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    You are probably right. I expected that, just to a much, much lesser degree.
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    lol i was also driving by there (beaverton) early sunday morning the 23rd and saw those and had to take a look. one was unlocked so i sat in it for a few minutes. other than cosmetics couldn't tell the difference from sitting in the 06 sedona.
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    I wonder how many people that will come in to look at the Entourage at Beaverton Hyundai realize that they can walk 20 yards and see the same van with a different nameplate next door.
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    The funny thing here in Canada, is according to the Kia website (, the Sedona does not come with a DVD player or MP3 on the stereo.

    I've never actually been to a Kia dealership to check if they are options, but they are not listed anywhere on the Kia website.

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    I'm waiting to see if they offer rebates.

    I did see 2 SE's at my near by dealer. One of them was going for 30k.
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    Dealer contacted me to say he just got in 2 Entourages. 1 SE and 1 Limited. The Limited stickered at $33,620. I asked him why the Entourage is so much more than the equally equipped Sedona. He stated that Hyundai has always been the higher end product and that it is larger and more refined. The only differences I see are cosmetic. Also, it stinks that for those of us that do not need a DVD are forced to pay extra to get the Ultimate package.
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    I believe that's one dealer I would count my fingers after I shake hands. Just because something has "always been the higher end" product is no reason for a higher price. That the Entourage is bigger is baloney. And I would see if the dealer can define and delineate "more refined".

    The Entourage does have a two year longer rust warranty, it has a little lower horsepower and a little higher torque, and some have said the fit and finish may be a little better with the Hyundai, but, from talking to a Hyundai rep at the auto show, reading forums, and my personal inspection, you pretty much choose one over the other based on which front end you like better.
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    Ask your dealer why Spectras cost most than Elantras and why Rio5s cost more than Accents. ;)
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    I don't know too much about those cars really, are the Spectra/Elantra Rio5/Accent as identical as these minivans? And exact apples to apples are they also $2k more?
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    My post was regarding the comment from the dealer that Hyundais are a notch above Kias so they cost more. That is not true in some cases, e.g. Spectra costs more than comparably-equipped Elantras, and Rio5 costs more than any Accent. So I suspect the dealer was giving you a line.
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    NAV systems are available now through Hyundai dealers.They are currently only avaiable for Sonata's (2002-2006), Santa Fe's (all years), Tucson's (both years) and XG's (all years). The Azera's system is in development now, as is the upcoming Santa Fe and Terracan replacement and Entourage. Basically they are designing fittings for them. My dealer just installed one in my 06 Sonata LX. Cost about $2000, touch screen, CD changer, Dolby 5.1 Surround, MP3, DVD player, everything you could pretty much want. It's also pre-wired for Sirrius and a back up camera.
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    For those of you interested, Fitzmall (located in Maryland) is selling brand new Entourages for about $1k under invoice already:


    This is a reputable volume dealer. Their prices are very competitive.
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    I've seen both cars, and my opinion is well, they're the same vehicle. There are a few differences, most notable the mid-range Entourage comes with Power doors, but then is priced $700 more than the comparative Kia. Their brakes are a bit different and slight differences in the suspension. So, they're basically equal in features (mostly), and equal in price.

    I just entered this game, the last time I was minivan shopping was 1999. Since then I've put 140,000 miles on my Grand Voyager. And yeah, I don't want a Chrysler anymore. Ever.

    I drove a Sedona last night- holy cow. I was very impressed. Nice tight driving, super comfortable feel. Nice controls, a plush level of features, super safe, and for the price, the base EX comes with tons of stuff my more expensive Voyager never had.

    Anyway: I'm about this --> <-- close to buying one. Then I found out about the Entourage... so I compared. For me, I could take either I suppose.

    Here's my financial news: KIA just started offering both a "Owner Loyalty" rebate ($2,000 if you own a Kia), or also a "Competitive owner" rebate (again- $2,000) - for those who currently own one of any of the major minivans out there (Ody, Sienna, Voyager, several others). Note- you only have to OWN one of these- you do NOT have to trade anything in. I called the Hyundai dude- and they have no such offers- only a $500 cash back deal at present. (Kia's $2K cash back goes to the end of May).

    Since even the "base" Kia EX is a huge step up from what I have now, that's where I'm headed. I'll wait until my next van to get heated seats and power sliding doors.

    Courtesy of my credit union, I'll get invoice pricing [$23,700 + $464 Marketing allowance]. Even after all the taxes and fees you gotta deal with, then subtract the $2K, my bottom line will be $24,383. Wow, you just can't beat that.
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    Good points. The problem I'm having is that when they are both fully loaded, you are correct in that basically equal in features, but in fact they are over $2000 difference in MSRP, even before considering your points about varying rebates/cash back incentives, which would really compound the starting price difference. I guess it just comes down to deciding if different looking head/tail lights, metallic v. wood-like grain, and subtle brake/suspension differences are worth $2k+. If only I liked the looks of the Kia better than the Hyundai!
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    A couple of differences I found was that the Entourage indicates that it has 4 wheel independent suspension compared to the Sedona that indicates front only. Also the rust warranty is 7yrs. for Hyundai 5 for Kia.
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    I've been waiting for a Hyundai minivan ever since my first boy was born 4yrs ago. Too bad I couldn't wait this long and had to buy an '04 Toyota Sienna. No fear, for sure I will be trading it in for a '09 Entourage Limited a couple of yrs from now. I will still have my Sonata to qualify for Ownership Incentives.

    By then, I do hope they separate the memory seat and pedals from the expensive Entertaiment Package. I also hope Hyundai do their 2-3yrs minor restyling job and pretty it up a bit. That front grill is about as ugly as my '04 Sienna. Toyota wisely revised it this year; I'm sure Hyundai will too.
  • vanfor3vanfor3 Member Posts: 14
    Has anyone happened to see both an Olive Gray Kia Sedona and a Green Meadow Gray Entourage? Are they the same?
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    You may have to wait for the 2010 MY for a nose job on the Entourage; Hyundai typically does its refreshes in the fourth year.

    I actually like the Entourage's grill better than that of the Sedona.
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  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    Well, not completely up. You can't build and price with option packages, and the comparisons section is still not built. The site still needs a lot of filling out with additional info.
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    Just got a lease on an Entourage SE. I was looking to buy a Sedona, but the loyalty incentive was greater for an Entourage lease (I have an Elantra, also). Was able to meet my payment without breaking the bank, and I plan on keeping this car beyond the lease.

    As other posters have already pointed out. There really isn't too much difference between the two in regards to ride and comfort. The styling details are better on the Entrourage - the faux wood, the quality of the cloth seats. It just feels more upscale.

    The Sedona EX with the power package was priced about $1,300 higher, but the dual power sliding doors come standard on the SE. The one thing that I wish the Entourage had was the power lift gate. Seems silly to hold it hostage in the Limited model. The EX's homelink and MP3 radio player were not that important to me.
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    Here is a good article to clear up some of the confusion some are having with determining the true differences between the Kia & Hyundai minivans. And Hyundai has never actually sold a TRUE minivan anywhere in the world.

    Intro to Kia Entourage
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    These are some of the reviews I found today. Several are from Canada, so that they reflect prices in Canadian dollars and have different trim level nomenclatures than in the US, but the reviews are of the same overall vehicle (although, interestingly, power adjustable pedals, and the size of the DVD screen appear to be different in the Canadian models):
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    Another Canadian review. Note the comments on the width of the cargo area (I agree; I wish Hyundai had made the cargo area about 48 1/2" wide), and the Hyundai corporate explanation of the differences between the Entourage and the Sedona, and the advantages of the former.

    I'm wondering why there are so many Canadian reviews and so few US. Because the Canadians got delivery at dealerships sooner, they're more into minivans than we are here in the US?
  • caseybeacaseybea Member Posts: 15
    I just got a Kia Sedona (Entourage twin)... I was sold by how impressed I was with the way the vehicle handled and felt, the features, the price, and the 100K warranty. I keep my cars until I drive them into the ground. Last vehicle was a 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager. Basically scrap metal now at 140,000 miles and 6.5 years. MANY things went on my chrysler between 60 and 100K miles. "Resale" value means nothing to me, and I'm willing to give the new Sedona/Entourage a whirl. I think it's going to hold up well.

    As far as "waiting for used ones"- you won't see them for a while, as the new redesigned models (sedona/entourage) are new NOW-- and they won't be on the used market for a year......

    So far, very happy with my vehicle.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Member Posts: 712
    Don't be so quick to discount resale, a 2000 Honda Odyssey EX with 140K miles is listed on KBB at about $9K (in good condition).. That is a nice down payment....

    I hear you on the warranty though, that is good piece of mind. How does that 06 Sedona stack up against your old Voyager? I'll bet it is night and day...

    I think the new Kia/Hyundai vans are the best thing that happened to us Odyssey owners.. I am a big fan of competition (it forces companies to innovate, and keeps pricing competitive)..
  • jdsharcjdsharc Member Posts: 3
    Wife and I looked at the Kia last week and, I've got to tell you, weren't impressed. It seemed really chintzy compared to the Toyota (haven't test driven an Odyssey yet - wife wants to try to buy American...another story).
    However, when I saw the Entourage yesterday, it was definitely a lot nicer than the Sedona. Not sure what Hyundai is doing differently, but it seemed like a much nicer van and the appointments, while not quite up to the Sienna's, were very attractive.
  • brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    Thanks carfax for making my life harder! :cry: If you go to the Hyundai Canada website you'll notice there is no sunroof option on any trim. Can't see it either on the spec sheet the dealer gave me. I'll call tomorrow to confirm and/or see if it can be installed separately by Hyundai and for how much. As for choosing the Kia Sedona model it's true that it does come with it but the DVD is absent! Between the two I would say my kids win because I'd rather have them watch Harry Potter for hours during trips than admire nature for 5 minutes and then start whining... Besides, most collaborators to this forum seem to agree that the Entourage's edge betters the Sedona's in several aspects.
  • tinyguytinyguy Member Posts: 44
    Unfortunately, one of my friend bought fully equiped Entourage with every option available - sunroof was not an option he could choose. Sedona does come with sunroof but as you mentioned, no DVD. I'm thinking of going with Sedona + after market DVD now...
  • brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    You're right: the Hyundai dealer confirmed that sunroof is not an option for the Canadian Entourage. But as a recap, aside from the sunroof/DVD/price issues, is there anything else specific that makes you go for the Sedona 2006? (I'm thinking that maybe the Entourage looks overall nicer than its cousin and that you get a 2007 model for a price that is quite reasonable? (nicer feel with the leather and the interior in general, nicer nose, better established dealership and rep across the country)...what do you think?
  • ohiodadohiodad Member Posts: 25
    I think the entourage is nicer without a doubt.. but in the U.S. there is a 2k difference at invoice price as well as an additional 2k of incentives on the kia that the entourage doesn't have. So in my opinion the hyundai is better but maybe $500 better based on the stainless steel look instead of the woodgrain. Not 4k better by any means.. Hyundai had better get much better incentives next month if they want to move these. My dealer wants me to hold on and wait until 6/1 because he thinks that they will get the competitive cash and maybe even some additional incentives to put it in line with the kia...
  • tinyguytinyguy Member Posts: 44
    Features available on Sedonna EX Lux only:
    - Wood trim
    - Sunroof
    - Rain sensing wiper
    - Adjustable foot pedals
    - Cheaper monthly payment (about $45/month if 4 year lease)

    Entourage only:
    - Silver trim
    - DVD
    - MP3 Player

    This is based on their web info. If I missed, someone please correct me. :)
  • brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    mmmh! I could have been more patient but went ahead yesterday and bought the GLS Leather for $37k CDN. Since I wasn't still convinced with Korean reliability I also purchased a 3-yr extension of the bumper to bumper warranty from 5 to 8 yrs (this also comprised an unlimited 5-yr road assistance package valid across North America). Total extra: $2150. Although I intend to keep the vehicle for ever, the warranty is fully transferable (it applies to the vehicle and not to the owner). I'm hoping this may add a little re-sale value if I change my mind in the next few years. The Canadian Automobile Protection Agency recommended to take warranty extensions for newly re-designed vehicles like the Entourage 2007/Sedona 2006 in case "lemony" things happen...
  • brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    Thanks tinyguy. Your info is correct. As I said above I went for the Entourage anyways because I liked the whole vehicle better without really being able to tell why!!! I do tend to prefer silver trims to simili-wood and being 5'10" I felt perfectly comfortable in the driving seat without requiring pedal adujstment. I guess I'll just miss the sunroof. Since I don't know anyhting about the minivan world, is there any optional equipment that I should consider to add to my vehicle? Are mud guards useful or just rust gatherers? Cross rails on the roof? Anything else?
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    First, your comment about prefering the Entourage "without really being able to tell why" is where I am, despite the current lower cost of an equally-equipped Sedona.

    As to extras, I plan to go ahead and get the cross rails and add them into the financing, as I did with our station wagon. I also plan to get the running boards which I believe will make it easier for a child and some elderly relatives to step up into the higher-floor-than-a-sedan minivan.
  • hangaralf1hangaralf1 Member Posts: 107
    i have to be honest - i haven't seen the entourage yet. but if hyundai is like most other car manufacturers, the crossbars for the roof rack are pretty lame. for the money, you could probably buy something from yakima or thule thereby getting the base system for hauling stuff (bikes, kayaks, skis, kids...).

    something else i'd buy is a 2 inch trailer hitch. (not necessarily from the dealer, but they'll install it free). you can haul all kinds of things that fit into a 2 inch receiver hitch. bike racks, ski racks, cargo platforms, closed compartments, etc...)
  • brutusthewhalebrutusthewhale Member Posts: 9
    Thanks hangaralf1! I did go ahead with the purchase of the 2" trailer hitch (even if I was told that most smaller trailers (e.g rentals) are configured with a 1 7/8" gear. I hope the 2" will fit on the second-hand trailer tent I'm looking for. As for the crossbars I decided to hold it for now but I thought the dealer's would fit snugglier on the original equipment than any generic brand. Am I wrong or is it a misconception? (You seem to be talking from experience).
  • samnoesamnoe Member Posts: 731
    I find a few important features missing from the Entourage, in order to be competitive. The Honda & Toyota minivans both have optitron gauges on all models (well, except for Sienna CE), While Hyundau offers it only on top-level model.

    Rear parking sensors should be available on lower-end models as well... Within a few years all vehicles in the USA will be required to have at least one version of a backup assist... Why not offer it now standard on all models... Should be a part of the "safety" features which is standard on each model...

    Also lacking 8 passenger seating falls short of Toyota & Honda...

    And why only offer power liftgate on the top shelf models?
  • javaphysicsjavaphysics Member Posts: 1
    (I am in the US) Is it true that there are essentially NO OPTIONS available for the Limited Edition of the Entourage? (In other words, if you want LEATHER interior, you CAN'T have DVD, Infinity Sound System, or Backup Sensors?) Also, in NO CASE can you get Sunroof, or Integrated Memory System for the driver seat? I am checking dealer inventories on the West Coast and have found nothing other than the base-price Limited.

    This is extremely frustrating, as they DO have all of these options listed on the Hyundai web site under the downloadable flyer for the Entourage: 162.pdf
  • ohiodadohiodad Member Posts: 25
    The Entourage limited is optioned with packages. If you want DVD, Infinity Sound, and Backup Sensors, you want the ultimate package on it. Stickers for around 33K with that package. The dealer here in Columbus Ohio told me it is no problem to get me one in whatever color I want with that package on it. They have a silver one on the lot with it now. Problem is that the incentives on the Entourage currently are pretty bad and it is exactly the same vehicle minus a few cosmetic differences as the Kia Sedona. They are nice though and if the incentives get better I'll probably own one.
  • samnoesamnoe Member Posts: 731

    Since this van is currently for sale, can it be linked to the minivan form board?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    Howzabout we just move it entirely? :)

    Have fun!


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  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Hi, folks,

    A new Hyundai Entourage: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion has been opened, so that those of you who've bought can share your experiences with those who are looking. You may notice that the most recent buying/pricing posts have already been moved over there.

    We also have a New Owners Reports discussion -- feel free to post your first impressions -- what you love, what you'd change, what irks you, etc. Congrats on the new ride :-)


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  • tturedraidertturedraider Member Posts: 159
    Just to clarify - Other than cosmetic differences, the Entourage and Sedona are exactly identical. That is to say everything about the Powertrain, Suspension and Unibody are exactly the same. They even have the same HP and Torque ratings with Regular gas. The extra HP and Torque advertised in the Sedona is with Premium fuel.

    I recently helped my parents with a Sedona purchase. We chose the Sedona primarily because of the significant price advantage due to the rebates. They got an EX with Luxury and Power packages for $23,200. That included a $1500 rebate and a $2000 Competitive Bonus. They owned a minivan already that qualified them for the Competitive Bonus. The MSRP was $29,665, including a $670 destination charge.

    The differences in the way Hyundai and Kia arrange their packages made a big difference, too. The only way to get the power adjustable pedals, power passenger seat, seat memory function and backup sensors in the Entourage is to get the Entertainment package, which my retired parents did not want. In the Sedona EX they were able to get all those features without having to get (and pay for) the high-line stereo and the DVD.

    We actually preferred the exterior styling of the Entourage including the chrome accents. But, they got a gold Sedona and that color makes it look very nice. I did not like the black dashboard and steering wheel in the Entourage. The Sedona has a nice contrasting brownish dash and steering wheel (in the beige interior). Even though I prefer wood trim (faux or real), I found the faux trim in the Entourage kind of cheesy looking. I wish the Sedona had more faux wood trim, but I really like the trim it has on the center stack. Side note - the European model has the same Sedona faux wood trim on the doors like the Entourage.

    And that's all I have to say about that. :)
  • capecoralbillcapecoralbill Member Posts: 51
    Here's your complaint:........."we noticed a significant and pronounced low-speed engine braking.......
    I may be having the same issue, but I thought it was a normal operating condition. It feels like the Entourage slows down when I take my foot off the gas, especially around 30 mph. I just traded a 1999 Voyager, and it felt totally different , it seemed like the Voyager would coast forever when i took my foot off the gas (i was concerned then that the brakes would not last due to no assistance from the engine,) now it seems the Hyundai has the opposite condition, but is it a bad thing? Maybe you could describe what you mean by ........."low-speed engine braking"....... Thanks
  • boxwrenchboxwrench Member Posts: 55

    Sounds to me like you might have a brake issue, & not a Tranny problem. I agree, it is very discouraging to have that happen on a new $30k vehicle as you drive off the lot. So much for electronics. Give me the old fashion mechanical stuff any day.
    Did you NOT test drive the van before you took final delivery. You never know what may have happened to it coming from another dealer.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • cxl1cxl1 Member Posts: 4
    First to answer capecoralbill....the low speed engine breaking we are experiencing is exactly like applying the brakes lightly as soon as you remove your foot from the gas. The problem is, this is inconsistent meaning that on the same road traveling at exactly the same speed, sometimes it does this and other times it coasts just fine like I would expect from a auto transmission. It is most noticeable when descending exit ramps from the freeway. My concern with this is we live in Wisconsin....roads get very icy here, especially on freeway exit ramps and approaching intersections. The engine braking is significant enough that from my long experience on driving in icy conditions, I genuinely fear this may be enough breaking force to cause the van to begin an uncontrolled slide. Or just as bad, since this 'brakes' just by removing your foot from the gas, the braking is occuring without the benefit of the brake lights to signify the vehicle is slowing consdireably faster than coasting. In icy conditions, I'm just waiting to be rear-ended. Safety is my biggest concern. May need those crash air bags yet. On top of the safety issue, I haven't been motion sick in a car since I was a kid, but the ride you get in this van just in city driving has reminded me often just what a terrbile experience that is. the manual has tips for improving gas is to drive smoothly. I'd love to, but that is not possible with this van. I'm a very smooth driver in my two Ford vehicles and was in the 2003 Dodge Caravan I traded in on this...not possible in this vehicle. This is so inconsistent that you can't remove your foot from the gas to anticipate a traffic situation up ahead or it will brake you to 15 MPH before it finally begins to coast as you would expect. When it hits 15, you can actually feel a shift take place, and then it coast fine. This occurs mostly before 40 mph, which means your city driving. I find myself constantly coming up way short when approaching a stop ahead because it's impossible to judge how far the van will actually coast when you remove your foot from the gas. It's awful! One new note that the Hyundai DM John Hobson and my dealer Van Dyn Hoven will no longer even look at this, I called George Balthazor, a Hyundai Consumer affairs rep to ask him what recourse I might have. He said I now have to go the the Better Business Bureau. I told him I really wanted to work with someone from Hyundai on this, not a third party. I aksed him if they really cared about their customers. he said they did. So I asked him then why do I need to deal with this through a third party like the BBB. I didn't get an answer from hm on that. You be the judge for yourself whether Hyundai really cares about their customers or their safety. After this, I'm becomming convinced that is all marketing hype, cause they're not coming through for me. As another note, when this first occurred and we demonstrated it to Joe Hall, the Hyundai dealer service director, he acknowledged it as a problem, as we took back to back test drives with our van and another new van on their lot to demonstrate the difference. They acknowledged it and took it in to try re-programming the transmission (waited two weeks for that). The reprogramming only made it more inconsistent, but didn't fix it. Now they won't even acknowledge the problem, but it still exists. I expected more integity from Hyundai on this. Good luck all with your vans....hope none of you are left to deal with Hyundai through the BB as it now appears we have to. I would invite any Hyundai exec or rep that reads this to call me...I just want my van fixed...I will say we're happy with it so far in almost every other way...but the drive quality is aggravating, unacceptable, and I'm very concerned it may be downright hazardous on winter roads...Wisconsin has winter roads.
  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    cxl1, I hope you've filed a report with the NHTSA . You can also check the complaints there to see if others have had the same issues.


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  • cxl1cxl1 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks claires! I have now filed a complaint with NHTSA on this. I have done some searches online for other incidents of this. I saw in a Hyundai Sonata forum here that a person was experiencing a similar thing with his V6 Sonata. The fact that the vehicle operates to coast naturally as I would expect about half the time and then does this engine braking thing about half the time under identical conditions definately leads me to believe that the vehicle is capable of operating as I would expect all the time. Also, the fact that this braking was occuring much more frequently and consistently before the dealer re-programmed my van's transmission also supports my opinion that this is really a program design issue with the vehicle that Hyundai should be able to do something about. I will be filing my complaint with the Better Business Bureau either today or tomorrow, although I don't expect much from this. My Hyundai dealer, Van Dyn Hoven Imports in Appleton, WI already is listed by the BBB Reliability reports with and 'unsatisfactory' record.

    Anyway, once again, thanks for the NHTSA info. If anyone has any other suggestions as to where I should file a claim or any other places I can report this to try and get some action on having Hyundai address this, I would appreciate it.
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