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    nova if you go to the dodge web site try build and price it is very close to actual cost not includig 500 rebate with my ep i got 1000 rebate and 3% under invoice brining my sxt to $14930
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    Yes, in the RT with the 2.4 engine, speaking of which heres an interesting read. I was looking for info on the CVT2 Jatco transmission and found this...........
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    Sunburst Orange.

    Smaller than I thought, but I almost fit in the back. Not as roomy as the Matrix, but the driving position and dash is light years ahead of it! :shades:

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    heres a bit more on the engines.......
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    Going to buy a Caliber this weekend. Only 2 dealers around here and both have one each. More coming soon if I do not buy one of them, But I plan on finalizing the deal.

    I wanted to pay no more than $500 over invoice but seems that may not fly since these things are just coming out.

    I am looking at an fairly good loaded SXT with a sticker of around $19100 and a Invoice of about $17900.

    I figure with the $500 Back I am shooting for another $500-600 Off That and pay about $18000.

    Any body that has bought one get the dealers to budge off the MSRP at all?

  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    'Cus buyers will still not be happy, getting $500 before the car even hits lots!

    Give an inch.....

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,704
    the Caliber isn't overpriced to start with so $500 is a nice rebate, IMO. That depends on how many things you want as options, though, of course!

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    "...Cus buyers will still not be happy, getting $500 before the car even hits lots!"

    I'm confused.

    There was a $500 rebate issued on a car at essentially the same time it hit the showroom? What's the point? Why not just put the MSRP at a realistic level?

    Heck, why not just boost the MSRP another $2k and offer a $2500 rebate.....?
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    My dealer e-mailed today that they got their first one in and it will be ready tomorrow for a test drive. I have a 3pm appointment. Can't wait to see how she looks and drives. Have not seen any around here or on a recent drive through CA into Nevada and back to Portland.
    . Basically the internet price I was given for it was $263. under the MSRP and then the additional $500. cash back being offered thru March. I will not be ready to buy until June, but want to see if the Caliber should go on my short list. :)
  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    i get ep wich also comes with $1000 rebate after that all i could get my dealer to do was pay tax (about 1000)
  • shadowmicashadowmica VermontMember Posts: 18
    What's EP?

    IF you got the dealer to pay for tax,($1000) plus the $500 Rebate you did real good.
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    Is there something unreasonable with the price of the Caliber?

    Starts under $14k.......under $20k loaded?

  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    "Is there something unreasonable with the price of the Caliber?"

    I have no idea. From the reviews I've read, it appears to be a very good deal although I've not seen one in person to judge.

    But if the price is reasonable, why offer a $500 rebate right out of the gate? Why play the game of setting the MSRP at 'x' and then immediately (before the car even goes on sale?) offer the rebate? What's the point?
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    Because their customers are addicted to them.

    I say just lower the price by that much. The strategy has worked for Scoin. All three of their cars are in short supply.

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    Early buyers are taking risks that later buyers are not taking - bugs in the car, what if prices drop, unknown resale, etc. Should they also be penalized when it comes to price of the car? I think not.

    I'm sure DCX has figured out what level of rebates it hopes to have on the car in the long term - they are the only one of the big three doing okay right now, so I think they know how to run their business.

    To hear a salesperson (drfill) complaining about rebates is ridiculous, IMO. That's what brings folks into the showroom... don't you like that? In my area (Detroit zone) all domestic dealers sell almost all their cars for invoice price less rebates or employee price less rebates, and they are staying open - its not impossible.

    My only real "beef" with the new car sales industry is that they often act as if they are not making any money by selling cars at low prices. Maybe some salesmen truly believe this, but they all get paid every two weeks and they have huge marble-tiled dealerships. Maybe drfill wants the paycheck, the marble tile, and the full MSRP. This is not likely on a domestic, regardless of perceived quality. Two out of three isn't that bad...
  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    "Because their customers are addicted to them."

    Exactly. Thank you.
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    I test drove the HHR and Malibu Maxx. The HHR engine (2.4) was loud and they are discontinuing the Maxx. I only looked at the Caliber today and will drive one when they get in a R/T. The dealer didn't have any books so he gave me a Customer presentation guide. This is something they give the salesman which points out comparisons to other models. This booklet says the R/T has an estimated EPA mpg figure of 25/31. I thought this model's engine was going to be rated 23/26?

    It lists the SXT figure to be 28/34 with the 2.0.

    I liked the seats, they were supportive but I disliked the drum brakes. Come on, how much more would it cost Dodge to put disks in the rear.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,704
    after all, DCX is one of the Big Two and a half, eh?

    No, Kia and Hyundai are offering rebates, lots of manufacturer's are, it's just part of the game. The MSRP and, even more, what your dealer will lower their price down to for you (after pulling several teeth, of course)are what's really important. It wouldn't make much difference to me if they just lowered the price of the rig off the MSRP to me, wouldn't bother me at all.

    The Caliber's base price is competitive, let's start with that and build a monster out of it, yes?

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    Putting more incentives on a car than advertising sends a very bad message from the dealer to the consumer. Buy the deal, not the car! Puts the shopper in control, right out of the box (even more than usual). I think shoppers have more than enough help, between websites like this, car buying companies, and natural competition between dealers.

    The dealer gets packs, holdbacks, backend sales, accessories, service, all profit centers. Where can the salesman make money? On price over invoice, that's it!

    75% of new car deals, the salesman gets a "flat", a $100 for doing the work of putting the deal together.

    If you want to earn a $200 commission, sfter taxes, you have to sell the car at almost $1000 OVER INVOICE!

    How many Ford, Dodge, and GM cars are going out at that transaction price? MAYBE 10%? Even Toyota couldn't get that above 1 out of 4.

    My days and times selling online are growing short, my friends. There really is very little money in selling online.

  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    ep = employ pricing
  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    ep = employ pricing i also bought a truck 5 months ago so a good deal was easy
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    Here in PA--about an hour north of Philadelphia--we have several 5 star Dodge dealers in the area. Ironically, I've looked on the 4 different lots and only 1 dealer had Calibers. To top it off, it had 2 Calibers, both modestly optioned SXT's that hit the ground last weekend. None on the other lots--at least that they are displaying..
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMMember Posts: 7,704
    yeah, I think the old-fashioned sales methods will prevail with new/used car dealers. Not a problem, just get educated from sites like this and you should not have a problem.

    The Scion experiment in "no-haggling" required the dealer's employees to stay focused and keep the customers walking in happy with responsive answers to their questions.

    I think that the Scion deal will continue working because the brand offers value and a quirkiness that people(myself included)like. But if you offer "no-haggle" offers you have to provide them with what they want when they want it and that is where I think Scion is falling short in a lot of buyer's cases. If people still like the car enough they'll put up with it, though.

    So, the brand makes a big part of it. The car must present the buyer with value, styling, etc. Scion also falls short in the warranty department, too. Nobody beats Hyundai/Kia there.

    This new Dodge Caliber will do well I think.

    Meet and greet the customer and be up-front with them. Dodge is providing the goodies with the Caliber and marketing it real well IMO. I think sales of the Caliber will slowly build.

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    I talked to my local Dodge dealer today. They had 12 Caliber SXT's on Monday and were down to 1 when I was there at lunch on Saturday. Before I left, three sets of people had sat int the one they had. :) 23 more coming in the next two weeks, they say. :)
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    Looking through these threads on the Caliber I noticed much discussion many posts back on the apparent fact that it will not be available with the TDI Diesel engine made by VW. I think this would be a mistake. Being a loyal diesel driver my self, I can attest that there is a VAST and INCREASING demand for diesel as fuel prices continue to rise. Yes, I know what many of you are thinking... " this guy is crazy, diesel already costs more than gas and how much do you really save anyway when you have to pay more for the diesel option anyway" Well, I can tell you that if you do the math, you will find that even though the cost of diesel is greater, the comparable gas engine counterpart would have to get far greater mpg's to come even close to being more economical. Furthermore, the lifetime and reliability of the VW TURBO DIRECT INJECTION engine is unmatched. I bought my Passat TDI brand new in 1997. I consistently still get over 40 mpg combined and just turned over 250,000 miles on it. I can't kill this car even if I wanted to. Last year I had to go to a coachworks place to have my leather drivers seat recovered because I wore through it. The TDI engine is a phenominal piece of engineeering and would do the Dodge Caliber proud!! And the demand for these vehicles is very brisk.... just go to any VDub dealer and ask how many TDI's they can keep on their lot at any one time. I'm telling you the the demand is higher than the supply! Not to mention the fact that there are no spark plugs to change and it's pretty much just a a fuel/ oil and tires car. My TDI requires a timing belt change as per owners manual every 60k. And the water seperator/ fuel filter must be drained when the oil changes are done. Very Simple. By making this option only available in Europe, Chrysler is, like most of the other domestic and European and Asian manufacturers are short changing the domestic market once again. There are cars available in Europe that get superior fuel economy over there that are still just as thrilling to drive. Unfortunately, we Americans are still wary pf the Diesel engine ever since GM sold the junky and poorly designed diesels in the late 70's and early 80's, which I argue has still pervaded the American reluctance to accept the diesel engine in American consumer automotive market to this day. Please, if there's anybody out there that has any pull or influence with the big cheeses, let them know that there are loyal diesel consumers out here. I am one of them and I will once again be looking for another vehicle soon, if only to add to my number of household cars since my TDI doesn't look like it will be dying any time soon. I am an American and I know that these are hard times for the American auto manufacturers in this time of a changing and competitive world economy. I would love to buy an American vehicle that suits my needs and desires. If I can go to the supermarket and choose between TWELVE brands of toilet paper, I should be able to be able to have a choice of at least one American 4 cylinder diesel model car.
  • raychuang00raychuang00 Member Posts: 541
    Actually, the Dodger Caliber will likely use a diesel sourced from Mercedes-Benz, not from VW. With good reason: Mercedes-Benz's new turbodiesel engines coming this Fall using low-sulfur diesel fuel can meet the 2007 CARB/EPA Tier 3 diesel emission standards by using urea gas injection into the exhaust and using a catalytic converter that doubles as a diesel particulate trap.
  • wanteconwantecon Member Posts: 11
    No, actually, I do believe that it will be VW according to all that I have read at Edmunds and on all bulletin boards thus far. Although it would seem to make more sense that Daimler would provide their own diesel power source in their own vehicle, apparently, VW has a relationship with Chrysler dating back to providing the engines for the Omni/Horizon models when Chrysler could not provide production capacity when that model firstcame out decades ago. The VW also uses a catalytic converter. My main concern is why it will not be made available in the states.
  • repoman1repoman1 Member Posts: 64
    All vehicles must meet 2007 tailpipe standards and the current crop of VW diesels doesn't even come close. The Mercedes diesel with urea injection will meet the Tier 2 Bin 5 standard. VW's current diesel are Tier 2 Bin 10, and I am not absolutely certain but I believe that all 2007s must at a minimum meet Tier 2 Bin 8 standards. So VW will be out of the diesel business in the US until they can meet the new emission standards. I have not seen any info from VW as to how or when they plan to meet the 2007 Tier 2 requirements.
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    I just spotted a Caliber SXT (Black) on the road. From a distance, I thought it was a Pontiac Vibe.
  • mypmyp Member Posts: 1
    All of the comparisons I've seen in this thread are between Caliber, HHR and Vibe/Matrix... What about Mazda3 5-door -- has anyone tried to compare it to the Caliber? Both seem to be comparable is size/power/price, both will have a "speedy" version (SRT vs. Mazdaspeed3) soon, and both have pretty enjoyable exterior form.
  • pacermanpacerman Member Posts: 62
    With the 5sp auto stick added it looks like about $2K more for the Mazda vs the Matrix, although very close as you say, the cargo area is quite a bit less behind the front seats (back seats folded down) 884 L vs 1506L for the Matrix - Vibe, thats quite a difference.Also the Matrix is rated at 1500# trailer towing the Mazda is 0, I think the Caliber is rated at 1000#. For $2K less it looks like I can get an RT ,with AWD, 6 speed snowmobile drive, 172hp vs 160hp. But still food for thought.........
  • basiliskstbasiliskst Member Posts: 55
    The Mazda 3 is simply in the next size class down, at least for interior volume. It offers a refined compact, but neither its cargo or backseat make it competitive with the Matrix or HHR. A solo driver who rarely carries passengers or cargo might compare the Mazda 3 against the Matrix (say a tuner), but the average consumer will not. The Matrix and HHR both manage the trick of offering mid-size like interior space within a compact's body. The Matrix is also less expensive than the Mazda 3 making the 3's refinement relatively expensive.

    I also suspect the Matrix SUV-like crossover styling may go over better in America than the Mazda3 five-door's styling.

    What Mazda has done better is recognize that small car buyers may be willing to pay for luxury touches like navigation systems and automatic climate control. It took a long time for truck makers to offer luxury options. It shouldn't be such a stretch that buyers may want luxury in smaller packages.
  • basiliskstbasiliskst Member Posts: 55
    Sorry, mental glitch, I wrote Matrix when I was thinking Caliber previously. I should have written

    The Mazda 3 is simply in the next size class down, at least for interior volume. It offers a refined compact, but neither its cargo or backseat make it competitive with the Caliber or HHR. A solo driver who rarely carries passengers or cargo might compare the Mazda 3 against the Caliber (say a tuner), but the average consumer will not. The Caliber and HHR both manage the trick of offering mid-size like interior space within a compact's body. The Caliber is also less expensive than the Mazda 3 making the 3's refinement relatively expensive.

    I also suspect the Caliber SUV-like crossover styling may go over better in America than the Mazda3 five-door's styling. (The Vibe is the better styled of the Vibe/Matrix twins.)

    What Mazda has done better is recognize that small car buyers may be willing to pay for luxury touches like navigation systems and automatic climate control. It took a long time for truck makers to offer luxury options. It shouldn't be such a stretch that buyers may want luxury in smaller packages.
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    is the only hope Diesels have here in the USA to meet emission requirements. The current catalysists cannot tolerate sulphur for very long.

    Caliber sounds very promising, and I got email from local dealer saying 5 R/T's were in stock. But I'm holding back until the second 6 months at least....want to give dem Dodge boys time to squash the bugs the first cars off the line are sure to have.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Are they nationwide? I have never seen one on the road or seen an ad for them on TV.
  • joey0708joey0708 Member Posts: 39
    i took the mazada 5 out last summer when it just came in because i liked the look . i tried it out in that heat wave we had , i found the airconditiong not to be adequate. i think if you research it other people will say the same thing .also i found the 5 engine to be allitle loud . since i was alittle unhappy with the 5 i did not even think about the 3. my friend has a 3 and she seems to like it and she lives in miami . i really like the way the 3 sounds much better then the 5 i was surprized . i took the caliber out and i liked it much better then the mazada 5. the hhr i found loud , i guess it will be a matter of taste. i don;t want to spend alot of money and have bad air . the pt cruiser had really great air .
  • zugislandzugisland Member Posts: 21
    Just bought my Caliber the Sxt Sport with the upgraded speakers...One ? has anyone else experienced a pretty violent electrical shock when shutting off the car and shutting the door....sso far its happened every time....
    Also for those IPOD afficiando's the standard single disc Cd player will accept an AUX input for to ipod....but the upgraded 6 disc ced player will not..i had the dealer credit me and put in the standard cd player for me the IPOD AUX input jack is really cool esp with a normal 115 volt plug yto keep it powered all the time is right there below it..this is also standard on the SXT SPOrt allowing you to use computers or anything else that needs a normal electrical jack....hmm i wonder if this is the reason for the jolts...
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    Funny title eh? Some dealers will basically sell these for invoice, others more, others less (yes that's right). Prices seem to vary quite a bit by region. A few Calibers have been put up on eBay - some at sticker, some lower. Depending on where you live, where you are willing to go, you can get a deal on these.

    My last new car did the same electric shock thing for the first few months and then it stopped doing it. I'm not really sure why, but it might have something to do with the brand new fabric creating more static electricity on you and your clothes when you get in and out.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    One forum here brought up point that the SRT-4 version of the Caliber will have 19" wheels.

    Other than showcar folks, why on earth would anyone want wheels that huge on a relatively small car? They will probably make SRT-4 ride as if axles are welded to frame, and skitter like mad on bumpy turns!

    For that matter, Are 19" wheels an option for the R/T?
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    Also, what is the take on comparing the Caliber .vs. the Euro brands (VW, Audi) ?
    Is comparison viable even though the Caliber is in a different price and market class?
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    Check out this site..........
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    has any one diven the manual? I can not stand an autto. :confuse:
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    Is the Caliber already on sale I haven't seen one here in Dallas.
  • pacermanpacerman Member Posts: 62
    hmmmmmmm........ forgot which planet your on??? :)
  • siberiasiberia Member Posts: 520
    Texas is a whole 'nother country, Pacerman. Calibers won't be exported to Texas until later on this year.
  • zugislandzugisland Member Posts: 21
    Ok my mileage computer has been pretty steady at 24.7 mpg...i have filled my tank this week and will verify those numbers later on this week when i fill up again...can everyone else chime in on this as to compare. Also as i said before the ride is awesome for this caliber no pun only small critique is that is seems like I am sliding forward in my seat a bit when im stopping ....I don have the power seat option and cant seem to get the seat angles up a bit to prevent this small would be welcome....I continue to believe this car represents great value at this pricepoint and and is fun to drive with great sound ....
  • pacermanpacerman Member Posts: 62
    This guy (Silverfox) has had his for two or three weeks in N Texas, even has a couple of google videos, with test drive Mpegs......why is Texas so special not to have 'em ?? :)
  • pacermanpacerman Member Posts: 62
    Did you "pump" the tilt lever on the left side of the seat?? Pump up to tilt up...... pump down to tilt down...........

    RTFM.......... :):):)
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    Texas is not that special, Pacerman. I was joking.
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    Does the Caliber come with a Sun roof? Which Models?
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