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  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    April 3 marks the end of the quarter (Probably April 2nd), so I'd guess what the dealer said was true.

    with that said Honda can always extend the incentive - that will depend on how much inventory they have yet to move.
  • nhridgelinenhridgeline Member Posts: 3
    Oh, your dealer is a [non-permissible content removed]. I picked up my vehicle tonight and was talking to the Peters' Finance Mgr, after the deal was signed, about the holdback and the current incentive. The short story is that they need to make money to survive, just like the rest of us. For a cash buyer like myself, I believe that about $1000 per vehicle is fair profit, anything over that is Sales Rep profit.

    BTW, the rep actually apologized for his behavior the other night; it must've be the call to the Sales Manager. Anyways, if it helps, my invoice was $27,333 (with the destination it was $27,883). That's pretty close to yours.

    Also, I agree with you about buying parts via a third-party. It is definately cheaper if you can do it yourself. Now, I just need to figure out how to find and borrow the tool for installing the running boards.
  • danesidanesi Member Posts: 11 will loan you the tool if you buy the running boards from them. I think you get charged a $60 deposit until you mail it back.
    Their prices are the best I have found on the net including UPS shipping.
    They also have the installation instructions posted on their web site in PDF format.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    Anyone purchase the Lifestyle Package which includes the roof rack, bed extender and tow package?

    How much does it cost?

    or how about using a 3rd party for these items? anyone done that?
  • roscosroscos Member Posts: 7
    I going to pick up an RTLs no nav.for 28,500 in Phila.Pa.can I get him down to $27682 ?
  • footerfooter Member Posts: 32
    If that's an RTL with no nav. AND no moon roof, then you should be able to get him down to $27,882 which is $1000 under invoice. $27,682 would be $1200 under and I don't know if he'll go that low but it doesn't hurt to try.

    Good luck! You will love this truck!

  • dom1955dom1955 Member Posts: 1
    Here is the exact deal I got on my Silver RTL, no options, in New Jersey on Nov 11, 2005:
    27,883 (including destination and 1,000 dealer incentive)
    358 4-year NJ registration,new plates,actual DMV fee
    129 doc fee
    n/c Honda wheel locks
    n/c etched windows(not registered, I refused to pay fee)
    Plus 6% NJ Sales Tax

    Here's my approach:
    1) Call the dealers. Ask for the Internet dept. Ask rep their Internet pricing policy. Tell rep your vehicle, color, equipment. Get price and breakdown of all fees. If he/she does not give price on phone, or at least via email, then drop them. Don't go for 'come in for best deal' bull. I can't tell you the stupid salespeople that are still using insulting sales tactics that I experienced in the 1970's like talking low on the phone so their sales manager does not hear them telling me that they will give me a super deal on an RTL with a color I don't want if I would only come in to the dealer, and that the truck is hot and selling at list but they will try to save me a few hundred dollars off list.
    2) If available, check Inventory on-line for the vehicle you want.
    3) Don't tell the dealer you are coming in. If possible, look around the lot for the vehicle you want. Check it out for damage, see if the interior is clean and the wrappings still on the seats, steering wheel, etc. Check for signs that the dealer took apart the interior, dash, etc. Ideally, the vehicle you want is sitting towards the back of the lot lined up with all the other Ridgelines, with exterior protective coverings from shipping, and dirty as shipped. If it's sitting by the body shop sparkling clean, near the mechanical shop, has dealer installed Honda and/or non-Honda accessories, sitting out front where everyone test drives it, kicks the tires, scratches it, etc., then look for another vehicle.
    4) If you found your truck, go see the sales rep you spoke to. Tell him you are ready to buy, look at the truck again with the keys this time. Check the mileage, it should be no more than 7 (mine had 4). Check the manufacturing month. Start it up, etc.
    5) If you are satisfied, go complete the deal. Just make sure he/she honors the price you agreed to on the phone / internet.
    6) Generally, I don't believe in ANY dealer installed options. Free Honda wheel locks are OK.

    Good Luck.
  • silversvtsilversvt Member Posts: 7
    Hey guys,

    I am real close to pulling the trigger on a Ridgline RTL Silver, No options. When I ask the sales guys about the $1000 Dealer cash they act as if they don't know what I'm talking about.
    Is the $1000 Dealer cash still available to them or not? I've noticed that it is no longer listed here on Edmunds. Does this mean that I will have to pay $1000 more than I would have 2 weeks ago?
    I have been offered 27,600 by one dealer. I have made an offer of 26,800 to another dealer. I am going to the dealership tomorrow easter Sunday. I am sticking to my guns on my offer though. I feel that I have the upper hand. I don't need the truck immediately, They literally have a half dozen Silver ones on the lot. I'm sure that they've been there for months.

    Am I being unrealistic?

    Thanks in advance for any response,
    Silver SVT
  • henryda8henryda8 Member Posts: 3
    I'm looking for an RTL with moonroof. Got an internet quote from Honda of Keene for $29,612 Trying to get one from Peter's Honda of NH. Anyone get a good price for RTL with moonroof?

  • mblountmblount Member Posts: 1
    IMO, you would be getting a great deal at $27,600. Invoice on a no options RTL is $28,883. At $27,600 you would be getting it at almost $1,300 below invoice. This is one of the better prices I've seen.

    Even taking into account the $1,000 incentive and the 3% factory holdback, the dealer would be loosing money at $26,800 ($2,083 below invoice). I don't see that happening until after the 2007 model year comes out.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    I would have to agree that this price is as good as I've seen on the board. And it would also suggest that the dealer is still getting the $1,000 cash incentive.

    re: cash incentives - the sales guys don't always know what the deal is between the dealer and the factory - they really are low on the totem pole when it comes to info. imo

    I think some dealers might purposely keep this info from their lot sales people so they begin the negotiation process high as possible.
  • badeacon1badeacon1 Member Posts: 8
    I just bought 2006RTL w/sunroof for 27,880.00 at Crown Honda in Charlotte,NC and received more on trade in of 2003 CRV than I expected.
  • roscosroscos Member Posts: 7
    Sounds good thanks Roscos
  • roscosroscos Member Posts: 7
    If you have an Retrax cover? How do you like the cover and is it worth the $900.00 It looks great on the web site. Thanks Roscos
  • rick9194rick9194 Member Posts: 50
    Hey Badeacon1

    You just bought in the last day or 2?

    Who was you sales person ... sounds like a good price

    What was the doc fee?

  • roscosroscos Member Posts: 7
    It was from Retrax and the name was Antia $945.00 for rolltop with gasket for tail gate.I have number in work will get back to you.Tell her your a ROC member to get that price is't $100 off list.Gregg
  • roscosroscos Member Posts: 7
    Did anybody go for the extended warranty for $675.00
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  • badeacon1badeacon1 Member Posts: 8
    Doc fee was $349.I didn't negotiate any on this because all I did was ask for price and this was the price I was given and I knew this was very good deal.
  • doctorj1doctorj1 Member Posts: 7
    We are ready to buy a Ridgeline RTL w/moonroof. We did all the internet research & received online quotes. We made an offer today for $28,800 (based on an invoice price of $29,916 minus the $1,000 invoice & 3% holdback). We thought this was a fair offer. But the response we got from the dealer was that "Honda dealers are not allowed to sell below invoice". Is that true?? We've been reviewing these posts for weeks now and have seen plenty of other people get their trucks for under invoice cost. Are we missing something here?
  • kyusskyuss Member Posts: 8
    I'm assuming it's w/o nav? If that's the case it's time to look at another dealer. Your offer is reasonable.
  • doctorj1doctorj1 Member Posts: 7
    Yes, this is without navigation. I just contacted another dealer and they said the invoice price is the price they bought if for and wouldn't sell below $30,417. So we're 0-2 with our offer.
  • doq350doq350 Member Posts: 1
    I paid 28K for mine. It is Silver'06 Ridgeline w/ a moonroof. I did not have any additional accessories.
  • truckstirtruckstir Member Posts: 2
    Find another dealer. Just a few days ago we paid $28,100 for an RTL with Moonroof including some door protectors as the only accessory. This was built last month, not sitting around waiting to be sold, and it includes destination charge. We had at least four dealers offer between $28,000 and $28,125. Their breakeven point for this model seems to be about $27,960 including the destination charge if they give you all of their holdback.
  • doctorj1doctorj1 Member Posts: 7
    So far, the best internet quote we've been able to secure is $29616.41, which includes the $550 destination charge. So noone in WA seems to be budging on the invoice price.
  • doctorj1doctorj1 Member Posts: 7
    WOW! That's more what we were hoping to pay. What state did you purchase from? My quotes are from WA. The quotes we've gotten from OR are cheeper, but still over $29k.
  • truckstirtruckstir Member Posts: 2
    California SF Bay Area. We have about 30 dealers in the area and many more within a $70 :surprise: tank of fuel.

    The next couple of days they will just be trying to make "units sold" quotas.

    If it's going to be hundreds or thousands of dollars more up there, I would say consider taking a weekend trip. Wouldn't you rather spend the money on a fun weekend than on dealer profit? You would have a really nice break-in ride on the way home...

    I'm not trying to convince you of anything, but you might consider it... ;)

    If you are traveling somewhere make sure you have locked in a deal in writing, maybe even leave a deposit on a specific VIN. Otherwise, if you are 1000 miles from home, [i]they[/i] all of a sudden have some extra negotiating strength.

    Another thing you could do is get a rock bottom quote from a different area, then just show the quote to the place with which you are negotiating. Say, "I'm about to take a trip to wherever to buy this Ridgeline. Is there anything you would like to do to earn my business?
  • rts1rts1 Member Posts: 1
    :) I purchased an rts 4/25/06 for 25,400 including all but tax, title, registration, and documentation fee of $198. The deal was through Herb Chambers Seekonk MA and done over the phone. There were no surprises when I arrived with the exception of a free set of wheel locks. I had never purchased a vehicle through this dealership in the past, however, they will be at the top of my list when buying again. If anyone has received an equal or better deal, please share. Oh, and this vehicle was brand new still wrapped in that white plastic. I have seen in every Boston Globe weekend addition rt deals of < $22000. These are specific stock numbers so you would need to arrive early. I debated an rt, however, I felt the rts offered enough to justify the extra 3k. It may be important to add that I had no trade and paid cash so the dealer was unable to screw me with financing. I did read somewhere that deals are especially good on red and green due to eliminating these colors next year. Is this true? My RTS is a red one.
  • jravenjraven Member Posts: 1
    Well, I wish I could say I got my RT this evening for what rtsl got his RTS for, but at $25,200 (only the truck cost, not including any of the other charges) it was:
    1) almost precisely $1,000 above what Consumer Reports determined is the dealer's cost for the vehicle
    2) this is 4% profit to the dealer, which is the low-end of the CR fair profit range of 4% to 8%.
    3) And I was already dog-tired of haggling with dealers by the time I reached this deal.
    Anyway, it is nice to hear that people are getting good deals on their trucks. Good luck to everyone reading these posts..!
  • imadunerimaduner Member Posts: 4
    doctorj1 I am starting to look at 2006 pilots. What dealers have given you the best prices ?? I would be willing to drive anywhere in Washington,Oregon and northern Idaho.....Suggestions anyone !!!???
  • doctorj1doctorj1 Member Posts: 7
    OK. We bought our car yesterday! It's the steel blue, Ridgeline RTL w/moonroof. Our internet dealer actually tracked down the car we wanted, went & picked it up, detailed it, and sold it to us below invoice. It was actually the best experience we've ever had buying a new car (we've purchased 3). No hassle, no stress, no hard sell. We just faxed & emailed what we were looking to pay and got a dealer to bite. When we went in to pick up the car they were all ready with the paperwork and didn't push any extra stuff on us. It was great! Final price (including destination & fees) was $29,615. We were hoping to get one for $28,800...but this was close enough (and they got the vehicle for us & saved us from driving the 300 miles to get it ourselves).
  • doctorj1doctorj1 Member Posts: 7
    We bought our Ridgeline from LYNNWOOD HONDA thru the internet sales manager. AWESOME guy, very honest, smart & respectful. He used to be an editor for Auto Trader magazine. I would definitley purchase from him again.

    We also had good quotes from Gresham, OR and another dealer in Portland (Tonkin?? i think was the name?). What we did was get quotes through all those websites (, and for internet offers. We received quotes within the next day. And we did a lot of research to determine how to figure out dealer cost vs invoice cost vs MSRP to determine how to come up with a decent offer.

    I would NOT recommend working with Burien, Fife, or Bremerton. They started off nice enough, but once we started talking $$ they were rude & basically told us our offer was ridiculous. They said we'd come back to them in 6 months because we'd never find a price lower than $31k. HA! Well, we did...from multiple other dealers.

    My advice is to be willing to walk away from a dealer that won't discuss your price or go as low or below invoice. Just fax or email around and get price quotes from various dealers. Then forward the good ones onto other dealers.

    Our biggest problem was that we wanted the Steel Blue one & we wanted the Moonroof. There were only 3 in the WA, OR, ID area and 2 were loaded with accessories that we didn't want. If we'd wanted white or silver, we could have gotten better offers. Those seem to be sitting on lots everywhere.

    Do some research & you'll be able to know a good deal when you see it. And DON'T go to a dealership unprepared! Good Luck!
  • johnwhitneyjohnwhitney Member Posts: 5
    I purchased a new Steel Blue RTL with moonroof and 2 miles on the odometer for $27,700 including destination fees - but before tax, docs, license fees. This is about $2,200 below invoice. I almost missed the new incentive though. I negotiated a deal over the phone on 5/1, then found out about the increased incentive the next morning. So, I called the fleet manager and got the better deal.

    I love the vehicle!

    I sold my 2001 BMW 740i and used the funds to payoff the Ridgeline. I need a truck more than a sedan these days, but I did not want to give up that 'ultimate driving experience'. I must say that I am very impressed with how the Ridgeline handles. I drove all the competitors, and the RTL beats them all hands down - IMO. So far, I don't have any complaints or problems.
  • nwpilotnwpilot Member Posts: 15
    I live in Idaho and purchased an '05 Pilot EX-L in August of last year. I dealt with Ron Tonkin Honda in Portland. IIRC, final price was around $1800 under invoice. I flew in, and was out of the dealership in a couple hours -- absolutely no hassles. The internet sales manager there was a great guy to deal with.
  • stingzapstingzap Member Posts: 1
    Hey johnwhitney, can you tell me where you got your deal and the title of the guy who gave it to you? Also, I heard about the $1000 incentive, then I heard about a new incentive. Can you let me know what the current version is? I'm hoping to buy right away so any info is really appreciated.
  • johnwhitneyjohnwhitney Member Posts: 5
    I purchased from Right Honda in Scottsdale, AZ from the fleet manager. The new incentive is $2000.00. Good luck!
  • stevnstevn Member Posts: 2
    Do you know how long this incentive is running. I am going to purchase a new Ridgeline when the lease on my current vehicle is finished but that is not until mid-June. Will it still be available then? If not, will there be another incentive following it that will be available around that time. Thanks.
  • johnwhitneyjohnwhitney Member Posts: 5
    Stevn, I do not know, but my guess would that it (some form or incentive) would continue up until the 2007 models arrive. The dealers will always tell you it is going to expire.
  • stevnstevn Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the insight. Hopefully this incentive, or something better, is available at my time of purchase. Thanks again.
  • hartthartt Member Posts: 79
    Does anyone know when the 07 model will hit the dealerships? Also, has anyone heard of any changes?
  • johnwhitneyjohnwhitney Member Posts: 5
    I saw some posts on Ridgelineownersclub that said the new ones would be out in June. They did not think there were any major changes (its only one year old) except for a couple of new color options, and discontinuing the colors red and green. I would guess that the price would be a little lower or the same.
  • natalie02lenatalie02le Member Posts: 19
    I've seen lots of "at invoice" prices mentioned but most are RTL w/o navigation or RTS.
    I live in West Central Florida and have received an offer for an RLT with navigation at invoice LESS current $2000 incentive LESS dealer garbage fee of $599.99.
    [$29,200 + $600 garbage fee].
    Now, I am able to get that deal on a "race show circuit" vehicle that has 1300 miles.
    Dealer says that navigation is rare and not sold at invoice, so his 'discount' for the miles is to go down to invoice.
    I say the deal offered is okay for a zero mile vehicle, and I want more taken off because of the mileage - essentially this vehicle is a "demo" and I personally need more than a discount to invoice.
    But maybe I'm wrong - maybe navigation vehicles are in demand and command a premium. Anyone out there know?
  • johnwhitneyjohnwhitney Member Posts: 5
    i would wait. i would think you could get a new one for close to that deal. any minor add'l amount that you may pay may be worth it. you never know how these 'demo' vehicles have been broken in. it says right in the manual - "do not apply full throttle or full brake pressure for the first 600 miles"!
  • steevosteevo Member Posts: 389
    By LESS you mean they are NOT taking off the incentive? :surprise: On a used vehicle?
    That is BS. Go somewhere else unless you are a sucker.
  • natalie02lenatalie02le Member Posts: 19
    Steevo, sometimes I think we are all suckers when it comes to dealing with car salespeople. But to clarify, less means less or maybe minus would be a better word. The deal is $2600 below invoice (invoice including advertising fee is approx. $31,800 for an RTL w/Nav). And then they tack on a $599.99 dealer fee, so net is $2000 below invoice. And, of course, that $2000 is the current incentive. So, to me, in my mind, to my way of thinking, the deal is "at invoice".
    My question remains - is that a good deal for RTL w/Navigation and 1300 miles? I got the one reply (thank you) that said a 0 mile vehicle should/could be had for near that amount, but nobody has come forth and said "yes, I was able to get RTL w/Nav for invoice less/minus the incentive" or "no, I had to pay a couple thou over invoice to get my RTL w/Nav" or "I got my RTL w/Nav for $500 over invoice" or whatever.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,382
    Well, natalie02le, unfortunately, there simply aren't enough that many posts here to get a good sense of speific pricing.

    Florida's a tough(er) market for Honda buyers in general. Given present market conditions though, I agree with the poster in #482. Paying, in effect, "invoice" for a used/demo Ridgeline is not, to my mind, a good deal. Suggest you shop hard this coming weekend - if a deal's to be had, it will be then.
  • tundertunder Member Posts: 6
    I just purchase Ridgeline RT at Right Honda in Scottsdale through Fleet dept for $2000 under invoice. In and out the dealership within an hour. Excellent service. It's a wonderful truck, very roomy and spacious. :P
  • tundertunder Member Posts: 6
    You can get any Ridgeline $2000 under invoice at Right Honda in Scottsdale, AZ. Just contact Fleet Dept. :)
  • natalie02lenatalie02le Member Posts: 19
    thanks tunder, cccompson, johnwitney and steevo. i do appreciate the feedback. methinks $2000 under invoice (in my language that = at invoice) pricing for an RTL w/Navi in West Central FL is a good deal for a zero mile vehicle ($2000 under invoice is easy to currently get for any non-Navi Ridgeline). and I also think that cccompson is right - this weekend is the ripest of times, maybe even next Tuesday or Wednesday.
    if anybody out there has recent firsthand experience in buying an RTL w/Navi - especially concerning dealing on a w/Navi versus a non-Navi truck, I would appreciate the feedback. and i'll be happy to respond with my particulars when and if i buy anything. thanks.
  • steve3589steve3589 Member Posts: 11
    Are you saying $2k under invoice plus the Honda to dealer $2k offering that is going on now? That would be total of $4k off and I plan on paying invoice. Right now, here in NC the best price I have gotten is $22k even on a 06 RT and this doesnt include TTL.

    Anyone know off any dealers on the east coast that sells the cheapest?
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