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Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    I just got back from the Expo and I am working on downloading the photos and uploading to my site. Unfortunately the FJ was up on a stage and the only thing you could touch if you had a good reach like myself was the front corner of the bumper that sticks out squaring it off. By the way it's plastic like everything else in this automotive world. The doors weren't even open, it was the silver one, and the people knew nothing. I asked them about the rear passenger window and they didn't know and I asked about the front seats folding flat and they didn't know that either. They also didn't know a price range. They were pretty much there taking e-mail address' from potential buyers. OK gota work on the photos now. Will post again in a few!

    OK photos are now up but I don't want to take up a whole bunch of space here so just visit my site "vehicleshoot" and click on the FJ Cruiser link at the bottom of the main page on the right.
    For all the other photos from the show you can join my Yahoo Group and I will have them up in there tomorrow. Yahoo Group link is alson on the main page of my site.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    By the way you can plainly see from my photos that there are three windshield wipers. I don't know what you guys were seeing in the other photos on SOR but I always saw 3 of them!
  • and nice site!

    To bad they didn't allow hands on!

    Thanks agian!
  • Thanks for taking the time and effort to put these up for the rest of us. I'm glad I didn't rearrange my day to try to get over to Pomona.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    In the Mid Atl region there is a temporary glut of '05 4Runners this month. The Mid Atl region has put $3K rebates on the V8 4R but only $1500 on the V6's. Getting $5-6K off a V8 4WD ( incl rebate ) is very doable this month.

    The Marketing of the FJ will be like that of the Scions 3 yrs ago as evidenced by the O/R show just visited above. Word of Mouth - no advertising at all - suddenly the FJ's will show up a few at a time.

  • The 4runner is 3 yrs into a product cycle and one can expect discounts. FJ's will not be significantly discounted for at least 2 yrs.

    This is a low end low margin vehicle. There is nothing expensive in it. Most will never go off-road, but adorn many suburban houses. Like mine. Eventually, after the plastic has cracked, the color makes you sick and the thrill of hosing out the inside to clean has worn off, they will get into the hands of young adults for cheap offroad fun.
  • Obviously, as a member of any discussion: "we agree to disagree"!!!?

    FJ was a grand idea that dates back to the days when SUVs with real offroad capabilities were the norm and the crossovers where just hitting their stride. Nissan got it right when it released the Xterra 5 years ago, but Toyota missed the boat with this segment (interestingly, they nailed the crossover segment with their HL).

    Today's landscape is significantly diffirent! Look at all the dooms day predictions that are current floating around about the GM's Tahoe and Suburban? Did know that GM is predicting 20 mpg (city) for these models? Same dooms day predictions could really apply to FJ and even the current 4Runners and larger SUVs. Frankly, if GM can get their full size SUVs to achieve 20 mpg-city, it is unlikely that Toyota's current engines in the 4Runner or FJ or the Nissan SUVs will get much traction in the market place.

    The SUV market segment has topped and the non-crossover sub-segment has already started to shrink. Obviously, that segment is still way too overcrowded and it is only getting more crowded: more models, more competion, less demand all lead to the same conclusion! Prices will have to moderate! As it is the MSRP pricing on many SUV has continued to climb but the street prices have actually come down; the slide is already on the way.... Why and how is this possible? First and foremost, SUV have overly high markups and are one of the most profitable sectors for the automakers. That has remained so because the market was expanding but over the last few months and even years, the consumer preferences have started to shift.... you get the idea....

    I have said this before: FJ will get a couple of months of overpricing but it will slip right below 4Runner very quickly. Does everyone remember the '03 4Runner release? In the first month, some paid over MSRP but it quickly came down to invoice and was selling well under that by that summer. If FJ pricing does not fall far enough, many of us (like myself) will simply get yet another 4Runner because it is much easier for me to sell the 4Runner to my family. If the price is the same FJ will always come a very distant second.

    My $0.02!
  • No way in HELL can GM squeze 20MPG CITY out of the new Tahoe and Suburban. I'll believe 15 City, 20 Hwy. Which is close to what the current models do... 14/18.
  • Hey i was wondering if you could help me get to your site
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    I don't know if this site will leave my link up but it is
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Sure, that can stay up - nice site. I enjoyed looking at the Portfolio section!


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  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Cool thanks, I luv what I do and I just wish I could do more of it!!! Never can shoot enough and I can't wait to shoot my first Magazine feature! Maybe my very own FJ will be my first mag feature? That would be a double bonus!!!
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    How do you all feel about the color choices for our FJ?

    1. Voodoo Blue
    2. Atomic Yellow
    4. Cherry Pearl
    5. Black Metallic

    The yellow would be a very fun color but a little to subtle for me so I would probably go with the safe titanium. The color contrast with the roof would be nicer with the other colors though. Silver would provide a more monochromatic look.

    What is your best guess for gas milage? Given the fact that the FJ is about 11 inches shorter than the 4runner I am hoping that the weight savings will translate into gas savings.
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    Are you sure about those color choices?-----I've heard they will have a tan model as well.----I think a Tan FJ would look great, my first choice, then it would be the Black. Black does look a little bit like a cop car though, at leas here in CA, but at least you can see the contrasting body colors. I'll need to see the silver in person to decide weather it's too monotone or not.------I like the blue, but I'm sure I'd get sick of it, and yellow, come on, only those desperately seeking attention will be sporting these.---just my thoughts
  • I'll take the tan or the orange color one.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I figure 19/23 automatic, 18/22 manual, based on the Tacoma, which should weight about the same. Maybe a point less on the highway, because the FJ will be less aerodynamic than the Tacoma is. Those numbers are for the 4WD.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • There will also be a limited Moab edition in all black including wheels and top.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    The silver looked good in person at the off-road show Saturday. My FJ Link
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    After talking with my girl, deciding what we would want in the future we might have eliminated the FJ for the Taco.
    At the Off-Road Expo my girl spotted this very versitile pop-up tent triler Link We were diggin' it and thought it would go great behind an FJ. But then we realised paying $5K for a tent would be kinda stupid so then I priced out some small 18' trilers in our area and found one from 99 for $4,500. Now we would have a dumper and shower wich we really miss on our camping trips with our friends who all have toy haulers. But I don't know if that V6 in the FJ is going to hack it on the hills out of Borego back to San Diego. So I think I might be jumping ship to the TRD Taco crew.... :(
    The only downside to the taco that I can see is that our luggage won't be enclosed. But there are a number of upsides. We could carry some little 70's in the bed of the truck, it has a V8, I will get better pricing deals on a taco, and last an most important, it is already a proven vehicle.
    So what do you guys think about an FJ towing an 18' trailer :confuse:
  • If you are going to do a Taco + tent trailor, I would recomend just a Taco + Bed Tent. Nothing to haul around, it just pops up in your truck bed.

    The TJ would never be able to pull a 18' trailer, but that light wieght 6x8 trailer you linked it will pull that all day long.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "But I don't know if that V6 in the FJ is going to hack it on the hills out of Borego back to San Diego. So I think I might be jumping ship to the TRD Taco crew..."

    Doesn't the Taco and the FJ have the exact same V6? You can't get a V8 in the Tacoma; are you thinking of the Tundra?
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Oh wow, I don't know what I was smokn'!!!! Your right. My Bad!!! Damn now I don't know what we are going to do??? HMMMMMM
  • 00120012 Posts: 8
    Do you have any more details about the Moab edition? ?transmission?leather seats (seem to be common in most limited editions...even trucks..). Out of curiosity, how do you find out this kind of information?
    Anyway, the black vehicle really sounds neat. Since black shows scratches and dirt easily, I am not sure how appropriate it would be for off-road driving.

  • that was a joke.
  • Still have not seen any details here or elsewhere: Is the FJ more Tacoma like ("4X4") or 4Runner like ("AWD" or Multi-Mode 4-wheel drive)? (I.E., Will there be full time 4WD availability?) I would think that this would be a concern of folks interested in the FJ -- wanting one or the other, but not one of them. Anybody have any insights or hard information?
  • It's based on the 4runner platform. selectable 4x4.
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    There has been a lot of talk about the FJ having a Locking Rear differential and the picture a few pages back of the interior shows a button that looks A LOT like "RR DIFF LOCK". Based on the rest of Toyota's lineup that eliminates the AWD. In the models (4runner, Sequoia, Land Cruiser) that offer the AWD/4WD there is a Locking center differential.

    VSC/TRAC is going to be standard but expect that to cancel when 4WD is activated.
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    Hey, anyone else notice the girl in pic 31 on the site? That fit looks real tight and she can clearly see over the wheel without lifts. Until I saw a shot with someone sitting in the FJ I couldn't tell how small it really was. Maybe too small?-----The same girl in #31 also stands out in #32 as the shortest person there! If this cab looks cramped on her how the hell am I going to fit in there??---Anyone else feel like this might be a "mini" feeling vehicle? :confuse:
  • Anyone see a middle arm rest?
  • NO! Don’t like that ether. What about that big side mirror? I’ve seen some pictures that make it look like it comes half way up the side window. Combine that with the hefty A(?) pillar with that grab handle and I’m bitchen about my visibility like when I drive my wife’s explorer. Love the overall looks though and will replace my 85 runner with one in the spring.
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