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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I don't think they have a choice do they? Thought it is mandated by Ford. You may want to call Ford and ask.
  • X-plan pricing is at the disgression of the dealer and they do not have to honor it if they do not want to.

    I would find it kind of odd that they wouldn't offer it on a LR3 though as there are usually enough LR3s in stock that selling a few at X-plan pricing does not hurt.
  • Ford offers Xplan pricing to employee's and their friends. It is 4% over dealer invoice. One way to see if you think your deal is good is to research the dealer invoice based on your options. Add the 4% and see how close the price is to your quote.
  • I am in the process of buying the same car. My price is $36,000 so I think you did fine.

  • Can you tell me anything about this survey? Where can I find it?
  • Do you know how to get the discount cert?

  • bgsntthbgsntth Posts: 89
    The site had this posted, but did not have any of the specifics (e.g., Gross cap costs, MF, Res, mile allowance etc.). Anyone have any specifics? I want to know whether to go in requesting this deal straight-up, or just have it in reserve?

    I'm looking to lease (2-3years), and have a goal price of $8500 below invoice and no junk fees for a V8 SE with Rear-seat, Climate and a dealer-installed DVD system. Resonable? MF? Residuals? I'll be sending email requests for quotes tomorrow to all the SF Bay area dealers.

  • Hi everyone

    I am new to the site and it is quite informative. I am about to pick up my new Rover tomorrow got a sweet deal $34K out the door 2006 LR3 V6 SE new. My question is is it worth the extra $2400 to get the V8 or is the V6 a good performer?

  • Can i ask what dealership / state you are getting this from? the $2400 difference for the V8, I believe, is a good deal and should hold its value. Did you check out the LR website and see what it costs to add that option? What equipment package / options did you get at this price?
  • the v6 is the se version as in title. Cold climate rear heat se premium package sun roof leather 6 cd harmon etc.

    the V8 I believe is an SE and not sure but the V8 may have some miles on it as a loaner car???

    I am in New England
  • I am in the market as well. Can you send me the name of the dealer.
  • give me your email address
  • comes back undeliverable??
  • That is the correct address.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
    Go to Display Preferences and mark your e-mail as public..

    That way, other members can just click on the link.. No typos possible..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I am considering purchasing a used 2006 LR3 S (not an SE or HSE but the base model S) with the 3rd row/cold climate package with 10,000 miles on it for $30,000?

    It was a Land Rover loaner vehilce.

    I'm concerned that the resale on the base model with the 6 cyl. engine will not retain enough of its value to justify the purchase.

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Keith: Was this analysis for a 2006? I am looking at a new 2006 fuly loaded LR3 V8...
  • I have been working with a dealership to purchase their 2006 LR3 V8 HSE demo model

    MSRP $54,300
    Invoice $49,900
    Price to me $44,900
    7,500 miles on the vehicle
    No trade in, great credit, minimal financing
    Usual bells and whistles - 3rd row, climate package, etc., no DVD or nav

    Is this a good deal or this late in the game (2007) should I be driving a harder bargain with them and if so what? Would it be wiser to look at leasing rather than an outright purchase?
  • jleuerjleuer Posts: 1
    I am interested in purchasing a 2007 LR3 SE with few options (heavy duty package only). I will pay cash and have no trade in.

    What are the current hidden incentives and what can I expect to pay for this vehicle in So. Cal.?

    Invoice is $45K
  • I just paid $36m for an 06 LR3 V6 with prem package, cold climate package, and rear seat.
  • They took the $6000 rebate off edmunds and all other car related websites for the 2006's, can you still get a good deal on a 2006?
  • I just leased a 2006 LR3 V8 with almost every option (except 3rd row seat) with $300.00 down and $633.00/mo. for 30 months. Thought I really wanted an SUV. I've always driven small cars. Now I think I made a mistake. I'm in NJ. Anyone interested in taking over the lease????
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    My guess is the rebate notice was removed because there aren't that many '06's left on the lot. If you can find one, you could probably still get the discount. I was trying to make a year-end deal on an '06 LR3 in late December and would have saved about $5,000 on the vehicle (it involved a swap with another dealer out of state and trucking charges), but that deal fell through. Not much left after that except demo's and SE's, although I would think you could still get a hefty discount on them. I couldn't get a break on pricing for an '07 HSE.
  • You should be able to get a little bit more off then that. We have been giving 10,000 dollar discounts on all of our LR3 Service loaners/demos since about October of 2006. We always kept our demos below 6,000 miles though so I would shoot for a little over 10,000 dollars of discount.
  • There are no hidden incentives on 2007 MY Land Rovers.

    Land Rover does not do incentives on vehicles unless it is the end of the model year. At a medium to high volume dealer you could probably buy that car for a couple of grand above invoice but no better.
  • Forgive me for not reading this entire blog in its entireity.... However I just signed a lease for 30 months/13,500 miles per year/no money down $860.00 per month including sales and property taxes. The vehicle make is a 2006 SE V8 LR3. It had 33 miles at time of negotiation. I also had a BMW x5 that they paid to get me out of. Nine payments at $730.45. Hmmmmm actually maybe I am wrong. Does this sound right?
  • The lease price sounds high, but I do not have a basis to compare. I just bought a 2006, V6, premium pkg, climate pkg, and rear seat package for $36m. If you can find a V6 they will deal. They applied the full $6,000 incentive to the price.
  • It is a V8 SE with cold weather package, bluetooth and satellite radio. I added rear sensors to the bumper and a DVD/entertainment center. Does it still sound high? The dealership wrote me a check to pay off the lease - 6800 and some change.
  • About to pull the trigger on the following lease offer for LR3 SE V8 7 seater:
    24 months
    Package includes cold weather, lights, moonroof, and satelite radio
    MSRP 51,000
    Residual 65% or $33,500 at lease end
    Cap reduction cost: 39,725
    Dont have money factor on me, but can get it for anyone interested.
    My cash contribution to cap reduction is $3,000 and includes all taxes, title, fees
    Land Rover is also picking up 1st month lease payment
    My total monthly lease payment WITh taxes is $385

    I've compared against Volvo xc90 and and Honda Pilot leases. Neither seems close (Volvo base model lease is comparable and best Pilot lease is $300 NOT including taxes and both leases will require between $2500-$3,000 down even for best lease deals I could find).

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