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    So bold. So audacious. So suicidal!
    CD Review
    CD talks very highly of Caliber, I am not able find the comparison.
    Don’t expect to see many $13,985 Calibers. Most of the samples we drove were close to, or above, $20,000. That’s far too pricey for a conventional small sedan, but the Caliber’s high-riding, brawny-lad muscularity is a whole new thing at the price. Sure, technically, it’s hexed as a hatchback, but that doesn’t keep buyers away from small SUVs. Looks like DaimlerChrysler has carved out another niche.
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    Apparently the $500 rebate has been renewed for 4/4 to 5/1.
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    Look in the May issue.
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    :D Hello canoenut. Did you get to test drive the five speed before you bought?
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    Hi, your dealer has as low as 2.8 percent financing available. My suggestion is to get that secured, a new program is set to launch tomorrow.
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    Okay here I am again!!! Wha about the gas cap in the Caliber? Does anyone else have a complaint about the gas cap rubbing on the body instead of latching onto to the gas door????? I emailed Dodge and commented about it.

    What about the chrome gas door? Does it work like the 1967 GTX gas cap?

    What is up about these recent prices on the Caliber? Did I score huge when we bought our R/T the first week of March or what? Repeat price $19500 plus tax & title!!!

    ps todays fillup netted 25.6 based upon gas recpt. It went up .6!!!! Hopefully after 5,000 miles and synthetic oil goes in it will increase to 27 or so!
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    How often are you putting gas in it? That's the only time it might rub on anything, from my point of view. not a big deal to me.

    My Caliber is getting 29-30 MPG. I do not put my foot into it much and the RPM seldom goes above 3000. If your running more throttle, the CVT will choose lower ratios and higher RPM and you could get less MPG.

    C&D said the CVT was unruly at full throttle and the 1.8 had a ton or torques steer... Most economy car buyers don't run a full throttle and the 1.8's haven't even been in full production yet to my knowledge... The "automotive elite" seem out of touch again.

    I am impressed with the smooth operation of my 2.0 CVT. :)
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    ATT: Nonnemacher

    We have been putting 10 gallons in at 250 miles for the mileage readings. We have filled several times already in the three weeks of ownership. We average 400 miles per week.

    There are two scuff marks in the paint already from the gas cap swinging down when putting in gas. Not complaining, jut commenting so maybe Dodge will correct it in future editions. They did ask for feedback.

    The reason we get 25 to the gallon right now is because we have the R/T AWD that is rated at 23-26 from the factory. I am very happy with the mileage we are geting.

    Our 02 town & country only got 19.2 based upon recpts. for the 20,000 that we owned it!!!

    Still have not got an answer regarding "In Channnel" vent visors. I do NOT like the rear Dodge ones at all!!!!

    Overall I am VERY VERY satisfied with the R/T. My wife is too, so that's what counts!!!!!! (it's her car)
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    Whats your thoughts on the "pep" the 2.4 awd has over the 2.0 FWD???Or does the xtra drivtrain suck the life out of the 2.4??
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    To pacerman!

    We really wanted a caliber to replace the Town/country. It just so happens that they had the R/T coming off the truck when we got there. I wanted my wife to have 4 wheel disc and ABS along with decent cargo room (we have one child). I guess I could have got the SXT with ABS without AWD, but oh well.

    I really notice the power difference in the mid-range RPM only. If I use the autostick it seems like it would kill the 2.0. The 2.0 SXT is only two wheel drive and 290 pounds lighter. There is the slight advantage in the midrange that might come in handy when fully loaded with cargo. I hope I am not jaded after driving so many versions of the Cailber at different dealers, the R/T was at the last dealer and we got there within 40 mins of closing

    Too soon to really tell the difference, even after test driving at least 8 different ones. the AWD does kick serious butt in traction by seat of the pants feel.

    When I get my SRT(hopefully) I will surely know. Honesly the car really jut gets up and goes with the CVT Kudos to DODGE on this one!!!

    If you want REAL fuel economy you beter get the 1.8 with 5 speed or order the 2.0 with 5 speed even the CVT 2.0 is way better than the R/T, but no AWD (YET).

    The R/T will never get the FWD fuel economy, EVER!!! I hope I stay at 25 with ours, but 90% of driving is highway for us (65+ mph)

    Just remember these are not High performance cars yet. The R/T is just the better traction of the two right now!!!
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    Thanx for the great information. I drove an SXT with the 2.0 and thought the oop was pretty good, 3 adults in it. I drive a 90 Maxima 162HP V6 which I use to tow a hefty utility trailer, and also a 91 Camry awd for the bit of snow we get here. I thought of a Vibe awd, my bro has a fwd matrix and gets 33mpg in town and 39 on the hwy (imp galoons)but its a 1.8 auto, the awd is 123 hp in the vibe. The HHR has good power, and looks, but reading through the forums, a lot of electrical, water leakage, and paint blasting especially ones without the running boards....I like the look of the HHR and its cargo space, these forums are a great place for "normal folk" information :) thanx again.The Caliber has 'em all beat for price-options ratio IMHO.
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    Are you in Canada or USA? Here in Canada, DCX has full page ads with 0% financing on almost every product, except the Caliber.......
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    No, they didn't manufacture any 5-speeds before the end of March. Car reviewers must have had pre-production models to evaluate.
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    I am not able to locate the MT comparision test, but the Review of Motertrend is great.
    Dodge has introduced a remarkable replacement for the Neon. The all-new 2007 Dodge Caliber draws the best elements from hatchback, wagon and minivan designs, delivering a vehicle that doesn't truly fit in any existing category but does a lot of things quite well.
    Motor Trend Review
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    The Detroit Free Press has a review out today on the Caliber. Visit It's listed on the "scrolling" news at the top of the page. It was pretty favorable.

    I think the Detroit News also did a review recently, along with an article about a young-married couple who just bought a Caliber. You can probably find it by searching their site if you want:
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    I just have to say that.... I'm soooo confused!!!!!!!!!! :surprise:

    I guess there is good and bad to every car but I just don't know if I should buy this car or keep looking!
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    LOL....Thanks, enjoyed seeing them!
    Katie, I am still surfing for a new car, but still have Caliber as number #1. I am Checking out the VW New Golf that is due out soon. There are just so many choices. I plan to keep this car for a long while so want it to be the right choice. ;)
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    GoGirlGo, I know what you mean by wanting to make the right decision. I am the kind of person that will keep a car until it dies or I have definitely gotten my moneys worth out of it! The Caliber is also still #1 with me too but what most concerns me is that this is a brand new car and I am afraid all this stuff will go wrong!

    P.S. I love the "Moon Dog" commercial. The last little dog is a Papillon, which is what I have!! My mom says I can't get the Caliber because I have a cute dog! haha! :P
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    The Dodge Boys replied to my email today. The SXT is supposed to have the outside temp display in the trip ODO cycle. This feature is not in the Owner's Manual and you cannot change it from F to C. This is selection is pre-set at the factory. :confuse:

    Also note, my previous message, the Caliber engine has a timing chain, not a belt. None of the imports have this zero-maintenance feature to my knowledge. :)
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    Well your knowledge is outdated by probably about 15 years.
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    I was wondering if the Caliber has any towing capacities? I need to carry my bikes around on a hitch rack and sometimes tow a small covered trailer 4'x 8'... I saw that have that small hitch for 1500lbs, but is that enough to tow a small trailer? Will it be to hard on the engine and the rear suspension? I sent an e-mail to Dodge, but nobody answered me yet, and the people from the dealership don't know much... about anything apparently. :confuse: :P
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    No, unfortunately haven't seen it in person. I expect it to be in between those two variations though.

    Besided black the orange was the only color I would have gotten so I am taking a chance on it.

    All of the dealers around here, if they got any Calibers in stock, got base models in silver or white. Blah! And then add to that they sold them immediately it is impossible to even see one in person.

    The one we test drove was actually already sold and being held on the lot for delivery. We got lucky.
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    I tried to haggle but was told that the mark up on these is only like $500. I pretty much paid sticker, but able to keep the $500 rebate or get a better rebate if there is one when it arrives.

    The down fall of ordering it was that the money factor and residual value for our payment wasn't locked in and our payment will increase anywhere from $20 to $40 more than we were quoted at time of order. Which really sucks!
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    You don't ever want to finance that long, no car is going to hold it's value long enough for you to get out of it when the warranty is up if you go 6 years!
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    I am getting the Sunburst Orange Caliber with the interior and exterior styling packages, sunroof, upgraded stereo and bigger tires. I am going to post tones of pictures of mine online when it arrives but that won't be for another 6 weeks probably.

    Oh, I got the driver convenience group solely for the temp display. I love knowing the temp. It's probably not really worth it but we added just about every other option so it made sense.
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    Wow, 19% holy cow!

    We are getting 6.5% from GMAC as our money factor on a lease.(I know, I know...don't lease, but we never keep our cars longer than 3 years and we are rolling over some neg. equity and that's the only way it works)

    We are paying $19,500 but that's with title, tax, etc. plus we added about 6 extras to it.
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    I ordered a 5 speed two weeks ago. I was told anywhere from 6-12 weeks but the manager thought it would be more towards 8 weeks.

    Once I get it I will come back and let you know how it handles.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402 QcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ38659QQitemZ8052676100QQrdZ1

    Here are some on Ebay OEM. Doesn't indicate whether or not they are in Channel or not. If you find some let us know where, as I will be putting these on my Caliber too.
  • katiescaliberkatiescaliber Member Posts: 45
    What is torque steer? Is that when you hit the gas from a stop and the steering wheel moves on its own?

    Also, what is a four banger?

    (Not a car buff).

    Thanks! :blush:
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    What is torque steer? Is that when you hit the gas from a stop and the steering wheel moves on its own?

    yes, that is one aspect of it. It is basically whenever the engine overpowers the front wheels. So any time you accelerate hard through a turn can also produce torque steer.

    Also, what is a four banger?

    4-cylinder engine.

    '94 Pajero 2.8TD, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '21 WRX, '20 S90 T6, '22 MB Sprinter 2500 4x4 diesel, '97 Suzuki R Wagon, '97 Alto Works, '96 Opel Astra, TWO 4wd '97 Pajero Minis (1 turbo auto and 1 N/A manual); Wagoneer L on order; and in queue for Lucid Air Pure, Blazer EV, and Fisker Ocean.

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    The company I work for makes CV joints, and has a partnership program with Chrysler, I got 1% under invoice and the 500 hundred dollars, about $1600.00 total. My Caliber does not have any torque steer, I run it pretty hard but have never mashed it to the floor
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    Got Em already BLAH!!! :(:(:(

    these are not in channel, I have been emailing companies who make the products and no response yet. But hey it is a new car ya know!!!!

    Anybody want my set of window vent visors????
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    Why mess with perfection? The Caliber SXT has plenty of style without add-ons, IMHO.
    Just drive to the local ice cream stand and order vanilla. You'll be surprised how good it tastes and how good you look eating it standing next to the Caliber.... :D
  • orangertorangert Member Posts: 41
    I see you are in the same area I am!

    It's not that I want to mess with perfection or be "in style", they really do cut down wind noise and rain dripping in when you crack the windows for venting. Also helpful for leaving windows open in the heat.

    Had them on the 91, 92, 95, 98, 2002 Town and Countrys and some Neons.

    Where did you get your Caliber? we got our R/T at Strongsville Dodge, they always have a great selection.
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    Thanks for replying caliberchic. Maybe I'll get lucky and get mine around the same time as you get yours. By the way, where is yours being delivered to?
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    I think Hondas are pricey here compared to Toyotas, at least here in N. Florida. So are Cobalts. HHR isn't bad considering it comes loaded. My best price on a new, basic Civic with A/C was over $17k, & no manual trans. available from a stock of over 600. Out of 5,600 Corollas at the SE port, there were just 326 with a 5-speed manual. US Corollas are made in California by the UAW, defects on mine.

    As for my gold '79 T-Top Trans-Am, that car was a true classic. I bought it new ($7,500) and it depreciated only $1,250 over 4 years and 60,000 miles. It rattled, leaked, used space poorly and the chassis flexed dangerously at the firewall. But it was fun to drive and it always turned heads. I sold it myself in one day for book price as I used to do with all my cars. Try doing that with any American car these days, even if they are made better.

    That reminds me. I'd like to see longer warranties, especially on the well made imports and certainly on MOPAR products with their track record from years past. Chrysler couldn't afford to offer 7/70k on the stuff they've put out in recent years while Toyota and Honda easily could but don't. That's two points for Hundai/Kia's 10/100k.
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    Three Rivers, MI.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    We found this auction on Ebay for a Caliber _W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6198QQitemZ4627711269QQrdZ1
    It's suppose to be Orange but as you can see(well maybe it's my monitor) but it looks red and the inserts in the interior are hideous.

    I am praying that it's the persons camera or my computer settings as we are getting the matching interior and it looks really bad in these photos. :cry:
  • orangertorangert Member Posts: 41
    Our R/T looks just like that SXT in the picture. Yes, the seats are bright orange so is the dash applique for the R/T. We like it a lot!!! We drove an Orange SXT that had red colored inserts, we liked the the orange insert better.

    Maybe it's your monitor, but my monitor shows the color just as it looks on our car.

    Hopefully you like it!!!
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    I got an SXT for 5.75% for 60 months. I have excellent credit score and that helps tremendously. I was financed through a local bank through the dealership.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    Maybe it's the monitor, I certainly hope so!

    When I ordered the car I was looking in the book and thought the interior would be styled like the picture of the R/T with the black color seats, the one with picture of the carbon fiber dash applique. I had no idea it would be slate grey!
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    I ordered my Caliber today! It is a Marine Blue SXT with musicgate, sunroof, drivers convenience group and 4 wheel anti-lock brakes! I can't WAIT until it comes in!!!!!!! 6-8 weeks so too long!

    I hope it comes in before the rebate offer ends!

    The good news is my husband likes it. He is so super picky about cars and only drives muscle cars but he liked it as soon as he saw it and sat in it! He hates my Camry and hates to drive it even more so I am glad I will have a car he likes.

    I have to find outside financing though because they offered me 7.7% and I think that is not very good considering how high my credit score is. They said their financing isn't as good as local banks so I have to look around I guess. I also have to start organing my mp3 player!

    And as a side note, I have other good news!

    I got my scores back from my teaching exam I took 5 weeks ago and I PASSED! Horray!!!!!

    Today is such a good day!!!

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    A few days ago I was checking teh Dodge web site and they had the blue colors backwards. When you clicked on "Steel Blue" it painted the car Marine Blue and vice versa. This was fixed as of a few minutes ago.

    The Steel Blue is the darker color, which is what I have.

    If you don't like the color when it comes in, your dealer should allow you to get a different car - they can certainly sell "your Caliber" to someone else.

    I wanted a red car, but after ordering, I found out it had the tan interior, which I really did not want. We easily settled on a Steel Blue Caliber with the gray interior that was "on the way."

    Dealers should be willing and able to get you what you want. Don't feel bad about asking - its your money.

    Also, when you order a car, DCX gives you the rebate in effect when you ordered it or when it gets to the dealer, whichever is higher. :)
  • katiescaliberkatiescaliber Member Posts: 45
    Oh, so because I ordered my car within the rebate period, I will definitely get it even if by the time it arrives they no longer are offering it? Sweet!

    Yea I saw the Canadian website had the 2 blues mixed up, that was weird. It confused a lot of people and I know at least one person who ordered the wrong color because of it!
  • katiescaliberkatiescaliber Member Posts: 45
    Does anyone know if the Tonneau cover for the back comes with the SXT? My salesman said it did but I thought you had to get the Security group in order to get the cover?

    Where can you buy the cover separately?
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    Is your RT always in AWD mode or is it like the Honda CRV/Element where AWD is engaged automatically when needed,otherwise it is a front wheel drive vehicle. If vehicle is always in AWD then tires and suspension parts will take a beating over time ! :cry:
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    we'll have to start calling you Mrs katiescaliber now! ;)

    I am a sub teacher , hoping to get credentials within the next couple of years. I am the co-teacher in a school for autistic kids, in the K-3rd grade. :D

    YOU SHOUlD BE VERY PROUD! :shades:

    ps...have you seen the marine blue in person? is it as "creamy bright" as the site shows. it looks really pretty!

    have fun! :)
  • moonhunt18moonhunt18 Member Posts: 33
    what is OEM? thanks
  • moonhunt18moonhunt18 Member Posts: 33
    you might try here for caliber accessories, like the tonneau cover...good luck:
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