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  • opjp88opjp88 Member Posts: 11
    thanks fun to drive1, looks like I got a good deal.....53K sticker.....tax,1st payment,acquisition fee,reg fee,inspection fee, up front ($3500) then 590 per month for 36 months, 10k miles a year which is good for me. NY dealer. went to one dealer and also got a quote of 700 plus a month and walked out!
  • en2001en2001 Member Posts: 3
    Just leased a 09 base, 53k MSRP, sign and drive $540 a month (before tax). 36 month, 10k/year. This is in Ohio. Several dealers are offering similar deals.

    Love the truck!
  • anj2anj2 Member Posts: 4
    Congrats on your new truck! What was the total out of pocket for this lease?
  • en2001en2001 Member Posts: 3
    It was a sign and drive. 0 due. Total out of pocket will be $540 x 35 (1st payment waived) plus tax.
  • srch4carsrch4car Member Posts: 3
    540 a month? Thats a really good deal. do you have the dealer/sales persons name you would like to share?
  • dl62dl62 Member Posts: 1
    Considering a Cayenne S and Land Rover Sport. Anyone with experience and opinions on each? Vehicle needs to 1). Be fun to drive, 2). Haul wife and three kids, 3). Haul boat, and 4). Haul Great Dane. The last one is optional. Your opinions on dependability and overall quality are greatly appreciated.
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    They are both great trucks. The Cayenne has more head and width room in the front seat, and will be a little faster and have better handling; the degree dependent on what options you get on the "S" (e.g., PASM, PDCC). The RSS will have an advantage off-road, I believe. I think the back seats are about the same, though the Cayenne's trunk seems small.

    I would take into account that the RRS is up for a substancial redesign, with the current model having been out since 2005. Drive both exactly how you drive everyday. I would be happy with either.
  • dinomandinoman Member Posts: 68
    That is the best price I've seen. I just got off the phone with porsche dealer in columbus ohio. They quoted me at 2k down and 650/month, 15k miles per year. Can you send the name of the dealer and salesman? Also, did they give you a price on 15k miles per year? Thanks.
  • RUSSRUSS Member Posts: 6

    What were your inception costs?
    1st pymt waived?
    Do you have the resid and m/factor?

    Good work on the deal. I am in process right now in NJ.
  • dinomandinoman Member Posts: 68
    Total out of pocket is 2k...which includes first month and inception costs. I do not have money factor or residual. We have not got to that point yet. Car is in Penn and being transferred to Ohio. I essentially told the GM what I was willing to pay.
    MSRP is 53800.
    What kind of deals are your finding in NJ?
  • en2001en2001 Member Posts: 3
    No money due (all costs were rolled into the monthly payment). 10k/year, i think it's 59% residual and around 3.8% money factor.
  • RUSSRUSS Member Posts: 6
    No inceptions out of pocket? (Bank fee)

    $540 including tax?

    Nice job.

    I'm working on it.
  • RUSSRUSS Member Posts: 6
    I'm working on it.
  • blgreen24blgreen24 Member Posts: 3
    I currently live in Jacksonville, FL and considering purchasing a single-owner 2005 Porsche Cayenne with 47,124 miles on it. I have never owned a Porsche before so I am really looking for insight into the long-term maintenance of a Cayenne and general thoughts on the driving and ownership experiences.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,566
    Hi blgreen24.. Welcome to CarSpace.com forums!

    This discussion is primarily for pricing, related to new Cayennes.. But, we have many Porsche Cayenne discussions, and you can see them all, here.

    So, browse through there and see if there is one that fits your question. You'll also notice a general Cayenne discussion, up near the top of the list.

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  • hby123hby123 Member Posts: 5

    I am looking to purchase a 2009 Cayenne and have bene trying to find out how much other buyers paid for their Cayennes. I got the impression that most people here are leasing instead of buying. Could someone share your thought pro and cons of leasing vs buying a Cayenne? I am familiar with the general concepts but wonder if there is anything specifc for Porsche. Does the long-term maint. cost makes leasing a more attractive option? I have never owned a Porsche before ...

    and how close to the invoice prices have people been getting these days? the X5s are quoted not too far from their invoice prices..
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    I chose to lease because: 1) Unlike Land Rover, dealers can apply the Porsche discount Coupons to Leased vehicles; hence, the purchase price is lower -relative. 2) Combine the above with attractive MF (3%) and decent residual. 3) I have no idea what a Manual transmission SUV rated at 11mpg city will be worth in 3 years; so leasing decreases my risk and gives me options. My purchase option price is $40K, which sounds great now, but we will see.

    On '09's, I think discounts are based on the model, dealer inventory, and your relationship to your dealer/sales person. I've observed $15K-$20K discounts on Turbos and GTS's, and it seems $10K-$15K discounts on base and S's. It all depends on whether the dealer will apply their coupons to your purchase.
  • ssipesssipes Member Posts: 1
    I am currently searching for a Cayenne. Please let me know what these dealer coupons are and in what denomination!?!? Thanks in advance.
  • hby123hby123 Member Posts: 5
    thanks bgsntth. this makes sense. I didn't realize people could get $10K-$15K discounts these days.. were you suggesting that the final prices were below invoice?
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    Most of my information is from Rennlist and my own personal experience from leasing one at the end of March. I've heard that a coupon is worth $6,500, and are allocated to a dealer; and not specific to any one vehicle. Why a relationship helps. Discounts are from MSRP. For some reason with Porsche's, % off MSRP is the standard pricing reference and not invoice.

    Realize too that the community of Rennlist are diehard Porschephiles who seem to know everyone at their respective dealerships on a first name basis. So the deals they are achieving are not necessarily replicable.
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    1) The "coupon system" is no longer in effect. It got too confusing for the dealers as they would quote prices assuming they had the coupon to use and then sometimes they wouldn't have any left; not good! The great news though is that now it functions just like a typical rebate on every Cayenne.

    2) The "rebates" are: $6,500 off "Turbo S" and "Turbo". $5,000 off "S" and only $500 off the "base V-6".

    3) I think the best deal possible is Invoice less the full rebate. You can get the invoice price for your exact Cayenne at Edmunds.com.

    4) Generally speaking I think the Cayenne's are leasing well. However, from what I've read in Mags., the newly restyled Cayenne is coming out later this year/first half 2010 and will be the same size but more musclar looking with every panel new. Oh, and there will be some new and interesting engines including a S/C V-6 from the new Audi S4. Not too bad for a "base" engine.
  • kkjjlkkjjl Member Posts: 4
    New to Porsche and looking to purchase a gts. Are the rebates only for leases or purchase also?

    Is there one for the gts?

    What is the discount people are receiving on the gts when purchasing?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    I believe the GTS is subject to the $5,000 "rebate" and that it's available for both leases and buys.
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    I recently leased a GTS that stickered for 86.5k. Cap cost was 71k. 0 money down. money factor was about 4%. I paid Tax, Tags Title and ACQ fee. I think he used the 6500 coupon to reduce the price to 71k.

    Great SUV by the way. Not a day goes by that I don't get positive comments from strangers. Lots of Power and high quality materials...
  • kkjjlkkjjl Member Posts: 4
    could you tell me what options you have and who your dealer is?
  • kkjjlkkjjl Member Posts: 4
    could you tell me what options you have and which dealer you used?
  • kkjjlkkjjl Member Posts: 4
    please list options and dealer
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    options are:
    variable assist power steering
    heated front seats
    Bose sound system
    metallic paint
    floor mats
    light comfort package

    Dealer is Checkered Flag Porsche Virginia beach..
  • 996twint996twint Member Posts: 35
    What did your payment come out to? Was it a 2008 or 2009?
  • 09cayenne09cayenne Member Posts: 2
    I picked up my new 2009 Porsche Cayenne from Herb Chambers of Burlington (MA) less than a week ago. I'm not sure what other people paid for theirs, but I think I got a pretty good lease deal on mine. The MSRP on my Cayenne is $53,335 for a base model tiptronic w/ preferred package and few other options. The terms of my lease are $455/mo, plus tax w/ $2999 down (cap cost redux). Taxes, title, registration and first month lease payment totaled another $1,892.84, for total fees due at signing of $4,891.84. The lease term is 36 months at 10,000 miles/year. Since Porsche charges $.30/mile over the allotted miles, and I plan to drive more than that, I opted to increase miles to 15,000 miles/year. The cost of the additional 5,000 pre-paid miles/year is a little over $.09/mile, adding $44/mo. to my lease payment. After all is said and done, my monthly lease payment for this vehicle is $525.29/mo. If you don't mind sharing, what did you pay?
  • spiderv6spiderv6 Member Posts: 2
    Sounds like a decent deal.

    Did you manage to negotiate a lower price on the MSRP before you got the lease deal?

    What was the money factor they gave you?
  • 09cayenne09cayenne Member Posts: 2
    No. It was a dealer-advertised lease on a specific stock # Cayenne. Actually, the one that was advertised as having an MSRP of $51k for $449/mo. was not available, so I negotiated paying $6/mo. more for the Cayenne they did have on the lot with an MSRP of $53,325 The vehicle didn't come w/ mats, a $140 option, so the salesman threw them in free of charge. There wasn't any further room for negotiation or haggling. Other than opting to pre-pay for miles, I didn't change the lease deal. I think once you veer from the advertised deal, and start loading up the car w/ options, you get screwed. The money factor was .0014.
  • amxamx Member Posts: 8
    can you share the residual and the selling price? thx
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    My local P-car dealer has offered me the following deal:

    2009 Cayenne S w/ Preferred Package Plus
    Dealership Owner's car w/7,800 miles

    15k miles/year
    ZERO Cap Cost Reduction
    $1,690 due at signing (1st payment, bank fee, etc.)

    *********** $725/month (includes 9% State Tax)***************

    $9,700 BELOW INVOICE

    MSRP: $69,725
    Sale Price: $52,650
    Resid.: 48%
    Money Factor: .00146 (3.5%)
    Sales Tax: 9% (6% +3% lease tax in PA)
  • jacknjill526jacknjill526 Member Posts: 1
    That sounds like a great deal. We've had our eye on a 2009 Cayenne for a while now, and we think we've found the car. We're just a little hesitant about what to offer for it, and we'll be purchasing though, not leasing. However, your post certainly helps!
  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    Just remember, the Money Factor is normally .00166 (3.98%) but my dealer is willing to file for an "override" to get (3.5%). Also, the resid. is noramlly 51% for a Cayenne S on a 36-month 15k mile lease. But, since the car already has 7,800 miles, the resid. is reduced by .30/miles = $2,340.

    All in all, I'm happy to be leasing a nicely optioned Cayenne S for 36 months, 15k miles, nothing down, fncluding tax, for low 7's/month. Also, it's the exact color combo. my wife wanted: Black Ext. / Sand/Havana Int.

    Good Luck!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,566
    That looks like a good deal...

    The only issue is that you'll be out of warranty for the last two months of the lease (over 50K miles).

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  • rubin72rubin72 Member Posts: 20
    You're correct. However, I have a few outs:

    1) I could buy it at the end of lease.
    2) Porsche will buy me out of the last three months
    3) I might not drive it the full 15k/year.

    Plus, I'd have to have some bad luck for something major to happen in the last 3k miles.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,566
    Yes.. it's a relatively short period of time...

    Plus, Porsches are cheap to fix.. ;)

    It's a pretty low lease payment for a $70K car... doubt you could do better than that..

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  • mistybbmistybb Member Posts: 3
    I am looking to purchase my first ever used car - either a certified '06 or '08:

    A couple I have seen so far and am looking for advice/feedback on: (these prices are no negotiating yet)

    2006 Cayenne S - 34k miles - nav and some other options - $35k

    2008 Cayenne - 15k miles - no nav - $37k

    2008 Cayenne - leftover, no miles, no nav - $43k (told price was firm)

  • kickazzz2000kickazzz2000 Member Posts: 17
    I am also looking at some used (new leftover?) Cayennes.

    2008 Cayenne base Nav Heated Seats 19" wheels parking assist memory seat package moonroof hitch roof rack. 109 miles. MSRP 58,400 List 49,900.

    2009 Cayenne base Nav Premium Leather Upgrade ipod memory seat moonroof etc. 900 miles. Also 49,900.

    Where should I start in the offering for these? They are already heavily discounted off the MSRP. I went to a local dealer today and they showed an air of desperation that BMW and Audi didnt.
  • halliejhalliej Member Posts: 1
    so this dealer: Circle Porsche is listing an 09 cayenne gts as 64,990, marked down from 85,465. because i have no measure with porsche cayenne pricing, i don't know if the lower price is just normal or if it is a great deal. should i go for it?
  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    That is a great price!! you are getting a GTS at an "s" price. I paid 70K for my GTS....
  • sameemsameem Member Posts: 8
    I contacted a few Bay Area dealers about a base Cayenne 2008. With anywhere from 8,000-15,000 down I can get a lease payment from $500-600. Wow. So I get to pay almost the full price of the car on a 3 year lease and then return it?
  • jbo2786jbo2786 Member Posts: 1
    I have access to a 2006 Cayenne Titanium S - never been titled - demo / GM car at the dealership - 2500 miles. I don't have visibility to what the original sticker was - and the dealer was attempting to sell at $52K - which is ridiculous - I have them down to $44K - but I still think that is high. Can you give some guidance on what the car would have listed at - what the residual assumptions would have been if it had been leased back when it was "new". By the way - they did take the factory incentive and put it into demo mode and there is only 2 years left on warranty - so this should factor in to what I go back to them with in terms of purchase price...thanks much
  • leethewayleetheway Member Posts: 2
    Can you please share what dealer gave you this deal. Tx
  • grkmecgrkmec Member Posts: 12
    Can someone please post the lease rates for 2009 Cayenne S and GTS for 3yr and 4yr with 12,000 miles per year?
  • crimattcrimatt Member Posts: 21
    Hey, kids! Went to a local Porsche dealership to find a suitable replacement for my 2008 Audi Q7 3.6, and I may have walk away with a steal.

    2009 Cayenne S Tip, Blk/Blk leather, 18" Turbo style rims and a ridiculous list of options including PCM w/ Nav and the Bose stereo!

    MSRP - $75170. My cost- $65,700. That's almost $10k off sticker, for those of you struggling with the complex math! Car has 5.3 miles on it and is the last of its kind on the lot.

    Now here's the funky part: Didn't want to lay out ANY cash. So opted for Porsche's Sign and Drive. Bottom line: !st month + Acquisition ($1920) up front, $1100/month on a 36month/15k. Had I paid the taxes up front, the monthly vig would have dropped to $965/month.

    How'd I do? Is it a keeper?

  • jubessjubess Member Posts: 14
    I think you did okay....Back in March I leased a GTS..and got 15k off sticker..The dealers had incentives back then...Here was my post..

    Just leased a 2009 GTS nicely optioned. MSRP 86.5k. CAP cost 71.5k
    just paid 1st payment, acq fee, TTL..
    15k miles
    36 mos
    1130 per month...
  • crimattcrimatt Member Posts: 21
    I think I've been played.

    There's an approximately $6,000 difference in Cap Costs b/w us, which should yield a $180/month difference in payments--weighing apples to oranges.
    Yet, there's only $30 separating our deals, and you are driving a faster car with more standard features. I'm I missing something?

    What was your MF? Mine is 0.00146? I've got until Tuesday if I want to walk on this deal. At a minimum, I should get them to lower my monthly payment. You agree?

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