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    Yup, I'd say that's a REALLY good price. I was quoted $27,943 for the RTL (w/o moonroof & navi). Edmunds and both say $28,883 when including dest. charge. So I'd say, at $27,152, you should GO FOR IT!!!

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    First time in a long time I've seen a price leader for a Ridgeline.

    Here's the deal in today's San Jose Mercury:

    '06 Ridgeline RT buy for 25,477; lease for $299 mo.+tax& license, 36mo lease; $958 drive off cost, no securtiy deposit; 12k miles per year.

    Anyone care to comment if this is a good or great deal. Are there lease fees that can be added on top of what's in writing?
    I personally prefer the RT for my needs.
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    i bought the RTL for 28,000 without sunroof or nav, this is in ct by the way, now that it became the truck of the year, ive seen about 20 everytime i drive to nyc, the truck has taken off since it got the award
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    I got quoted 24600 for an RT in NH area. No extra add on's, straight RT model. I also got a quote for 309 lease with 515 due at signing. Take invoice minus 1k, excellent deal. Take invoice minus 500, good deal (around 24.6 number). The lease was not a bad deal either. I have not pulled the trigger yet...debating on the ridgeline and a double cab Tacoma 4wd sr5 (25k price).
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    That sounds considerabbly better that what I'm looking at but then again I've yet to talk to anyone.

    The residual on the $299 36/mo lease with a $958 drive off was $15,820 or 56%

    what was the residual you were quoted for your lease deal?
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    Never asked because of the 3 replies I got from the dealers, that was the best. The bottom line for me is the amount due at signing and monthly payment. I always walk away at the end of the lease unless I find I do have equity in the trade that I start looking a couple months before to use it as a trade in towards a new purchase. I have some that have had equity and others that are more upside down (chrysler). I could try to find out for you if it helps. The other ones I got quoted were 320 a month with 320 due at signing and 315 a month (can't remember what the amount due was on this one-I would have to go back and look). Hope that helps.
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    Can anyone point me to a photo online of the interior on a Red (Redrock) Ridgeline RTL? I seem to remember tan middles of the seat and dark brown bolsters and tan carpet.

    A photo would do wonders! Thanks!
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    You might have better luck in the general Ridgeline forum here: Honda Ridgeline SUT


    Edmunds Price Checker
    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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    I just paid 25250 for an '06 Ridgeline -- I am not a fierce negotiator(they possibly could have gone a bit lower) but I found this site very helpful in establishing a starting point. So I'm just sharing my experience with any future buyers. I had no idea they could go under invoice. Also Honda finance has a fantastic lease special going on right now, so make sure they don't steer you towards 3rd part leasing.
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    I paid 30,592.00 with all fees minus taxes for my RTL with moonroof and nav. It also has running boards, wheel locks and mud guards.I bought it on line from Zimbrick Honda in Madison,Wi.I'm from Chicago and there was nobody in a 300 mi radius who could come close to this price. They are also great to work with, none of the usual BS you run into when buying a car.
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    I read on the Pilot board that Honda corporate is incentivising dealers $1,000 cash back for the Ridgeline
    It's not a rebate to the customer, but incentive cash for the dealer. It's equivilent to lowering the invoice by 1k imo.

    Strange why I had to find that out on the Pilot board.

    It was also mentioned that the Pilot beginning this week will have the same incentive.
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    First price quote was $29,375 out the door for RTL with Sunroof. Think I can do better?
  • drywblancharddrywblanchard Member Posts: 3
    My first quote for RTL with sunroof was today for $29,172. I would think that we could both get it lower. I have never known a salesman to give his final price first. I'm interested to see the responses to this one. Incidentally, got a quote for an RTL for $28,152 and an RTL with Nav for $30,889. These were all from a dealer in Charlotte, NC.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    Edmunds writes that the Ridgeline has an "optional" tow package and rear power sliding window. But when you try to price out the Ridgeline with options on Edmunds there's nothing to opt for other than color.

    Anyone know what the tow package and or rear power sliding window costs?
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    Lowest advertised price for new Ridgeline RTL S/R's in Chicago region is $27,895.

    Try obtain this price or lower.
  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    Rear power slider is standard on all models. Not sure the price for a tow package, that was an option.
  • gtwgtw Member Posts: 46
    My price was $28,000 and after T,T, process fee it was $29,375 out the door. This is in Virginia
  • caldaddycaldaddy Member Posts: 6
    Hugely helpful. Thanx.
    I put in for an internet quote for an RT from a local dealer here near Berkeley CA and his FIRST quote was $24,146 including delivery but not Tax and Title. I always assume the first offer is bloated and was ready to go back and ask $23,000, but after reading your reports in this forum I wonder if $24,000 isn't too shabby. Anybody have any comments?
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    what was the color?
    if it's the steel blue I'll take it.

    that price is great in my book.
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    I picked up my RTL yesterday. Quote was $27,943 before TT&L (w/o moon roof and navi). Fleet sales guy said he thinks Honda overpriced these trucks which is why we're seeing $1000+ below invoice. Pretty much confirms what aspesisteve mentioned in post #399 above. Got another tip to get accessories over at I have nothing to do with the site and in fact, haven't even been there yet but the prices there are supposedly the best on Honda accessories.

    Happy Ridge owner so far (only 150 miles!). I think mine is the first black one cruising the freeways around the Twin Cities (MN)!

  • caldaddycaldaddy Member Posts: 6
    They had two colors, white and, yes, steel blue!

    I'll follow it up this weekend but wonder if they're likely to throw 'hidden' charges at me.

    Can anyone out there comment on whether email quotes that say "includes everything but taxes, title and document fees" hold up when you go to get the truck?
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    that's pretty solid pricing to me, but of course I've heard or seen dealers do alot of funny stuff. I could see doc fees going for $50-$100 but after that it anything else would be deceptive.

    which color did you say you wanted? ;)
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    Email quotes tend to be pretty solid. However, here you have a red flag - "document fees."

    In Ohio, that wouldn't be all that bad because such fees are limited by law to a maximum of $100. Elsewhere they're know to run as high as $500.
  • hnbmoorehnbmoore Member Posts: 3
    What dealership in Virginia?
  • footerfooter Member Posts: 32
    I guess MN must be pretty reasonable on document fees. License and fees on my RTL were $494.75 of which $411 was license! So they stick it to us here for license (by the third year though, it's 'only' $99) but the fees, which are regulated by law I'm told, are fairly reasonable.

  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    documentation fees are a separate beast from license fees.
    The State in which you reside dictates license fees, the county dictates sales tax. As for doc. fees, that's set by the dealer. In California I've never seen doc. fees over $100.

    Once I got a favoralbe bid for a Odysey from an Arizona dealer. I almost flew down to pick up the car until I finally saw the Out The Door price which included $500 in doc fees! He calimed that was standard practice in Az.
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    I see that many of you are buying the RTL at or below invoice pricing. Well, today I thought I would try my luck. I contacted a local dealership via email to try and negotiate a deal. I offered $27,900 without tax and tag on an RTL without navi or sunroof. I saw that someone else on this forum got the truck for that price. The Internet Sales Consultant at Brandon Honda in Florida replied with a very sarcastic and actually rude email asking me "how can I sell you any product for close to $3,000 less than I pay for it and not go out of business?" According to him, invoice on an RTL without navi and a sunroof is $30,016. Well according to both Edmunds and KBB, invoice including destination is $28,833. He even went further by asking me if I would sell my house to him for less than I paid for it and he infomed me that he was in the business to make a profit, however small. I am certain that invoice on this car is not $30,016, but I just can't believe he would lie about that. Does anyone know for sure what invoice on the RTL is? Is this salesman way off or am I out of touch with pricing? I am sorry this is so long, I am just thrown by this whole thing. I just purchased a new Infinit FX35 over the Internet and had a great experience. Regardless of the "true" invoice price, I do know that this guy from Brandon Honda in Brandon, Florida is a real jerk and I would not recommend anyone deal with him or that dealership.
  • thebillthebill Member Posts: 194
    They may have some accessories on the particular unit that may raise their cost of it.

    I say that if are truely serious about buying one, just go to the dealership and work it out.
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    Florida is a tough market in which to buy a Honda as most dealers try to add a $499 "document fee" (among other things). It seems possible that this guy misunderstood your request (thinking it was for a fully loaded RTL with NAV and a sunroof).

    I shopped for an Odyssey for my father about a year ago and the best price quote I received was at the store in Daytona Beach. Some of the Orlando dealers weren't too bad either.
  • glennjrglennjr Member Posts: 37
    Best price i have here in N.J for a RTL without sunroof is $28,500 but that is on a lease. Apparently the cealerships are getting a kickback from Honda but it only applies to "buys" not a lease. I am getting a residual of 55% and a MF of .00058. The inception prices are insane however. First month payment $350ish, $595 bank fee, $375 security, and about $500 for MV. They want $1841 at inception. Anything less would be rolled in. Has anyone tried stringing a lease out to 39 mos. Does the residual or money factor change? Going back tommorow to haggle!!
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    what can you say, but he is a salesman and some salesmen will say anything. you could try and prove your position but I would move on.

    houses sell for market value and so do cars. Unfortunately for the dealer, he sells the exact same thing as another dealer in the next town. It's his loss if he doesn't understand
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    I too am in Florida and looking at an RTL with sunroof and Navi. The quote I got today was 31,700.00and I think I can do better . Just wonder how much better. They are "supposedly " having a "through March" 1000.00 incentive that brings the price down to the 31,700.00 number. That is before TT. Any Thoughts?
  • ccdhccdh Member Posts: 3
    I just bought an Amazon Green RTL (no moon/no nav) for $30,800 out the door. This included the bed extender, roof rack, and tow package installed. They threw in the wheel locks.

    It's marked "New" on the paperwork but it had 250 miles on it (still smells new). The price for the accessories was $1465 installed, tax is 8.25% and destination was $550.

    I also negotiated the 8yr/100K Honda Care warranty for $1500 (w/$100 deductable). With the Honda Care, I paid $32,300.

    I did the math and I figure I payed about 9% below INVOICE! I bought it at South Bay Honda in Los Gatos, CA

  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    you did well. I saw that same car on that lot just the other day. I would of never guessed that that dealer would deal below invoice - I get my Odyssey serviced there and always thought they were a "boutique" dealer with small allocation and high pricing.
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    miller14 -- I agree with the other replies, you should move on. The invoice price I saw at Edmunds and were both $28,883 (including dest.) for the RTL w/o moon roof/navi. That salesman does sound like he's out of line but perhaps it did already have some accessories or other stuff already done to it. Find another salesman and/or dealership and make your offer again ... Good luck! You won't be disappointed!

  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    It sounds to me more like you paid about invoice plus the dealer's cost of the accessories.

    With the dealer receiving a $1000 incentive from Honda on this model, it appears some money was left on the table.
  • caldaddycaldaddy Member Posts: 6
    Thanks to all those who commented on document fees. Turns out my internet offers were legit after all. My best price was $23,338 for a new Blue (or black, white or red) RT. Out the door price was $25,718. I may be wrong, but I think this was a deal, and I suspect there are more deals to be had because these trucks are sitting in the lots and folks want to move 'em!
  • ccdhccdh Member Posts: 3
    okay here are the numbers as listed on the Sales Contract.

    Vehicle Price w/ Accessories and destination = $28,180.64
    Minus installed Accessories = ($1464)
    Minus Destination = ($550)
    Vehicle Price Only = $26,166.64
    This is for the RTL no moon/nav

    RTL Invocie(Edmunds)= $28,883 (including $550 destination)
    Market Support = $1000 cash to dealer
    Hold Back (per CR) = $948
    Adjusted Invoice = $26,935
    $26,935 - $26166.64 = $768.36 In my favor

    Tax and Title = $2,620
    Honda Care 8yr/100k mi = $1500

    Vehicle Savings below invoice = +9%
    Vehicle Savings below asdjusted invoice = 3%

    Hope this clears things up.
  • ccdhccdh Member Posts: 3
    On additional adjustment for fun:
    adjusted Invoice = $26,935
    Destination = ($550)
    New Adjusted Invoice = $26,385
    $26,385 - $26,166 = $219 In my favor

    I'm happy with the price and my math skills. The main point here is that dealers are pricing RTL's lower than $27K. At least while the incentives and hold backs are available.

    Hopefully, someone can use this information to swing a similar or better deal.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    did you get the "cal" blue one?
    I think you did really well.

    funny but after hearing your earlier post, I went to their website, requested a quote for an RT for purchase or lease and NEVER heard back. go figure.

    I've got to sell my truck first anyway.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    More details help - I retract what I said because even figuring dealer cost on the accessories, it appears he went into his holdback on this sale. Great deal (and nothing left on the table)!
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    are you insinuating that if a dealer doesn't give up some of his hold back that a buyer is leaving money on the table? This in addition to the $1,000 cash back to the dealer incentive from Honda?

    btw: it's pretty sweet that Honda gives the dealer $1,000 incentive instead of the lame rebates that other dealers provide after the sale which means you have to pay the tax first.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    Nope, no such insinuation was made - I was referring the $1000 dealer incentive money.
  • nhridgelinenhridgeline Member Posts: 3
    Location: NH
    Trade-in: none
    Financing through dealer: none
    Purchased: RTL w/o MR & Nav, color = silver
    Accessories: none
    Extended Warranty: none. (I recommend you save your money on this one, it's usually a money maker for the dealer and the company you end up dealing with will fight you on everything).
    Price: $28,180 (excluding all fees)
    State/Local Tax: 0%
    Incentives: $1000 mfg to dealer included above
    Destination: $550 included above
    Other Comments: This is $300 over based on Edmunds invoice.

    So tell me, do you think I got a fair deal? As a new member of this board, I have noticed that when the writer states his deal he generally fails to state the back-end (trade-in and financing). Please state these as your "great" deal may not be so great when you factor in these items. IMHO, I believe very few deals actually cut into holdback (an old acquaintance was a Subaru dealer). You have to factor in the back-end to calculate the true deal.

    Personally, I think I got a fair deal. Could it have been better, probably. Other dealers in the area were a few hundred dollars higher than this, including what I was quoted from the sales rep at this dealership. Lesson learned, go to the Sales Manager and offer 100 to 300 over. They want to make their numbers.
  • danesidanesi Member Posts: 11
    Location Massachusetts
    Dealership Boch Honda norwood
    Silver billet RT $24000 incl shipping
    Date of purchase 3/26
    Date built 3/06 (pretty fast turnover)
    not incl doc fees and registration transfer $365
    They have a good inventory and want to deal to keep their top dealer status.
    They also do not load them up with dealer options like a lot of the smaller dealers.
    I tow a boat and have a dog, so leather and fancy does not work.
    Collegehillshonda have best prices on options such as towbar and roof rack and straight charge on UPS ($22)
    Had a 1997 F150 and the Honda is a major improv.
  • dashh1dashh1 Member Posts: 3
    Hey all,

    New to the forum but I've been lurking for a while now. After doing some research I'm getting internet quotes from several dealers in the NC area. Best so far on an RTL with Navi is $29,850 (selling price of $29,300 plus $550 dest).

    Seem like a good price and the dealer won't budge or add options...what do you guys think?

  • ramzey28ramzey28 Member Posts: 130
    I'm searching in NH too. Can you tell me the dealers you tried. I found the Honda Barn was not a bad deal but the last post of 24k at Boch was a better deal on a RT by 600 bucks. Just curious....
  • nhridgelinenhridgeline Member Posts: 3
    I tried AutoFair of Manchester and Peters of Honda. I would stay away from Autofair because their "upfront lowest price" is $500 over invoice and they will not budge. At Peters, the rep would not negotiate, so I called the Sales Mgr. She really is a sweatheart. No issues, no complaints, she just got me what I wanted at what I believe was a fair deal. However, the sales rep made 300 for being a pain.

    I wish a disgruntled sales rep would write into one of these forums and 'spill the beans' so to speak. The deals you are seeing from other writers seem to be due to the end of their sales quarter target; hence the incentive. Also,in examining some of the numbers I see listed, I do not think people are actually getting the 1K incentive. I think what some of the dealers are doing is flipping their accessories at cost which actually makes them money over truly figuring in the cost of the incentive (also remember they pay nothing to install as the mechanics are always on-site, on salary, and not always busy.

    Let me know you make out. Also, rember that the back-end gets figured into what you are truly paying for the vehicle. Finally, my recommendation is to not pay for the warranty. My old Dealer friend says it is strictly a money-maker (but, it did come in handy on an old Passat my wife had).
  • footerfooter Member Posts: 32
    The price I was quoted for an RTL w/o sunroof/navi was $27,943 (incl dest). This was for the truck as it came from the factory, no dealer installed options, no accessories, no nothing, just the virgin truck from the assembly plant in Alliston. I was given an invoice price of $28,943 so led to believe I was getting $1000 under invoice. Edmunds and dealer invoice prices are slightly less at $28,882 but in the ball park.

    Still, when figuring holdback and most likely the dealers true invoice, I'm guessing they still made around $1200 on the sale. Of course, they told me they weren't making anything on this sale and wouldn't even throw in rear splash guards!

    Oh well, I installed my genuine Honda parts rear splash guards from (I'm not affiliated in any way with them) last night and couldn't be happier. $46 for the pair vs. $65 from the dealer + installation.

  • sfranklinsfranklin Member Posts: 1
    I was calling a couple dealers in Northern California yesterday and one told me the price was only good through April 3rd. Is there any truth to this, or just a sales tactic to get a purchase faster?
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