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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    Ah the joys of buying a completely new product. I guess that's why Consumer Reports suggest that you wait until the second production year before buying - hopefully they will have worked out all the bugs. I don't hold anything against Infiniti - every first year model has issues. My Lexus had a few and don't get me started about the MB!!

    When I bought the car the salesman introduced me to the owner - little did I know how important that introduction would turn out to be.

    Glad things will work out for you.
  • csrmaxcsrmax Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if the halogen high beams can be replaced with Xenons to match the low beams? My dealer told me that they couldn't, due to the amount of time they take to heat up?? My last car, BMW 530I had bi- xenons.... any suggestions??????
  • yeagerdayeagerda Posts: 16
    I'm simply posting to concur with paulj. Minor, but annoying issue, and seemingly avoidable... maybe even fixable with a software upgrade? It would be interesting to get a statement from Infiniti on this. Since XM is US only, chances are probably pretty poor that it will even get 'fixed'.
  • bluzzzzmanbluzzzzman Posts: 21
    When I first signed up for XM on my M45 I was mildly annoyed with the XM display and the way it chops off the artist and title. Now that I have had it a while, it REALLY BOTHERS ME!!! I think it is unacceptable. It is obviously a bug. There is no way they did this intentionally. I can't imagine why they would. Regardless, I want a fix soon!!!
  • s54s54 Posts: 29
    Sorry, but I think the issue is with XM. My Acura did the same thing and it is lame. S
  • mrivisionmrivision Posts: 22
    I called XM radio regarding this issue. They told me that they transmit the full artist name and song title. They said the problem was with Infiniti.
  • mexibecmexibec Posts: 114
    I just came across this:

    The site ( provides a lot of valuable information for maintenance, known problems, etc.
  • Yes! I have the same sound. I am glad to see that I am not imagining it. If I open the moonroof shade it stops, so it's definitely related. Thanks!
  • Me too on the truncated display on the Nav Screen...what a weird problem. There's plenty of room on the screen for more characters. I tend to think that it is an Infiniti issue because I know others who have XM in their other brand luxury cars and this doesn't happen. Further, we are limited to 13 numbers/characters in entering Phonebook entries. Not a big deal? Well, yes, because this means we cannot use pauses, symbols, PIN's etc. (for example to check voicemail somewhere). Doesn't this defeat the point of a "hands free" system? I have to dig in my pocket for my mobile phone to enter a PIN - not cool at all. What were they thinking here?

    Also agree - the best car I've ever owned otherwise.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    I tend to think that it is an Infiniti issue because I know others who have XM in their other brand luxury cars and this doesn't happen.

    It is my understanding that the new RL is having similar issues with XM.
  • varixvarix Posts: 72
    Earlier I posted a problem with the driver's seat left surround speaker in M35X with the premium options. Loud buzz at higher volumes. Dealer agreed the speaker was faulty when we both listened it. And buzz disappears when I turn off the surround mode off or lower the volumes to less than 60% max volume or so. So they ordered a new seat speaker. Came in finally (5 weeks) and now the surprise! The dealer called me today and stated as they had never replaced one of these that they checked with Infiniti and found out that replacing a seat surround speaker in the M is a 5-6 hour job that requires removing the seat from the car and removing ALL OF THE LEATHER to get at replacing the speaker and wiring and then reupholstering and reapplying the leather to the seat! I said that was insane and they should just replace the whole damn seat. He said Infiniti corporate only will replace the components under warranty NOT the entire seat unit. This all seems outrageous to me so I took the car home without the replacement being done. I cannot imagine that any of those mechanics knows anything about leather upholstery and I am very certain my car will be their rookie attempt at this profession. I am also concerned that if I do get the entire seat replaced (if I complain loudly enough) that the leather won't quite match. Any ideas? Anyone else with this issue/problem? Anyone ever heard of anything quite this bizarre? Time to talk to a new service department? :sick:
  • ru4god2ru4god2 Posts: 2
    I've had my M35 for 6 days and I have a clicking (rattle) in the moon roof cover. Stops when I press lightly against the cover. Sounds as if there's glue or some other tacky substance in-between the outside material and the inner side of the cover. I can create the sound when I press against it lightly.

    Otherwise, this is one of the best cars I've ever owned. MB E320, BMW 325, Diamante, and others.... this one is the real deal. Trade my MB E320 for this one. Awesome trade.
  • rustydogrustydog Posts: 4
    You may want to review the 2006 SERVICE BULLETINS for INFINITI M from the following URL - (# 05024). You can bring this information to dealer to expedite the service if it matches to your problem. Good Luck.
  • Hey thanks for this! It's exactly what I was looking for.

    Take care
  • s54s54 Posts: 29
    I search but could not find how to edit and delete a phone book entry once you have entered it. I would appreciate more experienced users' input.

  • stebrostebro Posts: 21
    You have to press the "settings" button on the dash (NOT the phone button). Then scroll down to "Phone". Select "phone book," scroll to the number you want to edit or delete and select it.
  • tom43tom43 Posts: 8
    Well I had my car serviced and they adjusted the sun roof for the noise. Got the car back and the noise is still there and getting louder every day. Seems to be coming from the front passenger seat belt along the outside of the car. Anyone else have this problem?
  • ru4god2ru4god2 Posts: 2
    THANKS! Not sure this addresses the moonroof cover issue, but it might be a place to start. Appreciate it!
  • I recently bought a M35 Sport and am interesting in using an IPod with the vehicle. Any information would be appreciated.
  • mabenmaben Posts: 9
    3 options as I can see them:

    1) Buy the Belkin FM transmitter which pops into the top of the iPod. It can transmit all the iPod's music wirelessly to any radio station you desire. Used one with pretty good results in my old car, a BMW.

    2) Have an after-market docking station installed. Be warned that this is still a very new process and that I wouldn't trust anybody to mess around my beautiful M's guts unless I had first seen their work firsthand.

    3) The solution I hit on. The cd player is also an MP3 player. That means that I can burn my entire 5GB of MP3s on normal CDs and the CD player will play them perfectly. Plus, it will also display the title, band, and other information on your screen. Very cool and very easy.

    Hope this helps!

  • Have you folks who are of the weightier size had any problems with the driver’s seat in the M35x? I’m 6’4" and weigh about 245. I’ve had my car for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed that upon acceleration or deceleration, even the slightest, something under the seat, maybe a spring or mount moves and causes a slight thump sound. It’s a great car overall, but the thumping is getting to be rather annoying. The G35 that I had for few years seemed to have seat mounts that were somewhat weak. I expected the M seats to be lot stronger. Maybe I should lose a few pounds.
  • Thanx. I like your solution.

  • ritter3ritter3 Posts: 2
    I purchased a m35x in April. The car is the best car I ever owned. The only
    complaints is the low beam headlights and the rubber seal around the driver's
    door. I have 3500 miles on the car and the seal is worn thru. When I drive
    at night I can only see a few feet in front on my car. I'm in to turns before
    have time to react. It tends to slow me up on curvey roads.

    Is there anybody else with any of these problems?
  • I too had a problem with the high intensity low beams, as did consumer reports in this month's issue- this was the only fault in a car they said was the new #1 among ALL cars tested- including full size luxury cars. However, I had the dealer adjusted the lights at my insistyence 1" higher ( normal 30"- I asked for 31") and its better- and I have not had any oncomming drivers flash their lights that mine is too high when using low beams. I am not sure how it is adjusted for a do it yourself job - does anyone know how to do it?
  • mexibecmexibec Posts: 114
    Well, I'm 180 lbs, and I needed to have the driver seat rails assembly entirely replaced because it was too loose. When braking moderately hard, the seat would move forward by a few mm, and then come back. I had to argue a little, but they finally conducted the repair (and it takes a full day).
  • prophetprophet Posts: 72
    I had the drivers door seal replaced at 7,000 miles. Its very soft and appears to have torn due to entry/exit wear.
  • csrmaxcsrmax Posts: 9
    I have the problem that the halogen high beams seem to "wash out" the Xenon low beams. Do you know if the high beams can be replaced with Xenon? My dealer told me no, but my last to BMW's have bi-xenon lights. Any suggestions?
  • You may find state laws dictate the legality of high intensity high beams. I believe the high beams are changing the color temperature of the high intensity lights, and not washing them out (IE negating their effect).
  • csrmaxcsrmax Posts: 9
    Thanks, I'll check into it.
    I believe that when you dealing with 2 different light sources, IE Xenon and Halogen, that they don't work well togetherwith the different spectrums of light they provide. As I said, my last 2 BMW's had bi-xenon headlights, so I'm assuming that there shouldn't be any legal or state issues here in PA.
  • mexibecmexibec Posts: 114
    A cost-effective solution is to replace the halogen bulbs and replaced them with Xenon bulbs. You will not get more light (at least, not significantly), but you will have the bright white light effect.
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