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    mine was actually at the dealer today for new tires (a warranty issue) and I asked them to check on the belt noise. They told me it was the Belt for the AC compressor and recommended I change it. I declined the service and will live with the noise. The belt has plenty of life left in it!
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    Just a FYI... 2008 GT nav owners..even though the picture on navtools site shows what I expect is the only available nav system in the 5.. the navtool (as well as the other brands) will not work with this head unit. Talked with three different suppliers..short answer is If the map disk goes in behind the screen the only way to add the switcher (navtool, ect.) is to ship your head unit to them so they can make the connections internally. Unfortantly I didnt find this out until I had my entire car apart. (older and wiser). Not comfortable with that so still looking for a work-around. Suggestions?
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    I have heard that there are two types of roof racks. A Yakima and a Thule. Which should I buy and why? Please say if you own one or not and what price you paid and where you purchased. I want to carry two Kayaks. (Small ones) Thanks.
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    I bought the Thule, the fancy kind with the aluminum aero bars, from I searched and calculated, and they were the best deal at the time, especially with free shipping. I found the best price for two Thule Criterium bike carriers on Amazon. REI has twice-yearly sales where they put one or both of the Thule and Yakima lines on 20% off, which would make for equivalent pricing for my deals, in one stop. The spring sale ended, so it might be fall before they do it again.
    I spent about $380 for the rack, and the bike carriers were $230. I love it. The aero bars and podiums are quieter than the square bars, and the silver color matches my silver 5 perfectly. The bike carriers are sturdy and well designed, not that that's relevant to you.
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    I like the Thule one, which is the one that Mazda endorses. I paid list at my dealer, but subsequently saw it deeply discounted at Med Center Mazda in Alabama - currently $280.80 with free shipping.
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    Speddy, note that Thule makes two racks for the 5. One is the OEM part available through Mazda dealers and auto part merchants, which is what jonat1x is talking about. Many folks were not pleased with the look of the OEM rack, nor with the narrower usable width resulting from the lack of bar overhang on the sides. Thule eventually included the 5 in its mainstream product line. Search this board for links to pictures that folks have posted so you can compare the look of the OEM rack to the aftermarket racks. Thule has aftermarket equipment in the traditional black square steel and in silver streamlined aluminum. Yakima makes a similar rack with round black steel bars. Also note that while the aftermarket racks have more space up top due to the bar overhang, they still have the same rated weight limit as the OEM part.
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    I bought the 5 Touring at a great price, and didn't want to pay 3,000 more for a Navi/Stereo. So I'm going to take it to an good after-market place that did one for my hubby's F-250. It looks like a tricky system to change, and I'd love feedback!
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    Look around in here or do a search on it in here i seems to remember there is something that is different on the car. Maybe some speed sensor or something i really can not remember what is was. I think it would not be tricky physically to change it out just looks complicated with the cover over the radio and hvac controls.
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    This just in....

    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09E011000

    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
    MAZDA / CX-7 2007-2009

    MAZDA / CX-9 2007-2009

    MAZDA / MAZDA3 2004-2009

    MAZDA / MAZDA5 2006-2009

    MAZDA / MAZDA6 2003-2009


    SUBARU / IMPREZA 2008-2009

    SUBARU / IMPREZA STI 2008-2009

    SUBARU / IMPREZA WRX 2008-2009

    SUBARU / OUTBACK SPORT 2008-2009

    Equipment Brand Name / Part No. or Model No.: Production Dates:
    THULE / 3068 JAN 01, 2008 - FEB 28, 2009
    THULE / 3069 JAN 01, 2008 - FEB 28, 2009


    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09E011000
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    Has anyone done this ? I got a quate of around $1400, is that about right?
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    In 05 mazda did not have a leather option. A dealer in Alhambra CA had a deal with an outside business to put leather in a 5 and they had an example on the floor. They were charging 1100 extra for that model.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Its most likely to be the company called Classic Soft Trim. It is the most used company by dealerships to install aftermarket leather in vehicles and the price sounds about right.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I have a CX-7 and going to have a 5. I got a Yakima rack for the CX-7 (with the thought I will transfer it to the 5) and I absolutely hate it.
    It's pretty hard to get the measurements done to a tee. If you don't, the rack is either loose or you end up with dents in the car (which I did :(). I have two Raptor bike carriers on it. The mobile part of it, that lifts up to grab the bike frame, is hinged with a rivet, which gained a little free play in half a year. In every turn (of the car) I hear "bang-bang" from the roof, because the bike leans a bit left to right and back.
    Of course there are different towers that lock into the car's rail system, but they were not available when I bought it.
    The square profile of the Thule is a disfiguration on the 5. The premium one looks awesome, though. I am considering throwing the 500 I paid for the Yakima out the window and buying the silver Thule.
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    Don't want to pay the price for the oem foglights - anyone had experience with adding aftermarket foglights?

    There is a ebay foglight kit for M5 kit that's about $60, there are various Hella foglights from $40-$600 - anyone have these installed?

  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    Amazon has 20% off Thule now with free shipping. Just picked up the aero Thule.

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    I picked up my new Mazda5 and ordered the rear bumper step plate. The Parts Dept has told me that it is on "Quality Hold" or something like that with no information as to when or if it will be available. Has anyone had any problems with their step plate -- coming loose, cracking, whatever?
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I have it on a CX-7 factory installed. No issues.
    Maybe they've got a bad batch from the manufacturer.

    BTW: congrats on the purchase. I live in South CA and I cannot find a GT with my specs. Sand inside, not black outside and no nav, dvd or sat.
    Fantastic! Usualy dealers stumble over each other trying to sell a car, and look at me....
  • pi_manpi_man Posts: 9
    I had it installed on both my MPVs by dealers and not a problem. I'm wondering what is the issue with the Mazda5 version.
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    Yes, I took delivery on 7-24-09 on a 5 with the bumper step plate. I noticed the ends of it weren't sticking to the bumper ( It uses double sided tape). Dealer ordered
    a new one but doesn't know when it's going to come in due to the hold you were told. I think they got a batch with bad adhesive.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    I have a 2006 5 with a step plate installed at time it was new. No problems whatsoever in the 3.5 years since, and I do subject it to severe use - stepping on it to access roof cargo box. The problem being discussed now must be related to a production quality lapse or such.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I found this picture on OC Mazda (Orange County)
    Here is the page:
    link title
    Somewhere this rack exists. Where can I find it? The crossbars or the load may interfere with the moonroof, but I don't care.
    I've seen a MZ5 with a regular rack sold by Mazda and a cargo box and it looked grotesque. There was a huge gap or space between the box and the car's roof.
  • This is the standard rack for anywhere but the Americas( ie only Canada the Us and Mexico have stupid one we have the rest of the world gets the nice one) you can thank Mazda Us as they made them make one that they felt that we could use like we are less intelligent than the rest of the world. But then again Mazda Us feel we are too stupid to want traction control either. I can see the 60 year olds deciding on what options we would want "traction control that is just stupid who wants to limit traction" " here here well said mr old farty pants". lol

    The sad part is from what i have read it that you can not get roof rack and click it into our slots you have. You have to remove the entire black insert and attach the new one.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Thank you for your response!
    Maybe the rack in the picture is considered too flimsy for the typical US use.
    The fact that I would have to modify the vehicle would not stop me from getting this one. That is as long as I do not have to drill holes and use a welding tool.
    I'm thinking that the rack is easier to find then the black inserts.
    With the traction control... Yeah, who needs some? This car barely moves as it is... Yeah :shades: . I'm thinking they try to keep the price as low as possible. They may not have the money to develop such a system, although ESC is coming to 2010 and that system can be employed to do TC, too.
    now going all over the field....
    I read the manual about Bluetooth and it says that you can make calls by dictating the phone number to dial. That's great! Now I have to learn all my phone numbers? My phone has voice commands. I can tell it to call somebody in the "Contacts" list. Can I use that feature over this BT system? It works with a BT headset (UFO). Or, can I start the phone call with the hand set (phone) and then move the conversation to the BT in the car?
    I mean I want to buy a GT for the leather seats only (my wife thinks they're easier to maintain). I was getting happy at the BT, but it seems to be useless.

    And... does anybody know where I can get an electrical diagram for the car? I intend to put a PC inside, so I will remove the head unit (any takers?). It would be nice to be able to route the steering controls to the computer. I can dig and discover where the wires go.. but....
  • TC is already in this car everywhere else no development needed just they chose not to let us have it as an option. as is the blue tooth.
    i personally do not like leather as it is cold to start in the winter and hot in the summer and i like to not slide on the seat.

    As for the electrical diagrams i have heard that u can get them on a cd but in my area they will only sell the binder with the diagrams ( this again was decide by the us mazda).

    As for the head unit sell it on ebay. or keep it if u think u will ever sell it again.

    Let me know how the pc install goes i would be interested. email me
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Let me know how the pc install goes

    Sure thing!
    I think I'll make a website out of it. However... I have to find a car first! The only ones left are 28 and 29k ($). A rep told us that the 2010 will arive in about 60 days!!!!!@#$%^&.
    I'll be walking for a month!
    Anyway, about the leather. We used to have a Freestyle with leather and discovered that baby wipes cleaned everything off of them. I mean everything! Milk included. I am affraid to spil milk on a cloth seat ('ve done it before). It will stink and stink and stink. And when you think it's gone, you spil some water or leave the windows opened in the rain, and it's back, baby! :)
    I have a 4,5 yr old and a -0.2 one, so spils r us.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I looked at some promo movies and photos for MZ 5 for Europe. All of them have the rack and none of them have a sunroof. All kinds of details are being highlighted, like fog lights and so on, but no sunroof.
    I don't think a sunroof is offered there. That being so (if it is), then their roof rack makes sense. And that roof rack would not work here, where the sunroof opens outside.
    An in-the-roof opening sunroof may take too much interior hight and reduce the storage space.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I saw earlier a post about K&N air intake, so I went and checked it out. There is a part for 07 MZ5 but none (other then filter) for 08 and 09. Was the engine modified when the new transmission came on?
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    This video (although in Russian) shows some interesting bits about a 5 there.
    6 speed manual (problably on a 2 L),
    center seat and the ceiling mounted seatbelt (I have one like that in my MZ CX-7),
    airplane style fold-out trays for the middle row (maybe added by a local shop?),
    electric sliding doors and the key fob,
    No moon roof.
  • Have you or anyone else looking at this fourm added aftermarket foglights?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 29,020
    Just bought an '09 Sport model.

    First thing I need to do is add a couple more inputs on the stereo. I'd like to run an iPod, aftermarket Sirius, and DVD player. I'd rather not spend a few hundred bucks on the factory Sirius. Seems the best course of action would be to add the Ipod adapter ... BUT, for those that I've found (like the GROM unit), they aren't listing them as compatible with the 2009. Was there a stereo change in '09? Why wouldn't something compatible with '08 work?

    If I can get the Ipod to plug into the back of the stereo, then we'll just have 2 cables hanging by the factory aux input and switch between sirius and dvd by switching the plug. I just don't want to have to switch between 3 cables.

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  • The protective cover that encases the passenger side tailgate of my 2006 5 is cracked with a small hole.. The tailgate works fine and I have taped the protective cover with clear tape.

    I looked online for a replacement cover, but am unable to find a match. It seems that in order to repair the tailgate, I have to replace the entire tailgate. Has anyone replaced only the protective cover to the tailgate?


  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    What store are you guys using for buying OEM accessories?

    Got a new 2010 5 GT
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    What exactly are door edge guards? I am looking at Mazda's pictures and I can't figure out how they look like.
    Can anybody post a picture here? Thank you!
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    They are body-color painted plastic strips that you or your dealer paste onto the trailing edges of the front doors, to prevent chipping from door swinging into things like my driveway retaining wall. Probably minimizes door dings on the vehicles you park next to too. There's no point to having them on the sliding doors so Mazda provides only two in the set. The Mazda-sourced ones fit very well and are very subtle visually. They are a snap to install DIY. You can also buy for cheap from NAPA or wherever, but generic ones are probably going to be black, and not preformed to the MZ5 body contour. I have a so-so photo that shows them but it's not obvious to me how to post here...">
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Thanks much!
    I looked closer at Mazda's photo and now I understand.
    For posting photos you can upload the photo to your carspace photo album and link to it. Don't do it for this one, as I am edified.
    Tnx again!
  • Was thinking of installing the factory sunroof wind deflector. Has anyone done this? if so was the install easy?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 29,020
    I haven't done it, but the installation is simply clean the area, peel the tape, and stick it down. So, yes, it is easy.

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  • Not sure if it is the same one as I purchased form mazda for my 2006 car or not but the one I got did not require any sticking down I just cleaned the area well and it came with 2 clips that fit over the edge of the area which you tightened down. I used mine for a few weeks and found that because the sunroof area is small to start with and the glass goes out that between that and the tinted wind deflector that there was only a few inches free open air. I took it out and have not used it since. If you can get a clear one that might be more advantageous.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 29,020
    Yikes! Screw-down clips? If I'm understanding the install correctly, there are 2 problems with that. One being they would prevent the weather strip from sealing tightly, and two that it could very likely damage the paint.

    I really just assumed it was tape-down because that is the safest, cheapest, easiest option and it is how many accessories like this do install.

    ‘21 Camaro LT1, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 54-car history and counting!

  • It installs easy and there is a rubber seal that is between it and the roof so no chance of leaking. there is nothing to worry about with leaving a mark or anything, the part that clips down is inside the sunroof and is covered with rubber. I personally do not like the stick down kind as i would be afraid if i had to remove it, but i guess it is whatever you are comfortable with.
  • How long have you owned your car? We're two years and 40,000 miles in, use the sunroof a fair bit and I would suggest that at speeds up to 60 mph it doesn't make an intrusive noise. I understand that the deflector impinges substantially on the (smallish) opening and think that it is undesirable for that reason.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 29,020
    Just for future reference, if you are curious, stick down stuff is fairly easy to remove. Just some bug & tar remover from the auto parts store and some elbow grease.

    The only issue is after many many years of it being in place, the paint underneath would be less faded than the rest of the car. But you'd have the same issue with the unit you describe.

    ‘21 Camaro LT1, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 54-car history and counting!

  • ckraheckrahe Posts: 10
    Wondering if anyone has swapped, or considered swapping, the standard headlights for the factory Xenons that come on the Grand Touring. How difficult is the swap? Do the new lamps plug into existing wiring?
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I enquired about it for myself (a few years ago so not sure if the light housing has changed) and I was told that the light housing of the Xenon had a space created for the ballast box thing in it. I think it is a much cheaper option if you really want xenons to go to ebay and get one that just plugs inline with the wiring which can be removed at any time if you need warranty work done. i personally just ordered a set of i think they were called philips x-treme power H7's which are independently verified to produce 100% increase from standard bulbs. I am in Canada and could not find them but I am sure in the US you have more places to go so i ended up getting them from a uk site called powerbulbs (uk site) (it was free delivery at the time). They are good bulbs and you do notice the difference but i am sure not as bright at Xenons. I am lazy and as my warranty does not run out till the end of 2011 I did not want to have to bother to go the xenon route yet.
  • vanwezenvanwezen Posts: 1
    Newbie. Just brought home a 2010 Mazda5 Sport 5MT. Question: Is there a way to get the doors to lock after the car is started? Thanks
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I used to have a CX-7, for which I bought an Yakima rack, thinking I would just get new pads for the new car. Yakima does not use the fixed points on top of my 5 and using Yakima clamps again was out of the question, since they made dents in the CX-7.
    So Thule it is! I opted for aero just because it looks cool. But Aero or not, there is "Fit Kit" that is specific to each type of car. For Mazda 5 the Thule configurator recommends the 3080, and so does the the one on
    The part turns out to be unavailable. The configurator points to 3069, which is available. I found one on REI's shelf so I bought it, although on the box only the CX-7, CX-9, 3 and 6 are listed.
    The part can be installed on the car, but for a nice fit, chopping is needed. The difference is that all the cars listed above have the black stripe on the roof (that contains the fixed points) recessed, forming a ditch. The 5 has is outstanding, forming a hill. guys (which I strongly recommend) called me a few times to accommodate me and told me that Thule said to use 3069 :( because it is compatible. The 3080 is coming out in a few weeks. So I opted to wait for the new part to come out, as in, I will not start the chopping, yet.
    I hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    The 3069 fitkit has always (until now) been the Mazda5-specific part using Thule's, REI's and rackattack's configurators: I've used the 3069 on my 2007 and 2010 Mazda5s. The 3069 kit fits perfectly, no adjustment necessary. The hill-versus-ditch thing isn't an issue, since the fit kit is nothing more than threaded posts that you stick into the OEM rack-holes on the roof. The podium-feet mount over the bolt, and the podium footgrip makes contact with the black rubber on the roof strip.
    For whatever reason, Thule now designates 3080 as the part, but the new packaging and instruction pdf aren't out yet to see if anything has been re-engineered except the part number.
    So, no chopping necessary, but if you do decide to wait and see if the 3080 is really new hardware, let us know what you find. Maybe Thule upped the strength of the post?
  • jonat1xjonat1x Posts: 34
    I am very interested in the caliper covers depicted at but they are available only for the Miata and CX-7. Does anyone know whether the calipers on either of these vehicles are the same as the ones on the 5? Or does anyone know a source for caliper covers for the 5?
  • andyl5andyl5 Posts: 2
    Hello. I am hoping to save some money in outfitting my Mazda 5 with luggage rack capability. I already have a cargo carrier and its brackets are about 28 inches apart. I was considering buying cross bars for my Mazda 5 (ones that mount directly into preexisting mount points in the roof), but I note that the mount points are about 32.5 inches apart; too far for my carrier. The way I see it, I can either buy cross bars and a new compatible carrier (probably the cleanest approach) or buy a rack with sliding cross bars (considerably more expensive, I am guessing). Otherwise, I guess I can buy a cloth cargo bag..? Does anyone have experience in this area, and can you make a recommendation? Thanks.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    edited June 2010
    OK, so the 3080 (for MZ5) part is going to be available at the end of June. Too late for me. So here are some pictures showing how the previously recommended 3069 fit kit "fits" Mazda5 and how I chopped them down for a better fit:

    This is the whole fit kit. Note how the rubber foot's edge (to the right) does not make contact with the roof. Better seen here:
    After chopping down the rubber feet and the spacer (steel) with about 7 mm, here is the end result:

    The whole operation lowers the height of the rack with 7 mm (or so). After I cut the spacers, I found that my local hardware store had spacers with the proper length, although theirs are rolled steel. They also have the studs, but with no Allen wrench head.

    Now the studs are left a bit too long so the plastic covers cannot be installed. I will cut the studs down and give up the Allen wrench head. I do not know the strength of the studs at the store so I'm sticking with the ones provided by Thule.

    Also, now the rack interferes with the moon roof, which can still be opened, but there is a point where it touches the front bar. With the cargo box on top, the moon roof cannot be opens.

    More on the cargo box in later post
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