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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • cnfmsucnfmsu Posts: 6
    I forgot to metion that it is Auto-Transmission.
    Thanks you for the suggestions.
  • debskydebsky Posts: 4
    I had my name on a waiting list with a 100 dollar deposit. One TDI was suppose to come in at the end of November, Jetta with Package 2, AT. I went to talk to them today about price and it appears that they will sell only at 900 dollars over MSRP, which is somewhere around 28,000. I didn't even bother asking them for any other fees. Salesmen were jumping up all over saying how they wanted it. I will go where I can get a Honda for 416 over invoice in Ok. and I live in Nebraska.
  • leimleim Posts: 5
    I like to drive on dirt road in summer and due to snow in winter around here, I am thinking about trade-in my 03 Golf TDI for a Subaru Forester. Dealer gives me a trade-in price of $13500. I feel it is not enough. What are the opinions here? (My Golf has 48,600 miles, GLS 4 door, premium sunroof)

    I am debating whether I should keep this great fuel saver or not.... :confuse:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Since your question is about trading in rather than purchasing this vehicle, I'm going to suggest that you visit our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Please look at the suggested information above the "post a message" box and list details about your vehicle, and someone should be able to help you determine whether trading in is a wise decision.

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  • leimleim Posts: 5
    thanks, Kirstie.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    I am on the hunt for an '06 TDI automatic, pkg 1 or pkg 2. I spoke to a VW dealer in the mid-Atlantic region...Maryland...that will sell it for $669. over their invoice, plus $99. "dealer fee." The only "catch" is that there are none in stock. A $500. deposit and your written purchase order is all they need. Expect a January or February delivery date, so patience is a virtue. This is a refreshing change from all other dealers I have spoken to, where MSRP for TDI is a fact of life. Now, are there any other dealers charging less than $669 over invoice?
  • ejam08ejam08 Posts: 1
    I am wondering the same thing. I'm looking for better mileage for a min. 80 mile a day commute and besides a Civic or Corolla the Golf TDI looks great. However, I went to our VW dealer yesterday to look at a Golf, while there I asked about the TDI engine and the salesman said VW wasn't sending anymore until the diesel fuel was cleaned up. Any knowledge of this would be helpful.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Yes, they are still being sold. But, any TDI's that have landed...or are incoming soon, that may be it for the year. Orders being taken now...mid October, won't likely arrive until February 2006. This is what I was told by a Maryland dealer. The diesel fuel situation that the salesman mentioned doesn't make any sense to me. The cars are being delivered to Federal states. California emission states....NY, MA, CT, VT, ME, CA....forbid initial registration for 2006. The restriction for delivery to those states should end when low sulfer diesel fuel makes its debut and further refinements in emissions standards are met at the same time. You didn't say what state you live in. If you live in a Federal emissions state, then start shopping at another dealership. I don't believe that the answer he gave you was helpful. There are some Northeast dealerships that have the TDI's...with automatic tranny and package 2. I spoke to two of them in the last day or two. Price at the cheaper dealership was $25,971 for package 2 and auto.
    A little too steep for my blood, but for others might look attractive.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Paid MSRP on a Jetta TDI with Pkg 1 and DSG here in Texas. Was about 25.5K I believe. Ordered it two weeks after Katrina hit. I was actually in the market for a used one before the gas price surge, but after that, all the used ones (with auto tranny) in the state were pretty much sold out during that first weekend of September.

    Tried to haggle with the dealer, but there was no movement. Everyone at the dealership wanted a TDI. There was some hysteria at that time. One lady was complaining that the Cabrio Beetle TDI someone else was test driving was "hers" as she wanted to buy it on the spot, right after testing it earlier (it was the last TDI left). The dealer wouldn't even throw in the free mats. Of course, I could have waited and saved a couple of bucks, but I will probably save $100 in gas by the end of the month as we put 250 miles on the vehicle per week. On the upside, didn't pay any fees. Just a small doc fee of about $100 to get the tags and sales tax. Besides, buying a Jetta diesel is not a purely economic decision.

    Car was ordered early September with an arrival date of 24 October. Was actually delivered first week of October.

    On my first tank of gas with mostly highway but also bumper to bumper traffic and short distance errands to various stores through stop lights & parking lots, etc., got 40 mpg. Big improvment over the 17 mpg I was getting in my SUV!
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Error above. Actually paid $24,580 - exactly the MSRP as posted on edmunds (not 25.5K). Out the door was about 25,800 after taxes and tags, plus 500 deposit paid earlier when car was ordered. That was quite a surprise to me - that they hadn't inflated that MSRP number considerably with "add-ons" - seems to be a favorite tactic at toyota.
  • Ummmm....I do not believe that you had a first tank of 'gas' :D

    I think you were part of the hysteria paying MSRP... :blush:
  • I got this unbelievable deal last Friday from Brandon VW $22920 out of door (inc tax) for auto TDI, north sea green. There are 6 more TDIs.
    Check their web site and ask for the internet sales mgr.
    Good luck!
  • I received a similar deal on 2006 Jetta TDI w/ package 1 and additional heated seats, rubber floor and trunk mats for 22,905. I think there is more room for negotiation than they let on.

    Good Luck :shades:
  • That is a very good deal. Does the deal (TDI w/package 1) for $22,905 include the tax? I was looking for package 1. But there was nothing from that dealer.
  • No, it is plus tax, but includes the dealer prep fee of 298
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    What is this dealer prep fee of 298 comprised of? Is it temporary Tag and title registration fee? If it is, its too high. Here in PA, I only paid $10 for temp tag.
  • my price for TDI @22,920 was included everything (tax, dealer, temporary tag...) out of the door.
  • what options did you have? ie: package 1 or no package etc.
  • I was thinking of getting a TDI Golf. I need the hatch or I would get the Jetta. I really don't like the colors offered with the Golf but I am worried about poor reliablity ratings of all VW's? I reviewed a website talk forum over Christmas time and there were many first time VW owners who were ditching their cars after 1 1/2 to 3 years because of maintenance costs? There were trading in for Toyotas and Hondas where to keep the warranty you didn't have to go through so much money in scheduled maintenance.
  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla VirginiaPosts: 707
    Just wait a few months... The new Volkswagen Golfs (completed redesigned) will be coming out shortly.

    I, for one, will be test driving the new GTI as soon as I possibly can.

  • Well since you got a good car it doesnt really matter that much if you paid a little bit more.

    It should repay you in saved fuel.
  • Hello -

    I'm quite close to finalizing a deal on a used TDI, but I wanted to get some input from some of the members here. I'm new to diesels, but not to VW's (currently own a '91 GTI). My wife and I are currently expecting, and we've decided that we really need a wagon. We both enjoy the style and driving feel of Passats, and the idea of saving some gas $$ by owning a diesel. So, the TDI seems a natural choice.

    Obviously TDIs (particularly Passat wagons) are getting rather scarce right now, but after calling 25 dealers in a 50 mile radius of my home, I managed to find a single one: a CPO 2004 Passat TDI GLS wagon with 17k miles for $22.6k. It has leather(but no wood), ESP, power sunroof, rubber floormats, 15" wheels, and is in excellent condition cosmetically. We test drove it, loved it, and started negotiating. The dealer won't budge from $22.6k plus $100 in "dealer fees." He's holding it for us, and we have a week to decide.

    Everything I've read suggests that this is probably a pretty great deal, but I would really appreciate some input from the community of experts.

  • I stopped by our vw dealer car shopping in Aug of 2005 asked about the diesel car, drove a 2.5 package 2 Jetta liked the power seats on both front seats, rain sensing wipers, the auto dimming rearview mirror and the auto head lights. The wood trim was a nice. Liked the car so much I order the TDI Package 2 with Nav and automatic. I was told it would be just like the 2.5 I drove. I ordered the Jetta on Sept. 1 2005. I was looking forward to have a cd player the played MP3's. Keep checking with the dealer about delivery about the end of Nov. the schedule was March 27 2006. In January I found out all of the features I like had been dropped from the 2006 Model. I was just ready to cancel and order a prius and wait another six months for a car. The only feature lacking on the prius was the rain sensing wipers and power. I test drove the prius on monday and was ready to cancel the TDI on Tuesday. My TDI arrived that day. The dealer offered a discount for the lack of information about my car. I now have 800 miles on it and enjoy it. But since I put the Navigation system on the car I lost the ability to play MP3's T :( his has not been well documented and I think VW has droppped the ball on this car. I paid $1800 to have a top of the line radio/Nav system. I could by $40 cd player and get MP3 to work. If input in a 3.5 MM jack or Ipod system it disables the CD player. I did not expect the Nav system to be a negative on this car.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Just talked to a local VW dealer about a pkg 2 TDI Jetta, & he tells me the TDI will not be imported in model year 2007. I like the TDI, but am reconsidering purchasing something that might end up an orphan.
  • Houston Volkswagon dealers are totally unprepared for dealing with customers; and have been given the impression that Volkswagon is unprepared to sell, market, or service cars in the USA. I had a Golf when I was in Norway; the car was excellent, and the dealers very customer oriented.
  • pupspups Posts: 2
    Am seriously thinking of purchasing 06 Beetle TDI, but have not been able to determine if these vehicles can take biodiesel fuel. Dealers unable to make claim. Can anyone tell me if they know whether of not the Beetle 06 Diesel can accept the fuel. If they can, where in Pinellas Co. Florida does one buy the fuel. I heard that Shell is selling the fuel. About how much does it cost per gal. Also, can anyone tell me if the Feds, or State will offer tax credits for these fuel efficient cars? A fast reply would be great as I am in negotiations with a dealer and want to close one way or another. has anyone info regarding the accurate miles per gallon the Beetle diesel 2006 actually gets highway/ city.
  • jkinzeljkinzel Posts: 735

    Im sure you might get the answer here, but the TDI Club is your best place for answers.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    You might check out this link. BIO-Beetle of Hawaii just opened an office in LAX to rent VW Beetles running on 100% biodiesel. Also Kettle Chips in Portland is running a fleet of VW Beetles on their used cooking oil. I would say it is one of the most tested cars using Biodiesel. You should average 45 MPG with either the Manual or DSG transmission.
  • 2006 Silver TDI with Pkg2/XM and rear airbags. $25,400 including $500 owner loyalty.

    They made a lousy offer on my 1998 Passat, but will sell the car at that price without the trade. It's ~ $1K below TMV for my area (Austin, TX).
  • fenris2fenris2 Posts: 31
    Afaik they take up to B5 (5% bio D) and you keep your warranty, more and you risk losing your warranty on fuel related components.

    Apparently there have been a wide number of expensive warrenty claims VW has had to cough up for from bad biodiesel - both from bad commercial BD and poorly created home brew BD as well. So, they are far more restrictive here than they are in europe. Personally I would only use high levels of biodiesel if I made it myself, which I am considering, or if I were sure the source made good BD.

    There is some debate on how biodiesel will work with the PD diesels (MY 2004+). Some are indeed doing so w/o problems, but the biggest number I have seen is 19K miles from that biodiesel beetle auto rental place mentioned earlier. So, a bit too early to tell for sure I guess

    I do not think there are tax credits for the VW diesels as you need to have a clean emissions diesel to qualify. AFIAK the bluetech diesel from mercedes qualifies/will qualify, and (cheapest car I have seen it in) will be found in the jeep grand cheerokee sometime soon

    As to future diesels? VW will hopefully quailify with the new line of common rail diesels they are suppose (rumor has it) to be bringing out across their product line in MY 2008.
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