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Land Rover LR3 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • chintchint Posts: 30
    Not yet !! The dealer in Birimingham, AL offered the car for 41K ( Premium Package / Rear Seat package) . The sudden surge in Gas prices has forced me to think twice abt the fuel thirsty ESUVEES. I will probaly wait some more time to get a real feel about the gas prices .

    The 2006 models are selling for sticker price (Although an incentive of $1000 is available starting Sep 03) .I am sure they will come down to 2005 levels.
  • $41k is out the door? or $41K+taxes+dmv fees etc..?
  • Hello all -

    I am in the process of trying to buy a V6 LR3 w/ 3rd seat, premium, and climate. I essentially closed the deal last week, but my Cleveland, OH dealer had trouble locating the Silver/Black color combo that I wanted. Then came news of the recall and the one he located for me is being recalled. He said that one would basically not be an option because LR will be "fixing" the current owner's models before addressing the recall on the unsold vehicles.

    So, he has been trying to find me an '06 with the same options. I am trying to be patient, but I didn't think it would be this hard to buy a car!

    Does anyone have an '06 V6 LR3 yet? Do you like them?

    I am hoping to get mine for $41,993 for the options I I am adding the Side Steps for $704.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Has anyone gotten the Side Steps added on to their LR3? I am close to buying an '06 V6 LR3 and I wanted to add the Side Steps. Dealer says it will be an additional $704 but since they would be purchased with the vehicle, they would be covered in the mfg warranty.

    Does anyone recommend the Side Steps?

  • chintchint Posts: 30
    The Vehicle I am talking about has an MSRP of $44,150 and an IP of $40,237.
    There is no way in the world I can get this car for $41K out if the door.
    The price I am talking about is excluding tax ,Title and other fees(Approx $3000).
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    From what I understand after talking to several dealers , they are not dicounting the 06 models ( But there is $ 1000 incentive though on 06 LR3 V6 Models).

    The price of $41993 with Prem Package/ Reat seat package /Climate is good .And it is close to what I recieved ( $41K without $1000 worth Climate package).
    And I think that is cheapest I found
  • Hello bmk007- $41,993 is out the door for LR3 2006? If you are getting for that price that is a blast. I'm getting the same vehicle for $46k out the door. I wanted to pay $45k. Let see how it goes. Mine is white with beige interior. Haven't seen silver with black interior.
    I don't know about side step, how much it cost?

    Please tell me the price details for the one you are looking.
  • Hi

    I was quoted $41,453 for an '05 V6 with 3rd row, climate, and premium before tax and title. However, with the fuel tank recall issue, I am not able to get the '05. The dealer told me this week that he could get a similar '06 for within $500 of my '05 price, which is where I got the 41,493. I am still waiting for them to locate the combo I want though. They were fast to respond but have been slow the last few days.

    The side steps are supposed to be an additional $704 to my price.
  • $1000 incentive is if you preowned land rover, right?
    My area dealer wants 4.5% above their price, I believe he told me its $40256, that will make $42067, then I have to pay sales tax/dmv fees= $46k
    I'm asking for $45k out the door. It is for 2006 Lr3 Se v6 7 seater, premium.
    Lets see how it goes.
  • What will be your final price for 2006?$ 41953+tax+fees= $45200
    Is this going to be out the door price roughly?
    Who is the dealer?
    Do they have website?

    I don't know why my dealer is asking 4.5% profit on the price $40256, that's why it comes to $46 out the door, and it doesn't have climate package ($1000)
  • bmk007- I think that's a pretty good deal. Were you able to buy for 2006? You mentioned in your message climate, do you mean by CC- cold climate (heated front windshield & heated fron & 2nd row seats)?
    What combo are you talking about?
    Where your dealer is located at?

    Anyone else bought 2006 LR3 Se V6 3rd seat?
    What price out the door?
    Thanks in advance.
  • I just sold a 2006 LR3 V6 S for 39,700 plus tax, tags etc but that was with the Land Rover owner loyalty incentive which is 1000 dollars right now.
  • british_rover, what will be the price for me if you read my combo on #107?
    2006 LR3 V6 Se 3rd seat, that's what I need. Where you at?
    Any fuel tank problem in 2006 LR3?
  • I test drove an HSE and wanted to find out if anyone has a 2006 model or are all the LR3 HSE's 2005 ?

    Has anyone heard if the Fuel Tank difficulties have been resolved with the2006 LR3 HSE ?

    I am sitting on the fence and appreciate any feedback that may help in the decision process.

    Thanks- Scott
  • That vehicle was a LR3 S not an SE. The SE package on a V6 car is 3000 dollars more. So you would need to add about 3000 dollars to that price to get an SE assuming you can get the Land Rover owner loyalty discount.
  • any update? have you bought LR3 yet? What dealer gives you 41K deal? Please provide their website or contact#.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,223
    NO contact numbers.. Please read the information printed below..

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  • british_rover, any fuel tank problem with 2006 LR3?
  • I have not gotten an LR3 yet. The first dealer I was working with was in Cleveland, OH. However, he could not locate any V6 vehicles in the color combos and features that I wanted.

    To be honest, this delay in finding the vehicle has given me time to rethink the whole purchase. This would have been my first Land Rover purchase, and I am stretching it to begin with in terms of the payment.

    I am still in the market for a new vehicle. I am now looking at a used 2002 Range Rover and a 2004 Discovery. I really want a Land Rover.
  • No problems have come up with the 2006 Fuel tank. You need to remember even though Land Rover has said most of the 2005 LR3 fall in the VIN range of possibly being an effected vehicle only a very small percentage have had problems.

    Less then one percent of our 2005 LR3's have had stalling problems and only one has had fuel leak out of the tank.
  • Just curious about the price if anyone knows for 2006 LR3 V6 SE climate, 3rd seat, premium package.
    Possible british_rover might give me some quotes?
    I'm thinking $46k out the door.
    What do you think?
  • I recently looked at a 2005 LR3 SE with several options (not including the NAV or DVD), it is a retired loaner with 3k mileage. LR is offering it for $450 / 24 month lease, with 3k down that includes Tax, title and tags along with sec deposit, down payment and bank fee. 10,000 miles a year. Would anyone consider this a good deal????
  • New Poster Here

    I have been a Land Rover owner for 10 years. Just traded in my 2003 LR Disco SE for a 2005 LR3 HSE. Alveston Red/Black interior, Cold Climate Package, Convenience Package, Adaptive Lights, Cooler Box. Paid 48, 545. Love it so far. Very different from all the Rovers I have owned. Ride is incredible. Just hope I get used to this new direction Rovers are headed in.

    Will Keep You Informed.
  • chintchint Posts: 30
    Starting 10/04 to 10/31 there will be an incentive of $3000 or 3.9% for all 2005 LR3 V6 models
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,223
    Since your question is about leasing an LR3, I'm moving it here:

    Land Rover LR3: Lease Questions

    Look for replies there...

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  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    If anyone knows of an LR3 dealer that will do allow X-Plan on an "ordered" '06 LR3 V8 HSE or SE (in other words, no rush -- doesn't need to be on the lot) located somewhere in Southern California... a friend would love to know to save some leg-work.
  • I am the "one fuel leak out". Two weeks for a new tank with tank fuel pump and another three weeks and waiting for the EPA sensor replacement. Too bad. This could be a really great vehicle. 3000 miles.
  • wirrwirr Posts: 1
    Roverguy76 - Can you let me know where you purchased your HSE? I assume they applied your owner loyalty discount of $1000? Also, yoiu mention cooler box but I thought this was only available on the '06 HSE?

    Thanks for the help!
  • The cooler box was a stand alone 250 dollar option on all 2005 LR3's.

    The option code was CBX.
  • Wirr

    As mentioned, the cooler box was a stand alone option on the '05. The owner loyalty option did apply to me; so, that should be taken into account. If I were to order the car from scratch, I don't think I would have ordered a cooler box. Just picked the vehicle out of dealer stock. The adaptive lights are awesome. I recommend those to anybody. If you keep the lights on "auto"; you get a little dance when you start the vehicle at night. It's a fun toy. I purchased from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Hope that helps.
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