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    Bozeman, hello

    So I can safely assume that you have installed the Fumotovalve and that clearance from pan to ground is OK?
    I haven't been under there yet so I don't know about clearance concerns.

    Did you get the plain one or the one with the nipple? Seems like the nipple is the way to go... keep it clean, don't go there.

    Thank you
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    Read an article on hybrids in the local rag, currently 'hot item'. Talked about tax credits, dealer 'adjusted market value' of $1 to 3K, that eliminates the tax credit. ROI is around ten years, you'll need to replace 'all' batteries around seven years, approx. cost $4 to 5 K. Basically said the return calculated against the same size gas is negligent, due to increased maint. cost, increased insurance cost, etc. but it is more environmentally friendly. They even calculated in that gas will be at $4 per gallon by end of 2007.

    I wonder????, what will the alternate fuel we can burn will cost per gallon and when will it be available???

    Talking about tax credit, the Azera should be eligible for a tax credit because it is environmentally friendly, has anyone looked into it? If not, who knows how to?

    Good day
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    The valve hasn't arrived as yet. I can't imagine a clearance problem of any kind with the non nipple model #F106. The F106N valve has and added length with the nipple so that you can put a drain tube (comes with one) on it to direct flow more accurately. My oil change catch pan is big, so I don't need to worry about that problem.
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    Are you aware that "loudness" and amplifier power do not maintain a linear relationship? Doubling amplifier power only raises the loudness level 3 dB.
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    Dear Friends

    I would like to know which has been your experience in terms of the miles per gallon before the break-in. Since I got my car I have been only driving short distances and the average that I am getting is 14.2 Miles per gallon.

    Is this normal? What has been your experience? Would this improve after the Break-in?

    Thanks a lot for your input on this regard.

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    Since I got my car I have been only driving short distances and the average that I am getting is 14.2 Miles per gallon.

    I have never gotten below 16. But I have never ONLY taken short drives. I average around 16 in the city and the last tank was 18.5 which was 70% city and 30% highway.

    The Azera is really not a "city" car. I think you will be disappointed in city MPG -- probably around the 16 level. Others who have driven long trips on the highway have reported in the 27-28 MPG area. But I rarely take long trips.

    Gas mileage has been a slight disappointment for me. I'm getting about 20% lower gas mileage than my V6 Passat. But, of course, part of that is offset by the fact that I can use "regular" fuel instead of the premium the Passat required.

    And I hate to say this . . . but I think this "after break-in it'll do better" is not true. I really don't think there's any or maybe very slight improvement in gas mileage after the "break-in" period. At least I didn't notice anything.
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    For those of you in the eastern 2/3rds of the country that do you own oil changes, you can get a case (6 quarts) of either QS or Pennzoil synthetic 5W20, 5W30 or 10W30 from Advance Auto Parts for about $14 after a $15 rebate through the end of next week (29th). Be sure you get a case (6-pack) and not six individual quarts because you need the UPC to mail in with the rebate coupon, which you can get from their web-site online if your store doesn't have it... :shades:

    People argue about the old wives tail about oil changes 3000 mile interval: almost all synthetic oil is designed to be used 10,000 miles between changes, though I do mine at 7500 by habit just to be safe. Be sure you put a decent oil filter (personally like K&N) with it and not the cheapest one you can find... ;)

    Of course, people like to argue the point that doing your own oil changes might void your waranty, again a wives tail: by law, you can do it yourself. :P

    Even if you don't need it in the next month (or six), you can save more than 50% off the cost of the fluids itself for one week from today!
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    Edgar,how are ya?

    Interstate, about 27, 28 mpg at approx 2400 rpm, approx 77 to 80 mph on cruise

    Suburban, state roads, about 28, 29 mpg at approx 1800rpm, between 63, 67 mph on cruise

    City, if you call Ormond Beach, Daytona, Holly Hill a city holding around 19, 20 mpg

    Currently at 1,600 miles and running 'SMOOTH'

    Quick story, daughter called yesterday, was on Fl Tpk heading towards Orlando from W Palm Beach. There was black smoke ahead, kept getting darker but couldn't find a car on the side burning when, ahead she saw flames and the black smoke coming from the back of an RV that was still motoring down the road at 70 mph or so, the whole back was engulfed. the driver was cruising along like things were just fine and ignored folks who were waiving at him. Ahead a mile or so was a toll booth, hope he made it there, we don't know.
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    Hey people I heard that in late 2007 Hyundai sonata and Azera will have navigation excited aobut that. Because Hyundai Azera, Sonata, Santa fe all have navigation in Korea but not in U.S. My friend in Turkey ordered an Azera from Korea with navigation on it he will be getting the after 2 months and also Hyundai company gave him a sonata till he gets his azera.
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    Can you supply a part number for a K&N oil filter for the Azera?
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    Unfortunately, I've looked and tried to find it, but "PartsAmerica" that does online sales for several auto parts companies doesn't even have the '06 Azera as a choice when you try to enter a new car in your profile. I'm almost willing to bet it's the same as the Sonata (though - maybe not) but without an OEM part # that's about all I can do. :sick:

    I buy almost everything online these days, so I'm certain it will show up sooner or later (seems like sooner!) and I'll post it when I find it... ;)
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    That must of been an old article because it is filled with contradictions. The manufacturers of hybrids warrant the hybrid components for 8 years. This includes the batteries.
    Even so, 8 years from now, hybrid replacement batteries will be more common and priced less.

    Hybrids around here are going at MSRP (even slightly less) for normal retail buyers and buyers are not paying an inflated adjusted market value. And for the prudent buyer, you can get a Ford Hybrid Escape on the XPlan with a 0% interest rate for 5 years at this time. (The Xplan is a Ford marketing plan to sell vehicles to suppliers and large volume purchasers of their vehicles) That being said, it is not to hard to get an Xplan pin nummber for the normal customer.

    I do agree that gas could peak to $4 a gallon by the end of next year.

    Azeras are not eligible for a fuel effciency tax credit as many owners are not even getting the poor 19mpg gallon in city driving which the car is rated for. In my opinion, the poor EPA milage ratings is the main reason I opted not to buy this car. In addition, the rear end seemed to float on winding roads. Perhaps the floating was isolated to the demo car I was testing.
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    Follow-up: went to K&N's own web-site and looked, found only an air filter for the Sonata - may be out of luck if they don't even make air filters for them. The Azera is listed in their drop-down selection box, but - no products found. (air filters are their original "claim to fame"...) :cry:
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    That may be true, but if it's only a 3 dB increase, that's a heck of a jump. I went from a 200 watt amp, to a 460 watt amp and I guarantee was much more than a 3 dB increase in loudness. The change was VERY significant...from bass that hardly even made the side view mirros shudder to bass that made the roof flex.

    Trust me, you sit in a car with a 300 watt sub/amp set up and then sit in one with a 600 watt sub/amp set up and you tell me if you only hear a 3 db gain in loudness.

    And that's if you keep the same style of enclosure. You can increase the sound levels 3 dB's by switching from a sealed box to a ported box. However, that's not my interest as I'm going for an SQ (sound quality) set up. 600 watt sub/amp set up will guarantee me heated massages in the driver's seat! ;)
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    Read your warranty supplement and your owner's manuals closely regarding periodic lube service. There're some gotchas about logging the date of the service and keeping receipts for materials for inspection by Hyundai and/or the delaership if demanded in the event of a warranty claim. Without documentation that you've done the work per designated time/mileage intervals and used the correct fluids and parts*, you could find yourself in an expensive world of hurt in the event of an oil-related engine problem.

    *You do NOT have to use Hyundai parts, but any aftermarket parts you select are the responsibility of the company which designed and manufactured them. Any Hyundai parts which sustain damage from an aftermarket part (such as a Hyundai bearing that spun due to a defective oil filter) are not the responsibility of Hyundai in the event of a problem traceable to the aftermarket part, either. The aftermarket company would be responsible for repair and labor costs. The good news is that there are very few engine malfunctions that can be directly traceable to the brand of motor oil or oil filter used. (Most oil "problems" are the result of poor or too infrequently performed maintenance.) The major oil filter companies - Fram, Wix, Purolator, Baldwin, Champion Labs - do a good job of policing themselves. For less encountered or proprietary service brands, the following little chart may be of some interest:
    -Quaker State oil filters
    -Pennzoil oil filters
    -most Honda dealership supplied oil filters
    -Advance Auto oil filters
    -NAPA oil filters (some models)
    -Castrol oil filters
    -Pep Boys "ProLine" oil filters
    -Motorcraft oil filters (in the mass market retail chain)
    -Valvoline "Max Life" oil filters
    -Mopar (Chrysler) oil filters
    Champion Labs
    -WalMart "SuperTech" oil filters
    -Autozone "Valuecraft" oil filters
    -Bosch oil filters manufactured in the U.S.
    -K&N oil filters
    -Mobil 1 oil filters

    This list is by no means exhaustive, but does include the "brands" most often encountered in the normal retail chain. Not all filters manufactured by a given company are of equal quality, but all are at least equal or superior to the OEM filters from the auto manufacturers.
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    The change was VERY significant...from bass that hardly even made the side view mirros shudder to bass that made the roof flex.

    Why in the world would any sane person want bass that strong? I know that its not good for your physical and mental well being, but if it is shaking your car whats it doing to it?

    The standard stereo system in cars is more than enough for you to enjoy the music. The only reason to boost it like is being discussed here is to 1.) let people three blocks away who don't really want to hear your taste in music hear it and 2.) make you go deaf before you hit 50.

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    Hey a it again? Everyone in entitled to their own listening enjoyment. To you...a factory system is more than enough and that's fine by me. :blush:

    However...I desire more for my listening pleasure. No, I don't crank it up every chance I get when I'm driving, however...there are times that I do. Honestly, the only times I really do is when I'm on the highway with the windows down at cruising speeds. :shades:

    One advantage to more power in a system is it allows you more definition of sound at lower sound levels. This is where my interest comes in. I like being able to fully hear every note in my music, even while I'm carrying on a conversation in the car. Why...because the music doesn't have to turned up to enjoy it. :surprise:

    I don't care what people 3 blocks away think of my music because I certainly don't care about theirs. If I go deaf by 50, it'll be with a smile because it was on MY terms. LOL Snakes...stop being so anal, stop worrying about what others want to do to enjoy life. :P

    Now...before Pat jumps in again, stop worrying about me and what I do and talk about the Azera. ;)
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    Everyone in entitled to their own listening enjoyment.

    Yes everyone is entitled to their own listening enjoyment. That enjoyment includes not listening to what the idiot with their radio blasting twice as loud as a 747 is listening to. There are limits, and in a polite society the windows in my house shouldn't shake because some inconsiderate moron with a $5,000 stereo system in a $2,000 car wants as much bass as he can get with the volume set at 125 dB's. :mad:

    Its called being considerate of other, you may want to be stone deaf at 50 but do it so you don't bother others ok.

    LOL Snakes...stop being so anal, stop worrying about what others want to do to enjoy life.

    I worry about it when it negatively effects my enjoyment of life. Again its called being considerate of others. But thats just a sign of this me first others be damned world we live in.

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    Well...I won't be spending $5,000 on a system, my car cost well over $2,000 will not be capable of shaking the windows in your house.

    As far as considerations, I ALWAYS turn my music down when I pull into my neighborhood out of respect for those that may have kids napping or for those that may work night shifts and may be trying to get some sleep. As I stated, when I do crank it's when I'm on the highway with my windows down, sunroof back and cruising along.

    If you're worried about me infringing upon YOUR enjoyment of life from all the way here in D.C., they you're truly more anal that I initially thought. On another note, it's a free world (supposedly) and I am allowed to pursue MY enjoyment of life as I see fit. If you have a problem with it...get you some ear plugs and everything will be just fine! LMAO
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    I am allowed to pursue MY enjoyment of life as I see fit. If you have a problem with it...get you some ear plugs and everything will be just fine!

    Yep we are living in a world of oblivious me first to @#$ with anyone else idiots.

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    Especially when you have folks making assumptions based on only a limited amount of information. ;)

    Trust me, I wish I could run into you out on the road, just so I could pull up next to you and crank my music on full blast with the most irritating song I could possibly find! :D
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    See post # 2039.

    Maybe I should put you on the inconsiderate drive thread.

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    Took the Azera to Monterrey for a golf tourney. Very nice, fun and fast. Told a buddy I got a new car. Said it was a Hyundai. He asked if it came with a jar of Kim Chee. I wish. When he saw it however, he changed his tune. (Black with gray leather) CRANK those stereos! (Sammy Hagar-RED) :shades:
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    several posts have been removed. Let's avoid the personal sniping, ok?
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    Hey, hello,

    Play nice, or we throw you out of the sand box :)

    From Jan 1 to now, some 120 days, give or take, and to date we've seen three Azera's on the road, silver (veterans clinic Daytona), silver (Rt 1 near Titusville) and powder white pearl (Hand Ave Holly Hill). The two silver were street clean, the pearl was dirty from head to toe :cry:

    Seem to see many Sonatas 06 but most of them are not the LX but they did get the sunroof pkg, makes me wonder why???

    To each his/her own as long as they like the vehicle.

    Thinking about the hair dryer and removing the 'H's' for awhile, should be fun.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557're quite wrong, I have not pushed my idology on anyone. You asked the question why would anyone want to go beyond the means of the factory system. I gave you a reason from MY point of view. I never said it's the way everyone should do it. It's my personal preference.

    Congratulations for being one of a few that would actually test drive before posting anything. So, now that you've decided the Azera is not for you...what now?
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    Hey Jim,

    Debadging is really easy. I did mine without the aid of a hair dryer. If the car is still new, the adhesive hasn't hardened yet, so the emblems come right up. Just use steady pressure lifting up and once it comes up...peel slowly. Once the badges are off, go over it with a detailer's spray or some wax and you'll be good to go.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,512're quite wrong, I have not pushed my idology on anyone.

    Ok then who has been posting under your sign in?

    So, now that you've decided the Azera is not for you...what now?

    Stay the course, I hope not to have to buy a car for a 3 or 4 years. By then things most likely will change and cars I do not consider now might be considered then and visa versa.

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    I have been posting under my name, but...all in response to your posts, not anyone else's. Not telling you what and how things should be, but rather MY preferences. You asked and I told...nothing more.

    Now if I jumped on here and told everyone to go and upgrade their stereo system because it's for the better...then I would be pushing my ideology. However, I know that everyone listens to music differently. So...I will always say...whatever makes you happy...go with it.

    If I told everyone that they should go and buy an Azera Limited because it's the best piece of machinery out there, then I'd be pushing. However, that is not what I do. I post MY experiences with MY Azera and if that helps anyone down the road, then cool.

    I feel you on the hope of not buying a car for a little bit, I was the same way before the Azera. With things like growing kids, the need for more room became paramount. So...I had to accomodate my family by getting a new car. Based on the experience I had with my '02 Sonata, I bought the Azera with confidence in knowing that Hyundai was producing dependable vehicles that they stood behind. I'm actually hoping this to be my last car for a very long time, however...only time will tell!
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    Has anyone verified the earlier posting that the Azera is coming from the factory with 5W-20 synthetic oil??
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,512
    I have been posting under my name, but...

    But when I asked a simple question on why something was needed you went on the rampage. You were the one who started throwing insults. You were the one that tried to drown out opposing views. You were the one who tried to impose your view that you had the right to do whatever you wanted regardless of how it affected anyone else.

    Now if I jumped on here and told everyone to go and upgrade their stereo system because it's for the better

    And I didn't tell anyone not to, I just asked why and your response was...well see above.

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    need to call a truce - please, I'm sure that we'd all be grateful.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 18,512
    Will do.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

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    I just contacted the service department at Alexandria Hyundai and the service rep. there told me they come from the factory with the 5W-20 synthetic.

    He also stated that oil changes can be done a few different ways.

    #1) Every 3000 change oil & filter as usual.

    #2) Every 3000 miles change the filter only (adding about 1/2 quart of oil when you do) and the oil @ 6000 miles.

    #3) A trade off...change the oil and filter every 4500-5000 miles.

    Me personally, I'll do option 3 as I'm one to believe a new filter should start with new oil. Anyway, hope this helps.
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    Thanks. :)
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    Took Hyundai off the trunk, stuck my fingernail behind the letters and they tilted off. A quick wipe with odorless mineral spirits and gone, gone, gone. My tool box is a 'Hyundai', rare, can only get this tool box via special order.

    Now the 'H' on the upper part of the trunk. I pulled the liner in the trunk and that 'H' is mounted through two holes, glue/adhesive vs. metal pin clips, the 'H' has pins. Makes the effort more challenging, any ideas?

    The grill one is mounted on plastic that matches the shape of the oval and the 'H'. Not sure how that one is attached, could be double backed tape? Do you know how it's mounted?

    I would like to remove the ovals and then carefully cut the 'H' out and put the oval back, hmmmmmmmmm :confuse:

    How did you remove the one on the steering wheel?
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    Here is my mileage to date:

    Tank 1: 19.1 MPG (My typical commute - 7 miles each way, half freeway, half city streets)
    Tank 2: 22.8 MPG (Typical commute plus one long drive)
    Tank 3: 18.2 MPG (Typical commute)
    Tank 4: 22.0 MPG (Typical commute plus a long drive)
    Tank 5: 26.7 MPG (390 Mile Drive)

    I currently have 1582 miles on my Azera after 3 weeks of ownership - I am very happy so far. I will report back with an update in a week or so...
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    Well Guys MY avalon limited gets 26 City and 33 Highway. Alot of car with great milage....The Alzeera seems pretty good as well. Can't wait to see one
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557 do know Hyundai makes LCD and plasma TV's too, right? LOL You should sell that toolbox on ebay and see how much it'll go for! :P

    There's a couple of sites you can go to that offer badges that'll fit in the oval left if you take the "H" off. and both sites offer Hyundai aftermarket products (nothing for the Azera as of yet). Outside of that, the only other option for the trunk lid "H" is maybe some body filler, sand it down and get it painted to match.

    The front grille "H" I haven't looked at yet. I'm not too wild about having such a huge oval opening in the middle of the grille. I'm actually looking around to see if I can manufacture a grille to replace the factory one, but I gotta be careful with that.

    Removing the "H" from the ovals...come careful work with a rotory tool could do the trick, sand any rough spots with a fingernail file and find you some chrome modeling paint to touch up the spots left by the cuts and you should be good to go. Re-adhering...good luck.

    I left the one on the steering wheel as well. Not to sure about that one.
  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252
    Thanks for the 'sights', I'll check them out and get back.

    The trunk may just get some pearl touch-up to cover the 'H' in the oval or it may come off and get sprayed, again just the 'H' leaving the chrome oval. Could even do the same with the grill, for now.

    I'm actually thinking about replacing the grill pieces that the 'H' impacts with straight pieces like the section above the 'H'. Only need two pieces, maybe the parts dept. or maybe an aftermarket grill like you might see in a Ford truck or explorer grill???

    The steering wheel 'H' is glue/adhesive, removing seems to be the challenge, not sure I want to use the hair dryer there. If I get it off there would be an oval impression, hmmmm. Guess one could cut an oval out of 'choice' metal an have it engraved with 'your selection' of engraving or just leave it blank or have the metal textured to match the console grain, or a piece of wood grain to match, hmmmmm.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    No problem, I was just on the dream ka one and they have a couple of badges for the trunk by Ixion and one by Studie. I'm sure you could get either one and maybe prime and paint it, put your own design over it, clear coat it and put it on with very little trouble.

    The only problem with the billet grilles is finding a way to get them to stay put. The grille on the Azera doesn't seem to be as easy to remove and change as the one on the Sonata I had. Then again, I haven't really tried yet either, so I could be wrong.

    Good luck with the steering wheel "H".
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    ...Hyundai would install synthetic motor oil as factory fill, encourage owners to use synthetic motor oil as service fill, and then continue advising oil changes at 3,000 - 7,500 miles. One of the basic paradigms of synthetic motor oil use is to allow extended oil change intervals. Up through 5,000 miles, conventional oils of the past five years demonstrate fully equivalent performance and protection to engines as that afforded by synthetic fluids. Of course there's no law (or even warranty issues) that would prevent owners from using the high-priced goo if they desire, nor will I discount the immaterial "feel-good" factor rampant among new car owners that dictates the use of "nothing but the best for my new baby", but someone would have to supply certified evidence from controlled testing that the use of synthetic motor oil every 5,000 miles would result in longer engine life than would be achieved through the use of 2/3 less costly conventional motor oil, presuming both fluids are formulated to current and future current API/ILSAC ratings, before I would entertain doubts about my choice of motor oil. One final observation: what few doting new car buyers take into consideration is that the majority of cars are traded, relegated to rust-bucket beater status, and/or consigned to bone yards long before their engines barf - regardless of the choice of motor oil their owners used.

    (That's my story an' I'm stickin' to it. ;))
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    About the only thing I can think of is that the synthetic oils offer less sludge build up over conventional oils. Now I can say that in my older cars, I used the Castrol GTX oil and the engines ran pretty nicely all the way up until I got rid of them, but I did notice a much smoother running engine when I used the synthetic blend in my last car and at 105K the engine purred like the day it was new.

    Plus, in a world of today people don't want to make as many trips to get their oil changed, it's just one of those things that gets in the way of daily living. So...the less it has to be done the better, right?

    I guess in the manual, they put every 3000 miles because that's been standard practice all these years. Maybe they figured if they printed 5000 mile intervals between oil changes, consumers would be skeptical about it.

    I was highly skeptical when the service rep. said that I really only had to change the filter at 3000 miles (adding 1/2 quart of oil) and then change the oil at 6000 miles. That wasn't info passed on in my back yard with a buddy, that came from an authorized dealer service rep. Guess it has some validity to it, but personally...I prefer new oil & filter at the same time.

    Finally, they say that engines now are built to tighter specs with different metals and materials that require a different kind of lubricant. Conventional oils contained minerals and such that caused rubber seals in engines to expand and make an even better seal. Synthetics do not and can actually create problems in older engines.

    I guess in the end, it's going to boil down to personal preference.
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    I have not seen one Azera on the road and here it is almost May. I have only seen them in the dealer's lot where I have my Sonata serviced. Beautiful looking car. I would think that I would have seen one on the road by now though.
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  • jim101jim101 Member Posts: 252

    OK, go here open the picture and then promise not to drool down your chin. ;)

    Mines on order,, I'm excited, really excited.

    This is SMOOTHER than SMOOTH, ye-ha :shades:
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    Today, about 4:30, stopped for a light on SR-40 and I-95 when heading south on the overpass a car carrier passed.
    Believe it or not, full load, one was not white but the rest were, they all were new Azera's.
    If I only had a camera?
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    Enjoy all comments on the Azera as one learns a lot and also note all new owners report no problems so far. I hate to be the exception as have 500 miles on my ultimate and at 350 miles noted fluid on the garage floor which I traced to the braking system. Anyway its the unit in front of the firewall on the drivers side below the reservoir where the brake fluid is added. the fluid loss is about a teaspoon overnight. I phoned the service department where I bought it to get an appointment and can not get in until the 29th. I asked if I could bring the car by so they could look at it to know they could repair it when I bring it in and is it safe to drive with this leak. They said it was impossible to do that as they could not pull any one off their job. I was going to take it by and show the salesman and mabey the dealership owner but its 20 miles one way and do not have the time. Anyway I keep checking the fluid level. Also need to take a 200 mile road trip this weekend so may get to check out their towing service. Anyway potential owners it may be a defect to look for. I previously drove Audi's but the Germans have priced me out of their market. I am pleased with the azera but as I told the National Hyundai rep who called to get my opinion of my new purchase I was not dissatisfied only dissapointed as result of this fluid leak.
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    looks very nice
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    For what its worth, Consumer Reports did a study app. 10 years ago in regards to this matter, with the taxi drivers of New York City, and they found no significant difference on engine wear between synthetic oil and regular. I believe the greatness of synthetic oil is a lot of hype.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Okay've gotta share with us how you went about making the grill happen because THAT looks sharp!!!
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