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    I had to replace the horn on Entourage 2007 within the first few thousand miles. also... wiper motor - motor mounts - electric module to control interior lights and doors - the battery that kept draining A C parts - filters - over 5 repairs to sliding doors and their electrrical components and I tried to use the lemon law but dealer said it did not qualify then when I had over 18,000 miles (barely) and 18 months they said I was too late. and my doors are still unsafe as they opened when driving and not dependable with 6 battery jumps to dead battery. We are wits end on what to do with this vehicle that should be bought back but they say no
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    Sorry to hear it.

    Our 07 Sienna has been trouble-free, knock on wood.

    Actually, not quite, I had some chipmunks chew up my wiring harness. Found nutshells in the engine bay!
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    Any suggestions out there for "best" replacement tires for '08 Entourage?
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    I have an 07 bought in June 06. Had the Kumos Solaris on for about 45,000. Not a bad tire, would of gotten more miles out of them if I had rotated them more often. My fault on that one. Just had the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A put on at Costco. $598.88 plus $50 for new valve stems for the tire pressure monitoring system. Van rides alot better now but time will tell if I made a good decision. Look at You might find something more appealing to ya. Pert near 80,000 miles on the van, still running good with no problems!!
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    Thanks Stush. My dealer recommended Kumos.
    Thanks for the tirerack tip. I tried Tire Barn and they are recommending a Michelin.
    I only have 37000 and the original Bridgestones are not going to serve me for another Indiana winter. Otherwise the Entourage is serving me well.
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