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    With Autostick giving the "simulation" of rowing your own gears.

    There are flights, and there are flight "simulators".

    Which would you rather take to your vacation?

    Mazda3 and VibeGT proudly offer MT, and are THE main competition.

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    until this quiet thread gets archived?
    According to Allpar, production starts in a month. Should be at the auto shows this winter, then.
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    I little frightening, perhaps indicative, that there isn't more chatter on this thread, considering this is a brand new staple product about to take a public bow.

    Perhaps they need to show a fleshed-out SRT version post-haste! You know, something to get the blood pumping...
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    The Design Caliber feature is up and running on the Dodge website, if anyone is interested. I can't believe it's showing the 2.0L turbodiesel as an option...but it's $4420. Ouch! Still, it's very cool that they're going to offer it.
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    Well the MBA's are at it again. According to the Dodge web site where you can build your own Malibu if you want the 2.4 liter engine with AWD you cannot get a manual. I am out then unless maybe they package this configuration on the SRT. But I cannot wait around forever for that car to come out.
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    Priced the R/T FWD on 12/11 and the base price showed $18,885. On 12/15 it was $17,085.

    The AWD Automatics are only 4 speeds also, no CVT possible.
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    The Dodge Malibu? That's Caliber, right? I hope?
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    Great job Dodge! :shades:

    I'll take another:

    1. All Wheel Drive!
    2. TDI (Please don't tease the US Dodge!)
    3. Manual 5 Speed!
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    Make it a 6-speed manual for us!!!
  • ergoergo Member Posts: 56
    Oops! Yeah, a 6 speed! :P
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    Since the versa is also targetting the same market segment. Not to mention one can also build a new versa on Nissan's website just like the Caliber. Is Caliber a better deal considering

    1) CVT in both cars.
    2) 1.8 engine.
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    Well, this is subjective, but I think the Caliber is a lot better looking.

    I made them both. In both cases, I stuck with the manual six speed and cloth seats.

    The Versa with the sport package, abs, air curtain, sunroof and audio came in just over 18k.

    The Caliber R/T, with the 2.4 litre, sport package, upgrade stereo, moonroof, and a few other baubles (I forgot which) came in just under 18.5k.

    So for a couple hundred dollars you get a better looking vehicle with a larger engine.

    Unless the Caliber really misses with ride and handling, seems to me its Caliber all the way.
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    For me, the looks and the larger engine available in the Caliber would sway me. The Versa only would make sense to me under $15k. After all, a basic Altima can be had for under $18k.

    With some of the pricing estimates I've seen on the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and others, I don't see how they're going to sell against their larger, more powerful, more luxurious siblings. Nissan's next Sentra will have to fit in between the Versa and Altima somehow. The Honda Civic LX sells for under $17k, so the Fit will have to squeak in well under that.

    At least the Caliber is a sort of crossover that should appeal both to subcompact sedan buyers and small SUV buyers. In my opinion, the most similar car to the Caliber in terms of utility/size is the Mazda5.

    I wonder if Dodge will build a smaller sedan at any point in the near to mid-term future? They really have room for a subcompact, compact and/or smaller mid-size since the Magnum/Charger are such large cars.

    Too bad they've severed ties with Mitsubishi (did I just say that?). I've read that with the influx of subcompacts, Mitsu is considering importing their Colt, which is a good vehicle. It sells fairly well in Europe and looks as good (or better) as the Fit/Versa/Yaris. Dodge could just slap a few new badges on it and have a subcompact. =)
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    You pass. Now, any questions or comments about the Dodge Caliber? :D
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    When does the Caliber go on sale? I saw one on M-59 in Michigan two days ago - company vehicle.
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    The Caliber is a small wagon. Presumably, a reason to buy a small wagon is to haul stuff on occasion. You can't fold down the rear seats on anything less than the SXT model. Consequently, you're stuck with a vehicle that needs expensive 17" or 18" replacement tires. At least you have a choice of getting a fuel-efficient motor.

    Most every other vehicle in this segment automatically comes with fold-down rear seats, regardless of trim. I hope Dodge tweaks its options packaging a bit more before releasing the vehicle.
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    Every Caliber will have fold down rear seats, I think it's safe to say. The reason the fold down seats are shown on the R/T options list is because you have to select either those or the reclining or removeable rear seats (at extra cost).

    I don't think there is a hatchback or SUV on the U.S. market that doesn't have fold down rear seats. It's a no brainer. Details and standard features are still sketchy at this point, but I think it will have basic features this type of vehicle should have.
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    I like it, plus the price is very afforable. I think this will be a hit.
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080

    I really like this car. The styling is clean yet bold. The cargo capacity seems to be big.
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    If they keep the $ reasonable, this will be another big winner for Chrysler. Love the Caliber's look and can't wait to see the Stratus replacement this fall. Happy posting - Isn't this Auto Show stuff great! :)
  • allfiredupallfiredup Member Posts: 736
    It does seem like a great deal considering the good looks, size and versatility. It's actually starting out at $13,985, which is about $400 lower than the Neon's base. Then again, who'd actually pay anywhere near sticker for a Neon?

    Still, it's a great deal even in SXT or R/T trim. A car like this, loaded for under $19k it'll be a winner.

    Too bad the interior looks cheap as in most other Dodge products. I suppose at this price it will be more acceptable than in a $30k Magnum or Charger. It seems they spend the majority of the $$$ on developing the exterior and driving dynamics which is where their cars seem to excel.

    They'll sell every one they can build. Good job!
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    This car really has some neat features, which would make up for any interior shortcomings, at least to me.
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    I hear people say things like the interior looks cheap but I don't really understand. Exactly how does it look cheap?

    And no one will prefer this piece of crap to a Magnum or Charger or even a Neon.

    I predict the Caliber will never meet any sales goals. :lemon:
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Member Posts: 574
    Quality and reliability will determine if the Caliber meets it's sales goals. As a Neon replacement, it needn't be a Lexus, just a solid offering. Styling wise it's another winner for DCX. :)
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    I may have added another vehicle to my ever growing list of possible replacements for the Camry. :)

  • archie3archie3 Member Posts: 1
    I WILL buy this vehicle. Looks like a new site launched:
  • dialm4speeddialm4speed Member Posts: 110
    The built in beer cooler is a nice touch! LOL! :shades:
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    I apologize if this has been indicated already. Does anyone know when the Caliber will start showing up on the showroom floors? While the vehicle looks good on the web, I'd like to check it out in person before giving it a firm spot on my short list.

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    I called the Dodge 800 number and they didn't have an answer. The literature that the dealership had said January but Autoblog said April, so I think it's safe to assume sometime in between.
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    Just got back from the Detroit Auto Show. The Caliber makes some of the competitive vehicles look pretty bland. Nice interior, lots of room in the back, comfortable seats and lots of powertrain choices. My daughter has a Neon, great little car, but this Caliber is definitly an improvement! We are seeing them all over in metro Detroit, and they have been building them for several weeks. Should be in showrooms in late February.
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    So, Am I to understand, this will only come with an actual manual tranny if you get the base model with a 1.8l engine?

    Shame on you DCX, I had this car in my sites until I just found that out. Back to Honda and Scion/Toyota for me.......a little car like that with an auto just ain't right.
    What a shame.......seems like a nice little car.
    Anyone know if the SRT will come with a manual tranny?
    Yes the kind with the third pedal ;)
  • vwgolfiiivwgolfiii Member Posts: 11
    I want a manual too. The 1.8 makes 143 hps and is available in SE and SXT grades, so it's not so bad. :):):)
  • small4mesmall4me Member Posts: 5
    Yeah, but do you think that the car is a little heavy for the engine, if nothing else, the car would be a lot more fun with the 24 extra horses and 30lb-ft of twist, especially with a manual.........

    I'm still sad......wanted the 2.4 with the manual

    Hmmmff! :(
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    Don't forget that they can't play all their card right away, they have to leave room for future variations and 'improvements', so the 2.4 with manual is not out of the question, but you may have to wait for it for a while.

    The 1.8 with manual gets 28 city/34 hwy which is pretty nice. The big question is how much this puppy weighs. I haven't seen the full specs for it yet.
  • small4mesmall4me Member Posts: 5
  • small4mesmall4me Member Posts: 5
    Oops, sorry about that last one.......

    Anyway, I got this on weight from the Allpar web site;

    Curb Weight, lb. (kg)
    SE, 2966 (1345); SXT, 3039 (1378);
    R/T FWD 3156 (1432); R/T AWD 3308 (1501)

    The new Civic is in the 2700 lb range
    The awd Matrix is about 3000 lb and the base is about 2700
    So I would say that the Caliber is going to be a little heavy for the 1.8l engine....should be pretty quick with the 2.4l although the mileage should be much better with the 1.8.
    Hoping for a manual with the 2.4..................
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    the 2.0 and 2.4 will get a manual but its late to the show. Think August.
  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617
    I am encouraged by the extra weight; it should do well on the brutal Insurance Institute offset and side-impact crash tests - presuming the extra weight went into strengthening the door surrounds and side protection beams.
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    The Dodge website says you get an AUX input with the standard stereo and the optional stereos play MP3 CDs.
    It doesn't say the optional stereos have the AUX input also.
    Does the car lose the AUX input if you get an optional upgraded stereo system?
  • 03dakrt03dakrt Member Posts: 17
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Is there any document online that says the AUX stays even if you get the optional MP3-playing CD systems?
  • 03dakrt03dakrt Member Posts: 17
    All Chrysler radios except for the nav radios will get the aux input for 07 model year
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    So, what is the fuel economy MPG supposed to be with each powertrain?
  • willsimwillsim Member Posts: 33
    From what I've read it looks like the Jeep Compass will have the 172hp 2.4 as standard equipment and a manual will be available. This the same vehicle as the Caliber with less attrative styling.
  • 03dakrt03dakrt Member Posts: 17
    the Caliber has an estimated EPA rating of 28/34 for the 1.8L and 26/34 for the 2.0L engines. The 2.4L hasnt been rated yet, from what I have seen 2.4 AWD should be about 24/29 and 2.4 FWD should be 25/31.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    Not that great and similar to some larger cars.
  • 03dakrt03dakrt Member Posts: 17
    yeah, it's heavy.
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    If you read these blogs, you'd swear everyone in the U.S. is searching for a 2.4L diesel sportwagon w/manual trany, and that the auto industry "just doesn't get it" -- in reality, there simply aren't enough folks out there wearing socks with sandals to make manual deisels a popular option in the U.S. Americans can't even be bothered to shift gears manually -- let alone compete at the gas station with every stinking bus and semi for the one diesel pump. But, as soon as words "hatchback" or "sportswagon" are written, out come the Euro wanna-be's who think everything engineered outside of Germany "looks so American". They use the word American as they would "ugly" or "cheap".

    I am not saying that german autos don't have a certain appeal, however, the pricing, particularily of AWD models, makes these an option only for a few.

    So when you get right down to it, even though there are a million SUV varients, there are only a handful of affordable AWD wagons.

    First, there is the Vibe/Matrix. Advantages: command seating, huge cargo area, plastic bedliner, economy. Disadvantages: underpowered, noisy ride, expensive when you add options.

    Next, there is Subaru Outback Sport. Advantages: solid built, peppy. Disadvanges: driver sits low to ground, less cargo space, no sunroof option.

    And, that's it. So, obviously there is room in this category for a newcomer. The Dodge Caliber R/T will hopefully offer the advantages of the Vibe/Matrix and Outback Sport at a reasonable price.

    Those who are worried about where the components are made, need to realize that car companies are all international now. If you are worried that some of the plastics are made in China, then don't go to a toy store, you may have a nervous breakdown.

    Those of you who don't appreciate AWD must live in the deep South. My front-wheel drive Matrix is horrible in the snow and I would like to get rid of it as soon as I can find a suitable replacement -- I am hoping that the R/T will be exactly that vehicle.
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