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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
What are you being quoted? What did you pay?


  • bjsbenzbjsbenz Posts: 14
    I got my SE7 at the end of December and paid $1,250 over invoice which was about $3,000 off of sticker. Made my deal at the end of the month which probably gave the dealer more incentive to "deal" and add another "unit" to their monthly/year end numbers. Glen Cove, NY dealer was great!!!
  • lovelr3lovelr3 Posts: 5
    I got my HSE in Feb with adaptive headlights, rear seats, rear climate, cold climate. Waited 3 months and paid full price for it. Also had a dvd($2300) and wood kit put in. The dealer, Princeton Landrover, was great to work with.
  • rov3rrov3r Posts: 7
    I dealt with nearly every dealer in the Southern California area. In the end, I found my SE7 at SYMES in Pasadena. They were truly stellar! I bought the vehicle on the Ford X-plan (4% over invoice). They prep'ed it and the next day hauled it up to my home (100mi away) on a flat bed.
  • I just ordered an HSE7 and paid MSRP. Dealer wouldn't negotiaye on price. Did get $200 off from an Auto Show promotion. However, got 50% off, about $2,500 on accessories.
  • I have had my LR3 for a week now. I got it with my x-plan at 46k on a 52k sticker. It's an HSE model.

    The buying experience was the best I have ever had. They patiently waited for me to get my x-plan pin number for a week, even though 3 other people had put deposits down after me if my deal fell through.

    The salesman stayed late to help explain the ins and outs of the LR3 and Land Rover in general. When I purchased my old Lincoln LS, there was nowhere near this level of customer service. It was more's the keys...see ya!
  • stats1stats1 Posts: 1

    What is the X-Plan? Could you please explain more about in detail?

  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    btw, my experience with this dealer, so far anyway, has been quite good. I put a deposit down on a SE, then instead bought an HSE out of town. LRSJ gave me my deposit back with an excellent attitude and offered to help me with whatever problems I had with my HSE. The walk in from the cold experience was pretty good too. Gave me test drive, info, all at my pace. Next week I check out their service dept.
  • I put a deposit for an SE7 at Hornburg (Beverly Hills) in December. They said it would be there by "mid-January". By mid-January, they were saying "next week", and the week after it was "next week". "There are issues in the port." "There are issues with the Navigation system." And, I had to call each time. The salesperson was extremely unhelpful and did not keep me in the loop at all. So I pulled my deposit and found a fully loaded SE7 at Land Rover Dallas, and drove it back to So Cal. LR Dallas was very helpful. But I definitely would not recommend Hornburg.
  • cfycfy Posts: 1
    I live in a suburb of Atlanta and have access to the A-plan or X-plan via a brother in law who works for Hertz. I have bought Ford vehicles using this means a few times and it is the best! However, when going to a local Land Rover dealer and inquiring about an LR3, I was told that demand is so great that they are not offering these type of deals. They say they might once demand dies down, probably at the end of the year when the '06's come out. Anybody out there deal with a similar situation?
  • landy manlandy man Posts: 39
    In October we paid list on the loaded SE7 and got a discount on "kit." We were the first to take delivery from the dealer of a LR-3. Maybe could have gotten a better deal if we began to walk, but needed wheels and wanted the LR3.
  • lr3lr3 Posts: 1
    My Lr3 is expected to arrive this month,pretty excited,I would like to get some reviews from the people who already own it.The dealer has given me price of 54K for 7s,hdp,cc,tp.
    Thanks :D
  • tzotzo Posts: 95
    that sounds high. I paid 54 for HSE with every option but coolerbox.
  • 3rdgin3rdgin Posts: 22
    My experience around in NC is full MSRP which will end up putting the vehicle around the 58k range with the options I want. My conclusion is that I can afford to wait until pricing comes down and some of the vehicles glitches are fixed and possibly new features on the model. I really wanted to pull the trigger but logic over ruled that decision. I am currently in a 03 Expedition so I am in no hurry. It's not the price but it is a combination of things.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    More than a few LR dealers here in NC are one price dealers and don't negotiate much. You either buy it or you don't. If there are no factory incentives, you pay MSRP.
  • i went in told them what i wanted, blue, alpaca hse with adaptive lights, cooler box, convenience package, brush bar, lights, body molding, rubber mats, rubber cargo mat. they found one with exactly my combination plus tow package in new orleans. 10-days later, i went and picked up my new lr3 with 7 miles on it. they didn't ask me for a deposit and got me better financing than land rover's 4.9%. i paid like 51,300 before ttl with a reasonable market value on my trade. i didn't steal it, but i basically got exactly what i wanted and didn't have to order or wait for the hse of my choice. transaction was simple and smooth. if you're in the market, talk to the boys in san antonio.
  • letterrepletterrep Posts: 12
    I just picked up a blk/blk SE, fully loaded, minus HDC. Besides 19" wheels opposed to 18"s, two additional seat controls and the boosted stereo I couldn't really find a difference that I couldn't add as an option. Anyone else?

    No complaints about the dealer, although he wasn't as familiar with the truck as I was (thanks to this forum prepping me before I bought) was a good thing I was there. In any case, I was sold long before I walked in the door...just his day I guess.

    One thing...I think this dealer, and maybe many others, are missing the boat on a great sales technique. Buying a LR is more than just buying a great car...there are a lot of LR benefits that are part of it: concierge, driving schools, LR off-road events, etc. If I were a dealer (I say this because of all the dealers I spoke to none gave me this approach), after we'd discussed the vehicle, I'd put it aside and start explaining all the LR lifestyle benefits that come with it. When I finished, I'd tell my client to then go look at the Merc, the BMW, the Infiniti, etc., and ask their dealers about the Merc, BMW, Infiniti lifestyle that comes with new vehicles. I bet I'd see the clients again.

    Anyway, love my LR3 and thanks to this board for arming me with lots of ammunition before I went in.

  • gwellandgwelland Posts: 23
    I picked up a fully loaded 5 seat Silver HSE with Expedition Rack, A-Bar, guards, etc. Got a good trade on my Z06 and picked up a $1k discount & free tent as I purchased a motor-show vehicle at the Portland Motor Show. Land Rover Portland.

    I was happy, dealer was happy and I skipped the waitlist for HSE delivery. It seems that SE's are easy to find but HSE's don't seem to available unless ordered.

    Purchase was painless. Sticker price, no price 'adjustments' and none of the typical crap that goes on at other retail dealers.

    Dealership very accomodating as we work through a couple of vehicle issues and generally a very professional outfit. Service has been excellent and each time I've dropped off my vehicle for service or my warranty item they've given me a loaner and always valet'd the LR3.
  • nimajavanimajava Posts: 8
    Just purchased
    Black SE
    lighting package
    convenience package
    2nd row climate

    $46012.75 - $1,000 land rover loyalty

    $45012.75 plus fees.

    I think I did pretty well!
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    $5K below MSRP! Nimajava, That's a great price.

    Could you post your dealer? Thanks.
  • nimajavanimajava Posts: 8
    I went through symes passadena in california...

    email me and I will give you salespersons name!
  • hobbes1hobbes1 Posts: 1
    Since I work for the DOD in Germany, I took advantage of the tax-free deals available to us here. They don't haggle, but around $47K for a fully loaded HSE is pretty good to start. That includes $3000 in upgrades. Add the benefit of no taxes and licencing fees, and I think I got a steal. Out the door for under $48K! I am still waiting for delivery though, and it's killing me!
  • Please email name of sales guide. I don't know if they will be as flexible on a fully loaded HSE, but I'm in small market of 3 dealers and they must all get together and compare notes, drink beer and agree to support each others pricing policies.
  • kevinlkevinl Posts: 3
    Does 54k include Tax, Title & Reg Fees?
  • kevinlkevinl Posts: 3
    My dealer mentioned they could not negotiate on accessories. Which accessories did you get a discount on?
  • rovernut3rovernut3 Posts: 11
    I bought a LR3 in Feburary and I am on my dealer's email list. Anyway, I got an email today advertising $3000 off all SE LR3's and $10000 off 2005 Range Rovers. They gave me a fair deal so thought I would pass it on. Rosenthal Land Rover in DC.
  • I have finalized the following deal. Any thoughts if this is a good deal?

    SE7 Grey and Black
    800 dealer miles (unreg)
    Nav, Cold Climate, Rear Seat, 7seater, Lighting, PDC, Heavy Duty and Tow Packages

    MSRP 53,700
    Offer 50,000 - cash
    lease 635 for 2 yrs
  • sivartsivart Posts: 7
    could u tell me who you dealt with? I'm acuatlly looking for a lease, I saw Rusnk has 499+tax right now.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • dg417dg417 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a SE7 with all options except the tow package. The 51K also included the dealer installed DVD player (which my daughter loves), wood trim package, and front window tints. I think the price was ok...but I was very happy with the whole experience. Dealer was friendly and really knew the car inside and out, he also took the time to explain everything thoroughly.

    I've only had the car 3 weeks and put about 700 miles on it, so far so good. Its seems like a great car and fun to drive. My only 2 complaint is the seats are not very soft...the should have made the seats a little softer, and the wood trim package looks cheap.
  • marczmarcz Posts: 17
    In your post of 4-17, you indicated you paid $50K for your truck with a $635 monthly lease payment for 2 years. Would you mind sharing how much you put down, the residual value, and the lease factor? Thanks.
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