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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • bhaybhay Posts: 3
    Thanks for the gouge. I've seen 9 mpg for the V8 so 13-14 is actually quite good. I'm moving to the Seattle area and premium is running about $2.70 so every little bit helps. Any chance you got the third seat package?
  • lrfanlrfan Posts: 3
    Yes, that is must have. Resale will be better, I think. Excellent set up with rear climate control. Worth the money. Mileage not as good as thought. Cancel the 13-14 and plan on 12.5-13. No highway yet though and car is new. I think we'll buy it after the lease. Good luck.
  • bezoarbezoar Posts: 1
    I have the V8 SE. Currently at almost 14K miles. Averaging just over 14mpg. this includes both hwy and city. 2 long trips.
  • Sylvia, i know i am replying to this quite a a bit late as i have just joined this forum. I wanted to ask you what you meant by invoice (sorry, i am new to this). also, you said that you paid about $3000 off sticker, does that mean that you were able to negotiate with the dealer and the dealer slashed the price by three grands. I am asking this as I am going to be most likely purchasing from the same dealer (although, i can go to Manhattan's dealer as well). I have already visited the Glen Cove dealership once for a peak, etc.
  • lr34uslr34us Posts: 1
    we just bought a '05 - V6 LR3, with the premium, 3rd row seat, and rear climate control packages and i feel like we got a good deal from land rover jaguar anaheim hills(LRJAH) in california. we worked with Medi and he was fantastic. we chose the V6 because of the price difference, a little better gas milage, and also didn't think we need 300 hp. 216 is plenty for us.
    we've been looking for months and narrowed our choices to volvo xc-90, mercedes ml-350, toyota sequioa, and LR3 and felt like LR3 provides the TRUE all-around SUV features, luxury, better interior, ....
    now, we'll wait and see. only time will tell if LR3 is what they claim it is.
    good luck.
  • Don't believe everything you read online about incentives. There is currently a $1500 owner loyalty incentive on V6s, or $1000 on V8s. There is absolutely not $1500 on V8s for any reason.
  • if there isn't $1500.00 back on V8's then why was I offered it last weekend and told it was either that or the 3.9% financing?
    With the $1500.00 my price on a HSE was at dealer invoice.
  • There isn't 3.9% financing any more, either. Those programs ended July 6th. These WERE programs, but are over.
  • Except LRNA extended both programs to 9/31/05...
  • No, they really didn't.
  • So I guess you are correct and the LRNA website is wrong.
    3.9% APR on 2005 LR3 V8
    LR3 V8
    Starts at $44,995*
    3.9% APR
    Up to 60 months APR finance†

    Tread lightly!® Drive responsibly off-highway. ©2005 Land Rover North America, Inc. *2005 LR3 Starting MSRP $44,995. Prices exclude taxes, title, registration and CA emissions fees. †60-month Land Rover APR financing at $18.37 per month $1,000 financed with $0 down. Must take new retail delivery from retailer stock by 10/03/05. Not all buyers will qualify. Taxes, title and license fees extra.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
    Also the dealer I talked to in Chicago and the dealer my friend is talking to in SoCal must be incorrect as well.
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    I am looking for a new LR3 V6 in Atlanta/Birimingham area with the following options ( PP/RSP/RC) . IP 40237 / MSRP 44150 . There is a $1500 Incentive or 3.9% APR . Atlanta dealers say they will sell it for the sticker price - incentive , while a dealer in Birimingham offered sticker price - incentive - $1500 = 41200.
    I am looking at a price of $40 K . Can I get it for that price ?? .

    Also does V6 has enough power ?? Can someone clarify . :confuse:

    Replies greatly appreciated.

  • Hello: Reference the LR3 and purchasing the car at the factory. I am also a DOD employee living in Germany. Last week, I visited the factory at Sulihull and had a plant tour in the morning and three hours with an instructor at their off-road demonstration area. Although I had read that they were going to start factory pickups, I could not find anyone who knew anything about it.

    The LR3 was very, very impressive. We were able to drive it through water to the top of the wheel well, up 45-degree slopes, and up to 30-degree side tilt. The factory was also very impressive after all the money that BMW and Ford have poured into the plant. The driving instruction was first rate.

    Although I have owned discoveries in the past, I am still undecided. Nevertheless, the visit and drive have moved me very close to the purchase point. I am somewhat concerned about the lack of dealers in the West where we will move next year. Cheers, Mike
  • lrfanlrfan Posts: 3
    Yes, the 6 is great because of the six speed transmission. We get 13 around town and 19-22 highway. Car is heavy so city suffers. Real dual exhaust on 6 also. Very quiet-no vibration. Feels like more horsepower.
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    Thanks for sharing the mileage and Power info.
    can I get it for a price of 40K(V6) ??

  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    With no options at all you can get a LR3 S for 40k but you won't get leather interior, sunroofs or multidisk CD changer.
  • kandgkandg Posts: 53
    Just to let you know, bavarian boy, we were originally approved for financing from 3 different lenders and it pays to shop around even after the deal. The first was Service Credit Union which offered 7.89% (I know..i don't know what they were thinking) and that was with direct deposit!. The second was USAA which offered 5.5% and the third was Pentagon Federal which had an advertised online rate for 4.25%. By the time they got the note drawn up the rate shot to 4.5% when they finally sent out the check. I had to argue for over 20 minutes to get them to reduce (which they finally a *one time courtesy*) They dropped the ball as someone forgot to request certain financial information at the time of application which was sent by fax..I had proof of the initial date of application though so couple with tenacity (re: saying i wasn't going to get off of the phone unless the rate was changed..) This little bit of arguing saved approx. $600 initially according to the amortization program. Finally, we arrive to today, while on vacation in Garmisch, i came across a print ad for Service Credit Union which boasted 3.89% for New, Used, Refinanced, guaranteed or they pay you $100.00. Well a quick few phone calls and not only do i get to pay off the entire Pentagon Loan in less than a month but secured the new loan for 3.89% for the truck so chalk it up to a grand total of 776.40 in savings over the 60 month period which pays for the winch or the brush bar :shades:
  • lar3lar3 Posts: 2
    Just picked up an '05 LR3 SE7 -- Nav,PDC, Rear Seat/Rear Climate, Lighting Package -- $47,808... Hornburg LR/Jag in Los Angeles is the best... Wish I could name names -- My salesperson was incredible, knowledgeable, helpful, straight-shooter. Gave me a great lesson in leasing-terms.
  • gina6gina6 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the great deal and report on your purchase or was it indeed a lease? I hope to secure the same deal and similar options on an '06. May I ask how you secured the deal and/or strategies...end of the month, over-supply, etc.

    Also, does anyone know when the '06s arrive and what experiences if any have you had on pre-ordering, etc...Thanks.
  • lar3lar3 Posts: 2
    Gina6, It was a lease. Kind of a mix of good fortune and a bit of unorthodoxy -- Was initially looking at an HSE, as we are prone to buying out our leases if the car turns out to be reliable and thought "hey, get the best in case we end up living with it again for 8 years." Our salesperson could not 'do as much' with the HSE's price, but was able to shave off nearly $4000 on a loaded SE. Both cars were '05s and the '06s are due in about 6 weeks so I'm sure they were glad to simply move inventory. Also, pre-paid two-year lease which allowed for more discounts and reduced interest charges, topped-off by loyalty discount. Hope it helps.
  • Got an '05 SE7 - rear seat, rear climate, DVD, Cold, Lighting. MSRP = $51,295. Paid $48,500 on a 24 mo lease at .0018 with 69% residual on 15k miles per year.

    This our family's first lease. It seems that we replace my wife's vehicle every 2-3 years, so leasing made sense for us. I did learn that everyting is negotiable. The original deal was $50k at .0020. We negotiated the additional $$ off of list, money factor, and an additional $500 on my trade valuation.

    I pleased with how it turned out. Oh yea, I had the dealer throw in rubber mats ($160) as well.
  • Can you please translate your lease agreement into monthly payments? How much down payment? Many Thanks
  • $2,200 down - included in this was $600 refundatble deposit and first months payment.

    Monthly payment is........$620 (plus my local sales and personal property tax).

    Originally, I was quoted $742.
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    I am shopping for a 2005 LR3 and I test drove the V6 model over the week edn.
    I was thoroughly surprised.I was very skeptical about the V6 power but with 5 adults in the SUV it was a breeze overtaking and merging . The dealer in Atlanta said he would not negotiate on the price( It seems it is a Land Rover Philosphy :sick: ) .
    The price offered was $45020( Premium Package / Rear seat and climate control) - 1500 (Incentive).
    The TMV price on edmunds for Atlanta area is 43600 - 1500 . But the dealer in Birimingham said he would the sell the car for 41000 with the same configuration
    (After Incentives). Are there any better offers for the V6 ?? .Looks like there is an incentive of $1000 for 2006 models too.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263
    As a general rule of thumb... If the manufacturer is offering a rebate or incentive on a car, then they obviously aren't selling that well... and you should be able to find a dealer that will discount the car an additional amount...

    I'm sure this is more difficult with a Land Rover that doesn't have a large dealer base to begin with..



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  • I'm from CA. Drove LR3 V6 for 2006, I was getting this for $46 out the door. It has a premium package with rear 3rd seat with climate control. I don't know if its a good deal or not. I was able to lower the price from $47.5k to $46. Haven't bought yet.
    What kind of incentives of $1k are you talking about?
    I think there is a $1500 rebate if you own the land rover.

    Any better deal?
  • Anyone owns this vehicle? What do you suggest me to buy this or not to buy? What price range should you suggest for this vehicle. I have test drove it. Its a nice vehicle.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263
    I believe the incentives are on the '05 model...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • Hello lr34us, if you don't mind, how much did you pay for this? I'm looking for exactly the same the one you bought. How much you paid out the door?
  • Hello Chint, Were you able to buy for $40k?
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