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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid



  • chance6chance6 Posts: 13
    Pricing seems all over the map based on search engine, and, ranging from $49K (even at some dealers) to $56K. One dealer in Ohio told me that they just sole a demo model with around 5,600 miles for $47K (it was an S, but light on the options). >>

    Hey Rome,

    That demo you speak of was mine. Actually the price I paid was $45k, but I got it certified pre-owned so the total was around $47k. And I don't regret it!
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    seems like good prices to be found on 04s, saw 04 turbo for $62K, but not certified, not porsche dealer. tempted, but want feedback, heard 04s had problems that were resolved in 05, not in a rush, so I'll wait til I find a certified 05 CS for a good price, maybe this winter. I'd like to pay around $45K well equiped.
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    dealer lowered price to 59K, very tempted, but still concerned about 04, also not certified, although still under original warrantee. what does anyone think 04 v 05?
  • amatogamatog Posts: 2
    Do yourself a favor and fuggedabout it.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Is the Cayenne thing now hitting middle age? Apparently, discounting is now common, no longer are Cayennes fully 48% of all Porsche sales, there are newer alternatives that are very interesting (e.g., the Audi Q7), and there are now AWD versions of cars that many a Cayenne driver would buy (eg., a 5 Series BMW) in place of a SUV.

    Having said that, I love my '05 Cayenne, it is the best out there. Moreover, I like the whole Porsche experience (great dealership, Porsche of Nashua), and would now be interested in a 997 with AWD. I wonder how many other people have been are now moving up from a Cayenne?
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    maybe you're right, but the Q& is to new with many problems. What do you think about the toureg? 06 has rear camera, ipod connect, hopefully larger roof?
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Not sure what the question is. But I would strongly encourage you to avoid the Q7 for several reasons. The pricing at list or above is all wrong (paying above list is a fools game: look at all those lambs that lined up to pay more than list for such lemons as the first M Series MB SUV, the electrically challenged LR3, etc. who then got slaughtered on resale), the V6 isn't yet available, and the car is too problematic.

    IMHO you can't beat a Cayenne V6: same platform as Q7, by now well sorted out, good dealership back up, the money is right, lighter and less ponderous, etc.
  • kelfkelf Posts: 83
    Has anyone been able to get meaningfull discount from US MSRP by doing their Euro Delivery in Germany? How much? Where?
  • Hey guys,
    I'm trying not to make this a 'for sale' posting. I am moving overseas end of the year, hence I need to sell my 05 Cayenne S. I have advertised on the L.A. local sales web and Autotrader, and so far not much response. I'm not asking a crazy price and the car is in great shape. What are my options for selling? .. I'm loathe to start shopping dealers etc. ? Are there brokers that would be better at this? Any help appreciated.
  • Can you point me to your autotrader ad? What are you asking? There seems to be a lot of these in SoCal at the moment. I've been looking at a used 06' for $52 asking price.
  • Hi SoCal Steve,
    I am not allowed to post links or email addresses as per forum rules.
    My email is available if you click on my posting id.
  • Anyone negotiate a good deal recently on an S. I like the new titanium (really a 06') as a lease but the dealers were not budging on price much from my initial inquiry. What would it cost approximately to put the skirts on a car. I see that a 08' model is being released 2nd quarter of next year, will that cause dealers/Porsche to want to move inventory?

    I live in Orange County, California and read recently that Southern California represents 60% of all Porsche sales overall so I am sure the market is competitive.

    I could always buy a clean 05’ used at a pretty good discount. Any thoughts would be great; I hate to get caught in the emotional trap at the dealership:confuse: . The only dealership I've been to is Newport Auto Center.
    I've learned a lot about pricing from the forum so thank for all postings.
  • I have taken a test drive of the V6 Cayenne at the dealer, and impressed with the look and the feel of it. I asked the dealer about the reliability of it, and they showed me that Edmumnds rated Porsche #1 overall in the latest ratings. My assumption is that this is for the other part of the Porsche line, and not the Cayenne. My concern is the reliability and cost to maintain over the life of the vehicle. I drive about 35,000 miles a year, and I'm concerned about the expense of repairs. I have heard that the older models have had some problems. Is there anyone that can give me an objective opinion about the longevity of the 2006 or 2007 Cayenne? My hope is that it will not have repair bills becoming the focus.
  • I have owned my V8 since June, and not a single problem so far. If you drive about 35K miles a year, I would recommend that you buy a disposable car with better gas mileage.
  • Hi,
    I have owned my Cayenne S for almost two years with 28,000 miles.
    It has been a great car although I did have one major issue with the power steering pump letting go (oil dripping all over engine) which meant it needed to be trucked into the dealer's.

    Other than that, the vehicle has been trouble-free and developed no squeaks or rattles and it has been one of the best vehicles I've ever owned. Servicing costs varied a fair bit from place to place so check different service centers if you're looking for low cost. You won't go wrong with this car.
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    hi carman and everyone,
    i am in the market to lease a Cayenne S.
    MSRP on the car is 77,500 and i wasn't able to find invoice for this car. i have read the posts and saw that 11% off of the MSRP would be invoice? so for this particular Cayenne S, should my first offer be around low 70k? 71,500?
    i am open to other SUVs also, could you guys help me out.
    thanks. mike
  • Offer 70K; should be completely doable. I got around 12% off on mine.

    I would highly recommend this SUV. The only possible contender is the next generation BMW X5, but then you may be facing 1st year model problems.
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    thanks, i am also looking into 07 x5 4.8. they are only willing to take about 1300 off of the msrp. you are right about the first year model problems, i will take that into consideration. are you leasing or financing? where did you get yours and when did you get yours?
  • I paid cash for mine, so I must declare I'm totally ignorent about leasing! I bought the car back in June. Dealers should be even more willing to deal now.

    I'm in the Bay Area. When I shopped around, I found I could get about the same deal at any one of the local dealers. It came down to which dealer had the color combination and the options I wanted.

    If you're willing to accept a "demo" car with a few hundred miles on it, you can get 10K-11K off the sticker. That's because Porsche discounts the demo vehicle to the dealer in the first place.
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    did you get a demo titanium edition?
    what that the offer you got right away from all dealers?
    i guess if that was the case they should be willing to move these cars out. thanks
  • No, I did not get a demo nor a Titanium Edition. Back in June, Titanium Edition wasn't out yet. I personally don't want a Titanium Edition if I had a choice, because I don't care for navigation and 2 tone interior.

    Go search some Porsche dealer websites for their inventories. Several already show on there $5000 off right away, or $10K off for a demo. I'm not allowed to show links to cars for sale here, so I'll let you do the searching.
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    thanks, i will get on that right away.
  • I am shopping for a Cayenne V6. The best quote I have got is $8,000 off the MSRP $51255, it comes w/ Nav. moonroof, tiptronic only. Do you think I can get a better price?

  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    You are allowed to mention the dealerships that you shopped and which dealerships were offering the best discounts. That is the purpose of forums such as these. If you review any of the Mercedes or BMW forums, people very frankly post the names of the dealerships that gave them the best deals. There is no need to make people do extra work. Be a team player, please! "Go search some Porsche dealer websites for their inventories... I'll let you do the searching" is not really the spirit of online forums like this.
  • I'm in the market for a 2006 model base Cayenne. Got a vehicle's sticker from the dealer (it's a 2006 Cayenne and has 11 total miles on it) and MSRP is about 52,500. I then ran it through Edmund's TMV pricing - it came out that the invoice price is 44,500. Edmunds doesn't think there are any dealer incentives or other freebies... 44,500 is it. I have two questions:

    1. My brother says "Dealers have fought back against people who research invoice prices on the internet...and now those internet prices even have profit built in and are not 'true' invoice prices. I got my car for $2000 below the internet invoice price." Do you feel it's true that the invoice prices now have profits built in? Do you think I can get the Cayenne mentioned for below 44,500?

    2. Second question: the dealers are including as an option
    G0R Tiptronic S for an DEALER price of 3,000.00

    The thing is - when I go through the edmunds pricer, this option isn't listed. I've done a bit of research on it, and it seems legit - it seems tiptronic is an option on the 2006 base cayennes (it's standard on S model and above). But it's an odd oversight by Edmunds, isn't it? How could Edmunds not know about this option?

    Appreciate your thoughts on both those questions.
  • 1. Porsche does not typically sell "Over Invoice" in any event; so that point is kind of moot...That said, I believe this profit "built in" is totally false...too many ways to cross reference the info...

    2. The V6 Cayenne comes with a Std. 6 Speed Tranny, the Tip is an option...So few of these built that I doubt anyone even has an allocation for one...
  • japhalejaphale Posts: 14

    Looking to lease 2006 V6 Cayenne. Could you please send details to ? (dealer, price, ets.?)


  • If no one has an allocation for one. I can still order it right? Wonder how long that will take? Also, will any dealer be willing to negotiate if none are even out there to buy?
  • aveghteaveghte Posts: 68
    We looked at a Titanium Edition 2006 Cayenne S and the discount was substantial but for 4 years 48 months the residual was only 44% so the payments were much higher than we expected.

    Is it true that if you can't afford to buy this vehicle it isn't worth leasing it because of the low residuals and high interest rates (.00310 lease factor is approximately 7.44%)?
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Posts: 98
    What I meant was very few Dealers would not add the Tip...Time to delivery would not change...90-120 days.

    I am sure that your local dealer will find some room to earn your business, but be prepared for a substantial deposit. I cannot imagine how long that Cayenne would sit there with a 6 Speed if, for some reason, you changed your mind...
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