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    The website used to say spring when it first gone live. Weird...

    But, safe bet is spring unless some unforseen events. The order should be Accent 3 dr; Entourage; Santa Fe, through this summer; more after.
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    Has anyone heard of, seen, been told, or otherwise figured out if there is anything that the Entourage has that you can't get on the Sedona as a standard feature or an option?
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    I believe it will be the same features for both. What I see on the Kia site I saw on the Entourage at the Chicago auto show. However, I really do not want the KIA badge. Plus the Hyundai grill looks far better. Yes I know it's just a badge.
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    I think the Entourage on the top of the line offers more interior trim (choice of faux wood or silver)that extends to the 2nd row doors and has nicer looking gauges when lit up at night and more outside chrome.

    I've noticed on the website it will come out in the Summer, not the Spring like some thought previously. Maybe they put it off so they could add NAV & Bluetooth options after they've been reading this forum. I've read somewhere,not sure if it's fact, that Hyundai will start having NAV as an option on some vehicles later this year. I sure hope so.
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    I notice the chrome door handles, a chrome grille and unique lower fascia on the Hyundai version. There is also a little kink in the lower outside corner of the headlight.

    I like the design a little better, minus the extra chrome.

  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    I agree with ateixeira that I like the front of the Entourage a little better--the hood raised above the level of the headlights, the chrome grill--but I'm not crazy about all of the extra chrome, like on the door handles.

    In regard to the navigation system, I have been doing some research and I find that there are several companies--Pioneer, Alpine, Eclipse, and Kenwood, among others--who are making double din, in-dash navigation, cd player, radio, touch screen units that apparently will fit in and replace the radio unit in newer vehicles, like the Sedona and Entourage. They are a little pricey, but so are the "OEM" units the car manufacturers sell, and with several after-market in-dash alternatives, you can compare features and get the best unit for your needs. With that knowledge, I see even less reason not to buy the Sedona or Entourage over the competition, based on price, features, warranty, and the great reviews the Sedona is getting (and that I ancticipate the Entourage will receive, since it is essentially the same vehicle).
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    Thanks for the excellent info. on the NAV systems. I looked at the double din one on the Alpine website and if it will fit into the Entourage nicely, seems like it has all that's needed including Blue Tooth ready for my phone. I have an OEM Alpine unit in my car now (not touch screen) and think it's excellent.

    If you find the time to research the different brands more, hope you can report what you think would be the best one to go with and why.

    I also hope the Entourage is a a bit nicer inside than the top of the line Sedona although it's nice. I really like the inside of the top of the line Toyota Sienna more than all the other vans. It would be great if Entourage would look as good inside as Sienna. It would sure be thousands of bucks less than the Sienna.
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    the Entourage is on the ships as we speak. They should be at dealerships by mid April.
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    Great, I'm glad they're on the way!

    FYI, the site has the info on the Entourage up on their site regarding option packages and vehicle specs. They don't have pricing yet, though.
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    Good. I may be in the market for a new van by then as my Odyssey just left the Honda dealer after being there for 2 weeks getting 2 repairs done.

    No sweat for me, as I have 3 cars, but I'm sure if I didn't have a 3rd car I'd be in deep trouble with only 1 car to share between my wife and myself.
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    I just bought an azera and looking at the new van this summer I would like the Nav but you can get a top of line garmin or Magelian unit for 800 to 900 that is portable. Is there a big difference in a built in one. My thinking is that when I am flying I could take the portable unit with me for my rental car. I looks like most car co are charging around 2000 for there units. Is my thinking wrong or any Ideas.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    Sometimes the built in unit will offer some extra perks like Bluetooth, more detailed POIs, and etcetera. Also you will get a larger screen most of the time.

    And with a built in one you can get a rear view camera on some cars. (Sienna, Odyssey, some luxury cars) whereas with a portable unit you can't get a rear view camera.

    Some people feel it's worth the extra $1100 for the built in unit and some don't. It's all about personal choice.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    I agree that it's personal choice, along with how much money you are willing to spend. Some really like the portability of the Garmin, Magellen, etc for use in other cars or for on-foot navigation. Those units are all under $1,000, I believe.

    However, I prefer the aesthetics of the built-in unit, along with the ability to add a back up camera and a module that will allow me to plug my iPod directly into the stereo. It appears that the double-DIN units that are out there will fit the radio opening in the Sedona and Entourage, have 6.5" screens, are touch screen, and will play all mediums of music. I was looking at the Pioneer today (at the online user's manual) and it has features like being able to play a CD and leave the navigation DVD in at the same time, and it appears to have the ability to be flexible in picking a route rather than accepting the route set by the navigation software (which is often not the best route). But, of course, that unit runs to $1,500 or better.

    The nice thing about all the aftermarket units--portable and in dash double-DIN--is that if the dealer installed navigation unit that I'm sure will be offered in the future doesn't have the memory, speed, features, or ease of upgrading that you want, there are a lot of aftermarket units to choose from, including in dash units that a lot of us prefer.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    I have learned that the Entourage will be on display at the Dallas Auto Show the second weekend in April. I'm looking forward to an up close and personal comparison between the two minivans. I'll report back on what differences, if any other than cosmetic, I can find between the two.
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    The 2007 Hyundai Entourage should be in dealers within a month or so. The first shipment should reach the port on Monday or Tuesday next week.

    According to a poster on CSS Forum.
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    The wife was shopping in the mall in Newmarket Ontario and they had one on display. She said that the chrome door handles really caught her eye against the silver body color. The body style and front end looked great. Belive me for my wife to take a second look at a vehicle of any kind, never mind getting the name of it, well it must be a head turner of some sort. Don't get me wrong it must have been the right model and color for her to get excited, because she will see the same car in a different color and walk right past it. The doors were locked to keep people out, so she couldn't see inside as much as she wanted to. There was a sign saying that they would be on sale at the local dealer April 1st. So everyone should be able to get up close and test driving them soon. We just leased a new truck for her in December, so i won't be taking her any where near the dealership for three years. I will be reading all the good and bad things from some of you people out there to make my next choice at that time. Good luck. :D
  • larry1135larry1135 Member Posts: 43 still states "Available Summer 2006". So, I wonder if that shipment is only a Canada shipment? I'm ready to test drive and if I like it I would buy it then and there.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    I guess it boils down to who is deciding what month "Summer" starts. I do know that the Entourage will be at the Dallas Auto Show the weekend of April 8, so that means that it should be on sale in the US at about the same time, ie. as soon as April, or maybe May 1, which is another date that I have heard as a possibility.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    The Entourage was at the Chicago Auto Show in February and at the Twin Cities Auto Show a few weeks ago. That doesn't mean it will be for sale there any time soon.
  • carfaxcarfax Member Posts: 43
    The lady that was with my wife that day dragged her husband over to the mall that night to show him, because he wouldn't believe that the Entourage was here already. He said it was a fully loaded with every option. The list price was $38,000 on the sales slip and by the looks of it, worth every penny if you are in the market for a fully loaded van. I seen a red one on a flat bed with all the wrap still on it Friday afternoon going down the road to some dealer. I think these vans are for display purposes at the dealers and they will let you order one, but i haven't seen any in the dealer parking lot yet. I have to take my Sonata in soon for an oil change and hope to have a look at it, but i'm not taking the wife that's for sure. So they should be showing up in the USA soon. Summer up here is anytime there isn't snow on the ground. ;)
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90 t/1786

    In the above article there is the following statement:

    "however, Hyundai's van receives a collection of Entourage-exclusive components and build techniques . . ."

    There is no elaboration. That statement almost has to come from something the Hyundai people told the writers at the road test. Anybody have any ideas as to what the "collection of Entourage-exclusive components" might be, or how there could be different "build techniques" in vehicles apparently built on the same assembly line?
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    I was poking around over the the HMA Service site and noticed they have new vehicle familiarization training for the Entourage available online. It's geared toward dealers but it is a good resource for learning about the Entourage and its features. Here is a link:

    2007 Entourage Familiarization

    (I don't think any logon is required to view the training.)
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    That's why I watch this forum regularly--there's always somebody finding interesting websites to share. Thanks for the link. There are a lot of technical data and schematics at the site, but also several interesting pictures and some great info on safety and operating features of the Entourage.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    Just got back from the Dallas Auto Show. Had a chance to look at Sedona and Entourage almost side by side.

    Talked to the Hyundai rep who was identified as the expert on the Entourage. From talking to her, it is clear that what we all pretty much suspected is true–there is very little difference other than cosmetic between the two vehicles.

    However, she did provide a few minor interesting facts. First, she was very clear that the Sedona and Entourage are not made at the same location. That apparently is why the road test review I posted earlier said that the Entourage had some unique build techniques. The rep said that is why, for example, the Entourage has a longer anti-rust warranty, because the Hyundai paint process is different from Kia’s. Second, the Kia has brake assist but the Entourage doesn’t, although the Entourage has brake force distribution. Third, she said it was her information that the Entourage would go on sale the end of May. Fourth, she explained a question that I had–what happened to the two horsepower less that the Entourage has. She said that Hyundai had decided to take from horsepower to add to torque.

    The rep did not know whether the window buttons on the doors or the buttons on the steering wheel light up when the headlights are turned on. The Entourage has chrome doorsill strips for the front and side doors with “Entourage” on them similar to the Grand Carnival door sill strips. Ooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!

    The one very significant difference between the vehicles that I noticed was that the second row headroom in the Sedona (with DVD player) was nonexistent for almost any adult. The rep let me climb into the only Entourage on display, which was up on a display platform, to check the second row headroom, again with DVD player, and it was significantly better–probably a deal breaker for us on the Sedona. The front headroom in the Kia, and I believe it will be the same in the Entourage, was very, very good, even with a sunroof–and I’m 6'4" with proportionately more height in my upper body. If, as I suspect, the driver headroom is the same in the Entourage, I am very pleased. Finally, in side by side viewing, the Wife preferred the looks of the front of the Entourage over the front of the Sedona (making the comment that she thought the Sedona looked like the front of an older Ford Windstar (or Freestar, or whichever star it was; I have heard others make the same comment). In person, looking at the Entourage, I had to agree that I prefer its front end.

    (Pictures were hard to get since the Entourage was on a display stand, although there was not much difference, of course, between it and the Sedona.)
  • larry1135larry1135 Member Posts: 43
    At the Chicago Auto Show we had both. We had one Entourage on the display turn table, and one on the floor that we could play with. The one on the floor was even powered. They also gave out a brochure on it. I'm kind of surprised that they did not do the same in Dallas.

    May huh, wish it were sooner. So, what color do you think you'll get it in?
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    Actually, they did have a brochure at the Dallas Show, but it was a simple foldout type, and it didn't have anything in it that I had not already seen at the website.

    As far as only having one Entourage, Dallas is definitely not a top-tier auto show. For example, last year, even though the Sedona had already been introduced at the Chicago Show, the new Sedona was not at the Dallas Show. You're lucky to be close enough to go to the Chicago Show.

    And I need to modify my earlier post. Upon reflection, I think I incorrectly ascribed the cause of the second row headroom to the difference between the Sedona and the Entourage. I realized after I made the post that the Kia had a sunroof and the Entourage didn't. I think it may be more accurate to say that if you get a sunroof, don't plan on putting any adults in the second row. The lowered roof is more likely the space needed for the sunroof to slide back. Not sure why the driver head room was so good and the second row was so bad. Roofline doesn't seem to slope that steeply.

    As to the release date, while I'd like to have a production Entourage available for a test drive, we won't buy until the end of the year (the week between Christmas and New Years), so the delay in introduction is not critical as to a purchase decision.

    Hard to say on color at this point. Don't know if colors will be the same as Sedona. If the Entourage is made in a different place with a different paint process, they may have different colors. We definitely want the tan interior (we have it in both of our current cars--and yes, we do have that color interior even with two young children). But in the Sedona, tan comes with very few of the exterior colors. For example the dark blue does not come with tan, which I think is a natural combination.

    The question I will have for the dealer to find out is, even though the sunroof comes with a package of features (all of which we want), if the sunroof takes out the second row headroom, can we order the car from the factory in Korea, if we are willing to wait a few months, and get all features in the package except for the sunroof, and can we get other ext/int color combos other than what is shown in brochure?
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    GLS MSRP $23,795
    no options available

    SE MSRP $26,295
    Premium package $700
    Heated front seats
    Auto dimming mirror
    Home link
    Back up warning sensors
    Premium entertainment package $2,900
    Rear seat entertainment
    Ifinity audio system w/6 disc changer

    Limited MSRP $28,795
    Sunroof $900
    Entertainment package $2,200
    Ultimate package $3,950
    Entertainment package
    Power passenger seat
    Power adjustable foot pedals
    Memory seats, mirrors and foot pedals
    Back up sensors.
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    The Entourage's sibling the Sedona is the first minivan ever to get all "Good" scores from the IIHS in its crash tests, earning their "Gold" label. The release from the IIHS noted that "this vehicle also will be sold as the 2007 Hyundai Entourage later this spring", implying that the Entourage will get the same crash test rating from the IIHS.
  • llamaniallamania Member Posts: 25

    Entourage Earns Good Ratings in All Institute Tests
    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA - April 18, 2006: The Hyundai Entourage has earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) highest honor -- the gold "TOP SAFETY PICK" award -- the best rating ever for a minivan in a recent evaluation by the Institute. Entourage is also the first Hyundai to receive a gold award for good crashworthiness ratings.

    "We are thrilled that Entourage is the gold standard for safety among minivans," said John Krafcik, Hyundai's vice-president of product development and strategic planning. "This award demonstrates our growing leadership in occupant protection, and complements our industry-leading position in the standard application of the industry's most effective life-saving technologies, such as Electronic Stability Control."

    The Entourage achieved this award by receiving a "good" rating for front, side and rear crash protection.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Funny how Hyundai doesn't consider the Kia Sedona to be a minivan. :confuse:
  • phil_lphil_l Member Posts: 7
    Has anyone seen trailer towing specifications for the Entourage?
  • phil_lphil_l Member Posts: 7
    Oops - just found it elsewhere: 1000 pounds for a trailer without brakes, 3500 for a trailer with brakes.

    I wonder if high gas prices will mark an end to the "family SUV" - and demand for realistic, family-friendly towing not hamstrung by the 'standard' 3500 pound towing capacity on vehicles clearly capable of more...
  • larry1135larry1135 Member Posts: 43
    I went to the IIHS website and could not find anything on the Entourage.

    link title
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    It's in the press release about its sister, the Kia Sedona.

    IIHS press release

    Among the eight current minivan designs the Institute has rated, the Sedona is the only one that earns good ratings in all three Institute tests (this vehicle also will be sold as the 2007 Hyundai Entourage later this spring) ;)
  • larry1135larry1135 Member Posts: 43
    IIHS does not show the Entourage as being tested yet as the other link you had posted (Auto Channel) would lead you to believe. So, it will get a gold standard without being tested? Yes the Sedona is it's sibling but, does that mean it automatically gets the same rating? Anyone know? Guess we will get the answer when the Entourage is released and check the IIHS website again.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    The Entourage is the same vehicle as the Sedona, just some trim differences. The IIHS recognizes this, per their press release where they said the Sedona would be sold by Hyundai as the Entourage. So it will have the same crash test scores as the Sedona.
  • larry1135larry1135 Member Posts: 43
    This is good news to me. I just did not want to read to much into it as the Entourage goes. Thought it might make a difference with it being made at a different plant but, I guess not.

    I'm really looking forward to test driving it then buying. I hope they will have some good rebates like they do with the Sonata.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Civics are made in several plants across the world. The IIHS tested only one of them.
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    According to the PRNewswire, the Entourage has been tested. The press release not only touts the Gold Top Safety award for the Entourage, it also sets out trim level pricing for the Entourage. So that leads me to believe that the Entourage itself has been tested and rated.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Can you please post the link to the PRNewswire story that says the Entourage has been tested by the IIHS? Everything I have seen, including PRNewswire reports and the IIHS site itself, state that the Sedona has been tested and it will be sold as the Entourage this summer--meaning the ratings apply to the Entourage also, but that it was the Sedona that was tested. When the IIHS releases test results on a vehicle, they are posted on their web site. There are no such test results for the Entourage, but there are for the Sedona. Anyway, it really doesn't matter--the Sedona and Entourage are the same vehicle, with only a few trim differences.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    If the IIHS tested the Entourage, we should see a release from the IIHS on that any day now, and the results posted on
  • estoesto Member Posts: 136
    The article is a press release from Hyundai, not IIHS. Don't expect any activity on the IIHS site from that.
  • jaminejamine Member Posts: 1

    Hyundai Sonata
    1999-2005 models
    results also apply to: 2001-06 Kia Optima (mfg. before Oct. 2005)

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    Here is something cool... I had a 2003 Kia Sedona minivan and in November I got asked to do a 6 hours market research test. I got to test drive 4 new minivans that were to be put on the market by various manufactures in 2007. All the minivans were masked off so that you couldn't tell what manufacturer they were. I figured out most of them by the body styling and they way that they handled. Of the four vehicles that I drove, and scored for performance, style, sportiness, appearance of exterior, interior, price, value, options, warranties, economy and safety, the Entourage was my clear choice. I literally fell in love with this vehicle. Two months ago my husband found a great deal on a 2005 Sedona EX (we had an '03 LX we payed $12,900 for new) and traded ours in getting a $29,000 van for just over $16,000 because they had to get rid of the 05's. I really want an Entourage when they come out, but I may have to wait a few years because of the recent trade in, but I will encourage everyone I know to test drive the Entourage when it is released :shades:
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    Does anyone know why the Entourage tops out at over $33k, while the Sedona with the same options is over $2k less? Everything I've read here indicates that they are identical, except for front and rear cosmetics and the option of faux metallic trim instead of faux wood trim. I'm hoping the Entourage has some features included that the Sedona does not?

  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    I know on the Limited trim of the Entourage, heated seats and HomeLink are included, maybe other features...(maybe also the Hyundai Hideaway (TM) j/k :) )

    Specific pricing with options came out?? I've only seen the press release with the starting base price for each trim. But, 33k loaded makes sense in this class...

    Just visited, and the banner at the bottom of the page says the 2007 Entourage is available NOW :)
  • vanfor3vanfor3 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks. Yes, kbb has the options and pricing up, and a local dealer said they should be here very soon. As for those options, the loaded Sedona also has heated seats and homelink, so I'm still hoping the Entourage has something else to offer or differentiate it for $2k more, otherwise the choice will be easy.
  • estoesto Member Posts: 136
    I saw 2 Entourages on my way to work this morning. They're on the Beaverton Hyundai lot here in Beaverton Oregon.
  • mike91326mike91326 Member Posts: 251
    I think to some degree you are paying for the Hyundai name.
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