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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • waiwai Posts: 327
    Seems there is a lot of demand for Diesel engines at your local area. Are they 2006 Jetta and the cars are at the lot ready for delivery? Seems there is not too much choice for Diesel engines.
  • scrumscrum Posts: 12
    Sitting on the lot. No more than 1 or 2 except for a rare instance. I'm getting the slimy hard sell tactics from a few dealers. They don't seem to understand that I don't have a problem waiting until supply picks up even when I tell them that.

    I've scratch 2 dealerships off my list simply for their tactics.

    I'm an engineer and my wife's a lawyer and they treat us like we're not smart enough to open a mailbox.

    This will be my 3rd attempt at purchasing a Jetta. In 97 I attempted to buy a Jetta VR6. They tried to get me to pay MSRP and insulted me by saying I shouldn't be looking at a car I can't afford. I bought a loaded Maxima SE 5-sp instead which was a few thousand more. I did enjoy pulling into the VW dealership with my new ride.

    Last year we looked to get a TDI Jetta, but the dealers wanted a premium price for them or were just clueless. We bought an Accord Coupe V6 6-speed stick instead.

    I hope I don't insult anybody with this because I know many TDI owners are passionate about their cars, but a TDI Jetta really isn't a car to get excited about. It is $$$ based purchased. If the mileage wasn't so good nobody would be spending the same money on a 100 hp car when they could get a 150 hp car.

    With our driving I could save $700 a year in gas and spend $100 more for oil with the TDI. So for $600 savings a year I am not going to pay $1000 to $2500 over MSRP.
  • bmocciabmoccia Posts: 2
    come on up north...I just bought an 06 jetta TDI with package 2 and auto for $25,300
  • scrumscrum Posts: 12
    Just sold my Murano, now I really need to find a TDI.

    Anybody know where a cache of these are located?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I just talked to the Internet sales where I bought my Passat TDI in April. She has a wait list on all models of TDI. She asked if I wanted to sell it. She said I would have no trouble making 2-3 grand over the price I paid in April. They are getting harder to find than the hybrids.
  • Can anyone give me a name of a dealership that is dealing from the MSRP $ on a 2006 Jetta TDI? I am in the Orlando, Florida area but will travel!
  • As an additional post I plan on ordering the 2006 Jetta TDI to get what I want, not expecting to find one. Since upsurge of interest in TDI the last couple weeks the dealerships appear not willing to deal on a TDI which is why I am asking where anyone is finding a dealership willing to negotiate.
  • smwls8smwls8 Posts: 103
    Nothing against any TDI model, but this hysteria will quickly pass, and a reasonable price can be found. Gas in my Washington DC suburb went down 10 CENTS per gallon in ONE DAY today. Sub $2.00 gas may be history, but it is no reason to allow yourself to be abused over a marginal Mexican built car with an above average powerplant. Top dollar for a German built Passat with the TDI seems more reasonable, until you drive the new BMW 325, which I picked up for only 31K. The 30 mpg hwy of the 325 is a small price to pay for the infinitely better performance and better dealer treatment/loaner car/4 year 50K warranty including ALL parts other than tires and glass(brake pads,rotors,wiper blades,oil changes,etc)
  • Hysteria is right.

    Here in Dallas we have dealerships asking upwards of $20K for a used 2003 Jetta GLS TDI with 50,000 miles !!

    The minute I find a used TDI at a reasonable price it is gone. They are selling like hot cakes. One dealer here had people calling him from out of state.

    The inventories of new TDI's are next to none. The dealerships are taking deposits on incoming shipments but Im almost afraid to ask the price.
  • The Dealership has every right to be "slimy" on the price of a TDI. I was on a 3-6 month waiting list for a Toyota Prius (Tampa Bay, Fl) where the price was jacked up to $30,000+ for the privilege of owning one. At the VW dealership I had to only wait a week to get a 2006 Golf GLS TDI for $21,000. I have driven both and now that I am running the VW on $1.75 per gallon BioDiesel, I can say that it was a much better buy.

    btw - 100hp vs 150hp is not what matters...try Torque. At almost 180Lbs of torque compared to a gas engine, I can crease past just about any car on the road in 1/2 sec. Don't forget that HP means nothing in real life driving...Torque is what give you that neck snapping pull to quickly get around those pesky slow drivers...

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Welcome to the forum. Interesting experience. You should post over in Diesels & hybrids. Maybe save some others the pain of overpaying for a Prius when they can get a great little diesel.

    ruking1, "Hybrids & Diesels: Deals or Duds?" #208, 14 Sep 2005 6:16 pm!make=CATS&model=Hybrid&ed_makeindex=.ef7fe1d
  • What do you think? A good price would be say... $18,000? With AWD $19,000?

    I'm going to go check it out tonight, am curious if it is a returned lease car and why it was returned.

    Any thoughts on whether to get an 04 vs. 05 (and save a few thousand) or a TDI vs. a 1.8L? I would get an auto either way, since I don't drive manuals.


    Should add this is at a certified dealer.

    Also, it's in California. Can I drive this guy around for a few months before I move to Chicago??
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    There is no AWD diesel in the US for starters. I don't know the Cali market. My coworker has a 2004 tdi w 35k miles and has been offered 21k here in TX. Unfortunatly the price of Diesel change by the moment. Personally id wait until they drop more. Lots of people buy them on a whim ,and don't like them ect and you can find a better deal. At least in my area. Btw gas has went from $3.33 here to $2.50 in the last week.Hope that trend continues.
    good luck,
  • The TDI was a hoax, they mis-labeled it online and when i got to the dealer, no car. Ah well...
  • I have been looking, researching and test driving TDI's for the past month. I've been laughed at, snickered at, etc by high and mighty VW sales people simply for asking to see a TDI. These things are not that valuable. Do the math. Unless you are driving a tremendous amount of miles they are not cost effective. I went out tonight and bought a fully loaded, sharp looking and comfortable Hyundai Sonata for $6000 less than the cheapest VW TDI that I priced. And I didn't have to wait 3 months to get it. In 60000 miles (5years) I will burn about 800 more gallons in the Sonata. Thats $2400 at $3 per gallon. I'm still $3600 to the good with the Sonata and I don't have to mess with Diesel or Canola Oil. This TDI thing is almost cultish.
  • yeah but you own a hyundai sonata...

    hm i was actually about to look at one. I mentioned that to the VW sales people and they just laughed at me. Seriously, they just started laughing. They didn't laugh when I said I just got back from the honda dealer.

    But actually, i will still probably go look.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    I'm not singing the praises of the TDI, but you've left resale value out of the equation... What is a 5-year old Sonata going to be worth, compared to a 5-year old TDI?

    1) Depreciation

    2) Financing

    3) Maintenance

    4) Insurance

    5) Fuel

    Those are the costs related to owning a car.... The only clear advantage the Sonata has over the VW is financing... as you would borrow less money to purchase it.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • You are correct about the "current" resale value of the TDI. I probably won't be trading for at least 5-7 years, maybe longer. By that time I doubt that VW will have a corner on the diesel or high mpg market. Its already happening. What will that do to the resale value then, who knows, but I will bet it won't be anything like it is now. The Sonata that I bought is warranted for 5yrs/60000 bumper to bumper and 10yr/100k drivetrain. That means a lot to me in addition to the safety rating, comfort etc. I'm not pushing the Hyundai brand here, that's just the direction that I went. I am saying that when you try to lower your driving costs that you have to look at more than just mpg.
  • After an exhaustive search for a new 2005 MK IV VW Jetta TDI in a manual tranny in the lower 48 I turned to Canada. As Canadian VW dealers are prevented by VW from selling a new VW directly cross border to American buyers (they can sell you a used one), I had to find a Canadian intermediary to buy the vehicle for me. I found that intermediary in Superior Auto Sales, an independent dealer in the Buffalo, NY area. Discovered SAS, a Registered Importer listed on the NHTSA website, in a 2003 Edmunds article on Grey Market Cars from Canada. Thanks, Edmunds ! Superior does this by maintaining a leasing company in Ontario that purchases the car which is then resold to you. Canada still had manual tranny Jetta TDI wagons in 2005 models with a $1500 Canadian dollar ($1269 USD) rebate. There are,as well, 2006 MK IV Jetta TDI iwagons in Canada as VW in its infinite wisdom continues to import the wagon to Canada while the cut off from Jetta wagon imports until the fall of 2006 when the MK V Jetta is produced in wagon form as a 2007 model with its own badging. For a 2005 model that MSRP'd for $22800 in the U.S. I was offered the car by Superior for $24900. That price includes the Provincial (8% in Ontario) and Federal Government tax (7%) that must be passed on and the $1500 factory rebate. If VW allowed me to buy a new Volkswagen directly,the Canadian tax would be refundable when I brought the car to the U.S. and paid my state sales tax. However, by this intermediary method, an American buyer must suffer double taxation. In addition, as the Jetta TDI wagon is made in Germany, I had to pay a 3 % U.S. Customs tax as it is not duty free under NAFTA as a Jetta TDI sedan would be because it is made in Puebla, Mexico (the new MK V Jetta wagon will be made in Mexico along with the sedan to avoid USD/Euro exchange rates which are not favorable to the American buyer). That came to another $700. So my cost came to $24900 + 700 import fee + $600 U.S. state sales tax for a car worth $22800 in the States. VW further complicates matters for the American buyer by refusing to issue the buyer a letter from the manufacturer that states the car is in compliance with U.S.emissions, safety, and environmental laws. You must go to a Registered Importer who provides proof that the car is in compliance. In the case of the VW that is confined to the speedo/odometer. The VW speedo registers in metric and in miles, but the odometer is metric. If a conversion is done, it must be at a franchised VW dealer to protect the warranty. Though VW has tried to make it impossible for an American to buy new in Canada, they did tell me they would honor the warranty if I could pull it off. I did not try to buy a duty free MK IV Jetta TDI sedan as the Canadian supply was dried up -the MK V sedan having arrived. I eventually passed on the deal. I also investigated buying the car in Mexico where it might have been cheaper, but could find no one like Superior with an avenue to purchase the car in Mexico. Furthermore, as in Canada, VW will not allow a Mexican VW dealer to sell a new car directly to an American.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I agree you have to want a TDI. I don't think you can really compare the Sonata to a Jetta. The Jetta is safer, better handling, higher mileage, better braking, higher resale etc,etc, etc. I thought the Hyundai was bumper to bumper 10yr 100k mile warranty.

    The VW dealer that I use for service is also the Hyundai dealer. They gave us a Hyundai as a loaner. I was VERY glad to get back into my Passat TDI. I cannot think of one thing I liked about the car, except it was a free loaner.

    Pricing right now is too high for the TDI models. I called the dealer that I bought my Passat TDI from. I wanted a Beetle TDI. She told me that they were tough to get at MSRP. She offered to buy my Passat Wagon for what I paid in April. I told her I had better offers already. Timing is everything. Buying a high mileage car right now is bad in a sellers market. I'll wait till the price of gas drops. If it doesn't go down. I feel just like you, I can buy a lot of fuel for the difference between invoice and MSRP.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I tried to do that with a Ford Ranger diesel from Brazil in 1999. It is such a hassle. Sounds like you got further than I did before you gave up. Hope you get what you want one of these days. Free trade seems to only benefit the big guys.
  • I have decided to wait for the new generation MK V Golf TDI. The MK V Golf has been out in Europe since 2004 so hopefully all the first year glitches are gone unlike the situation with the MK V Jetta which was introduced here before it appeared in Europe. Hoping the TDI's fuel efficiency won't be as compromised as the new longer, wider, heavier, 16/17" tire clad Jetta's is. As far as buying in Canada, from what I gleaned from the 2003 Edmunds "Grey Market Cars" article (I hope Edmunds updates this article to reflect current conditions), there was a flurry of Americans buying in Canada a few years back because the exchange rate was so favorable. In addition, manufacturers "priced to market," i.e., because of the higher taxation in Canada and the lower wage scale prices were adjusted downward, particularly so with American cars. The Edmunds article cited a Montana car dealer who bought Dodge Caravans north of the 49th parallel for $19500. Here the vehicle was priced over $28000. Hondas could be had over there at a retail price that was below U.S. invoice. Honda tried to stop the American buying in Canada in 2003 by refusing to honor warranties on Canadian bought cars brought to the states. Other manufacturers followed suit. Not the case with VW which does not now price the cars lower in Canada and who will honor a new car warranty if you succeed by guile in getting it over the border.
    I have a friend who's worked for many years for GM's part supplier, Delphi, who explained to me how American car makers can "price to market." His plant could produce an A/C unit for a Chevy truck for $149; yet, if you went to a dealer's parts department you might be charged $339 for just the evaporator. So don't believe all the talk from the automakers that blame their woes primarily on the wage, pension, and health care costs extracted from them by the UAW. And you are right, gagrice, the free trade mania being pushed now by the Republicans benefits the big guys - the corporations and the wealthy - and is an assault on the working classes as Perot and Buchanan pointed out in the 1990s in their criticism of NAFTA. As for as auto makers like VW's prohibition of cross border sales of new vehicles, I believe there have been some lawsuits in the courts for some time now alleging monopolistic price fixing.
  • I think I did compare a Sonata to a Jetta. Just because the Jetta is imported from Mexico does not make it safer ( 06 Sonata is 5 star Front AND Side impact ), nor better handling/ride as I have driven both nor better braking as Sonata has 4 wheel disc. The Jetta has better mileage, Sonata 28, Jetta 45 and the Jetta has a better resale right now. I have heard many owners complain about VW service, or lack thereof and the numerous "engine light" and other issues.

    Sonata is US built and has 10 yr or 100000 mile drivetrain warranty and 5yr 60000 mile bumper to bumper........soooo, I agree. You have to really want a TDI.
  • Where are you finding bio here @ $1.75?
  • What seems to be missing is the simple issue of economy. I drive a kia and get just under 300 miles to a tankful . . . . and I've been told I could get 600 with a tdi. I drive 100 miles roundtrip to work . . . . .it doesn't take much convincing despite the flaws.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    This really isn't a comparison forum between Kia and VW..

    If you have specific Prices Paid or Buying Experiences related to a VW TDI model, feel free to post them... but, off -topic posts need to go elsewhere.. Use the "Browse By Vehicle tabs to the left to find the appropriate forum.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Some people are saying they areI no more will come out until the get the next model 5 in?
    I havent seen any in dealer inventory anywhere.
  • I am surprised Superior charged you the Ontario taxes. For them / and Revenue Canada, it is a car for export so they can claim their 8 & 7 % back. Just a matter of paperwork. It might have been ea nice 15% extra margin! I just had a car exported, used and did not have to pay any taxes. New car also (BMW). Just so that you know the next time.
  • cnfmsucnfmsu Posts: 6
    I would to know what I have to pay for a 06 Jatta TDI. The local deal quoted me $22,980(MSRP), + $499 (dealer fee) + tax and tag. For package#1, it is $1,600.
    Is this reasonable?
    Thanks in advance for any feedbacks and advices!
  • fowlefowle Posts: 4
    I would suggest that 499 dealer fee is silly high. I would approach another dealership and tell them you will pay MSRP but no extra fees beyond 50 bucks. Unless you really want the car from them. There is talk on other boards that VW of A is at its limit for orders for this year for TDi's in USA so you might want to make a decision soon.

    PS MSRP is 23505 for TDi Package 1. They are quoting you a price above MSRP without Package 1 it appears.
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