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Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • The lower rear seat cushions pull up and hinge forward so the rear seatbacks can fold down flat. But the floor is configured so that the cargo compartment is lower than the seat area, so when the seats are folded flat, there is a definite ridge between the two.
  • 4rider4rider Posts: 96
    I really wish the new FJ can have a front solid axle. At least make it an option. That will really be the icing on the cake.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    No thank you. The IFS is more than enough for 90% of offroad situations and gives far better ride and steering on the street (where you'll spend 99% of the time).
  • 4rider4rider Posts: 96
    "The IFS is more than enough for 90% of offroad situations "

    But it is the most difficult, 10%, of the terrian that really counts
  • 00120012 Posts: 8
    Thank you for the good information. I like the idea of a black Cruiser, but a white top might make it look like a police Cruiser...Someone mentioned a "Moab Edition" which might be in all-black...that would be nice.
    It's good to know the driver's seat will go up and down. I don't plan on getting the optional displays (inclinometer, etc) that sit on top of the dash, but that might be something one will have to buy if one wants the vehicle. In that case, the vertical adjustment of the seat will help.
    Even though the searchlights on the outside mirrors would go along with the police Cruiser concept, I would prefer just plain mirrors.
    I feel this is going to be a great vehicle!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Are you ever on that 10% of the terrain?

    I'd guess that for 99% of the owners, they will never be on anything more challenging than a well-kept logging road.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Getting stuck and towing eachother out is half the fun of off-roading! C'mon you always need an excuse for a beer break! Not that we drink and off-road or anything.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    Actually there is an auxiliary input, just not an iPod specific one.
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Since I couldn't make it this year I got my Dad into SEMA and had him check out the FJ for me. So he went Friday and sat in the front and set the seat where he would need it and then sat in the back and said his knees were brushing the back of the front seat. He said no way could you go on a long trip without a few stretch stops. Oh and he is a 5'-11" 185 lb guy. He also talked to a Toyota sales manager from a California dealer who was checking it out and he said that with only 4,100 units coming to Cali there will most likely be a mark-up putting the FJ at around 32K. And with what I am hearing on the Xtera board and people getting 05 Xtera's for 24,800 out the door for SE 4x4's I don't know how I could buy the FJ and how it could compete!
  • lou62lou62 Posts: 9
    Not good news....Toyota had better keep their eye on the ball and not mess the fj up
    in regards to pricing strategy. I'm comfortable paying 28K for a LOADED fj but 32K is out of the question. I can get a new forunner v6 loaded for less than that! I understand
    that the dealers will be at their usual games early on(witness the 05tacoma) but I'm
    going to stay on the fence for 8+mos and wait for the dust to settle and for the color
  • fjjrfjjr Posts: 12
    I think you might have to wait longer than 8 months to get Tan, I hope I'm wrong, but nothing mentions anything but the five specified colors.-----Maybe you are planning for the next year release?----Then it could happen!
  • I'm with you lou. Mid to upper 20's for a loaded FJ and I'm happy. Anymore than that and I'll get a Wrangler or stick with sports cars. I can get a 350z or a 325i or G35 in the low 30's.

    All I really want is a Toyota Jeep with mileage in the low 20's instead of the mid teens.

    BTW, those old 4-runners with the camper shell back and 4-cylinder engines were great vehicles. They ran forever and you couldn't get an owner to part with one.

    Used car lots used them as eye candy.
  • In fact, even '05 G35x can be had for a hair under $30k and it might even be a better deal than the 4Runners which are hard to find with side air bag&curtains. It is certainly a better on-road vehicle than body-on-frame SUV but obviously it is not suitable for any off road duty. Furthermore, there is better value in vehicles like the Pilot which come with everything including leather for under $30k. 325 is probobably a bit less value but a bit more brand name... Other value choices would include one of the Turbo Subies: WRX wagon (lower $20s) or the Forester XT (mid 20s).

    FJ is going to be in a very crowded price segment if they get into the the upper 20s but it could be a home run if it is priced in the lower 20s. I am pretty sure that the price will be under $25k once all the hoopla has worn off and supply is plentiful as it is on the 4Runners... Xterra arguably offers more because of the full rear doors and thus the FJ price will have to be inline with that!

    My $0.02!
  • I bet Toyota is betting on a lot of old LC owners who want the new version... the "heritage buyer," so to speak. Of course Toyota will get tons of press early on and I believe they will sell the 40k units they project in the first year, even if it's priced fairly high. Once the '08 models hit and the newness has worn off, it will drop in price.
  • Toyota Targets Enthusiasts in Marketing Campaign for 2007 FJ Cruiser
    Date Posted 11-08-2005

    ATLANTA — Toyota kicked off its marketing campaign for the 2007 FJ Cruiser in the Mojave Desert following the SEMA show last week. It was the first of a series of events aimed at influential off-roaders, Inside Line has learned.

    "We will do no TV advertising," said James Farley, Toyota Division vice president of marketing. "We will only focus on the enthusiast."

    Farley said the company has hired "close to 50 off-road instructors" who will conduct a series of events throughout the country in the coming months as Toyota introduces the latest iteration of the roughneck FJ40 to a group of new consumers. The company is turning to over 30 Land Cruiser clubs in the U.S. to come up with participants for its FJ Cruiser off-road programs.

    "Many people don't know what the FJ40 is," Farley said. "We'll spend all of our money establishing the FJ Cruiser's credibility as an off-road machine. We won't race [it] before we do rock crawling [and] mud and trail activities."

    The 2007 FJ Cruiser goes on sale in February.

    What this means to you: Toyota shows it understands the rule of the off-road: If you don't have authenticity, you don't have anything when it comes to vehicles like the FJ Cruiser.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    $25-29K seems likely. Low $20K's is too optimistic. Also Toyotas are never less than Nissans.. they are always $1-2K more .. It's just the way it's done. If The FJ came in at the same price as the Xterra then Nissan would have to lower the Xterra price.
  • You have a point: Nissans sell at lower prices than comparable Toyotas. However, Xterra is arguably better value or more utility than the FJ: rear doors, interior size & storage space, etc. FJ will likely MSRP in the upper 20s but it will not sell there for any extended period of time. Furthermore, 4Runners are starting to sell in the upper 20s and they have much more content than the FJ.
  • "White roof will be standard on all FJ's"

    Says who. I DONT WANT A WHITE ROOF, they better have an option for body color roof, and it better not cost a lot.

    All black...OR All titanium.
  • has anyone seen a picture of what the inside looks like with a manual tranny yet?

    alternatively, are the only pictures of the FJ in all black the ones taken from a video and put on the autospies site?
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    approximately $20,000. Your expectations are too high for price. Look at the feature to price content that you are now seeing on the Scion models. Car prices are deflating in constant dollars.

    Remember that the last Nissan 300Z costs almost $40,000 before they stopped importing it in the 90s. The new Z starts at $27,000.

    I would bet that the base price of the new FJ will be $20,995.

    Now if we could just get Toyota to change the name from the FJ to something else.
  • Let's hope Jim Farley will price them like they priced the Scions!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    seen the review MT gave the XTerra, this year's MT SUV of the year winner? FJ will have its work cut out for it to measure up! They talk about it being really great and fast on-road, in addition to having solid credentials offroad.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I read the article. Very persausive. Xterra is a great product, and Nissan does great marketing. The FJ may turn out to be a great product, but if Toyota sticks to a "grass-roots" marketing campaign, and dicks around with the pricing, it will never get close in sales. All other things being equal, (engine, off-road ability, towing capacity, mpg, etc.), I am leaning towards the Xterra - with full rear doors and selling below MSRP. :shades:
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    It is right there on pg 23 of auto Spies SEMA coverage.
    I would like to know what is up with this veny or speaker in the compartment on top of the dash? :confuse:
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    i feel kinda silly pointing this out but that's an automatic...did I miss something?
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Umm, oops! Can I use the It's Friday excuse???
  • I failed to ask that question.
    I checked it out and even stuffed my hand in that hole.
    It is not smooth or finished like you'd expect a storage cubby hole to be, but this was a pretty crude pre-production one.
  • hawmanhawman Posts: 19
    yeah "it's friday" works for me. I looked all over the internet yesterday and didn't find a pic of the manual...anyone else have any luck?
  • Went to a Hummer dealership today and test drove an H3. Good vehicle but for an H3, the way I want it, it would be about 38-40K!!!!!! Please Toyota, keep the price down...I'm your young, adventurous, active, male buyer with an average income.. Anything over 30k for an fully loaded automatic FJ, would mean Xterra.
  • don't get an automatic!
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