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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • cdstrawcdstraw Posts: 12
    I purchased a 2005(A4) Jetta GLS TDI (Manual) for approx. $19,500 at Ourisman VW in Laurel, MD. If you don't know, the A4 is the original 2005 model. The 2005.5, sometimes referred to as 2006, is the A5 (New Jetta) version. All my dealings were with the internet sales personnel. I got every option except for the Telematics. They had to go outside the Mid Atlantic region to find the specific color (int. & ext.) and all the options I wanted, but they found it. I signed the paperwork and handed over deposit on Mon, picked it up on Wed. three weeks ago. Since that time I have put fuel in once. I have just over 900 miles in those three weeks and have just under half a tank before I need fuel again.

    Overall very impressed with the professionalism with the dealership. No beating around the bush. Second E-mail from the internet salesperson quoted the price, and they never wavered or tried to tack on additional charges. Just standard Tax, Title and Tags, etc. above the quoted price. I financed through VW Bank, but will refinance with Credit Union once all the paperwork has made its way through the system. Once again very happy with the dealership and very happy with the Jetta!

    2005 Jetta GLS TDI (Manual)
    2005 New Beetle GLS (Convertible)
  • Want to buy an 05 Passat GL Wagon TDI. (Got my new Suburban in Nov. 04..just in time for the oil spike). Anyway, Ourisman in Laurel, MD quoted an internet price of $917 below MSRP. King VW in Gaithersburg, MD quoted $22,570 on a vehicle with ESP, ($2685 below MSRP and $603 below invoice) Just as I thought I found the impossible deal, I noticed on Edmunds that there is a current promotion of $2,000 "marketing support" for the dealer, in lieu of low APR financing, (thru 5/2). If that's the case, the dealer is still holding about $1400 on the car. Is this correct??? Is anyone getting a base model like this for well below invoice?
    BTW, a nice german sounding salesman from another dealer tells me that not only is the Passat being totally redesigned for 06, but the TDI will not be available for the first model year or more, since VW can't get them into CA and 3 other states. Anyone else heard this? I'll still happily buy gas for my 'burb while towing the boat and driving on the beach, but this car makes a hell of a lot of sense for all of my other driving, (and still can fit in spouse, two large teens and two labs!) Mechanic tells me the engine,if maintained is good for 300-400k. Is that possible? Will the rest of the car still be there? I have little familiarity with the vehicle so all input will be greatly appreciated!!!
  • kodiak69kodiak69 Posts: 1
    Please tell the truth. Reydel Volkswagen went and brought a car in for you to take home. You received your financing from a third party source and after 3 weeks found the information on your credit app was not accurate. Your financing company required you to return the Passat TDI or put more money down. Reydel Volkswagen worked very hard to arrange for you to at lease still get a Jetta TDI and not have to put any money down.

    The problem was not with Reydel Volkswagen, they picked you up at the train free of charge, filled the vehicle with fuel and did go out and bring the car for you. You reached out to them from PA, about 60 miles away. Sounds like they did all they could and then some.
  • cisacisa Posts: 5

    This is my first message posted on the forum. I am living in Canada. I own a 2003 Jetta 2.0l and I am very pleased with it, but we need a second car (for my wife) .We decide to go for a 2005 Jetta Station Wagon 1.9 TDI, 5spd, with ESP and side curtains - without any other packages.
    I went to the dealer and I get a rough quotation around: Total MSRP of 28,430.0$
    But with:
    - Admin.Fee65$
    - Freight 595$
    - PDI 485$
    - Air conditioning Tax 100$
    It came around 29,675.0$

    - My first question to you guy, before I go any further with the negotiations, is if you can tell me how much I can negotiate the price? We would like to negotiate somewhere to 26,000.0- 26,600.0$ CAD. Is this possible? Now with the new 06 Jetta arrived to the dealers can we get any advantage of this?

    -We decide to go for this new car. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to buy a TDI with low km instead of a PD engine? Is it the same reliable as the old TDI was?

    I would really appreciate if you guys can help us to make the right decisions.

    Thank you
  • avenger1avenger1 Posts: 90
    Configure what you want on't pay more than that. Most dealers are giving out discounts for old jetta TDI's (a dealer in OR has them at $19.5K - for wagons no less!).

    Look at edmunds for invoice price, and start going down from there. If you live in a state where diesel is legal (not CALIF for example), there's no need for any dealer markup or MSRP on an outgoing model (new MKV TDI's are just shipping now).

    Some dealers will disagree with the above, but what will you expect. You should have seen the dealer reaction (on another forum) when another dealer in OR had offered 3K off MSRP on the NEW jetta models (most were hoping to tack on 3K on TOP of the MSRP).
  • sidsubsidsub Posts: 1
    I've been shopping for a Golf TDI with a stick shift over the last couple of days and have found that the VW dealers in Texas are fast selling out of them. I did some inventory searches on my own at nearby dealers and found that almost no one has more than one or two of them. According to the salesguy I've been working with, they're not expecting any more until the 2006's next spring anyway. Is this what you guys have heard too? Are there really not going to be any Golf TDI's for the next year?
  • tomsawyertomsawyer Posts: 12
    I have put a deposit on an '05 Passat TDI GLS w/ Leather & Wood Package. Car cost me $26,057 inc. destination and the dealer threw in a set of rubber mats. As a side note, the dealer does not have the car so they have to locate one because they do not have the one optioned with leather. This price is before NJ tax and MV Fees. Is $26,057 a good price for the car?

    Thanks to all who answer.

    P.S. Looks like the combo I want (ext. color, int color and options) is hard to find because I went to and there are only a couple in PA optioned the way I want the car.
  • sahara111sahara111 Posts: 51
    Just got our new silver, automatic GLS last night. It is the medium gray leatherette inside, and has the ESP and cold wx package (seats, wiper sprayers). It had the floor mats already in it. I had the dealer throw in the VW 17" wheels/tires and a "Gorilla" rear floor mat system (keeps groceries in place); those 2 items are sticker about $500.

    Paid $24302 total out the door; this was the invoice base of 23485 (Pac NW region) plus shipping and a couple minor fees. So, we paid just "invoice". Also got the 2.9% VW loan for 66 months, plus put $3000 of the total on the VW credit card at 0% intro APR for 6 months; also put some cash down.

    The dealer has a good selection of TDI sedans and wagons, with or without the $1500 leather package. Robert Larson Autohaus in Tacoma, WA.

    What do you think?
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    I think its better to deal directly with those dealers who have the stock in hand to get a better deal and also you can have a better look at the car before making any committment. I have travelled 55 miles from my home in Delaware to the dealer in North Penn, PA to buy my Jetta (GLI) recently. But make sure the dealer chop and dated on the delivery inspection section of the service/ maintance booklet of the owner's manual before you take delivery of the car.
  • bradfabradfa Posts: 4
    I just this morning bought a 2005 (A4 body style) Jetta GLS TDI manual transmission in New Hampshire. Only things I got over the base GLS package were the mud flaps and a sunroof wind breaking device (no idea what it is officially called, didn't really need it but my mom said they are useful with sunroof). Paid $19949 including destination. Title and legal fees were extra, but those only amounted to about $175. Got the 3.9% for 60 months on the new college grad program, so I don't have to pay my first payment (VW credit waives it, which was cool).

    I had originally delt with a different dealer via the web and phone and got a very good price on almost the same car, so using that as leverage I feel I got a good deal. This other dealer had gotten me last months 2.9% financing for 5 years, but it is an hour drive from my house and the monthly payments worked out the same in the end. Dealer I bought from is only 10 minutes away.

    I showed up at the dealership at 8:20am, just as they opened, but I was out the door with all paperwork signed by noon and took 2 test drives in that time too (one to home to show family and neighbors). I got the dark grey color, which I like more than the silver that the other dealer I spoke of had.

    Overall, the least hastle I have had from any dealership I delt with in my car buying extravaganza. This was at Miller VW in Lebanon, NH. The sales person that helped me was awesome as far as car sales people go, very laid back and willing to do what was needed to not let me walk out the door and go to the other dealership. Even the sales manager was friendly and trying to make the deal. I even met the owner of the dealership (he told me he usually doesn't authorize deals like I got, but whatever). Everyone was great, definitely turned my thoughts of car dealers around, there are some decent ones out there, just come prepared.

    I pick the car up on Monday, just have to get one more piece of info from my employer to finish off the loan stuff and to get insurance monday morning. Other than that, I should have the thing registered and inspected by monday evening :)

    PS: I really liked the way the Jetta TDI shifted, much smoother than other VW cars I have driven lately (no idea why though).
  • cchpgccchpgc Posts: 1
    Can you give me the dealership name in OR?

    I am shopping the new Jetta now.

    Thanks, cchpgc
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,080
    In Oregon try Armstrong VW Buick. Ask for the Internet salesman. He is very responsive to email. He sent me a price and I took them a check for that amount and drove off with my New Passat TDI at below invoice. Good luck
  • michaels2michaels2 Posts: 17
    I have requested pricing online from a local dealer. He quoted me sticker on my choice of 2 '05 Jetta Wagon TDIs w/ manual trans. STICKER PRICE? Is he serious?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,080
    If they are serious go to another dealer. What part of the US are you in? There are dealers selling TDI's below invoice in all parts of the country. I was given a great price by email and they did not pressure me with any extras. I paid exactly what the dealer emailed me. Some dealers still think they have a captive audience.
  • sahara111sahara111 Posts: 51
    Hi, we bought our new 2005 Passat GLS TDI on 4/30/2005, very late at night!

    I began consdering a Passat TDI only a few days before that - after test driving both old/new Jettas thinking we might like a new-style Jetta TDI (test drove old to experience the 1.9 TDI engine; new to experience the car/handling/DSG tranny in gas version). We eliminated the Jetta (old, new) because of road noise and because we were not real happy with the new looks; plus the 2.0 TDI power is real nice. We had also been considering 2 Subaru Legacy wagons: a GT non-LTD, and a non-GT LTD for my wife both w/auto trannys. After running $ numbers though, it made things more affordable to go with one fuel 'miser' type car along with one GT wagon. (for us at least, based on 35k annual total miles...and replacing 2 SUVs).

    The day of purchase I had spoken to the dealer on the phone about 5pm, and he had offered to sell us a Passat TDI at invoice; they were trying to boost their 'end-of-month' numbers (our more local dealer was about $1200 higher so we blew them off...). So we finally made it to the dealer about 7pm. They had a selection of about 9 Passat TDIs, some GL and some GLS. We settled on a Silver GLS, non-leather package model (we like the VW leatherette), with no listed options. The MSRP+Destination sticker is $26235; the sticker includes the 'cold-wx' heated mirrors, seats, and windshield washer nozzles. Of course, the additional dealer-sticker on the car with the 'market-adjusted' pricing boosted the final sticker to a posted $29234 (yea right, Mr. Stealer). I also had the dealer agree to throw in the optional VW 17" wheel/tire set ($400 msrp) and a 'Gorilla' luggage mgt system for the trunk ($99 msrp), so I guess those 2 technically got us below invoice.

    We agreed on a price of $24302 before the tag/title/tax/doc fee ($35) addition of 2392.23 for WA state (at least 20% of which we will recoup after filing Fed. taxes next yr). For financing we used VW Credit at 2.9% for 66 months; plus, part of our cash down was $3000 on a new VW Visa card at 0% interest for 6 months - a reasonable deal. So, whatever all that averages out to is pretty low for a 'below invoice' car. I figure however, the Stealer still made about $1k to $2k off the deal.

    After the deal we decided on a set of Husky floor mats in grey to match our interior (the Vdub mats are black only, and are way too expensive). BTW: don't bother ordering the optional Husky 'hump' generic fit-all mat; it absolutely does not fit (and they use the same part # for the 2005 Legacy too... and of course it doesn't fit that car either). Finally, I got VW to include paying for the first 5k mile oil change service which will 'save' about $109 at Stealer prices here. I bought one bottle of the Castrol 505.01 oil from the dealer for top-offs (have added maybe 1/6th quart once in about 2900 miles so far..). I am also checking with my local Pep Boys car parts to see what price I can get the Motul, Pentosynth, or Elf Excellium oil for; Pep Boys told me they could special-order certain rare oils. I want to get away from the Castrol based on what I've read so far.
  • dieselfandieselfan Posts: 3
    After finally settling on a Passat TDI Wagon, we went to find one. Had I not really wanted that particular model, I would have given up. While I was in the looking stage, several local dealerships promised me that they could get that car in a day or so. When it came time to buy one, it was a different story. I finally went on and searched online dealer inventories and found one myself. It was 250 miles away. I did the negotiating via phone and fax and made the offer on the vehicle. Taking into account the manufacturer-to-dealer regional marketing incentive, as well as the actual dealer price from consumer reports, I offered $25300. After some minor adjustments, we agreed on a total price before tax of $25650. I purchased the vehicle sight unseen and without a test drive, a testament to my confidence in VW. When I took delivery, I found out that the sales manager had misunderstood the salesman when he had presented my offer. The sales manager had thought he was approving an offer on a Passat TDI Sedan, not a wagon. To the dealership's credit, he did not try to bump me or reneg on the agreement. All told, I purchased the vehicle for $450 less than the sticker price, including tax, title, etc. (MSRP was $27675)

    By the way, anyone looking to buy a car should read Don't Get Taken Every Time by Remar Sutton. The book will open your eyes and save you thousands of dollars.

    The vehicle is great and is the best purchase I have ever made.
  • dieselfandieselfan Posts: 3
    I neglected to mention the specifics of the vehicle. It is a Passat GLS TDI Wagon with optional 17" wheels.
  • bamundsonbamundson Posts: 2
    Hi all.

    I'm selling a 2005 Jetta Wagon GLS TDI with 3,000 miles and was wondering what I should ask for it. It's got an automatic transmission, leather heated seats, sliding sunroof, cassette/CD stereo and is a beauty. I'm selling it for my sister in law who bought it and thought she was going ship it to Hawaii - but found out she needs a 4WD in the area where she will be living, and leather doesn't really stand a chance in Hawaii anyway (due to humidity).

    I have the paperwork here and the total price with leather options is $24,720, although I know she paid less..

    I understand these Diesel cars are not being sold by the dealerships here in CA due to regulatory issues with diesel, but it's not a problem for a me to sell it privately. Plus it can run on biodiesel, which is kind of a plus around here in Berkeley CA.

    What can I reasonably ask for it here in the Bay Area - California? I can't find a quote on a 2005 GLS TDI Wagon through Kelly Blue Book as it's too new..

    Any help on pricing this would be much appreciated.


  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,080
    It cannot be licensed in CA till it has 7500 miles. I would think she should get close to what she paid for it in CA. Or there is a dealer McNevin Motor car Co. In El Cerrito specializes in VW TDI cars. He has a 2004 like yours for $24,900 in the Trader. They may be interested in it at a slight markdown.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter would like to interview diesel passenger car and pick-up owners and Southern California residents who'd like to buy a diesel passenger car but can't because new ones aren't sold in California. Please respond to by Thursday, July 14, 2005 with your daytime contact info, vehicle year/make/model and city/state of residence, and put the word “diesel” in the subject line.
  • just picked a pretty good deal at karen radley acura vw , on a 2005 golf tdi gsl, 5spd manual.. with the esp option...cold weather package.. and cd changer option... i paid 19493.00... and he threw in some monster mats... plus the destination charge was included..... basically 500-600 dollars under invoice and got the 3.9% for 60 months too boot........ couldnt believe i got it under invoice that much.... basically they gave me most of there hold back money.... the car only had 14 miles and was parked in the showroom the whole time.... norm at karen was very nice ..... they dont have anymore but i highly recommend there dealership........great people
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    A reporter hopes to interview recent VW or Audi model buyers aged 30-40 who are first time buyers of a VW Group car and willing to discuss their profession/income; and recent VW or Audi buyers aged 30-40 who are repeat buyers of the brand and willing to discuss their profession/income. Please respond to by Wednesday, July 20, 2005, and provide your daytime contact information.


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  • wnicholswnichols Posts: 42
    I'm looking at a new 2005 Passat, only option is leather with wood, which I don't really need. But it's the color we like and it's available (getting hard to find).

    Edmund's TMV is $27,340. This is only $525 less than MSRP and still $1835 over invoice. Isn't it possible to do better (esp. with the manufacturer to dealer cash of $500 out there now)?

    Would we be able to get a better discount on the wagon vs. the sedan since they are more prevalent at this dealer? :confuse:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,080
    I love my 2005 Passat TDI wagon. I paid under invoice in Portland Oregon. No TDIs in CA. I got the leather/wood, ESP and 17" wheels. Great little car. You can get an email price from Armstrong VW in Gladstone Oregon and tell your dealer to match or you are taking a vacation to get your new car. I paid $26,589 cash out the door. If I was a previous VW owner it would have been $500 less.
  • jwolf7722jwolf7722 Posts: 1
    is 22800 out the door a good price on a 05 jetta tdi. or should i shop around some more. only upgrade are 16in wheels everything else is what comes on it standard. also my dealership i went to said there was no deals going on. isnt there a 500 off for tdi's.
  • vespersvespers Posts: 1
    What do you think about:

    2005 Passat GLS TDI sedan
    Silverstone gray
    gray leather + wood package

    $25902 + 195 processing - 500 owner loyalty.

    decent deal?
    (d.c. metro area)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,080
    Sounds good to me. I think buying the last of a model year is safer than the first. They have the bugs worked out.
  • I've been shopping for a 2005 Passat GLS TDI wagon, and I've found a number of dealers willing to part with one for a price at or close to invoice. My suggestion: go to the VW web page & search dealers w/in 250 miles of your zip code. Search through the inventory of every dealer, and ask for price quotes on the cars that meet your specs. You'll get back a range of prices, some of them at dealer cost. Then, use the numbers to negotiate with the dealers closest to you. It worked for me. I'm paying $25,286 (plus tax & DMV fees) for the car with leatherette. I found a few cars with the leather, but I couldn't justify the extra $ (not to mention the life of the beast). But you need to act quickly. I got quotes back on cars that were gone within days, and many dealers have none in stock at all. By the way, if you get an email back asking you to come in for a test drive, respond by asking for a price; they want to get you in there, but they'll give up a price if that's the only way to keep your attention.

    I'm taking delivery later today, and I'm psyched!
  • For comparison, I just got:

    2005 Passat GLS TDI sedan
    Silverstone gray
    no listed options. it did come with the heated seats & mirrors and nice floor mats. Standard leatherette seats.

    There were about 5 left on the lot, and no more coming in, and no 2006 TDI models on the horizon.

    I spent $23,677 (not eligible for owner loyalty). Pitcairn VW, Langhorne, PA
    Tags came to another $145, and then PA sales tax. To get it the leather option, it would have cost another $1,000-$1,500.

    I think you should be able to shave $1,000 off the price you quoted.
  • scrumscrum Posts: 12
    Pretty funny, huh? Down here in the wonderful panhandle of Florida a few dealerships are trying to sell me a TDI for $1200 over MSRP. They act like I am an idiot when I don't agree with them it is a great deal.

    For a few people the idea of a diesel is to conserve fuel and help he environment. For the rest of us we are cheap SOB's that want to save $$$. So why pay about $3000 more for a diesel when it will take you 5 or more years to break even?

    We don't really want the Jetta in any form, but we like the idea of saving some serious scratch over our Murano by getting a base TDI.
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