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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid



  • I finally got my Cayenne! 05/ V6 / Titanium Metalic/ Black inside
    MSRP $49.680 Price I paid $42.782 . That's about 13.8%off ($6898)
    I had to work on them few days but it was worth it!
    Thank you sooo much for all you guys help and advices, I couldn't have done it without this forum. :)
  • Congrats! I don't think you'll regret the purchase. I've already got about 4000 miles on my 05 Cayenne and love it.

    Glad to see you worked the dealer down on price -- also good you stayed local -- that will help make the service experience better.

    I think that's a great price. Welcome to the club!
  • thinking2: Thank you,you really helped me the most!
  • sv2sv2 Posts: 1
    If someone can refer me to a dealer willing to sell a 2005 S for >12% off MSRP, provide me the contact info. I'd also consider a low mileage S (<5,000 miles) at a better price.
  • This is a repost, I gave too much personal info about dealers and forum rules saids I can't do that which I didn't know..sorry

    sv2: I don't know where you live, but the dealer I got my car might
    >do that since I got 13.8% on V6. I got it from porsche dealers in Central
    >Oregon. At the first, I've spoken to the sales person he was
    >firm about only 6-7% off on 05/ V6. I really wasn't happy about that,
    >so I waited few days and went back in. That day, he was busy and I
    >started to talk to this lady who workes there, she immidiately gave
    >me 11% off. She turned out to be sales manager, . She mentioned that they have too
    >much inventory. Well, I waited few more days and finally got
    > I just checked their 05/S inventory on porsche site, they still
    >showing 2.
    >Also on their site, they show that they do have service to bring cars
    >to the where you live.
    > I called many places including fleet managers in CA to get better
    >deal but after all I got the best deal in Bend. I also checked fleet
    >cost with few dealers out of state deliverly , most of them were
    >around $700 for aobut 500miles distance.
    > The best deal I got in California was from walnut
    >creek dealership, I've spoken to fleet manager there
    , he was very nice and more knowledgeable about fleeting the
    >car out of State.
    > I hope this helps.
  • Hello! I am new to this forum and would like some help. I live in Houston, TX and would like to order a new Cayenne S with MSRP of 68K. How much should I offer the vehicle? Originally the salesman told me that there is no discount on their 06 models but after I told them another dealership offer me $4K off they had matched it. I still think that there is more room to negotiate in the price. Could someone offer some advice or have had any experience with the Houston Porsche dealership please guide me. :cry:
  • 6% off msrp, which is your current offer, is pretty good. at best i guess you can squeeze maybe 1-2% more off - maybe. it is really early in the 06 model season, so i doubt you have alot of wiggle room. you may want to either angle for more on a trade in, or get some add ons tossed in for free. good luck.
  • Would like a bit of perspective and reality help. Have been looking for a used turbos with 15-20K miles and no frils: extras of moonroof and variable assit steering OK. Prices seem to vary a lot and mostly because a dealer lists a car and it stays unchanged. What should/could i expect ona 2004 "pre-owned certified" Cayenne turbo. Any comments would be most appreciated.
  • I bought a 2004 previously untitled CT two months ago for 75K. I would bet 15-20
    K miles would be 68-70K imo....
  • I am trying to buy a 06 Cayenne with a MSRP of $52,000.00 and offered a price of $48,000.00 and the dealer wants to sell it at my price. What would be the best deal for me if I would have my own financing and walk in with a check to the dealer. Please let me know and I thank you in advance.
  • I been checking pricing on the 06 Cayanne and it looks like you got an awsome price on your deal. I am trying to buy an 06 and have only got 7% off the MSRP. Do you mind telling me what dealership you bought your car from and may be the will work with me as well. I appreciate it and how do you like your new Cayanne?
  • View1: I got it from Bend Oregon dealer. Please read #224 on this forum, it will tell you who you should talk to get better discount. I really like my Cay, its already dusty!
  • Thanks for the comment re 2004 CT. Are you happy with it? What's not there compared with 2005-6
  • mbaileymbailey Posts: 10
    Iam very happy with it. It drives like a dream and does not have the typical problems reported on these vehicles such as vibration, hesitation, or oil consumption. As far as I know there are not significant differences with the 05-06s except they increased the price a little. Others may know more if there are subtle changes. The 07 is supposed to be a redesign but the spy pics dont look dramatically different to me. I feel great about the purchase.... Be prepared for 12 MPG on premium gas though!
  • Thanks again. I appreciate the dialog. This is a painful move from my 993 twin turbo. Gotta get "practical". Offered a 2005 with 1500 miles at $89000 which seems too high altho lots of options one doesn't need (who can use a GSM phone in the US?). Also a 04 with 15000 miles for 77. All comments welcome. And again thanks for the dialog
  • mbaileymbailey Posts: 10
    I know where you are coming from .... My other car is a 996 turbo. I would hate to give it up for the Cayenne TT. Eventhough the Cayenne drives great its no 911. If the 2004 has options you like you might offer 69-71 unless its certified by a dealer in which case I would offer 72-73. I think good deals can be had on these vehicles because they over-produced them and gas prices have probably cut into demand further. Feel free to ask any more questions and let us know how you do. Check out for some sample prices if you want.
  • view1view1 Posts: 3
    I ended up not buying the 06 Cayanne, since there will be a body change in spring of 2007 and it will hurt the resale of the old body style. I just have to dream about driving my new Cayanne for another six months but I think it will be well worth it for long term.
  • robmobrobmob Posts: 4
    I am entertaining a price of 83000 on a 06 cay s with all the bells and whisles .msrp 89375 do you guys think thats a good deal.
  • mbaileymbailey Posts: 10
    That seems like a lot considering you could get a low miles 05 turbo for the same price and avoid some of that drastic depreciation.
  • romerome Posts: 19
    Doesn't sound so great. I recently special ordered an '06 CS with lots of options (sticker came to about $71) and dealer took a 9.6 percent off. Looks like your numbers translate to about 7.2% off...but maybe pricing for the Turbo is different. I know the more options you want, the better discount available because there is lots of profit built into the options. Also, not sure if you are special ordering, but I think you have to expect to get a little better deal if you are buying from the dealers "lot inventory".
  • romerome Posts: 19

    I went through the same analysis but I decided not to wait. The changes won't be that significant as Porsche changes are "evolutionary" not "revolutionary". The pics on auto spies I'll bet will prove really misleading and actually changes will be very subtle

    . Also, there are good discounts to be had now, but when the refresh comes out, I'll bet that discounts will not be as good because lots of C owners coming off lease will be taking them. Lastly, Ilike the idea of getting a late model before the refresh because bugs have been worked out and there will (as usual) be little annoyances with a brand new model. (For e.g. the '03-04 Boxster looks really similar to the '05, but all the kinks were worked out, while the 05 Boxster has lots of little problems).

    My car was special ordered in Sept. and arrived this week.
  • I have done some searching and have only found 4 of these for sale in the US. The one that is closest to being equipped the way that I want is in PA (I live in WA). The dealer has offered 2500 off MSRP. Does the fact that is has this rare option make it less likely I will get a better deal?
  • robmobrobmob Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response,think i'll settle for a' 05 turbo for about 85k brand new.
  • mbaileymbailey Posts: 10
    Excellent call! Let us know how it turns out.
  • romerome Posts: 19

    Got my car this weekend up in Nashua. Easy buying experience was followed by excellent and smooth pick-up. Kudos to those guys.

    Looks and drives awesome.

    Only a couple minor irks off the bat:

    1. Seat belt chime. I wish I could disconnect the volume on this thing. (I don't mind the indicator). A wear the belt 99% of the time, but sometimes I don't click in the buckle (e.g. moving cars around in the driveway, or going literally around the block to neighbor's house). The constant beeping drives me crazy. (This is a change in the '06). Porsche should let us decide when to use the belt.

    2. There is a rattle/squeak which seems to be coming from the interior headliner or moonroof. The sales guy thinks it may be from the roof transport system (I think I recall that you got that too?) and suggested that I take it off. I will try that, but I really like the way it looks and it seems to me that I should not be getting noise in the cabin from it (and that noise really does seem to be interior and not exterior noise (i.e. wide resistance).

    How goes it for you?
  • robmobrobmob Posts: 4
    I'm loving this car,best of both worlds sports car and suv.My wife calls it the black B its black on black real nice.I'm also interested in getting the 20' sport wheels if anyone has some or may know were i can get some let me know
  • E-bay??
    My cay came with 18turbo wheels but I wanted 17"original wheel for my snow tires.
    I got it from Ebay, 4 wheels with low low miles on tires for total of under $450 including the shipping cost. That was a great deal!
  • I am in the market for a 06 CS. From reading the forum, the best deal sounds like 13.8% off of MSRP. I :surprise: live in the Seattle area, and there is only one Porsche dealer in town. Has anyone bought a CS from Barrier in Bellevue? What kind of discount were you able to get from them? :confuse: I would also like to know if anyone bought a 06 CS anywhere along the west coast, which city the dealer is located and how much discount from MSRP. I am seriously considering out of state purchase if I cannot get the discount I want from local dealer.
  • robmob, can you tell me which dealership you bought you 06 CS?
  • romerome Posts: 19

    Don't think you can expect 13.8% off on a '06 CS. Poster who stated this price I recall was referring to base Cayenne, '05 which had been on the lot. Dealers seem to be willing to discount the base Cayennes more, probably because they are competing with the similarly powered VW on price. The CS is a whole different story.

    After doing much research before (custom) ordering my CS, it seemed the best deals which could be had were in the 9-10% range for the CS.

    I ordered mine from Porsche of Nashua (NH). Came in 2 weeks ago and it is absolutely awesome! (In terms of timing, I ordered it mid-August, the build was completed in Lepzig on 9/13, and it was delivered in the US about a month later.

    Dealer was a pleasure to work with and it took us about 5 minutes to reach a deal when he realized I had done the research on this site. (This dealer sells a lot of cars out of state and they seem to want to increase their Cayenne sales, which lag the other model sales).

    Good luck.
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