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  • I also need 7th seat. Did you get a chance to buy the 7th seat. This is the only reason which is stopping me to buy this Mazda5.

    I don't understand why these options are available in europe, but not US.
  • I don't see why both seats should be replaced, since they pop out of the seats, i believe. so just buying the components should do. I had a dealer in the U.K. ask me for more info on the 5, but then did not respond back. If someone finds out a way to get the seat, please let me know. Thanks
  • Somebody posted a link to pictures of the seats earlier. It appears that the seat bases and backs are different to accomodate the moveable +1 back on one side and the base on the other. No armrests on those seats and no shoulder belt provision. If you absolutely have to fit a 7th person on board, you might want to put them on the rear bench or have them straddle the flip out console in the Toruing models, although both methods are illegal in the States at least. Don't ask how I know, ;) but three slender adults can be reasonably comfortable in the third row for short trips.
  • Does that mean I can fit 8 people in the car? I'm Kidding, so it is pretty hard (and too expensive) to try to add that magic 7th seat.
  • Now that I have our car back after the recall..

    I have the Mazda USA rails installed and just bought the Thule cascade XT 1500 (37 lb). Mazda seemed coy in phone calls to Mazda USA today to specify whether thule made the racks but I have seen postings on this site saying Thule made the racks (not Thule USA as they deny this).

    The accessory web site rated the rails for 100 lb. load but the instructions rated the rails for 165 lb...

    REI asked us to sign a waiver as the box has not been tested by Thule USA. Apparently wind forces could theoretically damage the car roof??...

    Does anyone know for sure if Thule Europe (or ? Asia) made the Mazda branded roof rails?

    Does anyone know of any safety qualms with the Thule cascade box with the Mazda USA rails?

    I am not sure why Mazda would make roof rails available but make it hard to get info as to what can go on the rails???
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    I have the Mazda USA rails installed and just bought the Thule cascade XT 1500 (37 lb). Mazda seemed coy in phone calls to Mazda USA today to specify whether thule made the racks but I have seen postings on this site saying Thule made the racks (not Thule USA as they deny this).

    I, for one, would like to see what the rails look like on your car, if you have a chance to post a photo.

  • The proper roof rails are offered by Mazda in Japan and Europe. Here is a link">link title...I don't know why these factory rails are not available in North America
  • why are these proper? My goal is to add a roof box for extra storage. Don't the european rails then need cross bars? The US bars work fine with the thule racks???
  • Then you can put the crossbars anywhere you like to accomodate anything on the roof, or remove them altogether. They finish the look of the car IMHO.

    I was not impressed with the US bars at all.
  • afticaaftica Posts: 14
    I would have to agree with perfecto, the NA Mazda optional rack is inflexable in its utility and is also very narrow ~ 40" wide. There is a set of optional bars for my Mazda sitting at the dealership because they were paid for when we did the deal back in July before I even knew what they looked like. I would prefer not to mount them and will continue to await sourcing for the euro rails. Mazda dealer is also seeing what he can do.
  • Ajpendo,
    Is there any way we can see pictures of your MZ5 with the roof rack and box attached? I'm tired of the same stock photos, I would like to see a real rack/cargo box on a real owner's vehicle.

    Have you had any trouble with the sunroof and/or mast antenna? Are you able to park the car in your garage (assuming you have one) with the box attached, or do you have to park it outside? If you leave it on all the time, have you noticed a knock in fuel economy?

    I don't know that anyone said for sure that Thule made the rack--some of us noted that the upright design and sqare bars look like it might be made by Thule. If Thule USA denies it, then it's probably some knock-off brand from Japan.

    Some pictures of your ride would be great. Actually, I think anyone who has pictures of their rides should post them or link to them. It would make the forum a lot more interesting and attractive.
  • I am loading the 5 up this afternoon for a road trip and will try and take suitable photos with the box plus rails.

    The car did not fit in the garage with the box on.

    The box was fine with the antenna and sun roof.

    I will be checking on fuel consumption changes but I would not be surprised with 5 miles less per gallon or so.
  • Thanks, looking forward to seeing the pics. Too bad you couldn't fit it in your garage, though. At least the box is pretty easy to attach/remove, so it's not a total pain every time you road trip. :)
  • I've posted photos of my Mazda5 with roof rails and cargo box here:

    We got 25 mpg and it handled just fine with a considerable crosswind at 70 mph on the highway.
  • WOW! 25 mpg with the box on, with crosswinds no less! Thank you so much for the pictures, very helpful. The box you bought--it looks like the shorter (15 cu. ft.) model, correct? I remember there is a 1700 (17 cu. ft.) model as well...
    It looks like you have the exact car I would like to get--Strato Blue Touring edition. Couldn't tell if you had the 5sp or auto, though. Great looking car. Thanks again for the pictures. :shades:
  • yup 1500


    we love it
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    I've posted photos of my Mazda5 with roof rails and cargo box here:

    Thanks for posting these photos. The Stratos blue looks awesome.
  • There were many larger models available at REI, including 1800 and 2100 sq ft, but they were very long and would either bend the antenna or else extend forward above the front windshield. It was clear in the store that the Thule Cascade 1500 was large enough for our cargo needs while fitting the car nicely. The folk at REI were very helpful.
  • I saw that mp3yourcar is now selling an ipod interface for the disk changer on the Mazda 5.

    Has anyone done it yet or even looked at the back of the stereo to see how easy it is to install ?

    How do you get into the back of the unit ?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    You might be interested in this Cartech Blog.
  • I'm planning to buy a Mazda5 Sport the next few days. My wife and I really like the fold-out storage bin/cup holder for the 2nd row seats in the Touring line. Will I be able to install that on the Sport? Thanks.
  • For all of you in the Montreal metropolitan area.

    I've done some shopping around, and i've been able to buy 16" winter wheels for 46$ CDN/each.
    I am going to test fit this weekend, i'll let you know how it turns out :D .
  • Does anyone think that some of the options available in other countries, i.e. "bench" second row seat, rear-viewing camera, and perimeter detector, will ever make it to the US? Why would Mazda not want to take advantge of all these gizmos in the US?

    Also... I asked this in another forum... but no answer... has anyone had the Mazda offered DVD installed? I noted in the UK brochure, that the DVD could NOT be installed in 5's that had sunroofs????
  • For all those interested: IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO INSTALL ROOF-TOP DVD IN ALL MAZDAS, not only mazda5. I bought an aftermarket dvd player for the roof installation and found that it would be extremely difficult to install. Ended up buying a headrest DVD player with 2 7" screen, much better in my opinion, both kids can have a private screen, cheaper too, <$300 in target.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I agree. I don't know why anyone would spend $1000 for a DVD on the ceiling, when you could buy seatback types for each passenger in the 2nd row and the wouldn't have to even look up.
  • Yeah, but that would mean FOUR screens in TWO rows instead of ONE overhead for our 5s. :)
  • kev604kev604 Posts: 30
    For anybody who is curious about how the 7th passenger seat works and looks like, on mazda japans website in the Premacy link with a bit of searching you can find a great picture of the layout of the seating and how the 7th seat bottom folds out and how the seat back folds around.
    I'm planning to goto Japan with my wife and daughter in April. Hopefully can get a chance to pop into a Mazda dealership there and check out what sort of accessories they have for the 5. I put my deposit down for the vehicle at the end of September still waiting for my platinum silver GT automatic to arrive.
  • Aftica mentioned trying to get the european roof rails as a group; we are definitely interested. Please keep us all posted if you learn anything. And thanks for all of your efforts.
  • I just spent more than a few minutes going through the Japanese Mazda site (thank God for Googles site translation) and again I ask the question... Why don't we get some of the options that are offered overseas? As I understand it, the Mazda5 for the US market is being built in Japan, I am sure that the major cost for the US market is the left to right driver position shift, with that out of the way, what is the cost or reason for not offering things like the automatic door closer or the perimeter warnings or the back-up camera? I was told at the dealer, that some options where not included, so as to keep the cost down, why do they care if OPTIONS increase the car cost? My only guess is that they get to say that MORE things are standard on the Touring version? But why short sell the options? Oh well... Does anyone think that maybe they are holding off to second model year to introduce these options?
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