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Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmoothjmooth Posts: 12
    Is this lease special from Honda? I can't find anything on it. I'd want an RTL w/ moonroof. Any specials there?
  • hazcathazcat Posts: 16
    I'm getting quotes $2000 - 2300 off list around Atlanta for the RTL with moonroof. I'm in the accessories shopping stage now, but several things I want are peel'n'stick or no-drilling install, so if they don't come down on them at the dealer, I'll buy them elsewhere and put them on myself.

    All the dealers I've spoken to will let me hose the truck down before buying, but the best one won't let me bring my old dog in to try it. I'm going to order running boards for him, so he'll be okay, anyway.
  • hazcathazcat Posts: 16
    Has anyone bought the extended warranty? How much did you pay? Normally I wouldn't consider this, but this is a new model and Honda's only offering three years, 36000 miles.

    They've recently increased the warranty on Odyssey to 5/50K. No word I know of extending the warranty on the other models.
  • footerfooter Posts: 32
    My 2000 Odyssey has 123K miles on it. I've never even considered an extended warranty on a Honda. I put 220K on my 1995 Civic before I sold it for $2K 10 years later. It's still going strong and the new owner loves it! Why would you want to buy an extended warranty on a Ridgeline ... ? If something's going to break, I would think it would break within the 3/36K.
  • hazcathazcat Posts: 16
    I've had many Hondas including 1974 Civics, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and various cars. Right now we have a 1990 Civic with 103K miles and a 1996 Accord with 140K miles and both are running great, barely broken in. However, this truck is new and scary with so much new electronic stuff (think high diagnostic charges for tracking down a tiny broken hidden fusible link or odd ground) and I'm sure anything that breaks is going to cost far more than on any Honda I've had before.

    Okay, I've never had a new car before and that in itself is scary. :surprise:
  • footerfooter Posts: 32
    I hear you! The '95 Civic was my first new Honda. The '00 Odyssey was my 2nd. Wife just got an '05 Accord in December ... EX w/5 speed! She LOVES it! I'm planning on an '07 Ridge in September of next year (or whenever the '07s become available). I have not been disappointed in any of my new Hondas and I don't expect the '07 Ridge to be any different. I have heard that you should not buy a first year production Honda but I don't know if that's true any more or not.

  • hazcathazcat Posts: 16
    My 1986 Toyota is wearing out and I had my heart set on a Ram diesel since I've had a couple of them before. However, Dodge has managed to refine everything good about them out of the new ones. I resigned myself to gasoline and went for Toyota. That dealership experience was hilarious in its stereotypical way. I eagerly anticipated the Isuzu trucks, but I'm disappointed that they are basically rebadged Colorados. Okay, how 'bout Nissan? Cool, but I saw the Ridgie before I saw Nissan and it's LOVE :blush:! I still wouldn't have considered it until I was reassured by what y'all have shared on the discussion boards.

    I have enjoyed Honda's reliability very much, but I'd feel better if they showed more confidence with at least five years warranty rather than three. Geez, Kia offers seven years. I'll find out soon how much that peace of mind will cost, won't I?
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    I have enjoyed Honda's reliability very much, but I'd feel better if they showed more confidence with at least five years warranty rather than three. Geez, Kia offers seven years. I'll find out soon how much that peace of mind will cost, won't I?

    Your wish has been granted. Honda is extending their warranty to 5 year 60 thousand miles on all 06 vehicles and it will be retro active on all 06 Ridgeline sold thus far. Owners should be recieving notices I would imagine in September. I don't think they really want to talk about it while they're trying to move out the 05s.
  • bcp1bcp1 Posts: 21
    I just wanted to Thankyou for this great information. We have had our Ridgeline RTL with Moonroof and several add on accessories since 4/27/05.

    I was very concerned about the "New Vehicle" with only 3 years/36,000 miles.
    If I donot hear from them in Sept. where could I go to followup on this information?
    I have over 7800 miles already but will be slowing down in trips until next year.

    Again, Thanks for the heads up info, this is really good news.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    If I donot hear from them in Sept. where could I go to followup on this information?

    You might want to stop by the Ridgeline Owners Club (ROC). You can google it, and of course Honda's news site.

    I'm looking at Sept 1st just as an educated guess. That's when the news embargo is lifted for the models like the 06 Civic. There should be official pics and reviews in all the publications of the 06 models. The push to clear the 05s should be ending then as well. I'm sure they they don't want this info clouding the atmosphere of clearing out the 05s. Dealers know about this now even if they won't admit it. Just don't ask them while they're trying to close a deal on an 05 civic. :)

    There are people in dealerships posting on forums that have confirmed this info from Honda. They've also changed their extended warranty terms, but I think I'll be happy with the 5/60 powertrain.

    There are many uninformed people that are driving off in new 05 civics and aren't aware of the huge differences between the 05 and 06 civics not to mention the Warranty issue. I feel bad for them. The price of ignorance is too expensive. If people are buying an 05 civic at this point in the month, they should settle for nothing less than invoice or below invoice considering what's coming for 06.
  • hazcathazcat Posts: 16
    I just bought mine Saturday and it's still 3/36K with 5/60K powertrain.

    BTW, I got a $259/month lease on an RTS for three years. For $6000, I can live without the sunroof!
  • footerfooter Posts: 32

    Congrats on your new RTS!

  • hazcathazcat Posts: 16
    I am plumb goofy enjoying this truck and I'm shopping for accessories today. Woohoo! I got the truck comparatively cheap, the dealer was not budging one bit on accessories, so all I got was running boards which got installed yesterday. In fact, the salesman came up to me cryin' the blues over that deal. He got his minimum commission and his bonus for the month, so I told him I don't feel totally guilty. ;)
  • Ridgeline Owners:
    The trip computer/trip advisor was disable by Honda so I wrote a letter to Honda and yesterday a lady called me and ask me if I can fax her the picture of this trip computer picture to her from the honda brochure. Do any of you have this picture? If so please let me know, I would to have a copy to this and fax this to her. thanks.
    or email me at
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    It isn't a good idea to post your e-mail address in the forums.. You can go to your preferences, and make it public there.

    If you put it in the body of your post, spam-bots can get hold of it, and fill up your inbox..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I just bought an RTS in nor-cal for $28,000 including destination and handling. I love the truck and feel like I got a good deal on the price however was told that due to my credit score of 625, the best rate I could get was 4.9% for 60mos. The rate offered started at 7%, then 5.44% and finaly 4.9%. It seemed to be a moving target that possibly could have been lower.

    If using Honda financing are the dealers really restricted to the rates they can offer based on credit or can they lower the rates offered depending on how bad they want to sell the vehicle?

    Honda was offering incentive rates as low as 2.9% but that was for a 36mo. term which would make the montly payment out of reach for me.

    I am now feeling like I should have held out for a better rate.

    Thanks for any info.
  • Yes you did get a real good deal on the RL but with a credit score of 625 I think you should be happy with the 4.9% financing. You would have needed a score of 750 or above to get the best rate in my opinion.
  • Hello,
    The Honda dealer across town from me is advertising new 2006 RT / AT Ridgelines with a MSRP of $28,215 for $25,437 + tax, tag, title. I have been looking at Tacomas, and haven't really even thought about a Ridgeline until I saw this ad. Last I had heard, dealers weren't knocking much off of Ridgelines. Is this price consistant with prices that some of you guys are seeing?
  • yes, it is. But there still aren't a lot of RT 's available. And, pricing is a regional thing.

  • Pricing is definately regional. In the Tacoma, Wa area, the bottom of the line Ridgeline truck is 32K. Add a hitch and it goes up to 33K. A truck is not a truck without a hitch.
  • I know you all may find this hard to beleive, but I just got an internet quote for an RTL, with Sunroof and XM for 28790 + Tax Tag and Title. See below:

    Vehicle You Have Requested Information On
    Year 2006
    Make Honda
    Model Ridgeline RTL W/Sunroof...XM already included for about the same price
    Stock# -
    New MSRP -
    Your *e-Price $28,790 + tax, tag, title and administration fee...Underseat Storage is $166.

    Now, I am still trying to make decisions, so I have not confirmed this price, but it seems like it should be the next model down.
  • Where are you, Fenderbender? I just told my brother-in-law in CT he was full o' [doodoo] when he told me someone up there bought an RTL w/ MR for about $28,500. I would have driven up for that and I'm in GA.:cry:

    I did the internet research around here, but when I walked into the local dealership, they quoted the same prices right on the spot, $2300 below MSRP.
  • Hazcat, you are in luck...I am in SC.
  • Hazcat, you are in luck...I am in SC.

    :cry: I already bought mine! :cry:

    Oh, well, still wasn't a totally bad deal. My 1986 Toyota just couldn't hang in there another few months.
  • I sure hope they still have deals like this when I'm ready to latch on to an '07 Ridge. Should be about a year from now right? In other words, September 2006?

    Keep us posted on your ultra low price fenderbender1 and whether you actually did get that deal!

    Thanks. :)
  • I think the price is for real...I am interested in the ridgeline because I have a gas guzzling F150 and was trying to strike a balance. I called my salesman today and he gave me a quote on an Accord Hybrid at around 26500.

    I haven't really searched around for prices on these, but that was much better than I was expecting. I'll keep you all in the loop on what actually happens.

    Sorry to hear about the buyers remorse hazcat, but I bought a Honda Odyssey back when they were the rage...but I don't regret the deal...It was the right price at the time.
  • Oh, don't pay attention to my whining.;) I still love the truck and let the dogs have the car section out of the newspaper now.

    BTW, my sister has a 2005 F150 with a six cylinder and is all smug about her fuel economy vs. mine. Ahh, just wait 'til she sees and drives my truck!
  • Just bought the base model RT at what feels like a good price from a dealership in NW Washington. There don't seem to be many RTs, I only found a few in the area, including Seattle, after a cursory search of major dealerships.

    I was able to get the RT for $27000 flat, including a tow package and fog lights. I looked at this as $170 over invoice of $25542 (inc dest) plus the $1288 normal price they wanted for the fogs and tow pkg, installed. Tax + license was added, and rear splashs and a tank of gas was thrown in.

    Thank you all here for great info. It allowed me to be prepared and confident for walking into the showroom. It paid off, since I was able to challenge the Gen. Mgr. on his invoice price. After checking his own documents, he admitted he was wrong, apologized and gave me what I wanted! That made it all the better....

    I spent a few days talking myself out of the all goodies on the upper models; I really wanted a sunroof, power seat, and a few other items, but pricing was important and Honda makes sure everything you really NEED is standard, i.e. safety, power train, VSA, etc. Nothing fancy, but I feel great about my plain white RL!
  • Honda makes sure everything you really NEED is standard, i.e. safety, power train, VSA, etc. Nothing fancy, but I feel great about my plain white RL!

    True, even the RT is pretty loaded. I'm even impressed with the cloth interior on the RT. It's much better than the base Taco cloth interior.
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