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    And I've heard many positive reviews about Dodge's ability to quell torque steer, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt here. I'm sure they've learned more, and can even improve over the original.

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    Interestingly enough, what they know and apply they picked up from Mitsu on that subject. Yes, I think benefit of the doubt is in order here.

    Now, if only they'd make a less truckish looking, more upscale variant for the Chrysler lot...
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    I think that prohibiting the availability of a manual trans with the 2.0 engine is to serve the dealers and DCX. I belive it is a diservice to the consumer. One huge point is that the auto transmission offered is a CVT. It should probably perform well and offer good fuel economy.But, if something goes wrong with it, to my knowledge there is no repair done; it has to be replaced at a pretty high cost.

    I feel the main reson to force the auto on anyone buying above the base model, is to get the exra 1000.00 profit. I think they will probably drive some customers away with that move . For people who trade cars in freuently, I don't think the durability factor would make any difference. For most of the drving I do the 1.8 might work.
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    The 1.8 with 5 speed will likely be more efficient and at least equal in performance to the 2.0 CVT. I talked to my local dealer, who sold the red SE CVT that I drove last week, and have no Calibers in stock, and they are a huge dealership. They also said all of the incoming Calibers they know of will be CVTs.

    On a new car design and an a new tranny, I be more comfortable long term with the 5 speed, too.

    How long on a manual DCX?

    Maybe the rebate will go up by the time they start building 5 speeds...
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    Is there a rebate on the calibers now? I am flying into jacksonville FL. today and I just found out on another sight that there is an auto show there. I will check it out and report back on monday night when I get back.
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    The rebate right now is $500, but there are no cars to buy :confuse: The rebates can vary by zipcode. lets you put in your zipcode and it will show all available rebates.

    I talked to a dealer this morning and he said he should start getting shipments in aboiut two weeks, CVT and 5 spd.

    I'm waiting fairly patiently, if I have to, I guess :D
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    I sat in a Caliber at the Pittsburgh Auto Show. It seemed to me that the forward visibility was a bit limited. I am 5'8"

    Has anyone noticed any serious issues with visibility in this otherwise very nice vehicle?


  • novanova Member Posts: 135
    I was torn between the caliber & the chevy hhr. I rented the HHR to drive to jacksonville I liked every thing about the car except the window controls Not on the door and no dome light in front passanger area.GOOD milage 28 1/2 MPG. I loved every thing about the caliber so I will wait to drive one before I make my choice.
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    When will we see the Caliber's arrive on dealerships lots?
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    Does anyone know what is the driving range of the Caliber? Also how much off-road capable could this car be? Like does it have any ground protection underneath?


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    This is a compact wagon, it'll only be as off road capable as most other sedans. Get an SUV or truck with skid plates and the works if you want off road capabilities.
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    People have already bought Calibers. Every dealer across the country isn't expected to get one until early march. Look for ads to start also.
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    Fuel tanks:

    FWD - 13.6 US gal
    AWD - 13.5 US gal

    Figure 12 gallons times whatever average mileage you get. Which model are you thinking about? I'll assume AWD R/T since w/ the off road comment. 26mpg * 12gal = 312 miles.

    Off Road? Wait for the Jeep Compass as it will have a switch to lock 4wd. Ground clearance is pretty good @ 7 inches, but the whole body is at 7", not like a ladder on frame SUV that had just a diff & shocks @ 7" and the body @ 12".
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    It WAS pretty cool! Usually Chrysler doesn't drop the ball on style.

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    :cry: I know they are making these in Illinois - they have been for about 4 weeks from what I have heard. I'm in NW Ohio, and I know of only one Caliber that a dealer had and sold. Where are they shipping the Calibers to right now?
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    has on in Rochester MI. Saw it on my way home tonight. I may have to go check it out in the daylight tomorrow.
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    If you want something off the caliber platform and are looking for true off-road capability wait for the Jeep Patriot. Hasn't been shown in full production guise yet. think old Cherokee or new commander only smaller.
  • mazda6iguymazda6iguy Member Posts: 365
    I saw one at a dealer in Strongsville, Ohio. It was a white Caliber SXT.
  • thenameisbondthenameisbond Member Posts: 4
    Yes I understand an SUV is better for off road capabilities. I was thinking of comparing it with Subaru Outback which being a similar platform is off road capable (as I've researched).
  • thenameisbondthenameisbond Member Posts: 4
    Looking at MPG numbers, I hoped CVT would help reduce consumption but at the moment they don't seem quite that impressive ( 1.8 manual - 28/32, 2.0 'manual' - 26/30, 2.0 CVT - ?, 2.4 CVT - 24/28?). But I couldn't find any for the Caliber 2.0 with CVT. Does anyone know?

    I guess if it can even achieve the MPGs of Matrix/Vibe (with only FWD+CVT), then that'd be so nice.
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    The 2.0 with CVT is rated at 26/30. The 1.8 manual is supposed to be higher, closer to 29/36 from what I have heard. At this point the 2.0 is only available with the CVT and it will likely stay that way. The current configurations appear to be 1.8/5 spd, 2.0/CVT and 2.4/CVT2 (in the R/T model). SRT4 might be a 2.4 turbo with a manual, but its not coming out for a while. To me all of this makes sense. With three engine choices and three trannys, there could be nine theoretical combinations, but that's too many for any carmaker to build and some don't make sense, like 1.8/CVT. So, the three common choices will likely be as stated above.
  • novanova Member Posts: 135
    Does any one know the difference between the cvt and the cvt2 trans ?
  • aaron_taaron_t Member Posts: 301
    There is only one CVT offered, both called CVT2 by DCX because of the second generation of CVT from whomever their supplier is.
  • hraohrao Member Posts: 78
    1.8 liter (stick) 148 HP 6,400 rpm 28/32 MPG
    2.0 liter (CVT) 158 HP 6,400 rpm 28/32
    2.4 liter (CVT) 172 HP 6,400 rpm 23/26
    2.4 turbocharged (stick) 300 HP 300 22/28

    this info as posted on
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    I scoured the net. It appears that the 1.8/manual numbers are not official. A Canadian review stated that fuel economy for the 1.8/manual is not yet available. I do not know how these were estimated on this site and on allpar, but the official Dodge dealer literature I saw estimated the 1.8/manual at 28/35. A salesman told me the 1.8/manual might actually be 36 hwy, we will see. If it really is only 32 hwy, why bother - just get the CVT. Also, why would DCX build both 5 speed and CVT if there is not a noticeable difference in MPG? IMO, there needs to be at least 5 mpg difference between the two common configurations, or else one is unnecessary. :)
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    The 2.0 CVT is not 28/32 - It is 26/30. I drove one and that's what the window sticker said.
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    has black sxt just $17280. i bought my Magnum there great dealer.
  • aaron_taaron_t Member Posts: 301
    People that buy manual transmissions do so because they like them, not for fuel economy. Many automatics get higher fuel economy than their manual counterparts these days.
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    Am hoping the AWD ride will not be as harsh as those "other" AWD sport wagons who offer a stiff riding sports suspension and nothing else (A3 Quattro, to name one).

    Dodge can always do the SRT-4 treatment for those who prize handling above all else!

    For those who have sat in/own a Caliber? Is the center console thin so it doesn't eat up leg room? Are the materials truly cheap, or just inexpensive? How is seat adjust ability? What's the CVT like?

    I tried a Matrix a long time ago but gave up on it due to weird driving position and weak motor. Nothing else I can find is even close to the Caliber.
  • philqb2philqb2 Member Posts: 6
    i don't love the plastic used in the caliber, but it's not bad. it's just dodge's versatile decent looking stuff. i have plenty of legroom in the car, front and back, and i'm 6'foot. but for those of you with kids, a car seat pretty much only fits in the middle in the back, leaving not much room for an adult next to them.
    other downfall is no power driver seat (SXT). but the lumbar lever is the best i've seen in non-luxury cars.
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    My 2 cents: Looks good. Good price point. Cargo area is clad in plastic/vinyl(easy cleanup). One neat option: space to keep beverages chilled.

    Final assembly in Illinois. :):)

    Didn't have time for test drive but would like to just to test the new type (CVT) tranny
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    I can't wait! :) We should get our allotment by Friday.

    Wanted to like the Matrix, but the engine is a little light on torque, and the driving position is super weird! :mad:

    I guess the Caliber is for people who like the PT Cruiser's user-friendly nature, but want a more masculine spin on it.

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    pardon me, but, didn't your Edmunds' nickname used to be callmedrfill? I realized that the other day while reading one of your posts.

    BTW-how is the Internet car sales business going? Dodge is probably a good company to work that end from, eh?

    The new Caliber is kinda nice, though the rear end really swoops down. Rear viewing might be compromised a tad, huh?

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    The "bydnis" is going, but Internet leads are very busy, and are not likely to have time even to come after work.

    The sales I've gotten are off the lot traffic.

    My superiors say I'm good over the phone. Doing some price quotes. Haven't received any Calibers yet! :cry:

    My dealership is very good, and honest, and it is a very positive environment.

    I'm focusing on actual sales numbers, not gross, so I really don't sweat sales price. I'm going for unit bonuses.

    The site will be updated in the next 2 weeks, along with a new stream of buyer leads.

    The Caliber will help a lot, as the lowest price Dodge right now is the $19k Caravan!

    Thanks for asking. :)
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    A newspaper would like to interview a female consumer who has been turned off by Dodge: either she shopped for a Dodge vehicle but couldn't find anything to meet her needs, or she did not like the macho approach that Dodge uses in its ads. Please respond to [email protected] before Friday, March 3, 2006 with your daytime contact info, your vehicle's year, make and model, and a few thoughts on the subject of interest.


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    Saw my first one on the roads, at first I thought it was a Malibu Maxx. Guess that's not a bad thing, as the Caliber is priced much lower. Also reminded me of the Vibe from the side.

    Much more appealing to me personally than a Neon was, without a doubt.

  • puckska8r5puckska8r5 Member Posts: 1

    Saw the new Caliber's at my dealer 2 weeks ago and a few more earlier this week. They look much better in person. My question for you is when do you think the Caliber SRT's will be hitting the showrooms and what do you think will be their starting SRP's?
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    A. The Caliber itself needs to gain market acceptance.

    B. Dodge has several other releases in the near future (Stratus, Nitro, Challenger).

    C. Could come late fall, to drive traffic through Winter, but I expect it next Spring for around $24,995.

  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    Compared it to the Matrix in size and shape. Not thrilled about the CVT, but hard to tell if that is just prejudice. Quoted less than stellar mileage ratings (but it's hard to get definitive numbers from other sources). As with other reviewers, not impressed with the acceleration of the R/T in AWD form.
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    They didn't say it was a Grand Slam, but said it was well done. And the 2.0 and 2.4 performed well, no qualifiers! :)

    Basically thought Dodge can make a new niche with Caliber. Didn't compare it to Matrix. Is taller than Matrix, so driving experience will be different. Driving position should be clearly better.

  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    this is my first small car (usualy drive full size trucks) found it comfortable and nice to drive around town not bad on highway :D
  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    i dont notice the blind spots driving but backing is terrible
  • nonnemachernonnemacher Member Posts: 98
    If a Caliber owner has a tape measure handy, please give the width of the cargo area and its length with the rear seats folded down. I know the hatch opening is smaller than the load floor at the bottom, but I'm mainly interested in the inside dimensions. Also, is "about 30 mpg" mostly city or mostly highway? My wife is not really keen on the 5 speed idea, so I'd like to know what a CVT will do in mixed driving. ;)
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Member Posts: 1,798
    please keep info comming, as the USA Today review was apparently with prototypes. It's Really hard to evaluate such a review as they have many inaccurcies (same with Car and Driver's reviews of Pre-production Chevys - the actual production cars were much different!).
  • pacermanpacerman Member Posts: 62
    I was really going to buy a Vibe but the 126 hp kinda set me off on that purchase, test drove an HHR the other day, 2.4 auto, actually it was loaded to the nuts. Handled pretty well but the electric assist steering felt too vague for me, also very little road feedback, seemed to have lotsa poop but pretty noisy @ 5000rpm.....then I test drove a PT the other day, felt pretty good but a little less cargo room and felt more confined than the HHR, the front seat bottom bolsters dug into my [non-permissible content removed], after 20 miles, that was enough. The sales guy mentioned the caliber and compass..........well love at first sight, RT AWD here we come, can hardly wait for them to come in!!! I have had so much fun with my ACR Neon, maybe the RT would be a step up, then again maybe the SRT4 Caliber!!!!!!!!!!Would like to know how you guys are doing for mileage??
  • joey0708joey0708 Member Posts: 39
    i passed the car dealer today and there it was , of course i had to take it out for a test ride . i was surprized i had the 2.liter and i thought the pick up was very good on a major highway. the ride was pretty quite , not much road noise, and the engine was quite . i tried the hhr and i thought the engine was very noise ,the caliber is really worth trying .
  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    have had my caliber for a week tomorrow almost 1000 miles and love it only concern is the doors need to be slammed asked my dealer about and he was not sure but thought it had something to do with the double door seal at the top and none at the bottom
  • philqb2philqb2 Member Posts: 6
    400 miles in is all, 24.5 MPG so far, but it was at 22.3 when I bought it with 35 miles on it. Guess everyone at the dealership had to go for a ride first. Once I put some miles on it it'll probably get up to about 26 or so.
    To answer other guy's question, I was told 7 year 70K powertrain warranty but I haven't looked through the warranty booklet yet to see if that was true.
  • novanova Member Posts: 135
    Maybe all you new owners could help the rest of us on this forum out. Please list the options /model / sticker price/ price you paid and the state you bought the car in so the rest of us thinking about buying the Caliber have more info.

    Thanks from south Florida
  • trav3491trav3491 Member Posts: 11
    :P the standard warranty is 3 yr 36000 dodge will send you an extended warranty offer it took a year to get on my 05 rumble bee truck the 7 yr 70000 cost me $900 but the 05 was the last year of the 5/5000 dealer could not help me with price of extended warranty price on the caliber
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