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Hyundai Azera 2006



  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    Does anyone know the mixing/blending %'s for the syn blend oils available on the market today??
    How much conventional vs synthetic is used to make the syn blend oils??

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Not sure, but there are already synthetic blends on the market. For a few more dollars, you can go full synthetic and reap all the benefits. Right now...I use Castrol Edge and for 6 qts of cost me $35. Also, I only do an oil change every 7500 miles.

    I used Castrol Syntec Blend when I had my '02 Sonata, but the Azera has tighter engine tolerances so the full synthetic was always recommended when I spoke with the techs. Never had any issues with the Syntec Blend btw.

    As far as self mixing conventional and synthetics...not sure if that's a good thing to do. :confuse:
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    I use mobil 1 talked w/tech @ API and sent me some data on syn blend...performed just as good and even better in some tests compared with syn....was just curious as to the blending...there is no problem mixing conventional and syn according to API tech.....issues may arise when con is mixed with syn in gear oils, steering fluids, brake fluids, and tranny fluids....
  • Try google PENNZOIL SUV, TRUCK AND MINIVAN MOTOR OIL and you get all the info you are looking for. The two Hyundai dealers in my area use the Pennzoil 5-20 synthetic blend. I think you can buy it by QT as Pennzoil Gold.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    went there no helpful tech info on that site..

    Thanks API site is very informative for petroleum tech....
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    Does anyone know the best way to remove the insulation attached to the inside of the hood???? tried screw driver and needle nose pliers without success..Are the attachment clips reusable??

  • 06_azera06_azera Posts: 4
    It's recommended to replace the Spark Plugs on the 2006 Azera, V-6 Engine, at 100,000 miles.
    I don't know if the Dealer OEM Plugs are any different then the after market plugs but the Dealer wants $18 each. NOT Installed.

    To install the three plugs in the front is easy. Just remove each coil and under the coil, about 6 inches down are the plugs. Be Sure you use a new plug socket that has a good rubber in it that will hold the spark plug. Now the back three plugs are not so easy. Yes you have to loosen the manifold to get to the back three plugs. Remove all the brackets attached to the manifold to be able to raise it up. There is one bracket on the passenger firewall side and another bracket on the drivers side and a long bolt in the center of the manifold. Go at the coils and plugs from the passenger side. You will have to unplug the coils from their harness on the first two and the last one you can remove the coil without unplugging it. The manifold gasket is metal so you should not have to replace it.
  • 06_azera06_azera Posts: 4
    Just plan on buying new clips from the Dealer. They don't cost very much and they will hold. Most break when you pry them out anyway.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    how do you remove them??? just yank them out??? or pry them out?? don't want to destroy the insulation.....
  • I was told last time I went in for an oil change that my 2006 Azzy(88K Miles) needed 2 major fixes - A tune-up and replace spark plugs - $500


    They said the torsion bars (might be wrong on this) were squeaky when I hit bumps bec they have small cracks - $500

    They had told me in the past my stuck sun-screen would be $700 bucks to fix, I told them forget it.

    I live in vegas, so i know the heat here is rough on cars.

    Should I let them do these repairs or take to some import auto place to get done?

    opinions pls

  • penzfanpenzfan Posts: 16
    $550 seems high for a tune-up/plugs
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    not really...they have to remove the intake to get to the 3 plugs in the rear..try another shop that may have a lower hourly rate...usually dealers charge $100/hr also if you can, purchase the plugs'll get raped by the dealer @ $16/plug or can get iridium plugs at most auto parts stores....check Hyundai for a TSB on the shocks/struts ...
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    the factory plugs should be good for 100k miles unless you're having mileage or run problems
  • steds54steds54 Posts: 11
    I know there have been MANY complaints about noisy Michelins (MXV-4's), and I must add mine. I have used Michelins on all my cars since my '74 Volvo wagon days, and have never experienced this noise and "thump, thump, thump" phenomenon, which disappears after driving a few miles, while the road noise, which is now at the "howling" pitch since a recent tire-rotation, is driving me batty!

    Surely both Hyundai and Michelin are aware of these complaints. What are THEY saying? Has Hyundai issued a TSB about his? Doesn't Michelin give a hoot about its reputation ?
  • busdepotbusdepot Posts: 11
    I replace my tires on my 2006 Azera last year,tires only had 25,000 miles on them but I just couldn't take the noise anymore,and they were starting to show some dry rot on the sidewalls.I have had Michelins on othe cars and I always found them to be a bit on the noisy side,so I knew that I wanted to replace them with another brand.When I went to buy new tires I told the guy that I didn't want to spend a lot of money because I didn't know how much longer I would be keeping this car,he sold me a set of Nexen tires for half the price of what 4 new Michelins would have cost me,and I have to say these tires are a great improvement,car rides better and is much quieter on the road now.Maybe now I'll keep this car little longer than I planed on.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    We replaced our '06 Azera's Michelins last week with Cooper CS4, V rated tires and noted an improvement in noise and harshness even before exiting the tire store parking lot.
    The Michelins were good when new, but after 35,000 miles or so ( just an estimate, we use winter tires, too ) they needed to go in order to maintain our sanity.
    Over the road, the ride and noise level are much improved, although the suspension remains only adequate. I recall a poster here that installed aftermarket struts and shocks a while back, but I can't recall hearing how that worked out. Can anyone report on suspension improvement from aftermarket struts and shocks? I believe the aftermarket components are Monroe brand
  • busdepotbusdepot Posts: 11
    If you go back to Discussion Title and look at the "Azera Front End Problems" I think that is where you might have read something about the Monroe after market struts,I remember reading something about them too.I have read where some guys have tried doing different things to their cars in order to try to improve the ride,but I really don't know if it is worth all the trouble because I don't know how much better the ride will be.I bought my car new in 2006 and my car has very low milage on it and I really enjoy driving the car,but I think the only real weak spot on this car is its suspension and I don't know how much you can do to it to make it to improve the ride, but I will say that just replacing those Michelin tires did help more than I expected it to.I did see the new Azera at the New York Auto Show and it is a beautiful car,I just hope they did a better job with the new cars suspension.
  • richardcotrichardcot Posts: 39
    I had Monroe struts installed but they didn't last but a few hundred miles before the suspension was back to normal i.e. poor. I also had a strut bar installed which helps a little with the side to side wobbling.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    edited July 2012
    Thanks very much for the reply - although it's really not what I wanted to hear.
    The Azera is a really nice car with a couple serious flaws that keeps it from star status, i.e., suspension and city fuel economy.
  • steds54steds54 Posts: 11
    My thanks to all of you who responded to my concern about the unbearably noisy Michelin MXV4 tires on my 2006 Azera. I've got just 29,000 miles on it, and I suppose I'll just have to put up with the "knobby truck tire" racket before going to the expense of replacing them. I don't think I will ever trust myself to buy Michelin again, even though I've used them since 1974. The noise didn't become THIS bad until I had the tires rotated a few months ago...
  • busdepotbusdepot Posts: 11
    The same thing happened to me after I had my tires rotated,I only had about 25,000 mile on my tires and this was not the first time I got them rotated.I was told by a few people that I might need to get all four tires balanced again, since they usually don't do that when they rotate the tires unless you tell them to and are willing to pay the extra charge.At this time I just couldn't take the noise anymore,they were starting to sound like those annoying horns at the World Soccer Cup so I just decided it was time for a new set of tires.I put four new Nexen tires (Korean Mfg.) on my car and not only does the car ride better but it is also much more quiet now,so my advice to you would be if you're not ready to buy new tires than try getting all four tires balanced again,maybe that will help somewhat with the noise but it seems those Michelins just get noisier as they age,kind of like some people we all know.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    Same thing here. After rotation, they were unbearably loud! I've decided to go with cross rotation on my new Cooper CS4s.
  • Im about to fit Cobra slightly lowered springs that are 20-30% uprated with Monroe OeSpectrum shocks front and rear. My Azera is shockingly bouncy and wallow'y, hence why im trying to fix the problem. The car has only done 31000kms and has had no problems except for the front headlight washers only go when they want to and sometimes the rear passenger door wont open from inside or out lol. Also the passenger side mirror wont adjust up and down most of the time. I will post how the ride improves (hopefully) after the shocks arrive from the states soon.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    what will the suspension upgrade cost?
  • All in nz dollars. $600 for shocks, $350 for springs and i think around $300 labor. Was going to do it myself cos apparantly its not difficult but the mechanic went ahead and started it anyway lol.. id prob rather pay $300 than piss around trying to do it myself.
    The shocks wouldnt have been so expensive but $300 of the $600 is shipping cost to nz from usa.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    Wow.....I knew Fed Ex was raising their rates, but that sucks...good luck with the install...labor here in FL is at least $100 us/hr....I have an '06 Ultimate black on black I bought new in 2006..only have 20k miles on it..replaced the Michelins last yr with Yoko S drives...rides great no suspension or other problems....I still like my car more than the new Azzy....they are pricing it almost at the Genesis level....i would consider trading for a '09 or '10 genesis r spec if I could fine one...only black on black with 429 hp v8
  • nathan32nathan32 Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    The springs are in and already it drives WAY better... havent noticed any bumpier but body roll is hugely reduced. Still a bit bouncy on bumps but i think new shocks will fix that.
    I would love a genesis... if only theyd make a rhd model.. im gonna have to go audi or something for my next car cos hyundai have nothing other than boring fleet/family cars for sale here now. Infact the whole rhd market for hyundai sux!
    They so should have made a new rhd tiburon turbo if they were never intending to release the genesis in anything other than lhd.
    Oh and i forgot to say i just put new cheap 245 50 18 chinese tyres on which also drive wayy better than the factory kumho's.
  • Thanks
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    right hand drive
  • 100k is the suggested mileage. How is the car running? Gas mileage ok? If you are going to keep the car a long time, I would do it now. Otherwise I might forego this expense. I spoke to a mechanic at Hyundai who said the plugs are pretty crudded up at 100k and hard to get out.
  • sonazsonaz Posts: 6
    Happened to me last August as I was driving. 2007 Ltd. The seat moved forward and seat back pushed me forward, toward steering wheel. Just out of warantee.
    Drove like that to the dealer. As I got near the dealer I jammed the switch back and held it a few seconds and I got the seat to go back. Continued in to the dlr - where the top mechanic was still hanging out...(after quitting time)..
    They charged 1 hr to diagnose, then another hour to diagnose more... then they 'didn't know' if it was the switch or the position sensor that is integrated into the track.
    Finally they (supposedly) comped me the seat track($2500.00 from Hyundai) and charged me about $500 labor to replace the switch AND the track.
    Then they said 'btw, the battery needs to be replaced') - so I did that too.

    In another of these posts someone said: ' weird electrical stufff? Check the battery') - so it may have been battery related all along.
  • Just a heads up: Santa brought me a set of Sylvania Silver Star Ultras for my 06 Azera for Xmas. They advertise these lamps as up to 50% brighter than stock. Don't waste your $$$ as they were no better than the 7 year old stock lamps in the Blue Bomber...
  • Thanks for the info.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I've had the Sylvania Silver Star Ultras before, they are a bit brighter, but not by much and they don't last long either. For the same money you could purchase an HID upgrade kit on Ebay. It's a rather easy DIY job and the light is much brighter and the bulbs last longer too. :shades:
  • penzfanpenzfan Posts: 16
    thanks. i'll check that out
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Okay...I'm proud to say that I've owned my '06 Azera for the last 7 years and put just over 146k miles on it. I've read all the posts about people complaining about the clunk noise, which I didn't experience until about 80-90k miles. All the years of going to the dealer and having them look at it, not one time did a mechanic ever mention anything about the sway bar bushings. My mechanic told me that sway bar bushings can wear out anywhere between 20-80k miles. So...I am going to order them and have him install them and I'll come back and let you guys know if it resolved the infamous clunk noise or not. I tried to find some silicone aftermarket bushings to no avail, so I will just try to order the best ones I can find.
  • azeradaveazeradave Posts: 42

    Glad to hear your Azzie is still running strong. I had to sell mine in 2010 before I moved out west. A hard decision. The person I sold it to, still loves it. I bought a new 2011 Sonata. Not an Azera, but I like it. I can't believe how much the Azera's price has increased since '06!
  • garym1jgarym1j Posts: 46
    edited March 2013
    Allmet 33: Happy to hear you still have your 06 and that it has 140k plus mostly trouble free miles miles.

    I too have followed this forum since 07 and have heard other owners complaining about the front end thump, hard riding tires, etc. I have not heard the thump and it rides fine with the original Michelin tires. Maybe I am hard of hearing or have low stardards regarding ride but don't think so. Have heard nothing but "nice riding and quiet car" from my passengers.

    I will keep attuned to your input regarding your new sway bar bushings. Many of us have valued your input to this forum for several years. You are our resident expert on all things Azera. Thanks.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Azeradave - Sorry you had to sell your Azera. The Sonata isn't a bad choice at all either. I had an '02, which is why I felt confident making the jump up to the Azera. As you know with all cars, the price goes up as they refresh and re-do as the years go by. One thing to note, the Azera has defnitely gotten better in terms of what you're getting for your money.

    Garym1j - I appreciate the kind words. I may have offered a few tidbits here and there, but I also learned from a great deal from various posters as well. The sway bar bushings will have to wait a little longer as my check engine light came on again and I need to replace all of my ignition coils. After that, then I'll take care of the bushings. The other things I still have to do are the engine & transmission mounts, lower ball joints and front strut mounts.

    Crazy thing is, the best information regarding my car (mechanically) came from a non-Hyundai mechanic. I get my car worked on at a place the specializes in German cars (go figure).

    I will post as soon as I get the suspension taken care of and let you all know how it goes.

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate, if you don't...have a great weekend!!!
  • wardswards Posts: 17
    Just replaced the rear sway bar bushings at 150000 km and the clunking noise gone.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    That's great news!!! Guess the key is to see how long it takes for the noise to return to have an idea of how often those bushings may need replacing.

    Did you get the work done through a dealership?
  • garym1jgarym1j Posts: 46

    After listening to problems that seem to be associated with the age of the car and miles driven, I decided to extend my 2007 Azera warranty for 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first for $1850. If the plan was not offered by AAA I would'nt have done it, but I trust AAA to sponsor an honest program. Anyway, it extends bumper to bumper at the dealership or any other place, so sway bars, bushings, transmission mounts, struts, lower ball joints, so as my favorite President used to say, "bring em on". Now I have 5 more years to save up for another car. But, then again, since I am 76 years, maybe I can consider this as a "lifetime warranty". (A little gallows humor here). By the way, should I trade the car before the five years are up, transfers with the car which may increase the value if selling privately. Don't know whether a dealer would "respect" my private warranty or not. Probably not. Welcome any and all thoughts regarding the wisdom of buying this extended warranty.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    Car comes with a 100k warranty. How many miles on your car? Mine has 75k and not much has gone wrong
  • garym1jgarym1j Posts: 46
    I have 49,500 miles on the car and it was purchased in Aug 2007, hence the basic warranty period of five years has expired. The power train is covered for original owners to 100k or 8 years. It is encumbent upon me to ensure that all items in the original "bumper to bumper" are included in the follow up coverage. That may be difficult. I agree now the safest place to buy an extended warranty is at the dealership, regardless of AAA's reputation and sponsorship. I think I will back out of the AAA sponsored plan Monday AM.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    has anyone installed a front splitter on their Azzy??? if so where did u get it and how expensive was it???
  • wardswards Posts: 17
    Replaced at a brake and alignment shop . cost of bushings 42.24 labor 65.40 A cheap fix to an irratating problem.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    The mark-up on the bushings is ridiculous to say the least!!! Do you know what brand they were? I have found them on my favorite website ( for under $10. I think they said the labor was like 1 hour.

    So I take it the nefarious "clunk" is gone now, right? It's a shame that it took this many years to find the culprit. LOL

    Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    so did this fix the problem??
  • wardswards Posts: 17
    Fixed the problem. No suspension noise a pleasure to drive.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    are the OEM sway bars and components Eibach???? Eibach is pretty good stuff....i think the springs are Eibach...
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