp88opjp88 Member Posts: 11
    Recent lease offer on cayenne from a dealer....new 09', 10k miles per year, $0 down (just taxes and 1st month). Sticker was 52335 they were taking 3k off to 49335, $629 per month for 36 month. Any input from you guys? good deal or not? thanks for your help
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    It was posted on Renn's list that Porsche was providing dealers with $6500 incentives on all '09's, save the new Cayman. As Porsche does not subsidize leases (as yet?), then this should be taken off the top. It might be worth offering something like $1K over invoice minus the marketing incentive, base money factor, and no junk fees?
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    You should be able to get at least 10% off of sticker. Keep in mind that the Porsche Cayenne suv's are marked up at least 7k over invoice. Additionally, Porsche dealers have an additional incentive from HQ this month.
    So, I would say that 3k off of MSRP is not a good deal in today's car market....
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    Just leased a 2009 GTS nicely optioned. MSRP 86.5k. CAP cost 71.5k
    just paid 1st payment, acq fee, TTL..
    15k miles
    36 mos
    1130 per month...
    Love the car....
  • richzrichz Member Posts: 151
    Nice, congrats!
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    Just got a GTS too, only a manual transmission. This combined with the dealer giving my car's colored rims to another GTS owner dropped the price too $69K form $88.5K MSRP. I did a Cardinal sin and did a Drive-Off of $7500, with a monthly of $805 without tax. 36 months/10K a year. Love the truck too - complete beast.
  • opjp88opjp88 Member Posts: 11
    Hi does anyone know if the incentives are better in april than march for a cayenne basic model for leasing?thanks for any input
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    Congrats! I've been loving every minute in it. I've got a question for you. I did not get the XM radio but do you know if the 09 Cayenne is pre-wired for satelite radio? In other words, If I get a plug and play sat radio for the car, can I just plug it into the aux without having to wire the antenna?
  • bdmccullenbdmccullen Member Posts: 6
    Sorry for the delay in replying. The board has been so quiet I stopped checking for a few weeks.

    The offers I received were in the eastern Mass and they are still out there.
  • funtodrive1funtodrive1 Member Posts: 8
    I was told that the program stays the same through May. The $6500 is only avail on the Cayenne S model and up, but not told what the basic offer was. On a Basic Cayenne with approx $52K MSRP i was told $733 mo with $3100 total incl. tax. Doesnt seem remotely good, and I guess they did not want to give me the S numbers either...... Its in NY, hope it helps someone !
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