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Warranty Claims Administration



  • hardthardt Posts: 2
    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I am right in the middle of dealing with this exact issue. All I get from the client relations people is technicalities regarding the vehicle being "grey market" instead of standing behind their product.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Some manufacturers, like Honda, have taken a hard line about vehicles purchased in Canada and brought to the States for resale. It's a cash cow for these dealers, selling nearly-new cars cheaper than a legitimate dealer could. In an effort to stop this behavior, Honda has voided the warranties on these 'grey market' vehicles. They won't stand behind their Canadian product if it was sold in the U.S. You're probably shucksoutaluck. Hopefully, you got a great price on your Odyssey when you bought it.

    Many people are unaware they have grey market vehicles until a situation like yours comes up, that's what really stinks about this thing. The customers get shafted, the shady dealers get little penalty. (they can be fined, I think, but it's rare)
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    I have a place along the US/Canadian border.

    I see a LOT of ex-Canadian used vehicles.
    A lady at our local bank had a warranty issue with her
    "grey" market GM vehicle. The US GM dealer would NOT
    cover the repair under warranty because of this.......

    Simple solution was to take the car BACK over the border
    to a Canadian GM dealer and have it repaired for N/C under

    I don't know if honda would do this. But its worth a
    phone call or 3 to honda to find out if this would work
    in your case..............
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Honda is a bit more hard-nosed than GM on this issue, but it would be worth a try.
  • There was recently a message board put up not hosted by NNA but they shut it down already.... :( it was a big help since I am a CAD dealer and cant call the CCC for help.....hopefully this board could be of some help?!
  • tabula56tabula56 Posts: 1
    John - who do you contact at Honda to resolve the warranty problem for a Canadian grey market vehicle innocently purchased in the U.S.??????????????????????
  • januszbjanuszb Posts: 1
    >>Some manufacturers, like Honda, have taken a hard line about vehicles purchased in Canada and brought to the States for resale<<

    Honda manufacturer has no reason to take hard line about grey market. It is very beneficial for them to have market that they do not have to service. That it is why they voided extended warranties/recalls and not "authorization" for Honda Dealers. If Honda wanted to stop grey market they could do it easily by refusing to give dealers status of "authorized Honda dealer" and taking away some incentives for those dealers that sell their products through grey market route.
    I have bought my Odyssey 5 years ago in authorized Honda dealer, at time of purchase my vehicle had only 100 miles on odometer. At 44 k miles tranny needs replacement. I babied my car never tow anything. Both Honda USA and Honda Canada refuse to send replacement tranny despite the fact that acording to vin number I would be eligible if vehicle was not sold as grey market. As a customer I was not aware how authorized dealer aquire their cars I was convinced that I am buying genuine brand new Honda product and I did not care if it was manufactured in California, Ohio Canada or Japan in fact I was thinking that my car is Japanesse product. Honda divided itself into different entities to take advantage of diiferent laws and taxation and to have some excuses to not service or be responsible for faulty components but profits go to one huge corporation and their shareholders.
    It is time to end lame excuse of "grey market" If hundreds screwed up consumers would raise their voices and sue Honda in class action suit even if not won reputation of standing by their product would be tarnish. All those screwed up by Honda should not be sitting quiet.

  • rusdawgrusdawg Posts: 2
    My 2002 Dodge Ram pickup recently broke down while traveling out of town. The engine locked down and the dealer where I had it towed told me my warranty wouldn't cover repairs because of lack of maintenance on my part, which I disagree with. I called the dealer where I purchased the vehicle and was told that Dodge would send in an independent auditor to give a second opinion. However, when I called the number I was given, I was told that the dealer's decision was final. I can't seem to get a straight answer. Any one out there with any suggestions?
  • joepcar2joepcar2 Posts: 2
    You might try contacting your state guarranty association for assistance, they can only say no luck!!
  • hawaii101hawaii101 Posts: 10
    Are paint problems covered under the original bumper to bumper warranty? I have a 2003 Honda Element that has orange peel in the clear coat of most of the exterior. I went to the dealership and the service manager first tried to tell me that "all the Hondas were like that because that's how they paint them" The look on face told him I wasn't buying that story so he told me it was overspray. I informed him I had tried every product including a clay bar to remove overspray. At this point he got really grumpy and started talking about industrial fallout and explained that he was not an expert and I would have to talk to a representative from Honda because he did not want to have to carry the claim. I live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific so these guys are the only dealership I have access to. What should my next step be? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.. :confuse:
  • tophamtopham Posts: 2
    My ford f-250 v-10 engine locked up on the road. After being towed to a certified garage it was found to have two bad rod bearings. Nether of my extended warranties would cover the repair. They claimed contaminated oil. The oil was not tested and all other bearing were immaculate. I performed all of the factory recommended servicing myself.

    My conclusion:

    All extended warranties are a rip off !!

    Reply for names.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    1. read your manual, it will detail paint warranty procedures. Most paint problems surface within the first 10k miles, I'm surprised you're just now finding orange peel or overspray. They might say you've 'sat on your rights' by waiting till your car is (give or take) 3 years old to complain of a paint problem.
    2. are you still inside 3 years? IIRC Honda warranty is 3/36.
    3. call Honda customer service and ask.
  • Anyone with JEEP problems with dealerships/DC refusing transmission (automatic) warranty issues-I started to sue them last year-they dragged me around for over a year-won in district court-they appealed- won again-they appealed to New Hampshire State Supreme Court-I WON again!
    Had a 2000 Sahara brand new-transmission failed less than 30k miles-after rear axle had been replaced due to water/rust TWICE-local stealership refused immediately because I didn't buy it from them-had it towed to my dealership-and it was already on the DC computer as refused by area factory rep. Forced to pay cash, extended warranty refused to pay it also...after 2 years-finally nailed them down in court! I will post word for word judgement to help others-this sets a PRECEDENT that can be used in other courts!
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    So who paid? Chrysler or the Service Contract? Your 4 year old car should have been covered under the service contract. Anything Chrysler would do would be 'goodwill'.
  • The 2000 Sahara had less than 23,000 miles on it-and was at that time less than 3 years old....Daimler Chrysler factory REP for New England outright REFUSED TO HONOR THE TRANSMISSION REPLACEMENT WARRANTY...said 'it had to by (MY) fault that it went wrong'...
    in COURT, the lawyer for DC kept trying to say that I had pushed a jetski into a lake and went into water...BECAUSE THE DC PRINTED BROCHURE SHOWS THAT BEING DONE!!! The JUDGE himself finally told her to GIVE IT UP...if it was SHOWN IN THE BROCHURE then it MUST BE OKAY TO DO...and also, I didn't own a jetski or even a boat- IN COURT pulled up my pant leg and showed HER my LEG BRACE from toes to knee! Effectively preventing me from even RIDING a jetski. And, HER 'star witness' WAS the Service dept manager for the dealership that refused to fix it-and HE, UNDER OATH, testified that there was NO DAMAGE under or anywhere on the Sahara, it was in prime condition, no leaks, scrapes, dents, dings, OR ANY SIGN OF ANY ABUSE. He then went on to state that the ONLY SOURCE of this problem 'could be' a faulty VENT on the transmission vent line-and HE DID NOT TEST IT....end of case...Judge nailed them right there.
    a week later, we got FULL JUDGEMENT, and the lawyers for DC appealed it immedately. Another week, APPEAL DENIED, JUDGEMENT AWARDED AGAIN. A month later, THEY APPEALED TO THE NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE SUPREME COURT. A couple more months, my lawyer had to file or we would have lost by default. The case was then AWARDED TO ME AGAIN by SUPREME COURT because DC had NO CLAIM TO PURSUE APPEAL. They were ALSO chided BY THE JUDGES for failure to produce documents, and trying to introduce 'new' evidence that was unsupported.
    NOTHING Chrysler would do would be considered "GOODWILL"...if they give you a WARRANTY, THEY HAVE TO HONOR THAT WARRANTY.
    It is the DEALERSHIPS that do 'goodwill'...many of them will do warranty work even on vehicles that have been altered or modified...
  • rusdawgrusdawg Posts: 2
    My Ram 1500 also broke down while traveling, 150 miles from home. I had it towed to the nearest DC dealership which refused to honor the warranty due to "lack of maintenance." They said they found sludge in the engine, and subsequently charged me $243 to tell me this.
    I then had it towed to the DC dealership where I purchased the vehicle from. After @2-3 weeks, they denied the claim and gave a corporate denial number after supposedly having a corporate auditor come to take a look at the truck. They only charged me $40 to do this.
    I don't understand the discrepancy in cost between the two dealerships. Also, the service associate at my dealership said that an auditor must be called and a denial number given when a claim is denied, although neither happened at the first dealership.
    I've since paid to have a motor put in myself, in addition to the $400 I spent to have the truck towed back home. Any ideas as to what my next move should be?
  • My dealership (the good one) was able to prove with computer printout that my Sahara had been properly maintained at the correct intervals, oil changes, filters, etc. and each time the mechanic had noted any 'other' problems if they existed-so my lawyer had this printout as evidence of 'proper maintainence and no damage or abuse'.
    If you hadn't been getting the services done at the right times, you may have screwed yourself...but if you can get the computer printout (and ALL dealerships will have access through your VIN number to this) and it shows proper maintanence..then you have a case like I did. Your first dealership may have screwed you for an engine flush or something to try and fix it-I got a 'tranny flush' and second dealer found NO evidence of it having been done but its not worth another lawsuit for $200....
    The factory rep had put in the denial claim on the first dealership-so my dealership couldn't make the claim-that's why I got stuck. So if there wasn't one the first time, I'd be thinking lawyer time! BUT make sure he files FOR LEGAL FEES in the first lawsuit...mine forgot to and had to eat most of it...we split the fees.
    If you can get a lawyer to take the case, he can contact me to get the court case docket # for proof that DC has been held accountable...they do NOT want anyone to know about this! It was in NH State Supreme Court this it can be used to help in any state as far as I know!
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Sorry. I got confused between the 'two years later', and the fact it was a 2000 vehicle.

    You stated:

    "but if you can get the computer printout (and ALL dealerships will have access through your VIN number to this) and it shows proper maintenance..then you have a case like I did."

    All dealerships do not have maintenance records. We (GM dealer) only have our in-house records and the record of warranty repairs that we can look up on the GM website. If you get your OLF done at Jiffy Lube or another dealership, we won't know about it. Every vehicle owner should keep his records,and not rely on a third party to keep track of his business.
  • I meant all JEEP dealerships have full access to all JEEP records-a service manager showed me on his computer that he had access to anything done by any JEEP shop (and on my rubicon that showed 2) but the Sahara had been maintained strictly by jeep dealerships-never an outside source!
    Same thing the lawyers for DC tried to disclaim-that it had not been maintained, but was abused, damaged, etc. and their OWN witness refuted that on the stand! Worst witness they could have provided-best witness for us if we had needed one.
    And yes, it is well worth hanging on to EVERY record for anything-from parts to oil changes to tire rotation.
    It boiled down to a FACTORY dealer rep that did NOT want to authorize the warranty claim...for the dealership we went to first. Had I brought it to MY original dealer, they said they would have had NO problem getting it done on warranty-even though they had the same factory rep! They would have authorized it on the spot-as they had already rebuilt the rear axle twice and knew the vehicle...and maybe knew something I DIDN'T about why there was obviously a problem with water where it didn't belong on this vehicle-it had 900 miles on it when I got it 'new' from them.
  • statstat Posts: 19
    I have a question:

    I Just bought a Toyota Yaris. brand new. I'm also someone who does their own oil changes, spark plug changes, etc. I usually perform my own 30k, 60k, 90k service intervals at home. I buy OEM parts to perform the major service intervals.

    By doing my own oil changes, servicing would I be voiding my factory warranty?

    How do others handle this? How do you keep records of oil changes and such? How do you prove this to the dealership should a problem arise?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,476
    I'd definitely keep sales receipts and definitely add your own "service sticker" to the door jamb or windshield. Anytime you work on your own car, you are exposing yourself to a "loophole" that could be used against you---not saying it would be, but case in point:

    If your engine blows up and the dealer finds a leaky oil filter that you put on, you are toast. If he doesn't find a leak, you are probably fine, with receipts and mileage recordings.

    Personally, just for me, I take my Scion to the dealer for oil changes. It's so cheap and then they are responsible. I might do my own spark plugs at 30K however.

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  • NO, all dealers do not have records to ALL services. We all can acess warranty repairs but every dealer is different as far as customer pay maintenance repairs. Every Dealers runs a different system, wether it be ADP, Reynolds and Reynolds. They all run off differents servers therefore we do not have access to maintenance history thats was done by a different dealer. Sounds like a bad dealer up there but I have doubts on your credibility after your angry post and your assumption that we all know.

    To all the other warranty admins out their, i have been thinking about making a website and message boards specifically for us, to help each other out, let me know what you think and if you all would be interested.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    The forum is a good idea!
    If you are a GM guy, there is a forum attached to Sign in there. There is a ton of good information, as well as a section for warranty admins.
    It's mostly technician-driven, but has been very helpful to me as a SA/warranty clerk.
  • well i do chrysler but we also have a GM store, so i figured i would set it up for all administrators, each with their own section
  • It was the Service Department Manager that TOLD me that he had access like all JEEP dealers to the 'master' computer records of all work done by a dealer on the jeep-and the first thing that popped up was the REFUSED WARRANTY claim posted by the local stealership less than 2 days earlier, after I had paid to get the jeep TOWED down to them. Also, so much for the 'road service warranty' go with THEM for the towing!
    I didn't make this up-this is exactly what I was told AND he showed me on his computer screen- and it showed the service work I had done at another dealership when I was trying to find a local dealer to handle routine maintenance instead of driving an hour away.
    This second dealership had a supposedly FACTORY TRAINED MECHANIC run my poor rubicon up on a lift-with the hood flipped open-and promptly FOLDED THE HOOD RIGHT OVER THE WINDSHIELD FRAME...........
    and you thing I don't have a reason to be angry at some dealerships?????
    How about the dealership mechanic that put on differential rock guards for me-used the WRONG SIZE BOLTS and never checked to see if they were seated-and I had all the fluid running down the road?
  • I hope some one can help me with my situation. I purchased 2006 Dodge Sprinter recently. Few days after I took delivery, I noticed that rear passenger side panel had different shade of silver than rest of the body panels.

    I took the car to the dealership and Chrysler authorized dealer to repaint the car. From the get go, I told my dealer that I do not want to repaint the new car nor I can afford to be without my car for 7 or more days to repaint the car for I use the vehicle for business.

    So, I called Chrysler to see if they can credit me toward my loan or credit me with services upto cost of repainting the car. I am getting no where with the request from the dealer and Chrysler. Am I asking something out of ordinary or is this feasible?

    Is there anything that can be done without painting the panel?

    Thanks in advance.
  • If the paint shades are different then it has to repainted and blended in to match the rest of the car.

    Loan credit - not an option, wont happen

    Rental - They could offer you a rental (rental technically not covered by warranty) it would be a goodwill situation and up to the dealer, some will some wont.

    You'll have to have it painted or just live with the color difference
  • I googled this forum and love it! Being a Warranty Administrator can be lonely because no one else at the dealership quite understands what you do. I do Chrysler and Nissan, as well as whatever 3rd party service contracts we get.

    One of my undying frustrations is car sales people who gloss over the warranty without explaining it and then expect us to deal with irate customers who thought everything was covered, regardless of ignored maintenance. A woman told me the other day that the reason she bought a "new" car as opposed to a "used" car was because she "didn't want to deal with all that stuff". Not a single oil change that we could figure, in nearly 3 years. If the sales folks aren't going to explain this stuff to buyers, they at least ought to administer a quick IQ test...LOL :P
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    A good chunk of my time is spent helping customers understand the bells and whistles their cars come with.
    I had one this morning: somehow she'd gotten the driver info center stuck on 'Spanish' and 'metric'. I had to help her back to 'American'. Yippee.

    Explaning a service contract can take hours. Most people come in saying 'I've got a bumper to bumper warranty!' I get the funsy fun of explaining the fine print. :P
  • Hi. I am a Nissan Warranty Admin with 11 years experience. I just found this message board!
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