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Mazda5 Owners Accessories & Modifications

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
Talk about Mazda5 accessories and add-ons here!


  • mrgarymrgary Posts: 33
    Any one know about getting windows tinted?
    I live in Pa so they can't be too dark.
  • coastercoaster Posts: 46
    I am very interested in purchasing a 5 and asked my salesman about accessories. His answer was that the accessory list for the 5 hasn't been issued yet "but it should be the same as the 3". I would like to have the auto-dimming rear view mirror with home link which is available on some 3 models but not avaiable on those models with rain sensing wipers. The fact that Mazda is selling the cars without issuing an accessory list is very aggravating.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    Same here. I went to the dealer and they didn't even have a cargo net in stock. They don't even know about the cargo cover accessory part #ICC because it didn't show in their computer.

    But I did find this site in Japanese, but easy to use, where you can tune your Mazda 5, etc... with different accessories. Check it out at:


    You can print out the parts list at the end of the tuning (just try one of the buttons on the top). The roof rack for the Mazda 5 is part #EHOR for example.

    Unfortunately, you can't get them here in North America as far as I know. I'm interested in the Mazda 5 Thule roof rack, but couldn't find the same roof rack in Thule's web site. Thule doesn't even have any fittings for the Mazda 5 yet. I think it's a special roof rack made specifically by Thule for the Mazda 5. My closest lead is that it looks like the roof carrier for other Mazda vehicles from the Mazda UK site:


    If you guys have any leads on this, please let me know. I'd appreciate it very much.

    Here's another Mazda 5 accessories list for the UK. I was surprised that sports bumper,etc... in North America are accessories in the UK. But I still want the roof rack...oh well:

    http://www.mazda.co.uk/sycomax/uploadpool/documents_UK/forecourts/brochures/Accessories_Ma- zda5.pdf
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Posts: 98
    I was reading an article that said Mazda rushed this to market because of US gas prices being so high. I'll see if I can find it and post a link here. Apparently we were supposed to get them in August when the advertising and accessory pipeline was full. I have to admit I was surprised to see these at the dealer when I hadn't seen any ads for them.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    We just bought $20 all weather mats from Costco for the first and second row since the black mats get dirty easily. The third row is always folded anyway. Vacuumed the carpet and upholstery today and placed the cheap but great quality all weather mats. We also have 3 plastic folding baskets to put groceries in...from the Total Trolley as seen on tv product. The baskets so far helps the black cargo area stay clean.

    The dealer said we can order the Mazda 5 all weather mats for $48 (their first quote was $89). They couldn't find the retractable cargo cover part #ICC that we were interested in so decided not to order anything from them yet.

    Hopefully they'll have more accessories available this August. Thanks for the explanation.
  • Looking to connect my Ipod to the Mazda5.

    Had no joy with the iTrip as Toronto has overpopulated the airwaves with crap.

    Anyone no the best way to get a line-in on the Mazda 5 or which one of the Denison Ice type products is the best.

  • I currently use the $25 iTrip, but i find it difficult to use at times and sound quality isn't that great. I've seen the Monster iCriuze in a few stores link title
    Unfortunately it only works on Mazda trucks and it's also expensive. If anyone else has a solution please let us know.

    The other issue I have is with the stock speakers. They aren't quite up to the quality as the stock speakers in our Mazda6. They offer very little mid range sound and mediocre upper end, low end? don't thing so. I don't know what size the speakers are either, I'm guessing 5 1/4, maybe smaller. I do know they need to be replaced, so if anyone has any info or has already replaced them and can offer advice please post.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    I've looked at these 2 sites, but now willing to try it yet without a service manual. One is specifically for the RX-8 but maybe the same with the 5 somewhat if you can find the solder points for left, right, & ground (you then need to order or create your silent CD) and the second site does not have support for the 5 yet.


    I'm also looking and will let you know if I find anything else that doesn't use FM modulation. I'm also thinking there's probably a way to hook up something to the "Media" button on the 5's center console. If you guys have some ideas where to find a service manual for the 5, that'll probably help.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    Anybody looking for a moonroof wind deflector, cargo nets, all-weather mats, etc... for the Mazda 5? I found this online site:


    I don't know if the site is okay It's about the $4 to $8 over invoice price (see invoice prices at 2006 Mazda MAZDA5 optional equipment at Edmunds). Probably about the same you can get at the dealer if you ask for a discount. My dealer quoted me $48 for all-weather mats, at least there's no shipping cost.
  • Robyneil

    Any luck with the ipod connection.

    I took my 5 into Futureshop (Canadian equiv to Best Buy) They had a look but couldn't figure how to get a look at the back of the stereo. They thought that one of the Dension ICE links will work (I've heard that the Sony model may work) but neither of us wanted to figure out how to get into the stereo.

    I may see if a dealer will install one as it's 3 plugs (L+R audio in) and the 6 CD changer cable.

    Anyone know where they locate the CD changer on the 5 ?

    Will try a few Japanese site to see if they have figured it out.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    Sorry no. I can't find a service manual for the 5 and most likely not until for another year (plus my wife won't let me touch it :cry: ).

    Have you thought about putting in a mini-itx pc in the 5? I know its a bit 007-bond-flick-fantasy, but I thought it's the cheapest way of getting NAV, DVD, Gaming, MP3, ipod interface, Internet/e-mail, bluetooth, front and rear car-cam, pc, and heat-seeking missiles for less than $1000-$1500...(look into your inner geek...sooo beautiful!!!).

    * There's a big glove compartment area for 2 mini-itx pc's even a mini keyboard (if you didn't have NAV)
    * There're are cheap touch screen TFT's for $200-800 (in-dash, on-dash, roof mount) available
    * There are 2 hidden compartment under the 2nd row seats for peripherals and another mini-itx pc
    * There are 2 side cubby holes at the cargo area for more peripherals or a much needed security system for this setup.


    Back to reality, its more practical to opt for a refurbished fujistu stylistic ST5000 series tablet pc with an otterbox tablet pc case though. You can mount the otterbox to the 5 with an accessory mount:


    This way you can take the tablet pc with you anywhere you go (you won't have to keep checking on your 5 every 15 mins). The problem is I don't know yet where to mount the otterbox in the 5. Sorry for the long spiel. Let me know if you have any other inspirations for the Mach 5 (speed racer...speed racer...goooo!!!) Unforuntately, my wife hates it when I call it the Mach 5 :cry: ).
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    mactavish1, here's the alternative but expensive and not as great as a direct connection:

    Order and have the dealer install the cassette module for the 5's face panel see link below:

    Cassette Player and Trim Panel 2006 Mazda 5

    Then get an iPod cassette type car kit like this one:

    iPod cassette car kit

    It's still expensive, but better than FM modulation type car kits. I think this will set you off around $250. I contacted the folks from www.mp3yourcar.com to see if their iPod cd changer interface is compatible with the 5. I'll let you know.
  • nola1nola1 Posts: 18
    Has anyone got the satellite radio? I was told they don't have it yet.
  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    I think we can now get more parts from dealers. I haven't inquired locally though. Compared to last week, more sites are now offering Mazda 5 parts. Here are some web sites now selling Mazda 5 parts (still looking for roof racks):


    mazda-accessories.com (UK) (I already sent an inquiry to buy the Dual Area Load Liner if they can send parts to the US...will let you know)

  • robyneilrobyneil Posts: 26
    Maybe you can inquire SAT on this site:

    http://mazda.autowebaccessories.com/store/mazda3-sirius-satellite-receiver-prod295_643_817- 4.php

    It's for the Mazda 3 but it might be compatible with the M5.
  • One of the accessories now readily available online is the mudguards for the front wheel wells. They take only a few minutes to mount, and they look terrific. See http://pagetuner.com/mazda5/mudguards.html.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    The mudguards look terrific. What about on the rear? I've seen those, and wondered if they're worth it.
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    I live in the city and with second baby coming, nothing really fits my bill until I saw 5, it is just a great idea, other car makers ought to think the same way as MAZDA did...
    they did pack pretty impressive list of cool stuff with a smallish price tag, this baby is full of airbags and beautiful 17 inch wheel, other vans all got the smallish tires...but I do wish they have more choices on their option lists, and I checked MAZDA 5 models in other countries, boy, the US customers are getting short changed, maybe somebody is true when he heard they tried to rush them to US market simply because of the sky high gas price, they didn't have confidence US consumers would like it...they were wrong. Not all of us like driving Ford Expeditions..anyway, the oversea models got storage bin at map light area, they have DVD system on the ceiling for kids (German model), they have standard roof rack on almost all Euro models, the Asian and Euro model also have this Karakuri system, a small seat in between the second row, as matter of fact, the Hong Kong model says "6+ ?", an exta baby seat? it could convert to an arm rest with cup holder, that is nice, they actually have smaller engine (better GPM) hauling more people? what the heck? They forgot all these nice things when they rush 5 to US??? where is my roof rack? or even leather seat option, or auto driver seat position auto adjustment, at least offer them as the option......I bet they will do it next year, expand the list, so they look like they did something new.....
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    It's just the markets. The Mazda MPV is going away because it's too small for families. I think if the Mazda5 sales get really strong, then this type of car may get more options and other manufactures might follow the 5; however, if sales aren't great, then this car will go the way of the Colt Vista.
  • perfectofcperfectofc Posts: 155
    The MPV is not going away.

    I also think that Mazda made a big mistake not bringing the Euro roof rails to North America, at least as an option. They are dead sexy. :)
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    Yeah, I finally saw a photo of the roof rack on Rosenthal Mazda's website today...it's kinda ugly :(
  • Just stopped by the dealer for help with the Gerber and Zoom-Zoom Live rebates and I saw they had an accessory catalog for the 5. It has everything in there. Mats, cargo liner, net and cover, 4 different rearview mirrors, roof racks and baskets, bras, fogs, stereo stuff, seat covers, roof-mount DVD player, SIRIUS kit, exhaust tip, remote starter, side sills and spoiler that look a little different than the Touring ones, rear bumper step plate, wheel locks, door edge guards, car cover, mudflaps, and windscreen shade.
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    What is the "Zoom-Zoom Live" rebate?

  • I posted info about the event and rebate in the general discussion section.
  • r2kr2k Posts: 25

    Thanks much, just came from there and read about it.
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Does anyone know if there is a leather seat option on this? (US website has the leather picture, but not available)

    How quiet is the 5 drive like? Road noise, windnoise? I had a FOCUS, big noise, had to crank up CAR TALK on NPR a notch to hear it sometimes when you are in high speed....
  • Leather is not an option.

    The 5's drive is very very quiet. Road and Wind noise is pretty darn quiet. The engine noise is also pretty much non-existant too, which you'd think was a good thing. For someone just learning to drive a standard it's pretty darn hard to hear the engine! :-)
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    My Mazda5's very quiet. If someone in the third row is talking to me, we don't have to raise our voices to hear. No rattles, and I can barely hear the engine, so wind noise is the loudest sound in mine...noticable but not loud. I'd suggest test-driving one and seeing for yourself :D
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    The engine noise is also pretty much non-existant too, which you'd think was a good thing.

    In mine, I once tried to start the car when it was already started...couldn't hear the engine so I didn't think it was on!
  • That is hilarious Smaria - I have done the same thing but I wasn't going to admit to it! :-)
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Thanks Guys. I just stopped by a dealership today, I saw THE 5, nice! The sales person sweared he sold his first 5 with leather seat, suspect he was bull... me trying to get me back....it would be nice with messy kids
  • Thanks Guys. I just stopped by a dealership today, I saw THE 5, nice! The sales person sweared he sold his first 5 with leather seat, suspect he was bull... me trying to get me back....it would be nice with messy kids

    I have leather seats in my 5. They're not factory leather, but aftermarket. So, it's possible the sales person was correct.
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Thanks, Bjerry.

    you mean it is not listed in the accessory brochure but individual dealership would install for you through their subcontractor if you ask for it? How much is this option?

    Do they appear and feel nice compared to original?
  • you mean it is not listed in the accessory brochure but individual dealership would install for you through their subcontractor if you ask for it? How much is this option?

    That's basically it. I did go through the dealer, because the seats became part of the financed packaged, but there are at least two aftermarket companies that will install leather seats. Even if you don't go through the dealer, I suspect your dealer would know where you could go in the area. I paid about $1200 for the seats. I looked just now at the seats to see who did it, no tags. But, based on the stamps on the color samples, I believe this link will direct you to the right place


    Do they appear and feel nice compared to original?

    By original, I presume you mean installed at the time of assembly in a factory in Japan. The leather is nicer, and it isn't black. :) I really liked being able to pick another color. I choose a medium grey to lighten up the interior.

    Also, the original seat covers had one large pocket behind the driver's seat, and now there's an additional pocket behind the front passenger seat, so I've a little more storage room.

    While checking for the tag I discovered something gooey my kid left on the seat. It wiped right off. And, that's the number one reason why I went to all the trouble to get leather seats.
  • Anyone make any progress hooking an MP3 player directly to the stereo? Sure seems like there should be a way to use the media button and what ever the cassettte deck plugs into.
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Thanks, bjerry.

    That's good to know.

    Never appreciated leather until I had them in my old SAAB, they were so easy to clean and felt much more comfortable.

    I saw Singapore website offer factory leather everything and some really crazy accessories..
  • Hello all. I just bought a Mazda5 Touring (no nav) and was looking at the auto-dimming mirror. I see that there's an auto-dimming with outside temp available, but for Sport only. Does anyone know why that is? I'd like to get outside temp on the mirror (with homelink).

    Thanks in advance,
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    According to Mazda, the touring model comes with the "Outside temperature information in center display". I assume that the outside temp isn't available on the Touring's auto-dimming rear-view mirror because the temperature's already shown on the central display.
  • If you press the Ambient button on the climate control you'll see the outside temp displayed on the central info center replacing the climate control temp setting. My guess is that there is only one sensor feed and as it is already on all Touring models, they saw no need for it on the mirrors.
  • Ah, I thought this was for the temp inside the car...that would make sense then.
  • The product called "AuxMod" made by Sylfex (search Google) seems promising. I have no experience with it myself, nor do I know anyone who has used it, but from forum posts it seems well liked.
  • Press it twice... it toggles back and forth between interior climate control temp, and exterior "ambient" temp.
  • Speaking of temperature, check out this German accessory page. http://phwt.mazda.de/mazda/accessoryList.do?marketSC=de&langSC=DE&modelCode=M5&pageNumber=- 1
    Go to Komfort and Nutzliches (comfort and utility) then Webasto Standheizung (Webasto stationary heating) to see a 900-Euro gasoline-fired heater that can turn on with a timer and warm up the engine coolant and the inside of the car before you get in in the morning.

    On the Rader and Tieferlegung (wheels and lowering) page, it looks like the stock U.S. wheels are an option in Germany -- I guess we get some good stuff too.

  • I get confused looking at this page:
    http://phwt.mazda.de/mazda/accessoryList.do?marketSC=de&langSC=DE&modelCode=M5&phid=FC64BB- 1A1AEC41D08D9077F4BF6A221C

    It looks to me like the profile of the tire doesn't change from 15" to 16" to 17". I would have thought the 15" wheel would have a larger tire (more sidewall) than the 17" to have the same (roughly) circumference. I'm confused.
  • They probably just photoshopped the different wheels on. The 15s and 16s would have to be taller profile rubber as you presumed.
  • Thank you. I am now on the AuxMod wait list with about 500 ahead of me. It should be 2 to 3 months before it is available.

    For the rest of you, AuxMod is a small circuit board that plugs into the factory stereo and provides an input jack for an Ipod or other MP3 player. With this you can use your steering wheel or dash controls (media button) to play your MP3 through the stereo. The basic unit is $50 +$5 s&h. You must remove the stereo to instal it. It will work with the 5 (though it has yet to be added to the web page's list of tested vehicles)... Check it out:
  • :shades: Apparently Mazda has made no attempt to allow people with light trailering loads to happily use their M5. There are, however, trailer hitches made for the M3--etrailers.com (search for 2005 Mazda3) has class I hitches (made by Hidden Hitch) available for about $105 or so, and I'm sure there are plenty of other sites as well. My question, though, is more philosophical--will the installation of a hitch actually void the warranty? On another side note, for everyone who wishes their 5 had a bit more power, Hiboost.com has turbo upgrade kits available for the M3, which should in theory work on the 5. Talk about the ultimate sleeper-mobile--a Mazda5 with 240 hp!! And no, I don't work for either company--just an enthusiast with children and equipment.
  • Just thought I'd provide direct links.



    I'm not sure I'd ever want to tow a trailer, but I would like to put a bike rack on the trailer hitch. I got one of those things that strap onto the rear hatch, but I'm worried about the composite materials being over stressed by the weight of the bikes and rack.
  • I’ve heard/read that the 3, sedan or hatch, has bolt holes under the plastic/rubber strip for adding a roof rack/rails. On a website, supposedly Thule makes a roof rack/rail that is made to fit perfectly over these bolt holes. This rack/rail is made flush so that the bars do not protrude outside of the rack tower that connects to the bolt holes. I was looking at the accessory brochure for the Mazda 5 that shows the same exact roof rack/rail. I don’t know any specs on either and I don’t know the mfg. of the Mazda 5 roof rack/rail.

    I posted this on both the Mazda 3 & 5 forums. Can anyone verify (or not) that the Mazda 5 roof rack/rail will fit on the Mazda 3 (especially the hatch)? If it does, I can imagine the reason why Mazda OE would want to keep this a secret.
  • My purpose exactly--I don't really even want to wire it for trailer lights or anything. Someone was interested in pulling lightweight stuff; the intended purpose was a sailboat, but a light utility trailer or some PWCs wouldn't be out of the question, either. The turbo just sounds like fun. Maybe install it after the warranty expires? :shades:
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