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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • bobspivybobspivy Posts: 14
    I'm getting ready to take delivery of a 2006 Jetta TDI with manual transmission. I spent a lot of time doing web based research, and I noticed there is a TDI forum online. On the "For Sale" section of that site, there are dealers who will post what deals are going on, and at Langhorne VW, in Langhorne, PA, they are currently selling 2006 Jetta TDI's, with manual transmission, for $100 below invoice ($21,245). The deal isn't only for current stock, either. They said that if I wanted a color, it's the same deal, whether they have it, or have to go get it. I'm going to abide by the rules of this site, and not mention the salesperson, but if you are interested in who it is, feel free to email me.

    I live in MD, and went to Cook VW to compare , and they couldn't come close to the deal, nor could they come close to the trade value that Langhorne VW offered.
  • tacomaboytacomaboy Posts: 35
    I am in Austin, TX, and am looking at an 06 Jetta TDI in black or red with Package 2 and Rear air bags to replace my S2000. Time to grow up some I guess.

    It looks like I should not expect to pay the 25,700 or so MSRP, so, what should I expect? I am not afraid to haggle or walk if need be, as I have another vehicle, and dont NEED to pay extra money to get one ASAP.

    But am I going to have to pay some sort of premium to get into a diesel? Any tips here? Thanks!
  • kewlmaxkewlmax Posts: 2
    Bob, I am interested in doing the same thing, so let me know what I need to do. Thanks!

  • mlm1mlm1 Posts: 3
    Avenger1, do you knowt he name of the dealer in Oregon who was selling the TDI at 19.5K? I was quoted today MSRP from a dealer in Bellevue today. Thanks.
  • bobspivybobspivy Posts: 14
    Send me an email so I don't break forum rules.

  • mbadjurambadjura Posts: 4
    cisa - did you ever get the Jetta Wagon? May U ask what you ended up paying and how you like it?
    Any Canadians out there that purchased a new Jetta TDI wagon recently? Love to hear what you paid and how you like it :)
    Thanks much
  • dolphindolphin Posts: 71
    bobspivy, Langhome has an excellent record on TDI Club...I think you will be very happy with them. Good luck!
  • 24262426 Posts: 4
    What dealer did you buy from? I'm in Fort Worth and would drive to save 1,500! Have you been happy with your tdi so far?
  • austin50austin50 Posts: 1
    Can't say on TDI, but I've ordered the 2.0T from Tranum in Temple and they beat Hewlett and Maund by $400 (I'm getting $200 under invoice) and they'll deliver to Austin.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    2006 Shadow Blue/Beige leather PK2 DSG. Ended up at $500 over edmunds invoice plus free window tint and then inventory tax $62.50, title and TX State inspection $64.75,license $60.80 and $50 doc fee. Which I did not fuss about since there was a line behind me paying MSRP for every last Diesel they had on the lot .

    I read the article in PA where they are charging + $750.00 MSRP for remaining Diesels.

    Dallas, TX
  • 24262426 Posts: 4
    We're getting ready to buy a TDI, which dealer did you buy from? You got a great deal!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    My company had a buying plan with Boardwalk in Richardson. Don't wait too long ! not many left. Btw LOVE the car.

  • jkinzeljkinzel Posts: 735
    We went shopping for a VW TDI on Friday 5/5. For a VW Beetle TDI base model w/auto, Costco discount ($19,300 invoice + $500) plus WA state/Pierce County 8.8% sales tax and license, out the door $21,900. The window sticker was $23,XXX.
    Maybe I passed on a good deal, but under current buying conditions anything close MSRP might be considered a good deal.
    The kid graduates from college in 2 years and “maybe” in about 18 months the 2008 model year could produce many more options in the diesel category. I think I’ll keep saving my money and see what the next 18 - 24 months brings.
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    We're ordering a manual TDI with Package #1 in Spice Red with the beige leatherette interior. It'll be delivered in July which is just what we want. Since the spread between invoice and MSRP seems to be only about $1300 there isn't a lot of room to negotiate. The four dealers within 25 miles of my home are all more or less hitting the Edmunds price. At ~$23.7K I'm happy aniticipating 45 mpg especially since diesel is only $.04 more per gallon in this area. (2.89 vs. 2.85) I note the full size spare and 60K drivetrain warranty. Is the VW extended warranty worth it? We usually keep our cars to 80-90K miles.

  • hiatlf0hiatlf0 Posts: 1
    I live in the mid-west, St. Louis Mo to be exact. I bought a 2005 Jetta TDI, manual transmission, Nov/2005. I paid sticker price minus $100 dealer prep. The dealer would not come down any. There were not many TDI's to choose from. The one I wanted was located in a southern state & transported to my dealer in a week. I felt lucky to get it!

    I drive close to 100 miles round trip each day and average 48 miles to a gal of diesel. I buy my own diesel oil & filter & have my maintenance done at a non VW shop. One thing that attracted me to the diesel engine was the lifetime of the engine if maintained properly. I am a widow & have only myself to rely on. Believe me, this has been a good car for me. I hope others enjoy there car as much as I enjoy mine. ">
  • music287music287 Posts: 116
    OK, we ordered a 2006 Jetta tdi from one of the four local VW dealers and I'd like to report on the experience. Three of the dealers basically wouldn't budge: The price was MSRP minus a coupla hundred dollars. One dealer, a VW-Mazda store in NE Ohio ordered our car for delivery in August (when we wanted it!) for ~$275 over invoice plus tax and title. This is for a cash deal, no trade-in. BTW, our car is a Spice Red with Package Two. The XM option isn't available anymore; we're getting the Sirius radio. (Too bad because XM carries MLB and the Cleveland Indians is my team!) Too, Spice Red was discontinued as an option 3 days after we ordered.
    I'd say things are beginning to dry up. The 2008 tdi's apparently will have a highly modified emissions system that won't be ready in time. There will be no 2007 tdi's!

  • I was really interested in a Jetta wagon, the dealer told me they arren't making the Jetta Wagon anymore. Does anyone know why?
    I was also wondering what people have to say about the TDI vs. gas model. Is the mileage that much better? What about the stinky diesel smell? I have seen TDI cars with black smudge on the bumpers from the exhaust...yuk.
    Thank you in advance for your input!!
    Suz :)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,077
    There is no comparison. The TDI gets a lot better mileage. That black smudge is non existent in the new diesel engines. Plus as the low sulfur diesel becomes the standard this year across the country diesel has no smell. Actually less smell than a new gas car. Less Green house gas and less carbon monoxide.

    I would not hesitate as they are not going to offer them next year. It will be the year after.
  • hersheytx1hersheytx1 Posts: 13
    I get a black smudge, but only after about 3 weeks of not washing my car. I never notice any smell. In fact the engine is so smooth and refined that I almost forget I am driving a diesel.
    Mileage? I drive with a lead foot. In fact I am the worst kind of driver for trying to get the best gas mileage. I average 36 to 42 miles to the gallon. Mostly city driving.
    IF I take on the highway I am more sane. Use the cruise control. Set it for 70-75 and leave it. I have gotten 49 miles to the gallon.
    It is the last year for the TDI engine. I would not wait. The engine is rated to last 500,000 miles. Your car will fall apart before the engine ever gives up.
  • magbarnmagbarn Posts: 35
    My new job requires me to do a 90 mile round trip commute and my 03 BMW is getting pretty expensive to drive here with $3.50/gal gas. Reading about this Jetta TDI has gotten me very excited but after calling 5 different dealers in socal NONE have one in stock as they won't make them until '08 model year. I'd like to buy one new. My parents own a 2nd home in Arizona where you can still get a TDI. What can I do do get one of these cars before the STOP making them in september?
  • billinncbillinnc Posts: 10
    I just purchased a Black Jetta TDI (auto) with Pkg 1, mats(including trunk mat) and cargo net. List was $25,164, including shipping. I got them to discount $800 before tax (3%) and tag ($68) which gave it an out the door price of $25,280. Basically, I saved the tax of 3%. I tried to negotiate with several dealers and most were selling at MSRP on the TDI models. I had a chance for a Pkg 2 and the out the door price was ~$27,000. I did not like the gray color so I let it go. I researched alot of prices in the southeast and some in Ohio since I made a recent trip there. As I said most are selling TDI models at list. A few are selling them with additional dealer profit (not to mention documentation fees which are the same thing) and a few will actually deal with the buyer. Manual transmission TDIs were fairly plentiful with Pkg 1. The auto transmission models sell as soon as they hit the lot, regardless of Pkg. If you want a Pkg 2, you may not be able to select your color and with rear air bags, I would expect to pay around $26,600 plus tax and tag. You should not have to pay a premium but remember, the TDIs won't be made in 2007 so they are hot at this time. When I finally got a deal I could live with, the dealer could not find a car. Mainly because he would not trade with any one outside his company network. I took the same numbers to a smaller dealer about 60 miles and away and he met it and found a car in two days. If you d your homework,m you will know a good deal when you see it and just be ready with your checkbook because it won't last long. This was a new experience for me since I usually buy cars at invoice or just over, plus rebates. But, on the other hand, it is a sweet car and the diesel is quiet compared to others, especially the Jeep Liberty diesel. Good luck, you won't be sorry if you get a TDI! Quality sometimes cost a little more.
  • Thanks for the response!
    I am really going to look into the TDI. Is there a problem starting in cold weather? Do they make a TDI WAGON? hAVE KID AND DOG..NEED A WAGON... :( sUZ
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,077
    For some reason they are not offering the Jetta wagon this year. It would have to be a used one, and again they are hard to find and high priced. Two Jetta Wagons are on eBay one with 12k miles the other 75K miles. The 2003 with 75k miles is already bid past the Edmund's private party value.
  • billinncbillinnc Posts: 10
    The Jetta wagon is not being produced at this time. The final year was 2004 or 2005 with the diesel. The 2006 Jetta is larger than the previous models so there is plenty of room. My kids are gone but I have one Labrador Retriever and a smaller mutt. I can fold the rear seats down and put a liner down and they do just fine. There are no problems starting a modern diesel in cold weather. The glow plugs are automatic. Diesels are the norm in Europe with about 4 diesels to every gas engine. They got a bad rep in the mid to late seventies. When the oil embargo hit in 1974, GM (maybe Ford also, I don't remember) converted 350 cu in engines to diesel. Bad move! They were very noisy because essentially they just changed the head. The damn things could not stand the increase in compression to be long lived so a bad reputation was born. The new diesels are an entirely different animal. They don't stink and they don't smoke. Did you ever wonder why diesels did not catch-on in the USA? How about Ford, GM and Chrysler mixed in with BIG OIL!
  • mbadjurambadjura Posts: 4
    "The Jetta wagon is not being produced at this time."

    Sure it just have to come to Canada to get one. :P Just bought a Shadow blue TDI beauty and lovin it. We like our smaller fuel effecient vehicles here, so they continue to import them from Germany. However, this is the last year.
  • LOL~~~ Big oil, yea that was pretty obvious!

    Thank you for the info. Guess I'll have to go to Canada to get one or search for a used one. Really wanted the wagon :cry:
  • billinncbillinnc Posts: 10
    The fact that the Jetta wagon is still available in Canada but not in the US certainly adds some validity that VW does not want the Jetta wagon to detract from the sales of the 2007 Passat wagon! I heard the Passat wagon will be available with a diesel in 2008?? What kind of mileage are you getting on the Jetta wagon? A friend of mine just drove his TDI (2004 TDI model) form Miami Beach to Baltimore and got 53mph! He was the only passenger in the car so he had a light load. I have not even made it through one tank of fuel in my Jetta sedan but based on fuel gauge, it seems to be doing pretty well.
  • I would also be interested in any information on where we can get a cheaper Jetta. We visited the Maund dealership in Austin and they are almost out of stock...probably not willing to negotiate on price.
  • Going to drive a Jetta GLS wagon 2004. They want $16,998 before tax, title, processing. 13K miles.

    It seems like a fair price, a bit lower that Kelley Blue Book. If I like it, we'll keep it till the TDI comes back to the US.

    I'll write back after the test drive... :D
  • We bought our Jetta TDI with a Package 1 in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Heuberger VW Subaru at the end of May 2006. They (at that time) were willing to negotiate some and we got it for about $600 below MSRP. They'd ordered a bunch of the TDIs after the last gas jump because of the high demand, so they had about 21 to choose from when we were looking. They still have 12 if anyone is trying to locate one in the western area.

    :) This has been a great experience for us. We got 40 mpg on the second tank of diesel. That is just a little worse than our motorcycle which gets 43 mpg.

    We did have one weird experience. We got a windshield crack two weeks after we bought it. The company that replaced it did something to the wipers and they were trying to go in the wrong direction. We ended up having to take it into the dealer and they had to reset the electrical system. The windshield company paid for the repair, but next time we'll get recommendations from the dealer on who to work with. I don't know if there is something unusual with VWs or Jettas but I was surprised at what a mess it turned out to be.
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