Hyundai Entourage 2007+

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Hyundai really is rolling out a lot of products, with the release of the 2006 Sonata, Azera, Elantra, and a new Accent and Sonata on the way.

Now Hyundai prepares to roll out its first minivan for North America, the Entourage.

The platform is supposed to be shared with the new Kia Sedona, and power is expected to come from the same 3.8l V6 265hp engine that powers the new Azera.

On the safety front, the Entourage will have the Electronic Stability Control, with traction control and ABS. Six airbags and side curtain airbags will also be available.

Hyundai really is gunning for the American and Japanese big three with the release of it Sonata, and now the Entourage. And with everything the van has, there's no reason why it wont become a class leader.

BTW, in other markets like in the Middle East, Hyundai has offered two vans, the H-1 and Trajet.

Here's the Inside Line link.


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    They have confirmed that it will have the 3.8, although power figures have not been released yet. It is only going to be in long wheel base form. Rumor has it that the Kia will have long and short wheel base models available.

    They are supposed to hit dealers in January, so I'll expect to see it in March.
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    You're right of course about power figures not being released yet. I said 265hp because that is the hp rating of the 3.8 used in the Azera.

    But whether it has 265hp or not, I don't doubt the Entourage having more than adequate power. Its likely the Kia Sedona's 3.8, 240hp engine will power the Entourage. Hyundai is really getting competitive, if the new Sonata is any indication.
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    Is there any word on where it will be manufactured?
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    Anybody have new info or spyshots of the Entourage? A minivan might be the next vehicle we end up getting as our first little one is on the way. :D I'd definitely want to check out Hyundai's offering.
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    Hey, congrats on the little one! :D

    I don't know of any new info on the vehicle, and there aren't any spy shots anywhere on the web... yet. This is quite an impressive achievement for Hyundai, as the vehicle will be available for purchase early next year, and could debut at an auto show in as little as three weeks (no guarantees, though). There are usually uncovered insider spy shots by this point. We saw the 2007 Santa Fe, for example, completely uncovered nearly two months ago -- a vehicle that is scheduled to go on sale after the Entourage.

    If you'd like, I can develop a projection of the vehicle's standard and optional equipment. I did a list for one of the Santa Fe threads concerning the '07 model. Sadly, I'll have to update the listing by additional posts on this website (rather than edits), but it should give you a pretty good idea of what we're looking at.

    Take care,
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    Hey guys I made a mistake when creating this thread.

    "Hyundai really is rolling out a lot of products, with the release of the 2006 Sonata, Azera, Elantra, and a new Accent and Sonata on the way."

    I wrote Sonata twice. The second should be replaced by Santa Fe.

    So it now reads like this.

    Hyundai really is rolling out a lot of products, with the release of the 2006 Sonata, Azera, Elantra, and a new Accent and Santa Fe on the way.

    Sorry about it.
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    Hey, congrats on the little one!

    Thanks! :)

    I don't know of any new info on the vehicle, and there aren't any spy shots anywhere on the web... yet. This is quite an impressive achievement for Hyundai, as the vehicle will be available for purchase early next year, and could debut at an auto show in as little as three weeks (no guarantees, though). There are usually uncovered insider spy shots by this point. We saw the 2007 Santa Fe, for example, completely uncovered nearly two months ago -- a vehicle that is scheduled to go on sale after the Entourage.

    I was thinking that keeping it hidden for this long is pretty impressive too.

    If you'd like, I can develop a projection of the vehicle's standard and optional equipment. I did a list for one of the Santa Fe threads concerning the '07 model. Sadly, I'll have to update the listing by additional posts on this website (rather than edits), but it should give you a pretty good idea of what we're looking at.

    I appreciate this offer, but we're not seriously looking at buying a new vehicle in the near term. (well that may change if we find our two small cars can't handle the three of us, but that won't be until the winter close to the time when the Entourage will be released) My post was more out of curiosity. But if you do make those projections, I certainly would be interested in reading them.

    Thanks for the response.
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    This story appeared in Automotive News today:

    "Hyundai drops minivan plans

    Automaker will concentrate on SUV, sport wagon

    Charles Child

    Hyundai Motor America said on Friday that it has dropped plans to sell a traditional minivan next year.

    Instead, the company says it will add a seven-passenger SUV. Later, it will offer a six-passenger sport wagon.

    "We felt the best strategy was to leave the traditional minivan for others," says CEO Robert Cosmai. Hyundai wants to "stay appropriately differentiated from other brands."

    The unibody SUV, about the same size as a Honda Pilot, will go into production in late 2006. The minivan, dubbed the Entourage, was scheduled for spring 2006. The Entourage was to have shared a platform with the Kia Sedona.

    American consumers typically don't embrace rebadged vehicles, says John Krafcik, vice president of product development and strategic planning. Hyundai is trying to carve out a separate identify from affiliate Kia.

    Moreover, the minivan segment is stagnant, he says.

    The SUV will not be based on the Sedona platform, Krafcik says. The vehicle will be powered by a 3.8-liter V-6 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. It will offer electronic stability control and side curtain airbags.

    The sport wagon, due in 2008, will offer a flexible interior for passengers and cargo, the company said in a press release Friday. The vehicle will be similar to the Portico concept shown at the Chicago Auto Show in February.

    You may e-mail Charles Child at [email protected]
    " [Source].
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    Wow, that was an odd coincidence with the timing of the recent posts in this thread. Too bad. I'm sure the Kia Sedona will be a good vehicle to look into. Thanks for passing that along.
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    with gas prices going up, I'd like the chance to get a fuel efficient minivan that won't cost $35,000 with navigation. (Odyssey EX w/ NAV, or Sienna XLE)

    Will they put NAV in the Sedona then?
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    No word on whether or not navigation will be available, but other niceties (e.g., seat and outside mirror memory settings for driver, backup warning system, power liftgate, power adjustable pedals, premium entertainment system featuring a DVD player and 11 speakers, etc.) have been announced, so the possibility is there.

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    I bet the Kia dealers are cheering the cancellation news while the Hyundai dealers are upset over not getting their own minivan. It has been reported many times on the press how badly Hyundai dealers in the US wanted a minivan.
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    Hyundai does sell two vans overseas, the Trajet and H-1. Both can be had with LHD.

    The Trajet is an average sized minivan, probably similar to Sedona. Hyundai could have brought that to the US. The H-1 is large, about the size of a Express/Savana.
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    Nope. Sadly. I was lookin' forward to a 28MPG minivan with Navigation for under $30,000.

    Guess its back to my original list now...
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    With the dropping of the Minivan plans It is becoming less likely that I will stick with Hyundai in the future. To bad as I'm on my 3rd Hyundai. Looks like it will be Honda or Toyota for me in the near future.
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    Since it was going to be a next-gen Kia anyway, why not get one of those?
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    Can't get NAV.

    The Sedona is still on my list, but its now dropped from the top 3 to around 5th, nestled between the Saturn Relay (Employee Pricing Deals Galore) and Buick Rendezvous. (see Saturn Relay)
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    Go to and they have a story about Hyundai bringing back the Entourage. I couldn't read it because i don't subscribe. However that piece of information does revive this discussion somewhat.
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    Here's a link to the Hyundai press release about the re-emergence of the Entourage.

    Entourage Press Release :shades:

    There's also some interesting info about a few other vehicles Hyundai has in the works for next year or so. ;)
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    Yay! Its back on the list.

    Navigation combined with a long warranty, low price, and decent features make it towards the top of the list, ahead of all the domestics. Hyundai/Kia is now third, behind a first place tie between the Odyssey and Sienna, and between the third place finisher Nissan Quest.

    Saturn Relay, Buick Rendezvous, Ford Freestyle, and Chrysler Town & Country are bringing up the rear.
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    FYI, Buick Rendezvous is being replaced in 2007-2008 with a new vehicle based on the GM crossover platform. It will be called the Buick Enclave and will be similar to the Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia.
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    Could be a good thing.

    Can you imagine the closeout prices on a 2006 Rendezvous???

    But right now it seems like its between the Sienna, Odyssey, and Entourage. :)
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    Do you think Hyundai is going to rebadge and tinker with the upscale Korean Grand Carnival? I was told a a month ago that the Grand Carnival was going to arrive in the US in May06.
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    That's what I'm thinking they will do. I mean, the Grand Carnival seems to have pretty much all of the bells and whistles and upscale refinements that you could want in a minivan already. They may do that rather than bring the Grand Carnival over as a high-end Sedona (which might have been badged as a Sedona Limited, which was what I was predicting before the Entourage was back in the picture).

    I'm really curious as to what the changed front and rear ends and the new instrument cluster will look like. I wonder if they will reveal any of that before it actually gets to the dealers. And when is "Spring" (March, April, May)?
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    I spoke with a Hyundai dealer today. We both thought the Entourage should be at the spring auto shows.

    One of my biggest needs is at least 8 seats. I hope that they provide at least 8 seats with the Entourage (or the option for it).

    Otherwise I will probably buy an Odyssey.
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    8 seats would seem pretty tight. I looked at the spec of the Kia Sedona and if the Entourage is the same size, it's interior is a lot smaller than the Odyssey. Even my Freestyle has more space in rows 2 & 3.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    Are you looking at the dimensions for the 2005 or the 2006? The 2006 is supposed to be substantially bigger than the 2005, and from what I've read, the 2006 is the same size as the Ody.
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    The Hyundai will be very slightly larger than the Honda overall -- the only clear disadvantage to the former is 3rd-row legroom.

    Hyundai Entourage (est) | Honda Odyssey

    Exterior Specifications
    Front Track (in) 66.3 | 66.7
    Rear Track (in) 66.3 | 66.8
    Height (in) 69.3 | 68.8/70.0
    Length (in) 202.0 | 201.0
    Wheelbase (in) 118.9 | 118.1
    Width (in) 78.3 | 77.1

    Interior Specifications
    Passenger Volume (cu ft) 172.3 | 171.4/168.3
    Head Rm F (in) 40.9 | 40.9/39.2
    Head Rm 2nd (in) 39.8 | 40.0/39.6
    Head Rm 3rd (in) 38.3 | 38.4
    Shlder Rm F (in) 63.2 | 63.5
    Shlder Rm 2nd (in) 65.3 | 63.1
    Shlder Rm 3rd (in) 60.5 | 61.2
    Hip Room F (in) 59.2 | 57.0
    Hip Room 2nd (in) 65.9 | 64.4
    Hip Room 3rd (in) 50.1 | 48.5
    Leg Room F (in) 41.7 | 40.8
    Leg Room 2nd (in) 40.9 | 40.0
    Leg Room 3rd (in) 34.0 | 41.1

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    Those pictures of the Grand Carnival indicate possibly eleven seats!

    Eleven Seats!

    So now come spring my list will consist of the Odyssey, Sienna, Sedona, Entourage, and the Freestyle.
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    Like some of you have stated I am pondering the Hyundai Entourage over the Odyssey. I am not in a rush to buy a minivan so the mid-2006 release of the Entourage is just fine.

    But as I ponder spending the 25K-30K -I am not just sure if I trust a Hyundai yet. I know that its getting alot of rewards but I have been burned by U.S. domestics --the pain is still fresh. I don't want to go through that all again.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    Don't forget the warranty.

    And Odysseys have problems too, including mine.

    Mine needed a new tranny at 70K, which Honda comped.
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Member Posts: 378
    If you go for the Ford, be sure to get the front-wheel-drive version -- as a significant percentage of Freestyle AWD owners reported problems to Consumer Reports (at about 59% below the mean, reliability is predicted to be "much worse than average" for 2005 model-year vehicles). The most serious problem area seems to be with the CVT. Curiously, Five Hundred AWD owners didn't report as many problems with their transmissions.

  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I'll probably skip AWD because I live in the south and don't need it.
  • stockey1stockey1 Member Posts: 22
    Hyundai cahanged their mind again and said they will go foward with the entourage,i have heard this recently on the radio.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    I'm looking forward to seeing it, especially if it has Navigation available.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    very Sedonaish, but if it comes loaded for $33,000 with parking sonars, DVD Navigation and entertainment, leather, a power liftgate, and a CD changer I will be happy.
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    Thanks for the pics!

    It looks pretty big on the outside.

    This could be yet another homerun for Hyundai.
  • delta4delta4 Member Posts: 138
    These are very flattering pics of the upcoming Entourage. Wait...did I just describe a minivan as being flattering? Actually I see a lot of Sonata DNA or is it the new Hyundai "family design lines" that is now finally part of their entire line up.

    Either way this is great news for the Circle H. Their march towards success continues.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    First, I hope that the last two posts are being sarcastic. The pictures of the vehicle on the website posted by Stockey1 are no improvement over the styling of the 2006 Sedona. I mean, that front grille has no particular styling, not even as much as the Sedona, and is basically boring and uninspired. While the new Sedona is nothing really special, it is about average for minivans, and is certainly as good or better than the pictures on that website.

    Second, I'm not so sure that the pictures on the website are the new Entourage. The site specifically states it is the new Hyundai Trajet, a vehicle which has been sold for some time in other places in the world other than North America. The Trajet pictured appears, in fact, to be a slight modification in design from the current model. It is my sense that the Entourage is for North American consumption, and I would hope that they will give it a styling that will appeal to us. When Cosmai made the announcement that the Entourage was back on the books, he stated that the Hyundai designers and production people in Korea and the U. S. had worked on the Entourage. If Hyundai isn't going to simply rebadge a Sedona, I don't see why they would simply rebadge their own vehicle, ie. the Trajet, whose redesign has probably been in the works for sometime, not since the decision in October to put the Entourage into production. Could be wrong, but I hope not, considering the looks of the Trajet.

    Finally, I fully agree with jchan2 that (paraphrasing) if the Entourage has all of the goodies of the Grand Carnival for about $33,000 MSRP, I will definitely be interested (I just hope it doesn't look like that Trajet!).
  • redsonataredsonata Member Posts: 4
    I understand that the prior generation Sonata was the underpinnings of the prior generation Trajet sold elsewhere in the world, but that the new Entourage will be sold as the new (larger) Trajet in other markets. I wonder if it will be sold as the Trajet in Canada? (Trajet is a French word roughly equivalent to "traveller"

    Glenn Arlt
  • player4player4 Member Posts: 362
    Hey guys good news,

    According to Hyundai Exchange, the new Hyundai Entourage minivan will make its world debut at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show.

    Stay tuned for more news.
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Member Posts: 378
    Well, some photos have surfaced that are causing a lot of confusion for those who are following the introduction of Hyundai and Kia minivans. Upon careful analysis, this leads to three distinct possibilities:


    1. The Entourage will not be rebadged as the Trajet in Korea -- they'll either keep the current model a bit longer or develop something else.

    2. The Entourage will have the same front and rear styling treatment as the short-wheelbase Korean Sedona (Carnival), but with a different interior design and, of course, a longer wheelbase.

    3. The North American short-wheelbase Sedona will have separate styling from the short-wheelbase Carnival.


    1. The supposed Entourage spy shots are actually an as-yet-unreleased trimline of the Sedona/Carnival -- not a Hyundai at all.

    2. The Entourage will be different still.


    1. The Entourage will be sold in SWB and LWB form on the KDM as the new Trajet replacement.

    2. The new "official" SWB Carnival photos are actually KDM SWB Trajet (Entourage) images, with "Kia" and "Carnival" badges digitally added on.

    The source of all the confusion? Official pictures showing a short-wheelbase Kia Carnival with the unmistakable "Entourage spy shot" front and rear styling:

    After reviewing the images and info, what are you all's opinions? I'm leaning toward option #1 right now.

  • odysomedayodysomeday Member Posts: 12
    I wonder if they are going to take the 11-seat Kia Grand Carnival (with all of its upscale options) and sell it as the Hyundai Entourage....I guess we will find out next week at the Chicago Show.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    An Entourage with all 11 seats, DVD navigation and entertainment, all for $32,500.

    I'll take that long warranty too. :blush:

    Nah. I can skip 11 seats, but at $32,500 MSRP DVD Navigation and Entertainment would be nice in the Entourage.

    We'll find out next week :D
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    I don't know, it just doesn't make sense that a company would design a different front and rear end for the short wheelbase version of the same vehicle's long wheelbase configuration. Kia didn't even design a different front and rear for the Grand Carnival, which is a much fancier and more elaborate vehicle, with seating for 11, than the Carnival. (I agree that a Grand Carnival-equipped van as the Entourage would be perfect, although I, too, could do without the seating for 11.)

    Part of the confusion seems to be based on the spy photos posted earlier which claimed they were the pictures of the next Trajet, and many people apparently just assumed that they were also pictures of what the Entourage was going to look like. But after Cosmai made the announcement in October that the Entourage was back on, he said the Hyundai designers went to work, with a short time frame to work with, to redesign the front and rear of the new Sedona in order to differentiate the Entourage and be able to get it on the market in the Spring of 2006. It doesn't seem like there would have been that much time pressure if Hyundai was simply going to rebadge the Trajet, on which it must have been working already and for some time on the design of the next generation.

    Kia and Hyundai sell other "RV"s other than the Carnival and Trajet. Could the current Kia spy photos be the next generation of one of those?

    I look forward to the Chicago auto show in February.
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    i dont think the kia has a 3.8L engine, they use the 3.8 lamba engine which is the same as the Azera.
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