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Warranty Claims Administration



  • I've been a Nissan Warranty Administrator at the same dealer for 11 years. I may be looking to move to a Gmc/Buick/Pontiac dealer. Anyone with any information on the difference or what to expect would be greatly appreciated. Glad I googled warranty administrator today!
  • If the GMC job doesn't pan out, I would encourage you to also look into Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge. Their warranty admin software is a DREAM compared to Nissan's. You just plug in your parts and vin and a list of possible LOPs come up. Pick and choose, try different combinations, very user friendly. Labor overlaps and other errors are instantly flagged for correction on the spot. No guess and wait, calling India, waiting again, calling Claims approval, waiting again, and getting your error rate emailed to your boss at the end of the month. Its all payable that same day. Plus Chrysler's willingness to bend on slightly out of warranty claims, diagnostic time here and there, and willingness to acknowledge known issues (high numbers of claims for the same thing over and over again) is much better than Nissan's cryptic messages, antiquated software and stubborn resistance to allow extra time, extra operations or parts (as if every job were a cookie cutter duplication of the last one). How you have put up with it for 11 years is a testament to your ability to persevere! =D
  • Wow. I'll take that compliment. Yeah, it hasn't been an easy 11 years, but I've managed. I'm salivating over the ease of Chrysler. I think it's time I mail some resumes out!
  • dcarasdcaras Posts: 7
    Warranty question about 2004 Nissan Sentra. Took to Nissan dealer due to transmission stuck. Stuck between 1st and nuteral. Dealer took transmission apart found out the there is a shifting rod and on the end of the rod there is a pin that broke. Dealer states that is was caused from operator misuse (jamming gear into 1st). How can they determine misuse or if it was not just wear and tear or poor workmanship? 2200.00 to fix. Still under factory warranty, plus have extended warranty. Dealer will not pay due to operator misuse? Any suggestions?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Is this a manual or automatic?

    As long as you have kept up with the maintenance (even if you didn't), fight it. If you're still under original warranty, the only maintenance required is oil changes and some filter changes. Most manufacturers do not require transmission service until 30k miles. Ask how something "operator misuse" could cause this pin to break. If you know an independent mechanic, talk to him/her about this failure and ask if this is misuse or a poor design.

    If the dealer does not fix it, move up the chain by calling Nissan Consumer Affairs and talk to a regional manager about your situation. I think the dealership is trying to get you to cover the cost. Hold strong.
  • dcarasdcaras Posts: 7
    its a manual and yes I am still under original warranty. They are stating that I shoved or tried to jam it into first gear therefore causing the pin to break. Which leaves me to believe that there might have been a defect there. They have already told me to call Nissan Consumer Affairs which I am going to do today. The problem is my word against the dearlership. Also I bought the car used with a little over 30K already on it and get this I've only had the car since Aug and they had to put a new engine in it do to the cataylic converter breaking apart and pieces of metal going into the engine. Well anyway thanks for the advice.
  • Call Nissan Consumer Affairs and raise hell. After they get this vehicle back together, you might want to trade it in. Nissans are very good cars and for one to have had so many issues, something is DEFINATELY wrong. Don't give up on Nissan, but you might want to give up on that particular dealer. Sounds like a transmission overhaul might be more than they can handle.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    Being the second owner, you may not have much luck on this one. You can't say how the first owner drove the car. He may have damaged the transmission and you 'finished it off', so to speak. You could take it to another dealer for a second opinion, but be prepared to pay for reassembly and diagnosis. If you can get a certified mechanic to say it's impossible for the driver to damage the pin, you'll have some backup. Good luck.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Be careful before you do to much. There are allot of parts on a manual transmission that are considered "Wear Items" and are not covered under the factory warranty. Also allot of time clip, retainers, and pins are not covered. Don't know if your situation falls into this category or not
  • As far as I know most car companies only cover the clutch and flywheel until 12,000 miles. Becasue of the variations in how people drive. Now an internal issue like a reverse gear or similar item i would think should be covered
  • dcarasdcaras Posts: 7
    I found out that the owner had a email address for anyone who has a problem with their vehicle or other issues. Sent him an email last night explaining my situation an a history of the problems (catalytic converter went bad, had to replace engine, new brakes pads, weld broke on muffler and now transmission) trying to show a pattern of bad things with this vehicle. Have only owned this car for less than a year, and that is alot of bad stuff. Got a call this (3/22) am from Service manager and have set up a meeting with him and General manager so we may come to a solution or negro on this matter. I am pushing for fix or nothing? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Well obviously the new engine was huge, the brake pads are wear items that happens on all cars, weld broke, and transmission are PITA's. Your biggest problem is that you are the second owner with no service records. It sounds like a truck that has been rode hard and put away wet. I would hope for full payment but be happy with any assistance you may get. If you go in with guns blazing you will probably get no help at all. Be professional and state your case. Not probably what you wanted to hear. :)
  • dcarasdcaras Posts: 7
    Thanks for the suggestion. No hearing that is not a problem, I had no intentions going in with blazing guns, there are times when your better off being professional about things and this one might be it. Yes I know some items are not the dealers problems, but like I said Iam just trying to build a case?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    You are definitely going about this in the correct manner. Also do some searching on the web. It's amazing some the information you can find by doing a simple Google search. You may find that this is a common problem with the vehicle.
  • dcarasdcaras Posts: 7
    Well, attended meeting with General Manager and Service Manager today (3/26). Found out that the part did not break after all, but was warn down, therefore causing the shift mech to slide up further than it was supposed to, causing the gears to jam?? Asked how that I could be a fault due to the part wearing and I only had the car for 8 months??? Service Manager then went into all these different things he saw in the way the car was driven that could contribute to the damage. First started with tires which he said showed little scratch marks on them indicating that the tires had been (burned out). Mud under front of car and damage underneath thanking maybe ran over something??? Then started on muffler issue,and I stated in was in the back seat, told him the weld broke off from the hinges and he stated that it was not a stock muffler, I said I know, it was on the car when I purchased the car from your other dealership and asked him if it was on the car when they took in trade and then sold it to me then why was I at fault? No, answer other than I don't know what was on the car at time of purchase? Last he saw some dings on the rims and said look like they hit a curb? So, anyway there were going to have a Nissan rep come down and make a decision and I probably know how thats going to turn out. My word against Nissan. Not much of chance for me??? No harsh words, everything very professional at this point??
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I would think they would work with you on this issue esp. since you bought this vehicle from another Nissan dealership. Maybe you cover the labor and they cover the parts.
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    I have a new 2007 Santa Fe. I want to do oil changes and routine maint. myself. What do I need to do to ensure that the warranty isn't compromised? Receipts, photos, or what will it take to satisfy the required maint. schedule?

  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    I would at least keep receipts of maintenance items purchased. I've read on here, some people also take a current newspaper, prop it on the dash and take a picture of the odometer/dash/paper at each service.
    That said, I have yet to deny a warranty claim due to lack of maintenance.
  • First, I gotta ask...why do you want to do this stuff yourself? At most dealerships oil changes and tire rotations are loss leaders. The record of the maintenance is invaluable. Why would you want to compromise that?

    For whatever reason, if you insist on doing these things yourself you had better keep excellent records. They have got to be good enought to support your case in a court of law, worst case senario, if something major goes wrong and they claim you have voided your warranty and you end up in court.

    For as inexepensive as these routine services are (the labor usually amounts to $10 or less), I feel that you are a fool not to take advantage of them and the documentation they provide. Even better documentation, essentially prepay for all your maintenance by purchasing a maintenance agreement. It will save you some cash in the long run and all services can be seen at any same-make dealership in the US.

    The master mechanics at our dealership who could do these things in their sleep don't even do them at home. They know they need the documentation provided by the dealership and collected electronically to satisfy future warranty issues that might arise.

  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Well I like doing these things myself because: I can wake up Sunday morning and do it when I want to and not have to drive to a dealer/shop, wait in line and then have the most non-master mechanic do this type of work where I have had drain bolts stripped, filters put on so tight they had to muscled off, wrong oil used and even once, no oil put back in my Corvette after they drained it and said it was ready to go. Just easier/more convenient and better quality to do it myself.

    So, back to my question - what kind of documentation is expected of the car companies for the do it yourselfer? Anyone know? I've emailed Hyundai but no reply and my local dealer is all into themself and says it 'must be done by us' which we know is pure BS.

  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Thanks mitzij, that's what I plan to do - I actually video my oil changes on my Corvette - which I do myself after the dealer forgot to replace the oil. They actually don't even do the work I found out - they take this type of work down the street to a local shop to do their oil, inspections, etc. Had I known that I wouldn't have used them in the first place. Thanks!
  • lin432lin432 Posts: 1
    I would strongly suggest you do not do your own servicing. Keeping receipts for parts purchased does not prove the servicing on your vehicle has been carried out as per manufacture guidelines. Your service passbook will have all the information you require in regards to non dealership servicing. Servicing your vehicle in a dealership is not only a matter of an oil change. Different intervals require different maintenance. You will find in most and definately Hyundai one of the items to be carried out at each service interval is to check for any fault codes lodged in the vehicle and check if there are any campaigns or safety recalls required. How do you possibly know this information if you never take it to the Dealership for servicing? No-one can give you this information except for the Dealership. Anyhow, back to the original question, doing this servicing yourself does not void the complete warranty on your vehicle, for example if the window switch was faulty, this has nothing to do with the servicing of your vehicle, hence there would be no reason to question this repair from a dealership prospective. On the other hand if your engine had a major problem your service history would be required prior to any repair under warranty. Service history being copies of invoices for each service, outlining the specifications of oil, parts and labour. I can confidently say if you do not have this information, the Manufacturer and Dealership are not obliged to carry out the repair if there is a lack of service history. Unless of course you wish to pay retail. Generally you would hope the technician working on your vehicle is qualified and confident in his/her job, however simple oil change can be done by an apprentice. These guys are in such shortage and they have to start somewher. Even the Manufacturers make mistakes or they would not have a warranty on their vehicles. Who hasn't made a boo boo at some stage in their career. I hope this assists you.
  • Just signed on,first time. I have been doing Ford warranties for 31 years, Mazda for 7 years and Nissan for 1 yr and 7 months.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 62,949
    Now correct me if I'm wrong, since this is your business, but if the dealer "screws up" a car, the automaker isn't going to cover that right? I mean, the dealer has "errors and omissions" insurance when one of his employees forgets to put the oil drain plug back in, I would think. The car maker isn't going to spring for the engine.

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  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    If an employee breaks it-the dealer pays for it. GM doesn't have a dog in the fight. GM is on the hook if it has a manufacturer defect.
    We had a truck slide off a hoist a few years back (needed a new tailgate, etc). Dealer paid for it, tech got yelled at.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Same here. We have had drain plugs left out, cars fall off lifts, get hit in parking lot, put back together wrong, etc and the dealer pays the price of admission for that side show.

    It is all just part of the cost of doing business. No different then if I look at a rate sheet wrong and charge you to low of a rate or charge you for a Service Contract on a 4X2 and your truck is 4x4. The damage is done and we just have to pay the difference.
  • pegkpegk Posts: 11
    I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle purchased new in April 2005. I'm at 39,000 miles, and the fuel pump just went. I had it towed to my regular mechanic (not a Ford dealer). He confirmed that the problem is the fuel pump which would cost $250 plus labor to replace. I read my warranty guide and know that I'm outside the 3yr/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty period. However the emission warranty language seemed to indicate that fuel pump might be covered under that clause (which is significantly longer than the 3yr/36,000 mile). I called Ford customer service (1-800-392-3673) to get clarification on the emissions warranty, but the customer service rep would not tell me if the fuel pump would be covered. He said it was "against the law" for him to tell me if the fuel pump was covered. I would instead have to bring my vehicle to a Ford dealer and have the dealer diagnose the problem to determine if it was covered by the emissions warranty. After some discussion, the customer service rep told that if I had a Ford part #, he would be allowed to tell me if that particular part was covered under the warranty. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said that I would get a call back in 1 to 2 days. Needless to say, I'm quite dissatisfied with the lack of "customer service" I received from this rep. Does anyone know of another number to call to ask this question to Ford regarding the coverage of a fuel pump under the emissions warranty. I'm a little concerned that the fuel pump went at 39,000 miles to begin with and think that for a mere 3000 miles over original warranty that Ford should cover this repair. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • Part number 9H307 fuel pump and sender is covered 3 yrs or 50,000 miles if you have California emissions coverage. Check with dealer. They can run an Oasis report on your vehicle and tell you.
  • pegkpegk Posts: 11
    I saw the special section on California emission warranty in my warranty guide book. I live in PA, not CA, so those rules do not apply. The book did seem to go into much more detail for the CA coverage, but was quite vague for the overall emission warranty coverage. I really need to be able to speak to someone at Ford who can explain the coverage, but I feel like I'm gettig a run around.
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    The service department of your favorite Ford dealer will be able to look it up. They will probably try to get you to come in. I'll bet a fuel pump problem can be emissions related, or it can have been caused by something else. The only way to tell may be to have the Ford garage check it out. You're expecting a 'yes'or 'no' answer to a 'maybe' question.
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