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    To bad you are not closer to me because I am ready to order a 2009-10 OEM grill for my 2008. I really think the new grill is much better looking than the 2006-2008 designed grill, especially on a black car. I will also replace the flying "H" badge with a Luxury badge set from KAI. I did a dry run on the grill removal this past weekend and this what I found out. 1. Need to remove 6 screws that hold the air intake on top of radiator. 2. Remove 4 screws that hold cover over the hood lock assy. 3. Remove 10mm bolts on each side of headlilght assy. The bumper will now flex enough that you can get your hand behind the grill and remove the 7 screws (same size as 4 that hold cover over hood lock) Tools you will need are 10mm socket/wrench, small tip cross/phillips screwdriver or bits that can be used with a small ratchet or whatever tool you prefer. The screws are very small and once started can be removed with your fingers. I'm over 74 years young and if I can do it, I'm sure you can also do it. If you just want to get rid of the flying "H' you might want to look at some of the badges that are available and save alittle money. Let us know how it goes. Anyone out there, jump in and add to my ideas and removal procedure.
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    Is the flying "H" hard to remove?
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    Try doing a search on Badges or emblems or debadging and you should find your answer.
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    It has 2 plastic anchors that you'll have to pry loose from the back of the grill.
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    I searched on Google for these badges and nothing came up. Any one know where I could look at the different ones available?
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    Try searching here in the forums.

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    Here is where the badges are listed: or At KAI they are all over the website, ie: Azera and emblems and specials, about 5-6 different styles.
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    Thanks, Silver Bullet!
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    Hi all, My 2006 Azzy is about to pass 59K miles. I can report that I have had the dash replaced twice, that plastic housing under the car scraped the ground, batt died. That is pretty much the extent of my Azzy injuries, all of which have been fixed free under waranty. My dealer is hawking an extended waranty for 4yrs at a cost of $3,000 - i think i will take a pass. i would love to have an extended waranty, but i dont see the Hyundai offers one here in vegas

    Any thoughts on what i should have the dealer check on my last "under waranty" service.
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    I too, just had my dash cluster replaced on my 2006 Azzy. Though under warranty also, I did see the price for the part was $1400! The odometer is now reset to 0.00 miles, with a sticker indicating the mileage when the dash was replaced.

    My info display was resetting to 0.00 almost everytime the car sat for a while. Then the gauges went up! No speedometer, tach, gas gauge. or temp readings! It was replaced without a hitch though, and everything is running good again.

    I need you to recommend a dealer for me in the Vegas area. I plan on moving there next year.

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    I get my car serviced at Planet hyundai. They seem ok as far as my dealings with them. I still cant get why an oil change takes 1.5 hrs sometimes, but my last one took 35min?

    If you live in the northern part of vegas, they are the closest.
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    Thanks for the reply. What do they charge for a typical oil change?
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    many thanks for your response to my question. I wish i was a bit closer to you but 10000 miles of Pacific Ocean puts an end to that. I actually take possession of the car in two days and it has taken 3 and a half months since i ordered it. Korean Auto Imports have been a great company to deal with and i have the grill and other stuff ready to make changes to the Grandeur (Australia) and Azera (USA). There are so few of these cars in Australia that no one will have clue what i am driving so it should be a bit of fun . Thanks again for you help, it is much appreciated. Mike. [email protected] if you want to know how i went with the job.
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    How do you get Korean Auto Imports to respond to you? I have a post-sale issue and I cannot get them to return a phone call or e-mail. When I call, they are all miraculously "away from their desk". After they got my money, they are not interested in knowing I am alive.
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    OK - I'll retract the complaint directly above. Korean Auto Imports finally contacted me and offered to resolve the problem I had to my satisfaction. Hopefully they will follow through.
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    Ask to speak with James at KAI, i think he is the boss there. I had no problems at all and i live in Australia. The stuff i ordered got here quicker than some of the local mail does and the mail costs were more than reasonable.
    I actually fitted all the KAI bits and pieces to my brand new Azera/Grandeur last Saturday and it looks sensational. So far two people have asked what make of car it is...they didn't have a clue !
    I have no hesitation in recommending KAI to anyone i know here in Australia.
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    Didn't get the details, but there is a recall on 2006-2008 (?) Azera's involving seat belt warnings and air bag deployment.....Any one else seen or heard this??
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    Found on US News & World report...

    Recall Alert: Hyundai Azera
    Posted: Jan. 05, 2010

    Hyundai has issued a recall order for about 65,000 Azera sedans from model years 2006 through 2009, in order to correct a defect that could lead to airbag failure.

    In a recall notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the automaker explains, “The wiring harness for the right front seat belt tension sensor may sustain damage after repeated use of the seat belt. If the seat belt tension sensor wiring becomes damaged the air bag will not deploy in the event of a crash necessitating front air bag deployment.”

    Hyundai dealers will replace the wiring harness free of charge. Azera owners should receive a recall notice in the mail in February, but those who wish to make their own repair arrangements may contact Hyundai at 1-800-633-5151.
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    I wonder if we get an indication that there's a problem if someone sits in the seat and the " passenger airbag deactivated " is still lit?
    Anyway, we're still buckling up - airbags only give a small increase in safety over a seatbelt alone.
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    Don't know. Called my local dealer and they know nothing about the recall at this time, so I guess it's wait 'till February letters go out...
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    It's about time! I've been experiencing issues with air bag lights since year 2 of ownership. They've replaced sensors, seat cushions & seat belt tensioners, and the issues still exists. Since I now have almost 80k miles on my Azera, the extended warranty doesn't cover airbag issues and I would have to come out of pocket. My latest required fix...driver's side seat belt tensioner at a cost of over $300 just for the part. I too will be waiting for the letter to come out and I will go into the dealership holding it high and yelling, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" I knew there was something up with the system. At any rate...that's the only complaint I have about my Azera at this point. 80k miles and still going strong!!! :shades:
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    i just read a post on another site that the 2006-2009 Azeras will be getting recall on the seat belts, but Hyundai is to start the recall next month.
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    Has anyone had issues with the wiper blades (Hyundai brands or others) not cleaning the driver's side on the downswing? My blades have been replaced multiple times in the 2 years I've owned the car. They will work fine for a period and then they smear and shudder, so I go back to the dealership and get a replacement or have the arm replaced. My dealership is now working with Hyundai on trying to figure out what to do. The car's been there for 2 & 1/2 days now. Doesn't matter what type of blades they use or replacing the arm.
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    You might try using some Rain-X on the windshield and see if that helps the problem.
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    Thanks for the advice. That was something they asked me if I used, but I said no. They ended up replacing the arm and the blades again. Now they work.
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    Hey azgrand,
    You got it! Once James makes a sale, if the product is defective, you are
    screwed.He will NOT entertain dealing with damaged goods received even
    when its his fault! Stay away from him ! Deal with David at KSPEC. He is most helpful and can get anything that James has!l
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    Actually, aside from being slow to respond (at least for my tastes), they did actually fix the problem to my satisfaction. They sent me a no-charge replacement for the defective component I had received. From order placement to resolution took over two months (admitedly including shipments from Korea), but they did get it right in the end.
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    I switched to the Bosch ICON blades and have not had any wiper issues at all.
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    edited March 2010
    This past Jan, after 3 yrs of ownership, I replaced the original wiper blades with Anco standard blades. For 2-1/2 months I put up with NOISE!!!!!!!! Finally went back to PepBoys and complained. No problem. They credited me what I had spent ($15/pair) and I purchased Anco Contour blades ($30/pair). What a difference! Clear, NOISELESS wipes each time.
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    Wherre is everybody out there???
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    I keep an eye on the site and you are correct. There is not much activity about the Azera in particular most likely because there is not much to complain about with this car. I have the latest fully optioned model Australian Grandeur and I never see them on the road where i live in Australia. Over here the car costs around $52000 AU Bucks and that's a lot of money for a car (anywhere). I think Hyundai sold about 50 odd Grandeur's last year in my country and no one knows any thing about them. As for complaints and comments, mine is perfect with 6000KM on the clock. I reckon it is better than any BMW that costs over 100G here for the same luxury and i can only speak highly of the car.
    I actually re-badged mine totally and put a plain grill on it from Korean Imports. Every day i see people almost twist their heads of trying to work out what it is...I get a kick out of that when they are driving a BMW or Merc !!
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    EOD132...I would have to agree with you. Heck, even the "terrible suspension" postings have died down.

    Haven't seen much buzz about the re-worked Azera for 2011.
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    There is no talk in Australia about the new model and i'm not sure that we will see it due to the high cost. Australia used to be very much like the US in regard to large car ownership and now most people drive smaller cars due to the outrages cost of fuel. I paid $1.40 a LITREyesterday and that equates to almost a hundred US dollars to fill a tank. Having regard to that you are more likely to see a lot of little Hyundai's on our roads these days and larger cars are now more the exception. As for my Grandeur, it will stay the current model for a while longer and even if they release the new one, i doubt many people would know mine had been superseded due to the low sales and lack of the current model on our roads.
    I could never understand some of the comments and critics of the Azera in the US as i really cannot fault mine. I guess there will always be people who have to find a reason to knock imported cars over the cheap home grown variety. I hope i haven't made a mistake in buying mine but you would think i would have found something after 6000 km.
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    I'm very pleased with my 2006 Limited, now with over 45k miles on the ODO. Only non-accident (accident was minor, ran over a wheel [non-permissible content removed]'y doing 75mph at night) work I've needed to have done is two battery replacements, one under warranty, and I suspect that the replacement was long in the tooth. Otherwise, no thump, squeak or rattles.

    I suppose that the folks who had the suspension noise/bounce problem (best complaint I'd read was "like a monkey riding a footbal") have likely sold their cars and moved on.

    Re: "I paid $1.40 a LITRE yesterday" I'm reminded of my 2 years stationed in Italy where I was allowed to buy discount benzina coupons for use in Italy only, which brought the price/gal. down very nicely. Later, when I was driving in Germany and needed to fill up I saw the listed price on the pump and thought it seemed very reasonable!

    Then I realized that it was NOT a per/gal. price, but per litre... :(
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    WOW $100 for a fill-up!!! :surprise: The most I've paid to fill my tank up was like $55 and that's when gas topped $3.00/gal. here. It's a good thing the Azera isn't a gas guzzler, that's for sure. Does the Australian Granduer have the 3.8 or the 3.3 V-6. I believe if it's the 3.3 you enjoy slightly better fuel economy than those with the 3.8.

    I hope you don't get to the point where you feel like you made a mistake in your choice of car. I know I haven't...with almost 87k miles the only things that are on my fix list are a ball joint and upper control arm. Everything else has been fine. :shades:
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    I think problems with the Azera out there are few and most owners are thrilled with the car.

    We are just shy of 80,000 miles on our 2006 Limited and so far we have replaced a battery (pro-rated)under warranty.
    Also the plastic body panel under the drivers seat cracked and was dragged a block or so, Hyundai replaced it under warranty.

    Replaced worn windshield wipers myself.
    Change oil and filters myself (Mobil 1& Wix)
    Still original Michelins in good shape, these suckers are HIGH mileage types.

    Runs to Reno, Los Angeles, Palm Desert and Long Beach still get 28 mpg. Heading for Minnesota end of June.

    Love this car and a new Azera at $25,000 is a steal in my book.

    Friends that have bought the Prius have spent big bucks on repairs.
    Big buck repairs also with sis's Avalon.

    If ours ever gets worn out we'll be buying another Azera. Those Koreans can build a car.

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    Most owners were not pleased with the OEM Michelins and replaced then early on..
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    Yeah, I suspect because they are noisy at 35-40 psi?

    We have the Michelin 235 55R x 17 with chromed factory wheels.
    I'm looking for replacement tires, something quieter. These wear well but are noisy.

    Do you know what folks were using as replacements?
    I'm going looking around the forum now.


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    quite a few have installed the General Altimax and some have liked the Goodyears
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    My 2006 has Michelins with just 17,000+ miles on them. They go "thump, thump, thump" each time for the first mile or two, and then are NOISY ! I've been using Michelins since the early 1980s, and these are the first ones that have been this irritating. They do, however, deliver many miles before replacement is needed...
  • donvickdonvick Member Posts: 38
    I went with the Kumho's in same size.
    What a difference, my gosh its incredible. We can hear the radio at a lower volume and we can talk without all the "Huh's?"

    I did the shopping around and reading customer reviews on various tires. Then consulted with the service manager (Brian) at Gropetti's Hyundai in Visalia, Ca. He said he's had great results with the Kumho's and recommend we go that route. The first couple of miles on these tires we were wondering if that was such a good decision. Apparently after a few miles (50-75?) of scrubbing in the Kumho's, they erupt in quiet.
    Very pleased with the new soundless ride.
    The original Michelin's were without a doubt the worst tire I have ever ridden on noise wise. Never had a problem with traction or feeling loose, just the noise. When we removed them they looked like they could go another 80,000 miles.

    Try the Kumho's.


    Wife just drove to Minnesota with sister and all is fine and quiet.
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    '06 Limited with 33K miles..very noisey Michelins....Had 4 wheel alignment and found all wheels were out...discovered "chopping" on the inside tread row of all pot holes, curbs, or "off road driving"...I think the front and rear suspension systems on the Azera are suspect...replaced the Michelins with Yoko Avid Envigor V rated tires...From Tire Rack delivered for $488....Local Tire Kingdom wanted ~$900 for same tires (including mounting,balancing, and valves) No Michelins ever again...
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I'm suspecting that there's a host of tires out there that will give Azera owners a better driving experience. I think the Michelins that Hyundai chose to go with was simply just a very poor choice. The Azera SE's and the 3.3 Azeras all the models that were equipped with the 16" wheels came with the Kumho tires and I've yet to read one complaint about them.
  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    How's the Azera riding since the front suspension and controls rebuild??? As I posted earlier, had a 4 wheel alignment and all 4 were out....will be getting Yoko's on Monday 33k on the original Michelins, but noticed "chopping on the inside tread row on all 4 tires...they really got loud the last 2k miles...still have ~ 6-7/32nds left on the tires,,
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Jamazera...actually, I have been putting off getting the work done because I've had so much to do. I still drive the car and the ride hasn't suffered, it just offers a few squeaks and groans when I go over speed bumps, pot holes and such. I know it needs to get done because I don't want to have problems with uneven wear on my tires.

    Let us know how the Yokohama tires do for you. So far I've heard from folks with Goodyears, Kumho, General and Bridgestone. I think you would be the first to go with Yokohamas.

    I think we can all agree that the factory Michelins are some garbage. ;)
  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    Yoko Avid Envigors W rated Ultra High Perf....did very well against the Pirelli's, Dunlop's and Bridgestones which were priced much higher....stay tuned
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    I have to say that i'm a bit perplexed by the continuing saga of tyres (tires) in regard to the Azera or Grandeur in my country. It has been the subject of this forum for far too long. I live in Australia and own a new Azera with Hankook factory fitted tyres and cannot complain about anything to do with them. You yanks have the best roads in the world and all you do is whinge about handling and road noise from the tread fitted to your cars - it beggars belief that you can't talk about the car and it's capabilities and performance but just the rubber it runs on. In Australia a new set of mediocre tyres would send you people broke and i know that your prices are about a quarter of ours, so are your cars! Just go out and change the tyres and stop bloody whinging, they are so cheap in the US you could buy a new set every week and never know you spent any money !! BTW, i visit your country every couple of years for at least 2 months and have driven to 46 states mainly on back roads so please don't tell me your roads are not up to scratch. It also isn't your tyres but very likely more your perception . For interest my top of the line Grandeur cost almost $50000 Australian dollars and gas costs around $6.00 US a gallon, work that out on the current exchange rates. You guys don't know how well off you are.
  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    The only auto thing to come out of Oz to the US was the Holden (Pontiac GTO) and it failed miserably...concerning the tires, the Michelins were a horrible fit as a OE tire for the Azera..discontinued now and replaced with Hankook or Kuhmo's from the factory..many owners were changing out the M's as early as 20K miles on the clock...I guess we're just spoiled and want good riding and handling cars...the main compliant was the road noise...I am changing them out @33K with half the tread left just because of the noise...also 4 wheel alignment showed all 4 wheels were out.....caused "chopping" (excesssive wear) only on the inside tread row...enjoy your new Azzy
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    eod132...we may be well off here in the U.S., but bad tires are bad tires. Nobody wishes to spend $25K+ on a car only to have to replace the tires because of their poor quality. Furthermore, it is really only the Michelin tires that seem to be the issue. As I stated before, the Kumho tires that come on the Azeras with the 16" wheels haven't been mentioned at all in a negative fashion.

    Point of the matter is...perception is hardly the issue as too many folks have the same complaint over the same product.
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    Was at the dealer today looking at the 2011 Azera and both of them had the Michelin MXV4 on them. I was under the impression they would come with Hankooks and found out differently. :cry::cry: .
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