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Toyota Pickup (pre-Tacoma) issues



  • 93 toyota pickup
    when the truck hits 2000 rpm it bogs right down till 400rpm then it hits like a power band.
    I replaced TPS,spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter. NOT sure what else to do?????
    Anyone had this problem please HELP!!!!
  • Winter has come here and I am noticing that my truck is not producing heat this year. The defrost on this used to be able to melt an inch of ice of my windshield within minutes. I immediately thought heater core, but noticed something else weird. The gauge for my radiator is hardly budging at all. This I assume is telling me that my Thermostat is stuck open. Does my assumption sound right about the thermostat, and if so, would the fact that the thermostat was stuck open and not allowing the system to heat up be what's not allowing my heater core to heat up?
  • Hi can you solve this? This 4cylinder runs perfect,but when I pull up to stop the idle is perfect and with in 10 seconds the idle increase"s from aprox. 600rpm to 1200 rpm. I have backed off the dash pot ,so it is free and no way is touching the throtle arm! The throtle cable is in the return position,do I have a bad polution valve? If so witch one and where is it located?
    Thanks cos289
  • I went to buy some power steering for my 1990 P/U. The cap says I should use DEXON type ATF (automatic transmission fluid - I'm guessing this is what ATF means).
    I found a DEXON ATF but there are Dexon III, Dexon 2 and others...Does is make any difference?
    And is it true that transmission fluid is used to fill the power steering fluid?

    OALOHA :surprise:
  • Help,
    I just got this 84 toyota pickup, turn signals don't work. I can hear the relay click but no light, unfortunately my Chiltons manual is useless, it explains the flasher is behind the instrument panel, now I have the panel all torn apart and no flasher, the only part in circuit I can find is, flasher/ relay below the fuse box.
    Is there a fuse for the signals/hazard lights if so where.
  • I dont know if this helps any, but my 94 yota was doing the same thing. I had to take take off the throttle body and the intake manifold and everything inside of it was clogged up with carbon really bad, it has jus over 215k miles, so it was pretty bad, I soaked the throttle body in carborator cleaner, and had to sand blast the intake manifold. after all that it ran perfect, and hasnt messed up yet. If everything is clean inside there, it might could be a messed up ac valve idleing up the engine.hope that helps a little.
  • any advice?

    i have a 1990 toyota pickup and i think the automatic transmissions is going bad. the truck has 164K miles and to the best of my knowledge the original trans. is this when they start going out? and how much does it cost to get a new trans?
  • 1989 factory body graphics on doors going toward rear where to buy help
  • Thanks for the tip!!
  • okay I have a 93 v6 with 161k miles. this has gradually gotten worse in the last couple months or so. but for some reason until it is completely warm it stutters and falls on its face from about idle to 2250 rpms. and it seems like when it is warmed up if I just punch it it stutters badly too. also sometimes it wont start right up and others it starts fine(when cold I mean) when its warm no problems starting. I think that might be my cold injectors? but not sure. please help!! thx in advance!!
    Chris H.
  • i can't seem to find the O2 sensor on my 1994 pickup. it is a 22r engine. anyone know where it is hiding?
  • Could someone please explain to me how I set the timing on my 91 V6 P/U? I know it needs to be 10 deg. BTDC, but it also tells me to short circut the test plug?? Not sure what this means. Please help me!
  • kwpokwpo Posts: 1
    I, also, have a 92 V6 3.0 EFI that I bought used. I have put on 20,000 of the 150,000 that is on it now and always have had that clicking/chatter noise the entire time. One person said the lifters needed a lighter weight oil, but putting in 5w-30 did not improve it. Now I have a new problem in trying to locate the starter on this engine. I have replaced starters on my '86 and '87, but can not see clearly where in the heck it is on the '92! Am getting just clicks when turning the key, but when it warms up, it seems to be OK. Is my guess that it is the starter the correct guess? Thanks for any help! KW
  • nina5nina5 Posts: 2
    One way to check if it's the starter is to take a tool of some sort and hit your starter with it a few times, not to hard though. Then try to turn it over. If it starts up better you know it's your starter that's going out. Now if I remember correctly the starter is seen better from under the engine. My best advice for you is to look in a book at kragen or buy one because if you plan on working on this truck in the future your gonna need it; believe me. Try to use 10w40 oil when you do an oil change.If your over 100,000 miles it's good to use this oil I've learned. When your truck is almost on E, buy some Fuel Injection Cleaner (which you dump in your gas tank)when you fill it all the way backup. This my reduce the clicking niose as well. If you use cheap gas that can cause this.I hope I was some help to you. Good Luck! ;);)
  • nina5nina5 Posts: 2
  • lmmlmm Posts: 70
    I have a 94 4X4 4cyl and the Check Engine light has come on and then gone off after several minutes. It has happened a few times.

    Im wondering if I take it in when the light isnt on if they can find what's wrong???? Any suggestions.
  • I recently cleaned the throttle body on my '93 Deluxe 3.0 V6 at 148,000 miles. Since I did this, my idle speed won't drop below 1400 rpm's. Does it sound like I damaged something in the process of cleaning the TB? Also, it surged on my to about 1800 rpm's and back a few times while sitting at a stop light. However, once I get going it seems to run fine. Can anyone help?
  • Hi everyone,I have a 94 pickup with the 22RE in it. I was driving down the road and it died. When I got it back to the house, I gave it a shot of starting fluid in the throttle body. It ran for one or two seconds and died. I tested the fuel pump and it was working fine. And this is where I am.I'm trying to avoid taking it to a garage,because money is kind of tight. I like to think i'm a pretty good mechanic, if I get a little help. My Chiltons manual just isn't cutting it. Can I get some help?
    Thanks, Mark
  • my electric windows and locks won't work. however, the mirror adjustments work fine. any info would be great
  • Replace your temp thermastate it must be bad! Your engine is not up to temp. and your fast idle is taking over. It cost me $180.00 to find out on my pick-up!!

  • My 91 4cly pick up all my idiot lites stoped working at one time . I checked all the fuses all ok . Where do i go next???
    HELP COS289
  • passenger side under intake manifold/above starter
  • Thanks, I will try that today. I have noticed that my temp gauge has been somewhat lower than normal lately. Also, wouldn't that explain the idle surging when the heater and fan are on? I will let you know if it works! Thanks again!
  • i need help swappin in a 4.3l v6 out of a s10 into my 1994 toyota 4cly 4x4 5spd what all do i need to do it and keep my stock trans
  • I have a toyota pickup 4x4 '89 v6 90k. I started getting a tapping noise from the top of the engine. From the cab it sounds like nock, from under the hood it sounds like a loud tapping from the top of the engine. Don't hear it at idle or high rpm's. If I rev the engine by hand a little over and over it starts to happen. Also when letting out the clutch like pulling into the garage. Changed oil to thick oil and no change. Changed timming belt, water pump, and timing belt tensioner and no luck. It does NOT happen when the engin is cold, only when hot. Need ideas bad! Thanks in advance.
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    Thermostat is certainly the first place i'd start. If your temp gauuge does not indicate normal running 10 min from cold start, then it is almost definitely it. a good cheap fix! (hopefully)
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    After having some fun 4-wheeling in the snow, the next morning the truck make a grinding noise that is louder at slower speeds. seems like bearings but it only makes the sound when the front right hub is in the locked position (manual hubs). All wheels engage. Will not do it later in day (when warmer?)and this has been happening during a cold spell (5-10F)CV boots in good shape, and it does it all the time when engaged, not just in turns.
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    The computer should remember any faullts from the last few starts. It may be an EGR valve, they tend to act that way at first, then become more consistantly errored
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    there are at least two. one on exhaust manifold and another downstream (I think after) the catalylic converter.
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    check the heat shield on your converter, they can make a racket when the welds start to rust
  • does any one have a clue as to what this pu is worth. 38764 original miles. excel. condition. 4 speed on the column, duel 7 gal. tanks. new brakes, clutch, drive line, u-joints.
  • I had the same problem with my 91 truck. I used 4x4 in the snow. Then the noise started up, at first just when it was cold and then all the time no matter what speed. I had a bad wheel bearing on right front. My friend who fixed is a mechanic. He checked out my 4 wheel drive actuator and the was fine. He thinks the wheel bearing was so bad that it was causing the axel to catch and engage the 4 wheel drive. So, if you haven't checked your wheel bearings or the actuator, try that. I haven't heard the noise since, knock on wood.
  • I have a 1994 Toyota Xtracab 4x4 with a 3.0L V6 and Automatic with 86K miles. For over a year, I have had a problem of the transmission not shifting into 4th gear until it has been warmed up and driving around for 10 minutes. Does anyone have any input as to the reason of the delay? Once it is warmed up, it runs perfectly fine.
  • Does anybody know what bucket seats (if any) will fit in a toyota pickup/92 to replace a bench seat?
  • 22re with a terrible squealing belt problem.
    I kick on the a/c and it becomes two squeals.
    I have had to lube the pulleys for the last few months when it would rain. That little bit of lube would work fine, but now it squeals loud all the time.
    If anyone has had a similar problem that they were able to fix I would like to know. It just isn't right that my truck sounds like a POS.
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    It hasn't made that noise since. i'm afraid she may be right, and it may only be a matter of time before it does it all the time. Thank you for the info on the bearings, makes a little more sense now, and they may be due for a re-pack anyway (130k on truck).
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    some belts lose their stickiness and make a terrible noise when they are dried out and at end of fix, and fresh belts are always good.
  • 4x4toy4x4toy Posts: 10
    I second that, that's how EGR valves start to go out. veryintermittent based on the heat cycles of the engine, until there broke full time.
  • you would have to make the seats fit by drilling new holes and what not. but honda accord seats civic delsol pretty much any buckets will fit you just have to make them fit
  • Forgive me if I sound a little stupid, but I don't know very much about trucks. My husband just bought a used 93 Toyota pickup, 4 cylinder, 4 wheel drive truck. When he got it, it had the big mud tires on it, and it's had a body lift. He changed the tires to "regular" ones that fit the truck. The first time he drove the truck everything felt fine. The last time or two he drove it, when he comes to a stop light and has the clutch and brake pushed in, it sounds like the engine is revving, and you can feel the truck shake like it wants to just surge forward. If he lets off the brake and just has the clutch pressed in it does not do it, only when he has the brake pushed in with the clutch. Anyone have any ideas what could be the problem and how much it could cost to fix? Thanks!
  • salinasalina Posts: 2
    I've had that similar problem. A lot of the time it's a flaw in the belt, even new. Replacing the belt is the best choice, or running it you can run a peice of solid bee's wax along the belt for temporary silence. Have you checked your pulley's?
  • salinasalina Posts: 2
    I've had some problems with my front end being real loose. On the way home today it started to wobble as if there was a bubble in a tire, but when I tried to break it made this insane clanking noise, pulling to the right, and was difficult to stop. I'm trying to diagnose this fast, since I'm doing 60 hour weeks. Any ideas?
  • Thanks I'll give it a shot.
  • lavoielavoie Posts: 11
    You've gotta check this. I've never seen a truck take so much abuse:

    Trashed Hi-Lux
  • I knew these trucks are tough but that is unreal.
  • i own the 94 4x4 (3.0 6 cyl.) also and during the cold spells my left front hub (automatic four wheel drive)will make this grinding noise. me and a friend took out the wheel bearing and it appeared to be in good shape, we repacked the bearing and it helped some but at about -5 or so it starts back up. a bearing change may be in order yet it seemed to be in good shape. does toyota say anything about this model and year of 4x4? just curious.
  • has anyone on this board every had to deal with a seeming leaky engine on the 1994 Toyota 4x4 3.0L 6cylinder? We redid the water pump and the thermostat, yet their is a rather heavy leak coming from just below the themostat housing (at least thats where the fluid collects). it drains rather fast. my engine did not over heat prior to this happing nor did it freeze up. there are two bolts in this area (front of engine on drivers side) and I tightened both of them or made sure they were tight yet the leaking persists. does anyone know where I could get a good diagram of this engine, or can anyone on this board give me some answers?

    thank you
  • I have an '87 pickup, and my signals work fine, but when I turn the hazards on, nothing. If a signal is on when I turn on the hazards, the signal stops. I'm pullin' my hair out, here . . . any ideas?
  • jimw3jimw3 Posts: 1
    Hi! I have the same pick-up, and I have the exact same problem with a leak! I just replaced my radiator which was leaking also. It appears that the leak is from around a thermostat housing bolt, but it's very hard to tell.I know that some waterpumps have a "weep hole" that leaks when the seal inside goes bad,but I'm not sure that this is the same situation. I'm going to have it checked by a real mechanic soon and will update this message when I find out! Good luck to you
  • roseg76roseg76 Posts: 2
    Hello! About 2 years ago I had a new engine put in my 95 Pickup (2.4 L). The engine has never ran correct. It has had a miss, and it shows when your idiling as well as robs performance and fuel economy. I can't figure it out as I've traced all of the emission hoses, changed plugs, wires, distributor cap,pcv, and checked timing. I don't have a check engine light issue, and I created a jumper wire to check and I have no codes. The engine does surge sometimes at a stoplight as well. I believe my catalytic converter is about shot, could that be the cause?
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I don't want the Toyota dealership to look at it, as it's not worth that kind of cost if there's no error code.
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