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Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • Are any of you going to be able to make it to the Off Road Show in Pomona this weekend to see what they present? Hopefully they will allow full access to crawl around and through. I won't be able to make it... so am hoping one of you fine folks will get the full scoop and lots of pictures!!
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    I will be leaving San Diego around 8:00 so I will be there about an hour after the doors open. I will post photos when I get back that evening.
  • These were the prices at Carmax before Oct 3. Currently they are bit higher but only on some of these models because Toyota has yanked some of the incentives for this month. Check out Fitzmall too because they also post their prices. VA dealerships are a pain :sick: and MD seems to be a more open and competitive market place. For example, MD limits the doc fee to $100 whereas VA dealers do not have a limit and many charge a few hundred in junk fees... :mad:

    If you are in NVA, it is often worth the drive across the river! ;)
  • If you have a chance to sit in the car please turn on the interior lights. I hope they have kept the YELLOW gauge lights!
  • And new developments:

    SS FJ door sill plates
    Huge sub woofer right rear 1/4 panel
    rear pop up window is curved to avoid spare wheel
    Spare wheel is bolt on, not swing out
    Silver exterior color
    Blue exterior color had SS oval tail pipe
    Set up for Police/Ranger with light bar on top

  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    So if the tire doesn't swing out how do you open the lower part of the hatch?

    Light bar, so we are going to start seeing rangers cruising the back roads in FJ's!!! NICE!

    By the way, does this one only have two windshield wipers?
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    I just figured out exactly what one of the buttons is. The lower button on the left center of the dash has three different positions. It is the Iverter for the AC power outlet that will be located in the back. This outlet appears to be exactly like the one found in the bed of the 05 tacoma. Should run 100W with vehicle going down the road and 400W idling. HANDY. Outlet can be seen via the link about...go to the FJ page and then the picture set titled "FJ visits SOR" (or somethin like that) picture #30 bottom right below huge subwoofer

    One of the other rightish...very well could be the switch for the roof lights.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Nope 3rd picture you can see the middle wiper behind them.

    OH and never mind about my comment above asking how the door opened. I just remembered before that it's a swing door. WoW Brain Fart!
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    Ya, Silver for sure!----What's up with those wipers though? They look really off center?---Seems like the drivers side is covered only!-----I'd like to see a double wiper that covered the whole windshield, come on Toyota don't F this one up!----I just got on the list at my local dealership, don't wana have to back out. Everything else look great-----Hopefully we'll be able to through a couple inches of lift and a new exhaust system. I'll put some white rims on if I can find them.-----not a fan of the black.
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    Thanks that's exaclty the link I was trying to describe in my incoherent rambling...picture # 30 shows the power outlet...after reading back in the forum a ways turns out that BOWMAR9 was way ahead of me, I tip my hat to you. So really all I found was the picture of it.
  • Hey great pics...but what is that round thing in picture #30?
    It also appears that the rear seats are of the "stadium" type which should give passengers a bit more to look at.
    I didn't notice any additional speakers in the roof...wern't there supposed to be?
    Also couldn't tell if the rear windows at least flipped open since they don't seem to roll down.
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    Well, looked all over those pics---still can't see the third wiper??----#3 is a shot of the rear tire from the side??------the wide angle shots show only two, way offset to the driver side? What's going on!
  • take a look at the pics on blue test fj from yesturday:
  • Looks like the rear seats do not fold completely flat? Rats! Also, I think the triple wipers are going to be just fine, it was just an odd angle.

    Thanks for the pics and links.
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    It doesn't look like the passenger seat folds flat either, or does it?-----I thought Toyota was going to allow ALL the seats to fold down, creating a sleeping area for two. They seem to be missing the mark in some key areas on this one. Wish the options included a modification of the rear window, allowing it to roll down like the 4runner. The Dogs are real bumed! :(
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Photo 12 makes those back passenger windows look pretty big. Plus I did not notice a little button on the outside of the window in any photo wich would allow them to pop open. So I can't imagine that these windows will be fixed and that large. I HOPE THYE GO DOWN!!!! Because they sure don't pop out like my Extra Cab.
    Oh and we probably won't be opening that rear glass door once the FJ has a much needed 2in lift and a 31 or 32" tire bolted to the back! I doubt that the window has that much clearance from that stock joke of a tire.
  • Picture #19 leaves no doubt - the seats fold just like in 4Runner, and only someone very short would be able to camp inside. I hear XTerra's seats fold flat, including front passenger seat?
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    Just saw something that said the FJ will probably go for around 25-27K!-----doesn't fit in with the comp.?----That's a little steep for me! :surprise: I hope they're wrong.
  • It will probably list someplace in that range but given the typical discounts on 4Runners and Highlanders that have been here for a couple years it is likely that its pricing will settle somewhere around $4k after all the hoopla has worn off.

    This month '05 4Runners start at under $26k and V8 models are selling for upto 7k off MSRP. :D Given this contrast, who would buy an FJ for the same price?
  • Rear windows? Look at picture 28 of the blue FJ - Is that a power cable running out to the rear door? If so does that mean the windows move?

    Silver model has a slot for the third wiper its just not there.

    I need to replace my 85 runner with this FJ but don't no if I can stomach full MSRP.
    Not to mention my father inlaw works for FORD and will not talk to me if I get another Toyota, oh well.
  • The rear side window cannot be lowered because there is not enough room due to the angle of the lower part of the door.

    There are only 2 wipers on the silver FJ and the spot for the 3rd is an air intake.
  • Maybe you can lower them 1/2 way? back set windows that is.
    What is that compartment you see the hand opening above the stearing wheel in pictures 24-25 of the blue one?

    I think if you look past the black air intake on the silver one you will see the same triangular cut out for the third wiper.
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    Good point!---I hope you're right.-----The base on the X-terra is about 18-20K, Same with the Element--------FJ could be in that slot as well if we're lucky.---I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath!
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    Everything that Ive seen has said that the $27K mark is the top of the price range. I hear they will start right around $20K. Word is that the production is going to be limited enough to keep demand high. I wouldn't hold my breath for rebates. The 05 Tacomas still don't have them with 06's arriving now. and I would think this FJ will be atleast that popular. As for 4runners selling for $7k off the sticker...not happening on a regular basis...maybe in a newspaper add as a "loss leader", but good luck getting that ONE. (the largest toyota rebate I've ever seen was $2500 and I can tell you that it is a FACT that there is not $5000 of dealer markup in any 4 runner) Toyota simply isn't that desparate to get rid of inventory...good for the product, good for toyota, but we will have to pay a little more for the superior vehicle.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Does anyone know if you have the ability to order a Toyota from the factory. Any time that I have purchased a Toyota the salesman always attempt to dealer locate or sell out of inventory.

    When I have asked the manager of the dealership about ordering they were evasive and said they could find what we wanted at the port or throughout the region.

    I know that BMW is happy to place an order for a new car.

    Does anyone have any experience ordering a vehicle from Toyota?
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    It is extremely difficult. The way toyota's allocation works is the dealer can "preference" a vehicle a certain way but there is no guarantee. It takes a ton of jumping through hoops of fire to guarantee exactly what a customer is looking for.

    I am told this is because of their production process. And interuptions or deviations in the line to make a special order would in theory cause a drop in quality.
  • FJ should not top $30K if Toyota truly positions it below the 4Runner as it should. Thus, it would be logical for 2WD plain-Jane to start at $20k in order to compete with the Element and Xterra. As is typically for Toyota, expect to pay through the nose for highly desirable options.... like side air bags... or the off road package...

    Hawman, I suggest you do a bit of surfing before you jump to conclusions. '05 V8 4Runners have been selling for close to $5-6k off for weeks now. BTW: those models currently carry a $3k rebate but it is also clear that there exist additional (year end) incentives. Simply surf over to one of the no-haggle dealerships or even try out carsdirect (in a CA zip) and you will quickly get a pretty good idea of the current market pricing. In fact, carsdirect pricing is typically ok but not great.

    '05 Tacos do not have rebates but carmax currently lists them at $250 below invoice. The auto industry is having a tough time moving vehicles that do less than 20mpg with price of gas around $3/gal and the FJ is likely to suffer the same fate within month of its debut!
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    there was no jumping to conclusions in my comment and if I've offended you in some way I appologize. Rebates do vary from region to region so if yours is $3000, then it's $500 more than ours. At $3000 rebate your "close to 5-6k off of sticker" becomes realistic. But you said $7k before. NOT TRYING TO ARGUE JUST CLARIFYING WHY I DISAGREED!

    BTW the reason for the larger rebate is the slight change in body style the 06 4runner is getting. They are simply trying to offer incentive enough to people who notice the cosmetic differences. (which are many) believe me, I know how to negotiate a car deal and I also know toyota it's all I will own, so I have learned to recognize when they hold the cards...on the FJ the hand is theirs.
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