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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • rkelseyrkelsey Posts: 1
    A5 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 2005.5, 2006 clutch failure.
    On Nov 1 2007, VWoA issued Tech Bulletin 2016615. This extends the warranty on Sachs clutch components to 4 yrs/50,000 miles.

    Copy of Tech Bulletin here:

    Recently had my 06 TDI clutch go at 16,585 miles.
    Dealer couldn't find this Tech Bulletin until I handed them a printed copy.
    Under warranty, VW paid for new clutch, and rental car.
  • mrstacymrstacy Posts: 34
    I live in las vegas but I had to go to AZ to get a dealer to pay sticker. We'll see if they honor that price. I don't have a specific number to show my car, but they seem sincere. We'll see. Chapman phoenix.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    Drew VW in La Mesa told me they were selling their Jetta TDIs at MSRP also. Problem is you have to pay CA tax even on out of state sales. Unless they will deliver via the LV dealership.
  • Ordered the car last month, arriving by end of Sept., production in progress, awaiting VIN. Dealer in NE PA is Wyoming Valley Motors in Wilkes Barre. They get two diesels every month and have sold out their allocation until Feb 09 even before the first model came.

    I live in Metro NY but the dealers here (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, VW) all want 5K over MSRP for hybrids and diesels, if they are even available. Cash upfront even before they will order the vehicle, and as what happened to me with a 2009 Camry Hybrid from Lee's Toyota in Jamaica, Queens, they ordered one for me and when the car arrived, they gave it to someone who gave them more money.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    I do hope your experience with the VW dealer is better than the Toyota dealer. I think this is going to be a great success for VW. I do hope a few of the greedy dealers do not give VW a bad name.
  • malmouzamalmouza Posts: 141
    Dealers are opening a business not church to help people. Any business is based on supply and demand. If too many people want the same product, of course the seller is going to take the opportunity to capitalize on that situation. Dealers also have bad season and good season, and when a new redesigned model comes to the market they try to make up for the months where they weren’t hiting the sales numbers. But try to shop around, in my area they are 5 dealers and two of them are charging MSRP. But the waiting list is long since VW just announced that there previous allocation per dealer for the Jetta TDI have been reduced due to the weak dollar vs Euro. This issue is going to exist for period of time until the new factory Chattanooga, Tenn. start production in 2010.
  • Be careful with this dealer.......they told us that company policy was to not mark up over MSRP, but later found out that the lady was telling a whopper. We ended up at N. Scottsdale VW with a new '09 at MSRP.
  • The TDI is turning up in metro chicago dealers now and having visited at least 4 of them just this afternoon, the dealers are turning into a bunch of crooks. At the top end was a $5,000 market adjustment (Larry Roesch) for the white demo versions that everybody and their brother has been driving around. At the low end are a mandatory $1000 worth of fabric guard, plastic front end 3M film protection, etc (Autobarn, Fox Valley VW). I would have no issues paying MSRP as posted on the window, but this is certainly not bargaining in good faith.

    So much for having cash in hand, ready to plunk it down on a car. I guess there are other transportation options out there.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    Hopefully people are not sucked into those deals. I would email to all the dealers in a 50 mile radius. Find one that is honest. At least sort of honest.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    What exactly do you get extra with the Loyal model of the TDI? I checked Edmunds comparison and really only saw that a 6cd changer was optional on the Loyal. There must be a lot more than that obviously for around $500.
  • According to this: The loyal also comes with body kit, sunroof, and premium radio. You don't get the new navigation system though, only the old nav system is offered on the loyal.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Thanks. That's a pretty good deal for that equipment.
  • Just writing to second the comment about Chapman in Scottsdale AZ, but they didn't seem deceptive to me. I test drove a Jetta TDI there last week and they were very nice and were up front about the $2k premium over MSRP. I ended up calling North Scottsdale VW and was told that their parent company (Penske Automotive) prohibited them from charging premiums. So, I ordered mine from there and expect it around Thanksgiving.
  • According to the myturbodiesel link in the post, VW stopped making Loyalty Edition cars during July, but I just ordered one last week. I wonder if I'm in for a surprise or if the web post is wrong. MMMMmmmmmm?????
  • The info in the myturbodiesel link comes directly from the VW dealer spec sheet. If you look closely at the notes on the spec sheet, loyal editions "EOP", approximate end of production, was the 26th week of 2008.

    It takes a while for the car to be put onto a ship, shipped to the US, then gets held at the port while VW decides where to distribute it. Then it gets put on a car carrier and driven to the dealer. The cars available and being delivered are both loyals and later production cars.
  • I just picked up my brand-spanking new 2009 VW Jetta TDI on Tuesday, 9/2/08. I had not ordered it or anything either! I had been talking to the dealership about their White demo model, and the saleswoman called me one day and told me that a Black on black TDI sedan with the Auto transmission, Loyalty Edition, had just "shown up" on their latest truck and gave me the opportunity to place a deposit on it, so I did! It took about two weeks to sell my old vehicle, and the dealership held the TDI for that long, even though they had others coming in with cash in hand! Overall, the experience was fantastic, took me about 1-2 hours to close the deal. They charged me MSRP of $24,190, so after taxes, tags, title and doc it was about $25,385. AND I'll get my tax credit this year. I bought my car from Frema VW in Goldsboro, NC and would definately recommend them! All the other dealerships I spoke to in Raleigh told me that if I got on their list, it could be September, or it could be next March before they had a TDI to sell. :)
  • Can you post your fuel economy. I'm looking at the 2009 TDI and am curious to see if they are beating the EPA fuel economy ratings.
  • Does anyone know how much the factory Extended Warranty on the TDI is and what the terms or conditions are?
  • With approximately 180-190 miles on it, according to the display I'm getting around 36-37 miles per gallon... which I think is pretty good seeing as it's still in its break-in period, and I haven't exactly been easy on it. :shades:
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    The computer MPG readout on our Passat TDI is typically optimistic by 9-14%, so it's best to calculate your fuel mileage the old fashion way. Enjoy your Jetta.
  • Thanks... that's what I figured, so I'll post my first-tank MPG when I fill up... but it could be a while! :P
  • First two tanks on my tdi with the dsg transmission averaged 41 and 42 mpg. This was calculated by hand. The driving was 70-80 percent hilly highway with the ac on running 68-75 mph. This tank avg. has had more in town driving and has according to the display is still over 40 mpg. Last interstate trip w/o air driving 80 miles the display was showing an avg. of 47.4 mpg while driving 68-72 mph.

    Hope this info. helps.
  • Woo-hoo! Enjoy it for all of us. :-)) Thanks.
  • Kinda curious if anyone has packed their new TDI to the hilt for a road trip yet - experience etc? Just about all the new cars are nice with one or two people but start packing some gear in them for a long weekend and weaknesses start to surface either performance or space etc.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    That is why a big SUV is nice. Always plenty of room and it rarely changes your mileage.
  • Just went to a VW dealer last night to check out a 2009 TDI. There seems to be a shortage in our area and the one they had in stock was not what we wanted. Of course they tried everything to sell it anyway. The GM said that VW have raised the MSRP by about $2,800 on the ones that are in the production pipeline and later deliveries will cost more. A couple of other dealers have said that the TDIs are typically selling for about $1,800-3,000 above MSRP. Curious if anyone else had been told either of these things or if people are actually paying above MSRP.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,086
    Welcome to the forum,
    Widen your search area. The two dealers in San Diego I talked to are selling very well and at MSRP. Even if you have to go to an adjoining state it would be better than paying more than MSRP. The ones that are gouging should be reported by letter to VWUSA. It may not do any good. It will get them on record as gougers with corporate. Good luck, don't let them shaft you.
  • gooch5gooch5 Posts: 14
    I just came back from 2 different VW dealers. One said the sticker price is the price, the other said 2500-5000 above I couldn't even respond when I heard that.
    These dealers are in Brooklyn, NY
  • gooch5gooch5 Posts: 14
    I call VWUSA and made a complaint with this particular dealer.
    The other dealers in my area simply said they sell for sticker price and are very hard to get...........instead of showing a TDI and trying to get 5g's more.

    Car dealers are vermin
  • noa1noa1 Posts: 7
    Just got the new 2009 TDI for my wife. Ended up paying about $800.00 over MSRP i'm not very pleased with the fact that i paid over MSRP but i'm guessing this cars are going to be out in limited numbers till God knows when + we got the 6 speed manual. According the the sales person it was already reserved but willing to make an extra buck on it. they had at least four others but with auto trany. My wife and I agreed that if we're purchasing it's got to be a manual, you pay premium on a diesel at this point in time. by the way this took place in Pasadena, Ca. previously we went to Santa Monica VW asked the sales person if we could test drive the TDI we were told they were not allowing test drives on the TDI till probably February 2009 unless we're willing to put a deposit, all the TDI's they're getting sell before arrival. so i probably got the shaft but sometimes you got to take it and be happy that at least got got it. I don't know if we got the Loyal edition but it's kind of fully equipped. Sun roof, leatheratte, premium sound, electronic driver side seat, steering wheel controls, ipod hookup, heated outside mirrors, premium wheels + a host of other features and for those who have not tested they're a blast to drive.
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