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Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • beau222beau222 Posts: 1
    I bought my 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL S/R Moonroof / XM Radio two days ago...and I am very impressed with the upscaleness of the truck from the domestic lines. Dealership originally wanted MSRP 32,640.00
    Dest Hand 515.00 Appearance Package 489.00 total 33,644.00
    after several meet and greets we finally agreed on
    32,000.00 for the R/L
    the following accessories: Towing Package Auto Day/Night Mirror with Compass
    Security System Rear Under-Seat Storage System Fog Lights Rear Splash Guards Door Visors Moonroof Visor Bed extender
    Dividers for the In-Bed Trunk Roof Rack Trailer Hitch
    so brought my grand deal to 34,678.00 they gave me 14,500.00 for my 03 ford sport trac I also added the 6yr/1000,000 mile warranty for an additional 1500.00

    so over all I think I did we'll not as we'll as we did on the wifes honda pilot two weeks ago....
  • sabersaber Posts: 5
    I ordered my Ridgeline in early March and picked it up during the second week of June. It was a long wait but well worth it. I am extremely happy with the Ridgeline, as I am with all my Hondas. I purchased the RTL/wNav and the following accessories: brush guard, tail light garnish, door visors, moonroof visor, fog lights, running boards, bed cargo net, side protectors, fender flares, in-bed trunk carpet, hood air deflector, roof rack, back-up sensors, interior trim-metallic, under seat storage, front grille, hard tonneau cover, 7-year/100K, zero deductible warranty, and after market 20-inch chrome wheels and tires (ordered by the dealership from Tire Rack). I paid $39,800 plus $515 destination for everything. The dealership matched Internet prices (H and A, College Hills Honda, Honda.autowebaccessories, etc.) on the accessories and only charged labor for installation (no shipping). I requested and received quotes via Autobytel, Edmonds,, and various Dealership websites. I may have paid more than I would have, had I waited until June or July to make my order, but I’m extremely satisfied – which is the most important aspect in most transactions.
  • A saleman told me the best time to make an offer is on a Wednesday (slowest day of the week) or the end of the month (everybody is trying to make their quota or incentives). I got quotes from several regional dealers online in the $29,800 range for an RTL with S/R. I finnaly paid $1000 more because 1)I've purchased three new Hondas from these people and 2) I can nearly throw a rock and hit the dealership. Actually it's only about two miles from my home where I have my office. The convenience and peace of mind made the final price of $30,860 satisfactory. ;)
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    You can't beat having a dealer close to you, especially if their good. I would pay more to maintain that relationship as well.
  • I will be buying within the next 3 mos., and have narrowed it down to the Ridgeline or Pathfinder. When I start adding on all of the options that I want, the Honda gets quite a bit pricier than the Nissan. Side protectors for $549, "Chrome Look" wheels for $1,600, and fog lights(which should be standard equipment), for $349?
    I know these are retail, but how much can I expect the dealer to come off on these accesories? Thanks.
  • hypecathypecat Posts: 10
    Has anyone even seen an RT, all I have ever seen are RTS and RTL models...
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    YES! Here in central Cal the largest Honda dealer gets 1-2 a month. He offered one to me for $26.5.

    I sat in one, if the seat had lumbar I may have bought it.

    It is looking like about 1 out 15 shipped are RT. Not a very high ratio for the base model. Expect that it will improve with the current climate of competition. Ford sold more F-150's last month than any other month. Ever.

  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I predicted that the Ridgeline would be at 1000 over invoice by fall. I did not figure that it could be had for under invoice in Atlanta already according to Carsdirect. Great vehicle just priced too high in my opinion.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    all the other "domestic" pickups being at employee pricing (below invoice).

    Honda needs to do something.

    Really, this employee pricing is the worst thing that could happen for manufacturer profits. Great for a lot of others (us) and the dealers.

    Expect long term consequences (several years) from GM's debacle for the entire industry.

  • Jeez, these things are doing very different things in very different markets. Local to me you can buy a Ridgeline for as much as a couple hundred bucks under factory invoice.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    and I am sure no one at Honda ever expected this particular glitch in pickup sales. Low prices set precedent and the spiral is not pointing up.

    Plus, no one was expecting $3 per gallon gas when the Ridge was on the blackboard. This will all mean scratching heads again and figuring out how to sortie with winning colors (eg profit margins) again.

  • gd113gd113 Posts: 114
    I traded an 02 Camry SE that got 20mpg and needed premium. My Ridge gets 17 city and 21 highway on regular. No difference in cost basically. If you consider the Dodge Ram with the v10 hemi that gets 9/12 then I would worry.
  • hypecathypecat Posts: 10
    Bought a Ridgeline RT yesterday, they are pretty scarce around here and paid $650 over invoice ($26,087 plus T&L) which I thought was pretty good. There were lots of RT-L's around (May have been able to do better on a RT-L), but I am cheap and could justify the additional cost.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    ..Ridgeline leases to the Honda Clearance ads...

    Ridgeline RTS for $299/mo. with $3193 due at signing...


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  • footerfooter Posts: 32
    Which zip code in Atlanta is that or are they all the same? I tried 30345 and it did indeed come back as $150 under dealer invoice on I'm heading to Atlanta!

  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    Bought a Steel Blue RTS last night using the special Honda Lease rates. The deal went extremely smooth because everything was listed up front in the lease details. $299/mo. with $3,193 due at signing. My Cash OTD was 4,200 because it included TTL + Processing fee. I live in VA, and the only gripe I have is that I had to pay 3% sales tax on the full price of the Ridgeline. Some states tax you on your monthly payment which ends up being a lot cheaper.

    Couldn't be happier though!! Dealer threw in Mud Flaps, Wheel Well trim, pinstriping, wheel locks, plus an extra full tank of gas (at $40 per fillup, every little bit helps, huh!!!!).

    Can't wait get it on the road and open 'er up!!!! Thanks everyone for all their advice on this forum. It's been instrumental in helping me make the decision that the Ridgeline is the best truck out there!!!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    Yeah.... but at 3%, I'm sure your total tax bill is a lot lower than most states.. PA is 9% on leases.. IL and TX pay 6%-8% on the entire car...

    Congratulations on the new car...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • I am interested in a RTL w/nav.

    1. What are the most common dealer installed options/accessories that one should consider? I plan on getting a loaded ridgeline, but I'm sure that there are probably add on items that I should get.

    2. When I am finally close to finalizing the deal, what sweeteners are dealers usually willing to offer on the Ridgeline (free or at a reduced price)?
    a. mudguards?
    b. bed cover?
    c. other accessories?
    d. oil changes?
  • whaleyawhaleya Posts: 28
    Some dealers price accessories ABOVE MSRP.

    For accessories I suggest you shop around at some online sites. Honda instructions are quite good and you can either install the items yourself or take them to your favorite mechanic.

    The exception is the hitch (due to shipping costs)...but the wiring for the hitch is a seperate item and can be bought at a location other than the dealer (unless your dealer has good prices)
  • kyusskyuss Posts: 8
    was looking at buying a new crew cab z71 gmc, but the wife who drives an '02 accord wanted to test drive a ridgeline since a friend of hers is a salesman at a honda dealer. i've been plenty happy with my gm trucks i've been driving forever and still didn't find the ridgelines looks too appealing. after the test drive i was sold on the ridgeline mainly for the amount of accessories you get for the price and the overall honda quality. the looks are still growing on me, but the truth is i'm hardly even considering the gmc now. the only bad reviews i've read is the road noise as a result of the bug shield and luggage rack. i received a price quote from another dealer for $31,125.00 for the '06 RTL w/ Moonroof & XM without any of the over priced dealer accessories. i plan on purchasing in the next couple of months and can't freakin' wait!!!. my question: is this a reasonable dealer quote (for the tulsa, oklahoma area or anywhere for that matter)? thanx for any replies.
  • europ91europ91 Posts: 13
    I have been in the market for a Ridgeline since March. I have come close to buying/leasing on a few occasions.

    Back in March, I would have had to pay MSRP. A few things kept me from purchasing, Gas prices being one of them. I decided to wait it out to see how sales were going. As we know sales were not as good as expected.

    At the end of June, I once again came close to completing the deal, this time I had the price down to $28,000 for a RTS (about $800-$900 over invoice). Gas prices were still an issue at this point, but what made me decide not to 'pull the trigger' was the money factor (I decided to lease). The money factor was .00365 about 8%.

    Yesterday, I finalized a deal for a Red RTS, for $200 over invoice and with a money factor of .00147 (about 3%). I will pick up my new Ridgeline tomorrow. I also got carpeted mats and mud flaps thrown in.

    This is clearly a case where waiting has paid off. In fact, I'm skeptical that I may have done even better if I had waited longer. It will be interesting to see what Honda does with the pricing with the 2007 Ridgelines next year. There is a shot that Honda will drop the base prices to be more competitive with the other pickups in the Ridge's class. If this happens this will have a domino effect on the resale value of 2006 Ridge's.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    Yesterday, I finalized a deal for a Red RTS, for $200 over invoice and with a money factor of .00147 (about 3%). I will pick up my new Ridgeline tomorrow. I also got carpeted mats and mud flaps thrown in.

    Did you do the Honda Lease special of $1,999 down and $299/mo. or were you able to work a better deal on your own?
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    There is a shot that Honda will drop the base prices to be more competitive with the other pickups in the Ridge's class. If this happens this will have a domino effect on the resale value of 2006 Ridge's.

    I doubt this, as a Ridgeline RT at 25,500 (near invoice) is already cheaper than a comparably equipped 05 Taco, but the Taco won't have all the standard safety features or the safety rating of the RL. It also won't have the 2 way opening tail gate (A feature that once you live with for awhile, you wonder how you got along with out it) The Taco also won't have the shopping cart size inbed trunk, and the superior large secure storage in the rear of the cab as well as the more sophisticated 4 wheel drive system of the RL. VSA is an option in the Taco, standard in the RL. Open the tail gate on the Taco and then open it on the RL. Tell me which one is head and shoulders above the rest in quality. I think it's already price competitive. As far as sales I've heard:

    As for actual sales numbers, the Ridgeline targeted a specific segment of the market: 4door-4wd personal use pick-ups which is where the growth are in the segment (40% growth since 2003). If you separate the sales number you are quoting by body type, you will find a different story. The Ridgeline actually outsells the Tacoma 4door. The sales arena is a very competitive place right now due to the incentives in place. The Ridgeline will take some time to establish itself in a very conservative and competitive market. I believe you will see the sales volume stabilize and grow over the 12 months. This is exactly what happened to the Odyssey during launch.

    If you compare a comparably equipped Toyota Tacoma to the Ridgeline, the Ridgeline is approximately $1200 cheaper. It also incorporates features that are not available on the Tacoma
  • europ91europ91 Posts: 13
    The only thing that I have in common with the Honda lease special was the money factor. It is .00147 with a security deposit or .00157 without a deposit. I did not have to put any money down. The $299 per month special requires a total of $3,200 at signing.

    This was almost the same deal that I had going a few months ago but with the higher money factor of .00365 the monthly payment was about $100 more. Pay attention to this factor. My salesman thinks that their current lease special will be extended at least through Sept.
  • europ91europ91 Posts: 13
    You make a number of very good points about being price competitive. One of the most important ones is that if you look at just the prices and sales figures of 4 door, 4wd vehicles it does fall pretty much in line.

    You also bring to light one of the resons that I like buying Honda's, other than the quality, safety and re-sale value, it is a much easy buying experience as they usually give you 3 choices and everything that you would want is pretty much included in one of them. Two days ago I went to the Ford and GM sites to see what I could come up with using the Family discount. At first look the base price looks great, then you have to add everything, including things such as automatic transmission and such. When you are done your 21K base priced vehichle turns into a 30-35K vehicle.

    I will keep you posted after I get my Ridge.

    PS- I did take the advise that I read here, I gave the vehicle the water test to see if there were any leaks and I also gave each door a workout to make sure that they swung easily. It passed both tests.
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Great! You should buy 2!
  • rackrack Posts: 1
    I have purchased several new cars in my life and have always tried to be well prepared with financial information before I walked into a dealership, but the Ridgeline caught me off guard. I have had 2 new hondas, 1 acura, a Passat, and my wife currently drives an MDX. I am definitely sold on Hondas, but for some reason never considered the Ridgeline, mainly because I have recently been obsessing over the Acura TL. I have two small children however, and because I'm 6' 3", it would be tough to get two car seats in back without sacrificing my leg room. I have wanted a truck for years, so I started thinking about a four door truck. However, I hated the thought of a pickup being my primary vehicle because I prefer the sport sedan ride (w/manual transmission). I drove a Dodge Ram quad cab and was very unimpressed with the quality. The employee discount price was about $24K, but I couldn't help thinking that it was a $32K sticker price truck that I never would have considered but for the employee discount.

    Anyway . . .long story short, my wife suggested I look at the Ridgeline. I live in Miami, where everyone else drives a Porsche, Mercedes, or BMW, so I honestly don't recall ever seeing a Ridgeline other than in a tv commercial. I took a look at the Honda website and saw the $299 lease deal for the RTS. I ended up leasing an RT for $256/month for 36 months (12K miles/year) with $2924 total cash at signing. The quality of this truck blows away the competition and I think I got a good deal, but the dealer (South Motors in Miami) was so easy to deal with that I kept thinking I was getting screwed somehow and would not realize it until later. I ran the numbers every which way, but the dealer's offer was so good that I could not come up with a decent argument for purposes of negotiation. I was vulnerable at the time because my 1981 Mercedes 380 SEL was in the shop . . . again, and this time (like every time) it would not be cheap! In hindsight, I probably could have held out for a lower cash down or slightly lower payment, but the RTs are scarce down here and I cannot complain about the deal. Legroom is still an issue, but I love everything else about the truck and am happy with my decision.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    I think you'll enjoy it. It's hard to beat the versatility and quality you'll find in this truck. We love ours.
  • teltel Posts: 6
    Hi, I missed the post about the "water test." What is that? Thanks!
  • europ91europ91 Posts: 13
    The 'water test' was suggested a while back by someone, it is on the rigleline problems board. In a nutshell, there was a problem with certain ridgelines where a bad weld caused a serious leak and was not easily fixed. The water test was to have someone hose down the top of the windshield particualry on the drivers side and look for water inside. You will find much more detail on the ridgeline problems board.
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