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Porsche 911



  • The Suede roof of my 996 Carrera 2 coupe smells a bit funny and needs some good cleanin'. What can I use to clean it short of taking it to get detailed?
  • rayngrayng Posts: 70
    You may try to sell your car to a Porsche dealership, have it certified, and sell it right back to you. Prices are negotiable and not all dealerships will do this for you. But a CPO warranty with proper history and documentation will respected by other P-car enthusiasts.

    While there are aftermarket warranties, I'm not aware of any that are actually recommended by other porsche owners. Why not registering and searching p-car forums like rennlist or renntech?
  • rayngrayng Posts: 70
    Congrats on your purchase. Do you plan to keep your car for a long time? If not, reselling a heavily modified car will hurt resale values. For many enthusiasts, adding a touch screen will detract from the value of your car. In page 102 of your owner's manual, PAG says "a vehicle is not an ideal place to listen to a radio." High ambient noise--particularly in the cab--will drown out the benefits (detail and imaging) provided by a high end audio system.

    The best way to enjoy your sports car is to track it.
  • hotrod88hotrod88 Posts: 17
    I've been following this forum for a few months now, so I figure that it is only appropriate to say, it's here!
    Carrera S, Atlas Grey, blk std leather. It just came off
    the truck - went to look at it while it still had the protective wrapping on it. Will pick it up at 9am in morning. Beautiful car. Seems that mpg has improved alittle. Also, the turbo no longer has the gas guzzler tax - looks like they improved it's mpg too. 4 months of waiting are over....finally got to see it.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Happy for you, enjoy her!!!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A national newspaper is looking to interview Porsche owners who would like to talk about their satisfaction with the brand. Please send an e-mail to no later than Tuesday June 20, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information with the make and model Porsche you own.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications


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  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Gee, why don't they post requests like this at 1:59 PM PST/4:59 PM EST?
    I mean really Edmunds/HOST, I just saw this at 7:20 PM EST.
    Some of us actually have lives and don't log in here until the evening. Would at least one day's notice be too much to ask? It's too bad because my new Porsche is presently at the dealer (again) for (more) electrical problems.
  • kyingkying Posts: 61

    YEAH! Tell them about it! But then again I am used to it: my bosses always tell me right about now (4:30) that they want something by 5.

    Condolences to your new p-car, dweiser. I hope it gets well soon. We have put just a little over 1000 miles on our new C-4 in 2 weeks, and it's been so far so good (actually it's been great!).

    By the way, I found out we needed to take it for a smog check before we could register in California (we bought it from Phoenix). Even the mechanic who made our money doing the smog check said our "great state" is totally stupid.

  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    How does this sound to the board? I am interested in an '07 C4 with terracotta interior, power and heated seats, zenons, rear wiper, floor mats, and Porsche crests on the wheels. (Rationale: Don't need an S or Chrono; 18" wheels will have a better ride; may keep the vehicle a long time, hence want a great interior ( the terracotta); don't need leather seats because with terracotta the seats supposedly come with terracotta leather; the Bose is overated; I live in New England hence the AWD, rear wiper, and heated seats; zenons because I'm on the wrong side of 60, etc,)

    The vehicle would have an '06 MSRP of 83K (as I recall; my notes are back in the office). They would give me 2K off '07 list when it comes in this fall.

    How am I doing? Any thoughts on my options?
  • kyingkying Posts: 61

    Go for it!

    The Bose in our 2006 C-4 is the best we have had so far (we had Bose in our 2001 Audi A4 Avant and 2001 Audi TT). It is significantly better than the "Hi-Fi Sound" ($830) in our 2004 Targa. But you are right, it is still not worth the $1390 price tag.

    We love our C-4's 19" wheels. They look great, and its ride is actually better than the Targa, which only has 18" wheels. (2004 Targa only came with 17" wheels, 18" was already an option).

    In CA, heated seats and rear wipers are not needed, so we don't have them. But I can see why you want them in New England.

    Don't forget the seat package if you share the car with another household member; it's great!

    The only things the Targa shines over the C-4 when parked side-by-side are the colored crests on Targa's wheels. Vain (according to habitat1) but significant (here's an oxymoron!).

    $2K off list for an early arriving 2007 is an amiable deal for both you and your dealer. Enjoy the ordering/purchasing process.
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    Congratulations! Please share your experience. :)
  • hotrod88hotrod88 Posts: 17
    Things I love about the car. Atlas grey color. S model (clutch, brakes, engine). 19" Wheels. Multi-function steering wheel. Cockpit - very very nice, and comfortable. The Radio! Quad exhaust pipes. That Porsche sound. The handling, cornering! Electric seats. Very drivable, everyday car.

    Things I like - colored wheel caps. TPMS. Heated seats.
    Blk std leather. Much quieter than my old 1985 Carrera.
    The color does not draw attention.

    Things I would like - A little softer ride might be nice, and a little quieter on highway. Larger fuel tank. A little smaller overdrive ratio for 6th.

    Very beautiful, awesome super-car. It is quite the conversation piece at work and home. Everyone who has ridden in it is all grins.
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    It is ALWAYS the conversation piece! My co-workers ask me about my cars more than about my family!

    When our younger daughter drove the Targa for the first time, she giggled like a 8-year old (my wife told me). We haven't told our children (still in college for the summer) since we got the C-4, and we are expecting some screaming and laughing when they see it in August.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If I told you that my dealer would order a 2007 exactly as you want for a $4,000 discount would you use half of your extra $2,000 savings to get the ($920) sport/chrono? ;)

    On the 18 vs. 19" wheels, if you can tell the difference in the ride quality, you are a better man than me. Before buying our 911 S, I test drove several Boxster S's with 18" and 19" wheels and could not tell the difference in ride quality. But that said, your points about cheaper tire replacement, and lower upfront cost are very valid. Unless someone strongly prefers the looks of the 19" wheels, I would recommend sticking with the 18"'s on a base Carrera.

    Seriously, get what you want. But I do think something in the $4k off range is a fairer discount. Even with your frugal option list, the dealer markup would be close to $11k.

    P.S. kying: "vain" colored wheel crests? I may have been repeating what someone else said in jest, but that's an option on my current car that I would order again. It's the Porsche Crest in Headrest that I would draw the line at.

    P.P.S. dweiser: I am very sorry to hear about your continued problems? Is it something new, or soemthing they didn't fix right from before?
  • kuwait911kuwait911 Posts: 1
    :) thanks for sending :P
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    We are so vain, we even have the Porsche Crest Headrest in our Targa. (We had no choice, we bought the car from the lot.)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    We are so vain, we even have the Porsche Crest Headrest in our Targa. (We had no choice, we bought the car from the lot.)

    Same here. I wonder what the actual cost to Porsche is for that raised leather emblem. I picture some big German guy with a hand tool that looks like a giant notary public stamp squeezing out leather crests in about a minute a set.

    I would be willing to bet that Porsche makes more profit per car on the "colored wheel crests" and "headrest crests" than Ford or GM make on building an entire car. And that doesn't even include the markup on my "aluminum sillplate with model logo for $400+/-".

    Make that $920 sport/chrono package that actually does something seem like a steal, soesn't it? ;)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Make that $920 sport/chrono package that actually does something seem like a steal, soesn't it?

    Say what?? Let's try that again:

    Makes that $920 sport/chrono package - which actually does something - seem like a steal, doesn't it?

    That's better - must have been something I ate for lunch.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Hi habitat1, since you asked, here's an update.

    Just got car back this afternoon. Here's a list of what they did .... Remove and install operating unit and information system, repair wire connector at sensor, check & top off oil. Hopefully, the electrical gremlins (see time line below) will be gone forever. None were serious, getting to the dealer and back was a pain.

    11/12/05 Car purchased in Hickory, NC and delivered with "headlights mis-aligned" error requiring two trips to closest dealer, Deal Motors in Asheville, NC. One trip to diagnose and another to replace faulty sensor. Sensor replaced 1/19/06.

    4/29/06 Oil temp reporting sensor failed. Vehicle flat-bedded to Deal Motors by Porsche Roadside Assistance. Dealer had car 9 days (5/1 thru 5/9) as the first replacement sensor Porsche sent was itself bad so a 2nd replacement sensor had to be ordered. Sensor was replaced on 5/8/06.

    5/28 CD began to play erratically then PCM went black. It tried to re-start itself a few times on the drive home but went dark again. Next day it was fine but the car's clocks had lost 38 minutes.
    5/28 Sent PCNA an email detailing problems when I arrived home.

    6/5 "headlights mis-aligned" error message re-appeared twice today then went away.

    6/9 "headlights mis-aligned" error message re-appeared twice today then went away.

    6/11 "headlights mis-aligned" error message came on four times this morning.

    6/13 Porsche Regional Service Manager called. He's going to get with Deal's Service Manager, to schedule my car to be looked at/fixed. He also wants the regional technical manager for this area to look at the car. They will upgrade the radio software. They will pick it up and deliver it back to me, probably next week, when fixed. He said it sounds like a loose connection somewhere.

    6/14 "headlights mis-aligned" error message comes on now every time the car is started so I won't mention it here as the daily occurrence it is.
    6/14 Deal Motors, called me. They will pick my car up Monday, 6/19. He suspects a loose ground wire could be the problem.

    6/19 Vehicle flat-bedded to Deal Motors in Asheville.

    6/21 Service Manager from Deal Motors called late afternoon to say they thought they have fixed my car. They found a loose wire associated with the "headlights misaligned" error message. They performed several software updates for the radio and CD player. Danny thinks these changes will also fix the oil temp. gauge reporting zero, the PCM going blank, and the CD skipping problems too. Danny said they want to check the vehicle tomorrow (6/22) morning then they will return it to me.

    6/22 Vehicle flat-bedded to me from Deal Motors arriving at 3:00 p.m.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I am coming in late in this thread but it seems to me that Porsche is handling this in a decent manner. Can anyone imagine the GM dealer treatment if you had a 55K Tahoe or Caddy with the same gremlins? Or, even a Volvo?
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I should have mentioned that both PCNA and the local dealer (from whom I did not buy the car) have been good about taking ownership of the problems and wanting to get them resolved/fixed.
  • carguy007carguy007 Posts: 2
    Interesting, I own a 997S cab, have had no problems in over a year, just took delivery of an Aston Martin Vantage. If you want to see how Aston treat their customers I will be happy to provide the e-mail correspondence. The vehicle was delivered with a number of minor defects but a major intermittent problem with the a/c which in Texas is a serious issue. After much correspondence and 11 days at the dealer (who apparently can find nothing wrong despite his own salesman confirming the problem) the car remains there in exactly the same condition it was delivered in.

    Be happy with Porsche it seems they believe in and back up their products AM on the other hand will not even consider doing the right thing and buying back this lemon they would rather stone wall and force a law suit.

    And just for the record I find the 997S a much more fun drive, the Vantage gets the vote in the looks department but it ends there.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Thanks Habitat1.

    With reference to 18" vs. 19", I have very limited seat time in a 997. Very limited. My feeling that the 18" wheels give a better ride is only based on an earlier post by another forum participant and in driving my Cayenne with summer and winter wheels of different sizes.

    Now that I am thinking about it, wouldn't the 18" wheels hydroplane less?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My feeling that the 18" wheels give a better ride is only based on an earlier post by another forum participant and in driving my Cayenne with summer and winter wheels of different sizes.

    Both the 18" and 19" tires that come on the 911 (and Boxster S) are summer tires. I suspect your winter tires were a little less stiff (i.e. not as performance oriented), so it wouldn't surprise me that you could tell more of a comfort difference on the Cayenne between summer and winter tires of different wheel diameters. The bottom line for me is that when I have my PASM set on "normal" mode, the ride is very acceptably comfortable. Noticably more comfortable than a friend's 996 Turbo on 18" wheels that did not have an adjustable suspension.

    Now that I am thinking about it, wouldn't the 18" wheels hydroplane less?

    Again, I'm no expert, but I don't think wheel/tire diameter means as much as tread design and the size of the "footprint" of the tire when it comes to wet performance. I may be wrong, but my 295 width 19" tires seem to have slightly wider channels than the 265 width 18" ones. I would think wet weather performance would be about the same. Also, the width of the front tires are the same in 18 or 19", so they should be virtually identical in wet weather performance.

    Again, I am not trying to talk you into 19" wheels/tires. Maybe the opposite. Unless you are going to push the performance envelope of the 911, 18" wheels and "skinny" 265 rear tires will serve most buyers very well (especially at replacement time). And it might very well be that in the base 911, without the adjustable PASM, you would notice more of a comfort difference in everyday driving than I do on my 911S set to normal. So, if you like the looks of the 18" wheels and aren't going to take your car to the track on the weekends, go for them!
  • royalfunkroyalfunk Posts: 2
    I am a first time C4 Cab owner.
    Metallic Blue, 19 inch classics, Bose, heated seats, Navigation, full leather.....all in, 110K sticker.
    I love this car and want to protect it.

    Since I have owned this car (less then two months), I have had a pebble hit the windshield and crack it (since then replaced) and have noticed small chips in the paint (in the nose of the car).
    Is there anyway (with out slapping on a leather bra) of protecting the nose of my C4?

    Also, how do other owners detail their cars?
    Is there certain products that are better then others for washing, waxing and general maintence of the exterior of the car?

  • hoitink2hoitink2 Posts: 2
    I am new to the forum and just learning how to post a message so please bear with me. I saw the message about the "new Targa" - The 997 - and figured this would be a place to post my question about a 996 Targa.

    I was wondering if Mr. Shiftright reads this forum and if he (or if anyone out there) has advice on how to check out a '02-'04 996 Targa before buying one used soon.

    I live in the southeast and I am looking at a lot of different examples for sale over the internet and would assume I would want to have it inspected in the area where the owner lives - I would be willing to drive up or down the southeast / east coast to secure a reliable one. Thanks!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    Well I'm sure any competent Porsche Indy shop could check out a 996 for you. I think with these cars I would pay particular attention to oil leaks (rear main seal especially) and to any electronic glitches...and of course a cylinder leakdown test and CARFAX report is mandatory.

    I don't think I'd buy one of these cars remotely, even with an inspection, unless the inspection were a thorough mechanical one by a qualified shop and put it writing. You can't just 'eyeball' cars like this.

    Naturally, you have to weed out some of the cars you are looking at BEFORE you spend money on an inspection.

    here's my pet peeve list of things I DON'T LIKE TO HEAR when I call about a Porsche.

    1. No service records available, no history on the car available.

    2. A "but" car. "It runs great BUT the AC needs recharging...BUT this warning light is's on its third engine....BUT the paint is checking on the engine lid....BUT...etc etc.

    3. Someone "selling a car for a friend".

    4. Car with extremely high mileage for the year but with a price that doesn't deduct properly for the high mileage.

    I'm sure others could tell you even more about their shopping experiences.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Also, how do other owners detail their cars?
    Is there certain products that are better then others for washing, waxing and general maintence of the exterior of the car?"

    I know that there are specialty high-end multi-step cleaners and waxes like Zaino and Zymol, that others swear by. But I have been very pleased over the years with relatively easy and simple Maguires Professional (#26) wax. I wash mine about once every 7-10 days, and I've waxed it about once every two months. Probably more than I need to, but it gives me a chance to go over the car carefully. And with the Maguires, I can wash and wax the car in about 60 minutes flat (helps having a Cab).

    I've also got 3-4 small chips on the hood (9 months / 7,500 miles), but they aren't that noticable in Seal Grey. Even a clear bra wouldn't have helped, they are 1/3 of the way up the hood.
  • hoitink2hoitink2 Posts: 2
    Thanks a bunch.
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