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Dodge Caliber



  • leadfoot_edleadfoot_ed Posts: 22
    I'm not sure why a company affiliated with Mercedes Benz, which has some outstanding diesel engines, would be offering a VW sourced engine?

    Yes, it's a bit strange that DC is buying diesels from one of their biggest competitors (in Europe, at least). I think it's a matter of having a right-sized engine for this application that has already passed (or is in the certification process of meeting) U.S. emissions standards, rather than developing one from scratch. I think most of DC's existing diesels are either too big (Mercedes E320 CDI) or too small (A-class or Smart). My guess is that in 2-3 years, depending on the popularity of the diesel option, they will have developed and will offer their own 4-cyl diesel of similar power & displacement to the VW unit.
  • jhilkejhilke Posts: 1
    Hi everybody: This is my first knowledge of the Caliber as of May 2. Am I to understand they will offer the VW 1.9 TD engine? What about the gear box? Please, somebody inform me. Thanks. jhilke
  • leadfoot_edleadfoot_ed Posts: 22
    Allpar ( seems to have some insider info on the Caliber. The rumor is that it might have the 16-valve 2.0L diesel similar to the one in the Passat, and currently offered in some of its European variants, like the Golf-based Touran tall-wagon. The output for this engine is approximately 140 horsepower and 236 lbs./ft. of torque. Definitely more interesting than the 100 hp and 177 lbs./ft. of the current 8-valve 1.9L TDI. As far as the tranny, it looks like it will be a 6-speed of some sort.
    Hi everybody: This is my first knowledge of the Caliber as of May 2. Am I to understand they will offer the VW 1.9 TD engine? What about the gear box? Please, somebody inform me. Thanks. jhilke
  • donkilldonkill Posts: 4
    hey people , everyone keeps comparing this to the toyota matrix what about the scion tc?I just bought one and the only thing in its price range that compares is the mazda 3 and the mazda scares me since ford has there incompetant hands in the car.Before the ford fans rip me a new one Ihave owend nothing but fords untill I got this tc .I just traded in my zx3 with 5grand in upgrades and only 36,000mi becuse I treated the damn thing Like Royalty and it still broke down twice ayear like clockwork.On a side note my last ford truck lasted 10 years without one breakdown.
  • Isn't the tC a sporty coupe? I don't see much to compare with the Caliber there.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I do. They're both really useful for more active people without being an Exploder. Dodge wants young people to but this one, I believe.
  • biggus3biggus3 Posts: 32
    I dont. They may cost the same, but they are marketed two very different ways. Comparing a two door to a five door may be valid in the sense of price, but I reckon most people will search out the Caliber for the functionality it gives while not being boring. You cant make that argument for the tc. The tc is also probably going to be much sportier that the Caliber. Unless Dodge nails it, its not going to handle anywhere near the tc. So if you are looking for sportiness, you are probably more likely to lean toward the tc. If you are looking at something practical, you would look at the caliber.

    They are both good cars, but in two different ballparks.

    On a side note, you should just buy a Mazda3 hatch. It trumps them both. But Ill save that for another forum topic.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    I happened to notice some preliminary spec's and a picture for the '06-'07 (?) Mitsubishi Outlander and was doing a casual comparison to the Caliber. Seemed like there were quite a few similarities...Lancer platform, engines including a mention of the VW diesel. Seemed like the appearance of the bodies might be close too. Anybody else see this or am I dreaming? I guess I am curious because Chrysler has gone down this road before with Mitsu......
  • oldsvenoldsven Posts: 13
    Does anybody out there know when it will be shipped to dealers?
  • dialm4speeddialm4speed Posts: 110
    I've heard that this car is based on a Mitsubishi design.
    Why would Chrysler replace the Neon with a car based on a Mitsubishi design?? Mitsu is circling the drain!

    Chrysler has had a pretty good run lately so I guess there due for a flop and the Caliber is it!
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Well, it's a partnership design as have been many Chrysler entries in the past 20+ years. Mitsu offers some excellent engineering prowess, frankly. Their own US management, OTOH...

    DCX, I'm sure, is overseeing this development closely, and likely delivers the lion's share of input. I surely won't write it off so soon. After having a couple Mitsu/Chrysler products myself, I'm easy with this partnership. Besides, at least the got the door count right finally. Mistake not to at least offer a sedan, though, IMO.

    Now, if only the power went to the correct wheels, I might actually buy one...
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    According to a Dodge dealership owner in our area; The Neon has extended the 2005 production a little longer to extend supplies of Neon's to the dealers. However until fall of 2006 the replacement for the Neon will not be out. From all I have read this relpacement may well have some parts made in China, and outer crossover parts as others have said. I personally REFUSE TO BUY ANY CAR, TRUCK, OR JEEP, WITH PARTS MADE IN CHINA !!!!!!!!! DC was one of the first to make a plant in China, and the likelihood of parts being made in China and sent to the USA, appears to be a strong reality.

    Having owned three Neons and still have a 96 and a 04, this makes me wonder where DC is heading. With GM in serious trouble, unless DC makes some better choices for the public, I see DC heading way down to the list of companies that will fail for sure. I personally think the "olden days" Magnium is nothing but an outdated sataion wagon! The Charger's back seat is not intended for anyone over 5" tall. Where is the logic in that?

    So Oldsven don't hold your breath, I am not sure anyone knows for sure what engine, or trans or where the parts will come from. Buy a 2005 Neon while you still can.
  • dialm4speeddialm4speed Posts: 110
    Guess you won't be buying anything new because there ALL gonna got to China at some point. The lure of cheap labor is just too strong! The Magnum is a hit! It's roomy and sporty. The Charger isn't exactly my cup of tea but it's rear drive and has a Hemi. The only people that don't like it are those living in the past. The real flop will be the Caliber, it's just not good. But if DC would get wise they could make this a win-win. Caliber with a 1.0L lawn mower motor for those not interested in performance. And the Razor with the SRT-4's engine for those that want haulin [non-permissible content removed] horsepower. :shades:
  • What happened to the 4 cylinder gas engine developed jointly with Mitsubishi and Hyundai that suppose to run till 300K miles? I thought this would be the standard mill on Caliber :confuse:
  • hoffhoff Posts: 3
    I think an AWD SRT-4 with 250+ HP would be awesome. I'm currently on my second Explorer. I'd love to get into a smaller vehicle, but keep some utility. That's why I think my next vehicle will be some type of wagon/hatchback.

    I like the looks of the Caliber. Hopefully, they can get better fuel economy out of the turbo 4. My parents have a PT Cruiser GT with the turbo. That thing doesn't get much better mileage than my V8 Explorer. Not to mention, my Explorer can turn on a dime. You need to do a 10 point turn to pull the same turn in the PT.

    I'd love the AWD SRT-4 with navigation, Sirius radio and every other goodie out there. :D
  • Kind of like the concept myself. I can't say anything for certain untill i spot it in person though.

    And who knows.. with just a little work the srt-4 made it cool to drive something related that could be called a Neon, (not that i have anything against them as i used to drive one for the past 3 years) so who knows we may see a srt version of the caliber out quicker than it took for the neon version to come out, so they can stay in with those econo-racer crowd
  • Car with Turbo equals performance so fuel economy is not what those that buy such vehicles are usually worried about. In other words I doubt it will sip gas. ;)
  • 4itgog4itgog Posts: 15
    The beauty of a turbo is that it gets great fuel economy... if you can keep that lead foot off the pedal.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Pretty big "if"...
  • Does anyone know where the picture of the sleek sedan is? Not the Avenger, though.
  • davertdavert Posts: 23
    ...along with all the powertrain info and stuff... just posted to
  • Tsk Tsk Tsk! That thing is gonna flop so hard! WoW! Really it's not attractive at all. :confuse:
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    The Caliber looks like Chrysler's next big success. The styling maybe aggressive, however Chrysler is trying to inject some style into this segment, they want their car to be noticed due to it's styling. No Corolla, Civic, Focus ever looked that good.
    Dodges are known for bold styling and powerful engines, and the Caliber is going to be no exception.

    As for the interior,it's bland but functional. Maybe some chrome or aluminum accents here and there would spruce up the cabin.
  • charley9charley9 Posts: 48
    Power, AWD, fuel economy, room to haul stuff! and American? I have to be dreaming! I don't give a damn what it looks like, I've been waiting for this thing ever since my first Dodge Colt Vista! Knowing Detroit antics though, the other shoe will soon descend and my bubble will burst..........
  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    I am interested in Dodges Caliber because it is not Neon Based.The things I will look at are fuel economy and reliability. I think the Hatchback a plus. You get maximum utility out of the car with out being as tall as a refrigerator. More stable and less wind resitance than a mini Suv.The Diesel would be a good option.I know for me the fuel economy will be a way bigger issue than performance. I think Honda's new Civic may put pressure on other makers regarding fuel economy. That is a good thing.
  • With gas at $3.00/gallon, I was really holding my breath that the new 2006 Civic Hybrid would be my next car..... until Honda released pictures of it. Interesting as a hairy snake, and about as ugly, too. That being the case, I agree with aveman. If they put the VW TDI deisel in this car and sold it at a decent price, I think they would sell the heck out of this thing!
  • Replying to: dialm4speed (Aug 10, 2005 2:01 am)
    The beauty of a turbo is that it gets great fuel economy... if you can keep that lead foot off the pedal.
    That's the key. I used to work for a magazine where I did vehicle reviews. I test drove the Mitsu Evo. Granted, I had my foot in it most of the time, but even considering that, the fuel economy (or lack thereof) shocked me. 14 mpg! Conversely, I drove a Saab 9-3 convertible with the H.O. 2.0L Ecotec turbo, and it averaged 24 mpg in mixed driving. Not too shabby, IMHO, especially considering that's what I averaged on my last tank in my Protege5.
  • With gas at $3.00/gallon, I was really holding my breath that the new 2006 Civic Hybrid would be my next car..... until Honda released pictures of it. Interesting as a hairy snake, and about as ugly, too. That being the case, I agree with aveman. If they put the VW TDI diesel in this car and sold it at a decent price, I think they would sell the heck out of this thing!
    Why the VW TDI? Honda has one heck of a turbodiesel in Europe. 140 horse and about 220 lbs./ft. I'm sure as soon as they can get the regulatory and emissions issues worked out, they'll offer it in the states (I hope). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At first, I thought the new Civic is kind of "out there" but it's growing on me. Maybe it's that "snake hair" that's growing on me. ;)
  • The VW TDI because DC has already made project agreements with VW to develop hybrid engines, not to mention it is dubbed as one of the "World Engines" that DC seems to be obsessed with. Besides, for 2-300 you can buy a chip that would boost the measly 90-110hp to nearly 170.

    Also, I could be wrong, but isn't the diesel in the Mercedes and the Liberty from the same development projects?

    Anyway, all I gotta say is, with gas at 3.00, and my 50 min drive to work, if DC produces this thing with AWD and a diesel, I might buy two. ;)
  • avemanaveman Posts: 122
    I think my interest in the Caliber is about over.Chrysler Corp. decision to cut back the 7 year /70,000 mile warranty to 3year/36,000 in 2006 is a major reason.They are indeed bringing some appealing products out like the Caliber. But cutting the warranty the same year you introduce an all new model is no vote of confidence. It seems more like a cover my corpprate behind in case these bright technologies don't work right. I would not want to take that risk. Also it will be interesting to see what the Mitsubishi warranty on a simalar platfort vehicle will be.I am sure they realize that Hyundai and Kia have no problem giving there products a vote of confidence. I would pay close attension to the powertrain part of the warranty
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