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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • Calgarydriver:

    I also live in Calgary and got the Sienna AWD.

    The RFTs are a standard size so if you get a flat somewhere and can't get a RFT replacement then you could use a standard size tire.

    My wife's Alero is an FWD with Traction Control (but no Stability Control). I have managed to get it stuck when both front tires were on ice such as coming out of parking lots where there is a "vee" formed between the road and the parking lot exit.

    As well with AWD you can walk the vehicle off of the line at stoplights which are generally polished ice from people starting and stopping. The Sienna never spins a tire whereas the FWD Alero is a bit trickier to keep going straight.

    In Calgary you're going to see a lot of polished intersections especially where there's a climb involved from the intersection in any hilly part of town.

    My concern with the Pilot (or potential AWD Odyssey that never materialized) is that their system is FWD with power transfer to the rear wheels after slip detection and I believe their system is limited to a certain vehicle speed above which it remains an FWD vehicle even if slip is detected. I liked the Toyota mechanical 50/50 full time split better than something that is regulated and controlled. I know the brakes are applied to try and maintain a 50/50 split in low traction situations but I've never seen the VSC/TRAC lights come on in normal driving even on snowy roads.

    Last October or November my wife had to drive her friend home in the midst of a big snowstorm. I said take the Sienna as it's AWD; she came back white knuckled with all of the vehicles around her sliding around and she even thought the Sienna seemed "loose". However, the next day she "wanted" to take the Sienna over the Alero even though she had to try to park it in an underground parkade and wasn't comfortable with its size; this says it all to me as being the right purchase.

    To me it's just a larger margin of confidence/error than FWD in snowy or even rainy situations that can be around for 4 - 6 months of a year in Calgary.

  • Winter tires are definitely a worthy investment if you drive in snow! I wouldn’t own a car without winter tires here in Wisconsin.

  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I believe the CE has no power doors, no roof rack, no daytime running lights, a more limited stereo system and none of the of the very desirable options available in the LE such as four-wheel disc, side curtain air bags, and VSC etc. I'm a Sienna owner, but I have to admit that the baseline Honda offers a lot more.
  • mcase2, send me an email and I'll show you how to activate your daytime running lights - - it's very easy to do and it is free.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Boodad, please post it to the board -- there may be other members reading here who have the same question and if it's handled in email, they'll be deprived of your help.


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  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    I think this was mentioned in the Toyota Sienna Prob and Sol Forum (2004) in msg 1322:

  • Hi Claires

    I helped before on another issue but when I posted the link to another website, I got my hand slapped ( policy regarding using other websites in links) by a moderator.

    However, If you allow me to post the link (to another site) which has the necessary pics and instructions, I'll do it. It is much too difficult to describe without pics (it involves taking a spare fuse and inserting it in an unused slot in the fuse box).

    So, the ball is in your court. I stand ready to post!!!

    BTW, the link in the above post by user777 is accurate. However, a picture is worth more IMHO.


  • strstr Posts: 64
    Hey Boodad,

    I did just what you told me to do and I now have DRLs! I will tell you that without the diagram it would have been a lot more difficult.

    Thanks for the help.
  • Hi str,

    Glad to help. Knowledge is power - - I'm more than willing to share.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Hi, Boodad,

    Links themselves aren't a problem, as long as they don't go to other online communities or to sites that provide you with some personal gain (i.e., one that advertises you, or something you have to sell :-)).


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  • Hi claires,

    Taking info from the "other" online community and pasting it here, to me, would not be right. Posting a link to the source is preferred. But since I am not allowed to post the link to the "other" online community, I will maintain my personal policy that folks can contact me if they want info.

    I have no problem abiding by the rules here - - but I will not post cut and pasted products (instructions, pics) takened from another source (of which I do not have control of or authorization from) out of respect for the "other" online community. I understand this site's policy. Please understand my corresponding policy. ;) Can we handshake on that?
  • Having reported the possibility of more 8-Seater options (i.e., XLE and XLE Limited)as a possibility, it appears the Sienna 8-Seater options haven't changed for 2006. That is, 8-Seaters will continue to be offered at the lower trims (LE, CE) :cry: .
  • We bought a Honda Odyssey 2005 and despite the fact that we are very happy with the car performance we are very unhappy with the fact that the front bumper is totally made of plastic. There is a guard under the car that is attached to the bumper and when it broke is causing the full bumper to fall at a possible cost of several thousand dollars to fix. We were told that just to fix the under bumper we would have to pay around $500. They are claiming that the damage was caused by hitting a pot hole and therefore is not covered by the warranty. I wonder if that problem would happen on a Sienna. The Honda van is very low and just about anything will break the bottom protection and because all the screws are made of plastic, they are very easy to break. The service shop seemed to be used to the damage caused by other drivers and even asked me if I wanted to have it removed. Anyway, if you are considering a Honda think about what just happened to us. We had a Chevy Venture before for 7 years and we never had a problem similar to this. I think it is an engineer design flaw or they did it by purpose so that we would be forced to buy their expensive parts. Hopefully they will recall it and fix it for free....
  • It's been discussed before - - IIRC the Sienna has an inch or two more clearance. After driving a '97 Camry with low clearance, I vowed never to get another low clearanced vehicle again. There has been some reports on the "other" websites where the Ody owners experienced the same predicament as odysseyuser had, however, many other Ody owners report no problem. YMMV.

    Hopefully, odysseyuser will have goodluck with the bumper fix..
  • I guess we expected Toyota & Honda to be a faster on the competition, but we were wrong.

    At least the Ody has 8 seats on the EX-L +NAV+DVD.
    But Neither the Ody nor Sienna has 8 seats for their top of the line.
    What idots decided that?

    Ody has 6-disc CD on the NAV models vs Sienna has 4-discs CD on the NAV.
    Why 4-disc Toyota??

    Ody's NAV screen is 8" vs Sienna's NAV is 6.5".
    Sienna is bluetooth vs Ody is not.
    Why not, Honda?

    Ody's DVD player is mounted up front dash vs Sienna's dvd mounted on ceiling.

    Ody has run-flat tires on ALL Touring models vs Sienna run-flats only on AWD.

    Sienna has woodtrim vs. Ody is not.
    Why not, Honda?

    Sienna has gated shifter vs Ody is not.
    Why not, Honda?

    I prefer the driving of the Sienna, but the overall features and layout of the Ody.

    So if I were to buy today, I would pick the Ody.

    But deep inside, I hope Toyota will make the Sienna look more like a TRUE Lexus, instead of a Camry. :cry:
  • Agree about the limited trim for 8 pax. Manufacturers should offer the 8-seaters in higher trims, too. In my case, I'm lucky to be a military man overseas and was able to land an XLE 8-Seater (built in Indiana, American spec, for the European region American military/diplomats). Send me a PM for more info.

    Not worried about 4 versus 6-disc CD on the NAV models since the '06 Sienna takes the iPod/MP3 input (new feature--send me a PM for more info). CDs are fast becoming obsolete for listening to music.

    Run-flats: based on owners reviews at "other" websites regarding these new tech tires, I've found them to be proprietary (not widely supported by tire garages), they're expensive to replace, they don't last long, and they rely on tire pressure monitors to let you know they're out of air (which is a problem if the sensors don't pick this up -- which actually happened to several owners). I'm not too crazy about them so this is not a feature I would look for to have anytime soon.

    The bottomline is these vans would be much more expensive if they were built to each customer's whims and wishes instead of in the packages/trims found on the car lots. Just pick the one you could live with. Both are fine and are the 80-90 percent solution for carrying multiple folks, much more so (of a solution) than their competitors. I'm hanging on to my '05 Sienna for another 8-10 years - - it's really a pleasure to drive, comfortable, quiet ride, and gets decent gas mileage for a two ton beast. I'm sure the Ody would be fine, too, but I like the Sienna more ;) . YMMV.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Well... actually, cutting and pasting material written by someone else is also verboten here for the very reasons you cite, so we agree :-)


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  • should i get the 2005 sienna le or the 2006 oddy ex? about 1500 spread between the 2. oddy more. does oddy still have transmission problems?
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    I would get the Oddy EX...and I did. MY aunt has an 04 Sienna LE (no difference from the 05) and even she likes my Odyssey more and wished she would of waited for the Odyssey to redesign. I have had absolutlly no problem with my transmission, very very smooth shifts, and in fact if I never looked at the RPM gague, I would never know it changes gears :P ;)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    Well, I sure don't have all of the answers...but..

    A lot of people don't care for the fake wood look.

    A "gated shifter" ? A big deal to very few, myself included.

    DVD on the dash? What are you talking about? It's on the ceiling, of course!

    Both have their advantages, I suppose. People just have to decide what is important to them!
  • kak2kak2 Posts: 1
    Hi Claires,
    Just wondering what you know about how well the Odyssey performs in snow. I'm debating between the Honda and an AWD SUV as I don't like the Sienna. We will probably do a lot driving to mountains for skiing, so need to be sure that the Honda can perform in that type of environment. Thanks.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Sienna for performance, Odyssey for most comfortable 2nd row seats ( all other seats comparable between the 2). The Sienna transmission has also been more reliable than the Odyssey.
    In Salt Lake City area, there is a $3,306 difference in favor of the Sienna LE. Most recent SELLING prices were $ 24,900 for a 2005 Sienna LE with MSRP $27,289 and $28,206 for a 2006 Odyssey EX with MSRP $28,945. :P
  • you do know that you're not comparing apples to apples there in either model year or comparable features, right?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Yes, the Sienna LE and Odyssey EX are not comparable since the Sienna LE has a complete overhead console and one power sliding door while the Odyssey has NO overhead console but has 2 power sliding doors....and there are other less noticeable differences such as the Sienna having the most reliable transmission and the Odyssey EX has cast wheels standard.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    re: comparing '05 Sienna LE to '06 Ody EX -

    Also remember that the Ody will have the full complement of side airbags with roll-over sensors and traction/skid control as standard equipment. The Sienna LE won't. Of course, in lieu of those very minor little safety items (really, who wants safety in a minivan?), you DO get a really nice overhead console on the Sienna.......
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Not me. I want comfort, convenience, and reliability which makes the Sienna the first choice. ;)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I understand.

    I just wanted to point out some of the OTHER differences between these two vehicles you put together in a price comparison to justify (to yourself) why the Sienna LE would be a better deal. Because some people MIGHT prefer the safety features of the Odyssey over the overhead console on the Sienna and be willing to pay a few extra hundred for these items on the Odyssey.

    Of course, since the actual availability of these safety items on the Sienna is 'spotty' at best (at least in the Texas area when our first choice was a Sienna), then your comparison probably has more validity. ;)
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Oh and did you hear? the Odyssey did good and made it on the list for one of the best for rear crashes. The Sienna did not do so well and did not make it.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    No worry with the Sienna. The VERY responsive transmission and engine make it possible to rapidly accelerate at any speed so that no one can rear end the Sienna. :shades:
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