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    joking.... me too, by special I meant, different than the other states in that they are being bought and sold. Hell, even in the "great white north" they are selling them, and we're a lot further away from Beleveder than you are....... :D:D
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    I sat in the Dodge Caliber while checking out new cars over the weekend. :cry: Ergonomically, it has to be one of the worst vehicles I have ever sat in. I felt like I was sitting in a bathtub. Firstly, the dashboard is too deep. The windshield is too raked. The side windows are too small. The beltline is too high. The visibility out the back is minimal. Seats seemed comfortable and interior materials looked very good for the class of this car. Nothing about this car worked for me. I had such high expectations. No thanks.
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    My local dealership finally got a Caliber in! :D I just got back from going and seeing it. I must say that they look A LOT better to me in person than they do in their pictures (it was the orange SXT). I got the salesman to get me the keys and I hopped right in. To me it felt comfortable and everything seemed to be in the right place. I sat in the back and there was even room back there for me (I'm 6' tall so this is rare in vehicles of this class). The engine was one of the quietest I had ever come across. I was going to take it for a test drive but it is a mess here so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. So more then.

    Also, fairways 19, it does come with an optional sun roof. I know it's an option on the sxt and I believe it adds $750 to the price. Go to link title and build one for yourself. ;)
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    Sounds like continuation of the approach that the Chrysler 300 begun, the HHR copied, and will be more intense in the upcoming Toyota Edge.
    Many people like it, but not everyone. Thanks for the heads-up!


    When is the SRT-4 version due out? This fall?
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    when i bought mine the dealer also had sxt sport the sunroof is a $750 option i got an aftermarket power sunroof about the same size as the dodge where i got my tint done for $590
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    I believe the last I heard the SRT4 isn't due out until spring.
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    We were out shopping and bought an '06 PT Cruiser. But I liked the Caliber an awful lot - it came down to pricing. The PT has some great incentives, as an older model, but the Caliber is almost full ticket.

    I think the Caliber has a great future. It looked great in person, vs. questionable in photos.
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    Thanks for info, trgbassguy. Hopefully by early summer, Edmunds will compare these and let us know how they stack up (my guess is they will prefer the Audi, but find the SRT-4 a great performance bargin!)
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    Actually, I'm more curious about a SRT-4 vs. Mazdaspeed3 comparison. They should be similarly priced and are both high-power FWD hatchbacks.

    The A3 Quattro is pretty pricy in comparison and would be comparing FWD vs. AWD.
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    39 mpg is not that bad Thats what Dodge says it will get under perfect conditions of course :D
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    Yes it does SXT RT AND SRT4
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    Think You need a Flintstone Vehicle :shades:
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    is it FWD or AWD ?? If FWD only, it's kinda a waste as FWD's with that much power have real handling issues.
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    I finally got to see my first Caliber in person on the way to work this morning. It is great looking. Funny the local Dodge deal had none in stock.
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    I have a 2003 Mazda 6 with the 4 cyl. engine. Just this morning I noticed the heater was not as hot when at a stoplight than when moving. Is this normal? Shouldn't the heat output be the same when the engine is up to temperature either moving or standing still?
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    Not necessarily, I have a 2 liter 4 cyl that puts out less heat at an idle. In really cold weather my water temperature drops as much as 20 degrees F while less water is circulated through the heater core at an idle. Small efficient 4 cyl engines don't put out much excess heat at an idle and the heater core acts like a radiator taking heat out of the engine. It's even worse with the fan on high.

    Putting your heater on recirculate can alleviate the problem somewhat because warm cabin air is recirculated through the heater core rather than getting cold air from outside. However, that can cause you windows to fog over inside.
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    How many people does it seat?
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    you are so right especially if that theater has fm modulation fact there is a drive in aabout a mile from my house .....and i will do that this summer! the music gate sys is awesome for that!
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    I never even thought of the Drive in. Hey! I'm sure the 115 outlet would come in handy there too!
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    Check them out. They've got four of them:

    Four Ads For The All-New Dodge Caliber

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    It appears that the manual transmission models (SE/SXT) are not yet widely available. My local dealers don't have them, and just for fun I entered some random zip codes into the Dodge inventory search system and it didn't turn up any manual ones anywhere in the country.
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    I'm considering a car just like this and until the Caliber came along, the only choice was Matrix/Vibe.

    I didn't like the comments posted about the Matrix (weak power, rattle, insufficient heat/AC, engine and road noise). So, I'd like to know how does the Caliber compare in these areas???

    If I get one, it'll be the 2.0L SXT with no other options other than Auto Trans & heated seats (under $18K).
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    Has anyone ordered a caliber? How flexible are they on the price?
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    I don't think dealers are flexible on price right now, because the Caliber is hard for dealers to get right now. I am going to wait a little while to get a better deal. People that buy now will pay list price plus tax.
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    There is a $500.00 rebate right now on Calibers. The dealership I work at are selling them as soon as they touch the lot. If you feel they are hard to get in your area it is because the dealership you went to didn't order enough of them.

    Discount Dean
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    Zugisland: Hopefully it's not too late for you to see this. I don't have any ideas about what may be causing the shock, but BE CAREFUL at the gas pump. Be sure to touch a metal post or something to remove any static charge before you fill up. I had a friend who lost their brother in a gas station fire. Excess static can ignite gas vapors when you are filling the tank. Be sure to "de-charge" before you fill up! :surprise:
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    Hello. I have a 2005 Pontiac Vibe and have read through the Caliber forum and noticed lots of posts regarding the Vibe/Matrix. Makes sense, of course, since the two models compete.

    I don't understand all of the complaints about the "underpowered" Vibe. I have a Base 5-speed, which means 130hp (at least that's what they rated it at in 2005 - now I think it's 126).

    My car has plenty of get up and go - much more than many V6s I've driven. It's not a hot rod, of course, but acceleration is strong - especially in 2nd and 3rd gear. Of course trying to accelerate at low speed in 4th or 5th gear makes the engine feel weak, but other than that, I have no complaints about the Vibe's acceleration. I test drove an auto before buying, and did notice it was a bit slower, but still not a dog.

    Personally, I think horsepower ratings are WAY overrated and consumers pay way too much attention to them. For goodness sakes, if you go back 20 or 25 years, 4 cylinders were only putting out 80hp if you were lucky, and most V8s were pumping out the same horsepower as today's 4 cylinders.

    Anyhow, just my two cents worth. Since this is the Caliber forum, I will say I am curious about the Caliber and the CVT and hope to test drive one soon, even though I'm not in the market for a new car currently. I did sit in a Caliber at the Detroit auto show, and thought the front driver's seat didn't have as much room as the Vibe, and the backseat was nowhere near as roomy as the Vibe. I'm BIG - (6 foot - 375 pounds) - so this is an area I monitor closely. I fit right into the Vibe, although I do agree with the posts that say the steering wheel position is weird. You get used to it - or at least I did.

    When I sat in the Caliber, with the seat all the way back, the steering wheel was pressing against my stomach, and I felt like I was jammed against the door. I had to go in to contortions to get in the back seat.

    All that aside - I think the Caliber is a cool design and will sell very well. I sure hope it does. I've always owned sedans until my Vibe, and now I'm sold on hatchbacks - much more versatile. I can't understand why anyone would rather have a sedan. The back of my Vibe will hold more cargo than a Chevy pickup - or at least it seems that way.
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    I wish this were an urban myth, but it isn't. The Chevron station where I fill up has a warning sign about discharging static electricity before filling up or removing the nozzle after filling. The problem seems to affect women drivers the most - they get back into the car to wait for the fillup, and this builds up a static charge. Men are apparently more likely to wait outside the car. I recollect the warning sign I saw said don't pull the nozzle out if you get a flame, just stand back (obviously if you panic and jerk the pump out, you'll be dealing with a whole stream of burning gas, not just the vapors roiling off the filler cap).

    Do you guys have vapor recovery systems on your gas nozzles? In California they are mandatory except in low pollution counties (which are few), and they help with the problem by essentially vacuuming up the vapors during the fill process.
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    I'm not going to get the one they have. And actually they've had the same one at my dealership for a month now. I just didn't know if they ever would haggle on a price if I were ordering the car
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    Most places just take a nominal good faith deposit, they don't write up a sales contract. When it comes in you haggle - I wouldn't try to do so upfront, it will make them nervous, but if they ask you what you want to pay, you can say the fleet or credit union price, whichever is better, plus any applicable incentives.

    Truth is, I am not sure order cars are the most profitable for dealers. They get their usual holdback and profit margin, but sometimes when inventories are piling up, manufacturers will provide extra incentive money on existing stock only (which wouldn't apply to special order cars). On the other hand, I have heard of a manufacturer offering extra incentive money if the dealers will order more cars even though lot inventory is building up (so the manufacturer won't have to shut down the assembly line temporarily). I don't know if that would apply to a special order car.

    In short, the auto business is arcane, but I'd rather special order to avoid paying for options I don't want and missing options I do want. Although the main option I want these days (besides air conditioning) is side curtain airbags.
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    I've never seen a vapor recovery pump here in Michigan. I have encountered them while traveling in Ohio. My guess would be that they may have some in the Detroit area, but I rarely get to Detroit and certainly don't buy gas there, since it tends to be more expensive than out state.

    I think the vapor recovery systems should be mandatory nation wide. For one thing, gas vapors contribute to the breakdown of the ozone layer. I'm not an environmental nut, but we should do whatever we can that is practical to help out.

    My favorite local gas station burned down as a result of the fire I mentioned in my previous post. I've seen most stations in the area put up the warning signs you mentioned since then.
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    Just gots my C&D yesterday, and they highlight the Caliber SRT-4 on the cover, and test the base against 6 other entry-level cars in a comparison.

    They are very positive towards the SRT, but they dump on the standard version, placing it 6th out of 7 sedans and mini-crossovers. It only beat the Susuki Reno.

    They hit the clutch ("abrupt"), the interior materials ("hard"), the handling ("clumsy"), torque steer, front seat ("too low"), and was generally slow (0-60 in 9.7).

    I've sat in the Caliber, but never driven it. They did like the size of the back seat (I don't, the Vibe/Matrix is much bigger). I like the car, but the interior surfaces are hard.


    Honda's new Fit smoked the competition, with a 25 point victory.
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    I wonder how they "handicap" their test cars. The Honda Fit has been made for about 5 years in Japan, so Honda has had a long time to get the bugs out (compare to the many complaints on the new '06 Civic on the Edmundss threads on that car). The Caliber is a brand new design, and is BARELY showing up in dealerships now. In other words, C&D probably test drove a prototype or a very early production line version. One that very possibly had been in the hands of the press and abused already.

    It takes about 3 months for an assembly line to settle down on a new vehicle. During that period, a lot of product coming off the assembly line is parked after they come off the line, until assembly issues can be fixed. Some bad stuff makes it to the dealers lot. Witness the teething pains for the Chevy Cobalt during the early portion of its ramp up.

    I was actually very surprised that the SXT's I saw recently seemed as nicely put together as they were (although the interior design is spartan compared to the PT Cruiser we ended up buying).

    The clutch being abrupt, may be a sample issue (test car already thrashed by the press? adjustment? needs a running change?) but I suspect it won't be an issue as Dodge makes running changes during the very long 2007 model year run.

    I think the power to weight issue is going to be a problem Dodge is going to have to struggle to solve. The Chevy Cobalt is MUCH heavier than the Cavalier it replaces - thanks to a stronger, more crash resistant, and quieter body. But at least the Cobalt comes with a standard powerful 2.2 liter Ecotec engine (with conservative 8.7 second 0-60 times with the automatic as clocked by Consumer Reports).

    The Caliber, on the other hand, is being asked to make do with a 1.8 liter engine in the FWD stickshift version, with a 2.0 liter engine in the FWD auto transmission version, and with a 2.4 engine in the AWD auto transmission version. Sorry, even with the addition of variable valve timing, the additional weight over the Neon (2500 pounds vs 3,000 pounds) is going to penalize the Caliber, and upping the engine to 2.4 won't help when you are running heavier AWD hardware and an automatic.

    Of course, all Dodge has to do, is drop the 2.4 and the stickshift into the FWD version to get some numbers enthusiasts like to see. Not great numbers, it's still heavy, but decent numbers, with the possibility of good gas mileage (the optional Ecotec 2.4 in the Cobalt gets good gas mileage).

    So you pay your money and take your choices: pay a premium today (MSRP, without nose-bleed discounts) for a product that has a lot of new technology and innovative thinking, and probably cost Daimler Chrysler way over a billion dollars in development costs (makes MSRP look like a bargain, huh?); or wait two years for the inevitable refinements AND get a discounted price (but where's the fun in that?).

    This car is a toy, in the good sense of the word - candy for sport compact (or just plain compact) enthusiasts. It is the American Rabbit/Golf (hey, that's a hatchback, wink-wink). The Fit is utilitarian transportion. It's already mature and due for a refresh or update. The new Civic fails to please - it's slower than it should be, and still doesn't handle like it should. Plus, it's got teething pains.

    So it's either a fey, but great handling and decently powered, Mazda3, or a brawny, but rough around the edges Caliber. (The lack of the Generation 2 Focus over here, takes Focus out of consideration.) Let's see how the Caliber grows up, and how quickly it grows up as more product comes off the assembly line. Let's hope real hard that it doesn't get a Consumer Reports black ball of death on the reliablity issue like the 2005 Cobalt picked up.

    American products have great design. They falter on execution. The Japanese often have a mediocre product, but they don't usually drop the ball on execution and keep refining it to perfection.
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    My wife has a suprisingly short list of things her next car MUST have. At the top of that list are a sunroof/moonroof and a seat height (a.k.a. step-in height), above ground level, that is somewhere between that of her Mazda 626 (20") and my Dodge Ram (33").

    She runs a lot of errands during a normal day. Falling down into, and climbing up out of her 626, is exhausting. The truck has the opposite effect, but is not as objectionable and she doesn't use it as much.

    I cannot find this measurement for any car/suv on the web and I am disinclined to visit all of the dealerships with my yardstick. I estimate it by subtracting the front headroom value from the overall vehicle height value, but I think this is wildly inaccurate.

    Since the list of possible-next cars includes the subject of this forum, I was hoping that somebody would, in their spare time, measure the height above ground to the middle (more or less) of the seat cushion (i.e. the top-center of the horizontal seating surface) and post that value here.

    I have read these forums extensively over the past few weeks and I have not seen any discussion of this. I beg your pardon if I missed it and am being redundant.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I cannot find this measurement for any car/suv on the web and I am disinclined to visit all of the dealerships with my yardstick. I estimate it by subtracting the front headroom value from the overall vehicle height value, but I think this is wildly inaccurate.

    Your wife is not unique in her preference. You would think car manufacturers would start posting this. Then again, maybe they fear too many figures become confusing.
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    C&D often drives prototypes for tests. Sometimes they say so, sometimes not.

    For "American" Hatches, I guess (am missing something here ???);

    Dodge Caliber (new)
    Ford Focus (phasing out)
    Chevy Malibu Maxx (also phasing out)

    Pontiac Vibe doesn't count as it's a Co-Toyota design.

    Not many choices, and none of these appear acceptable to the sporting driver.
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    The only hatch that's worth it's name is the VW GTI...

  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    Not in love with the rear-end style anyway.

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    i was quoted 17k out the door for the sxt. :)
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    I have had my caliber for 2 weeks now, and last week my check engine light came on. I called the service dept at the dealership and they said it was something with the computer and to drive it around for another week before I bring it in to be looked at. The light is still on and I plan on bringing it in tomorrow. Has anyone else has an issue w/ this?
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    I've had three cars do this in the past and it was the same thing every time. There is a small leak somewhere in the evaporative fuel recovery system. Something is probably not sealed correctly or a small air hose has broken. These leaks are usually on the low-pressure side of the fuel system, so its not like your leaking gas, just unused gas vapors that should be returned to the tank.

    Often these lights come on if the fuel cap is not on tight enough, but if tightenting the cap does not make the light go off, there is a leak somewhere else.

    2 Saturns bad O-rings on the top of the gas tank - hard to change, and our Grand Caravan had a dried out hose that snapped and made the light come on - easy to change.

    Should be easy for the dealer to fix in an hour depending on where the leak is.
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    "i was quoted 17k out the door for the sxt."

    me too. 17k.
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    "American products have great design. They falter on execution. The Japanese often have a mediocre product, but they don't usually drop the ball on execution and keep refining it to perfection. "

    You said it all. The Caliber is a great update to the Neon with innovative design and bargain price but Chrysler/Dodge has a weak repair history reputation.

    I was really burned on the first totally computer designed Chrysler, the 1994 LHS. It's cab-forward design (from Intrepid) was years ahead of GM. Unfortunately, I had to replace the right front tie rod twice in 24k miles not to mention the self-destructing, overheating transmission, weak timing belt and other design defects that added up to over $5,500 in repairs. I loved the car but it hated me.

    Potential weaknesses in newer MOPAR cars include all computer controls inside the hot, sometimes wet engine compartment instead of the glove box where BMW (the original designer of computer controlled ignition) put them. Time will tell, but chances are high that this great looking, low priced Caliber could end up costing you a lot more to own than you anticipated. I see little improvement in PT Cruisers beyond appearance items. Owners may wish to comment on refinements in recent years.

    I test drove all the Corolla alternatives and really loved the Mazda 3i (feels like a baby Beemer), but settled for a less exciting 40 MPG 2006 Corolla. I'm doing 2,500 RPM at 65 MPH and getting an actual 40 MPG in suburban driving. How many RPM's is a Caliber turning at 65? I'd like to know as this has an impact on engine life, heat, & mileage.

    More importantly, I've come to appreciate the small refinements added since the 2003 introduction of the latest Corolla including unadvertised stuff like the redesigned roller bearing manual shifter (2005) and rear stop light integrated into the deck (2006) making it easier to add window tint. Excellent quality control is evident even in this fully equipped but very low end car. My Corolla's orange peel clear coat on the rocker panels impressed me as well as the deep candy apple computerized paint job. My Chrysler had sheet metal so thin it buckled if you leaned against it.

    I wanted an initial PT Cruiser 5-speed at $14k but they were too popular so dealers only received them fully loaded. Caliber may have a high enough production run to offer less than loaded versions for under $15k, [your best value]. If not, you have a lot of choices out there for $17k and up.

    Bottom line, the Caliber appears to be great fun to drive at a good initial price but it might be wiser to wait until the second model year or later and consider the total cost and satisfaction of ownership. I'm looking forward to many repair-free years driving my rather plain, very efficient Corolla. But I can remember buying a car because I loved it's looks or the way it handled (my T-top 6.6L Trans Am), regardless of it's obvious drawbacks. I have no regrets, except buying that crappy LHS!

    Also, I'd think twice before buying an new car that gets less than 30 MPG with gasoline likely to cost $3/gal. or more this year and beyond.
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    My MT arrived today, pitting the Caliber R/T vs. Matrix XRS, Mazda 3s and Chevy HHR.

    1. Mazda
    2. Toyota
    3. HHR
    4. Caliber

    The Caliber 0-60 passed 10 seconds (Mazda and Toyota led at 8 flat). And they didn't like the fact you can't fold the rear seats from the back of the car, like the other three vehicles.

    The 3300+ lbs of weight didn't help, easy defeating the 172HP engine. The Matrix was not AWD, but weighed in at 500 lbs. less.

    My personal experience is I like, but don't love the outside. At 6'4", I don't really fit in front, or out back. Not pleased with the fact that AC is optional. Like the dash, easy to use. Like iPod holder. Interior surfaces are quite hard, with plenty of corners to graze your knees and elbows.

    This compounds, and reaffirms the C&D comparison (6th place finish). :sick:

    Don't shoot the messenger! :(

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    I think the Caliber is taking some truly undeserved heat. You can't objectively compare an SXT or a prototype R/T to existing performance-oriented cars costing more and having a few years on the road. In terms of safety features, Caliber has ABS, a nice set of air bags, and appears to be built very solidly (weight for example). Some reviews apparently do not consider these items, or consider them to be a disadvantage. I can tell you this - I live in northern Ohio and am looking forward to driving my fairly heavy FWD Caliber next winter, especially with ABS for those icy days.

    This car has a great design, above average safety features, it drives very well, and is priced reasonably. Everyone who has seen my car around town is amazed. That said, the CVT SXT is not intended to be a super-sports car, just a safe and affordable car that people like me will be proud to drive.

    If you want a "more luxurious" or "higher performance" car, then get ready to pay more money... Its that simple.

    Again, this is a great car for its price range. Nobody is comparing a SXT to a well-equipped Focus, Colbalt, Ion,... If you do, the Caliber looks pretty good.
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    I was checking things out on my SXT this morning and I found a feature that I could NOT find anywhere in the owner's manual. If you hit the trip odo button a few times it brings up an outside temp display where the digits usually are for the odo or trip odo. My car does not have the trip computer, but it does have this "hidden" temp display.

    I really like this :P

    Does anyone know how to change it from Fahrenheit to Centigrade? (Being a math teacher, I prefer C's to F's... ha ha)

  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    This varies with the driving conditions as the tranny is a CVT. On a flat road with no headwind, mine runs about 23-2400 rpm at 65 mph. To climb a hill or counter a strong headwind, the car increases the rpm and decreases the gear ratio simultaneously in order to deliver a steady speed.

    "No way to control it - its totally automatic..."
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    As of a few weeks ago, DrFill was a salesman for these cars - as far as I know. Now he brings any and all negative press to our attention immediately... I'm confused...

    The minor gripes that some recent reviewers have do even come close to the amount of positive ink this car has gotten so far. This is car a major improvement for DCX and a solid vehicle overall. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back when the crash test results come out, since cars with head curtain air bags seem to do well there.
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    I am not so patiently waiting for my custom ordered Caliber SXT Sport to arrive. I would have preferred the SRT but the dealer said it wouldn't be available until late summer. As it is I am waiting anywhere from 6-12 weeks for mine to arrive, since I ordered the Subburst Orange with color keyed interior. The book shows the carbon fiber dash kit as an option but it is misleading and is only available on the RT and SRT, wasn't too pleased about that.

    I went for the exterior styling package as well and was sad to find out that the dealership really had no idea what was what and it turns out that it's not factory installed, it's an after market Mopar addition that the dealer will have to install, they said they have no idea when it will arrive. It better be here before we take delivery.

    I also opted for the 1.8 engine with a 5 speed. After going from a V8 Mustang with a 5 speed to a 4 cylinder I couldn't bear the idea of driving an automatic 4 banger.

    One thing that does concern me though is that the Caliber we test drove sounded a little off and a week later we drove past the dealership to see it's engine tore apart in the bay. It was already sold and it was rumored the buyers wanted an automatic start installed, also a MOPAR after market installation so I am praying that is the reason for the "maintanence". :confuse:
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    hey caliberchic...

    i am buying the same as you, but i've only seen the sunburst orange in pics! have you seen it in person? if so, is it bright (like a clown fish or orange (fruit))or is it dark (like the element and scion)
    thanks for any info!
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