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  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Thanks Guys. I just stopped by a dealership today, I saw THE 5, nice! The sales person sweared he sold his first 5 with leather seat, suspect he was bull... me trying to get me would be nice with messy kids
  • Thanks Guys. I just stopped by a dealership today, I saw THE 5, nice! The sales person sweared he sold his first 5 with leather seat, suspect he was bull... me trying to get me would be nice with messy kids

    I have leather seats in my 5. They're not factory leather, but aftermarket. So, it's possible the sales person was correct.
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Thanks, Bjerry.

    you mean it is not listed in the accessory brochure but individual dealership would install for you through their subcontractor if you ask for it? How much is this option?

    Do they appear and feel nice compared to original?
  • you mean it is not listed in the accessory brochure but individual dealership would install for you through their subcontractor if you ask for it? How much is this option?

    That's basically it. I did go through the dealer, because the seats became part of the financed packaged, but there are at least two aftermarket companies that will install leather seats. Even if you don't go through the dealer, I suspect your dealer would know where you could go in the area. I paid about $1200 for the seats. I looked just now at the seats to see who did it, no tags. But, based on the stamps on the color samples, I believe this link will direct you to the right place

    Do they appear and feel nice compared to original?

    By original, I presume you mean installed at the time of assembly in a factory in Japan. The leather is nicer, and it isn't black. :) I really liked being able to pick another color. I choose a medium grey to lighten up the interior.

    Also, the original seat covers had one large pocket behind the driver's seat, and now there's an additional pocket behind the front passenger seat, so I've a little more storage room.

    While checking for the tag I discovered something gooey my kid left on the seat. It wiped right off. And, that's the number one reason why I went to all the trouble to get leather seats.
  • Anyone make any progress hooking an MP3 player directly to the stereo? Sure seems like there should be a way to use the media button and what ever the cassettte deck plugs into.
  • han2han2 Posts: 11
    Thanks, bjerry.

    That's good to know.

    Never appreciated leather until I had them in my old SAAB, they were so easy to clean and felt much more comfortable.

    I saw Singapore website offer factory leather everything and some really crazy accessories..
  • Hello all. I just bought a Mazda5 Touring (no nav) and was looking at the auto-dimming mirror. I see that there's an auto-dimming with outside temp available, but for Sport only. Does anyone know why that is? I'd like to get outside temp on the mirror (with homelink).

    Thanks in advance,
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    According to Mazda, the touring model comes with the "Outside temperature information in center display". I assume that the outside temp isn't available on the Touring's auto-dimming rear-view mirror because the temperature's already shown on the central display.
  • If you press the Ambient button on the climate control you'll see the outside temp displayed on the central info center replacing the climate control temp setting. My guess is that there is only one sensor feed and as it is already on all Touring models, they saw no need for it on the mirrors.
  • Ah, I thought this was for the temp inside the car...that would make sense then.
  • The product called "AuxMod" made by Sylfex (search Google) seems promising. I have no experience with it myself, nor do I know anyone who has used it, but from forum posts it seems well liked.
  • Press it twice... it toggles back and forth between interior climate control temp, and exterior "ambient" temp.
  • Speaking of temperature, check out this German accessory page. 1
    Go to Komfort and Nutzliches (comfort and utility) then Webasto Standheizung (Webasto stationary heating) to see a 900-Euro gasoline-fired heater that can turn on with a timer and warm up the engine coolant and the inside of the car before you get in in the morning.

    On the Rader and Tieferlegung (wheels and lowering) page, it looks like the stock U.S. wheels are an option in Germany -- I guess we get some good stuff too.

  • I get confused looking at this page: 1A1AEC41D08D9077F4BF6A221C

    It looks to me like the profile of the tire doesn't change from 15" to 16" to 17". I would have thought the 15" wheel would have a larger tire (more sidewall) than the 17" to have the same (roughly) circumference. I'm confused.
  • They probably just photoshopped the different wheels on. The 15s and 16s would have to be taller profile rubber as you presumed.
  • Thank you. I am now on the AuxMod wait list with about 500 ahead of me. It should be 2 to 3 months before it is available.

    For the rest of you, AuxMod is a small circuit board that plugs into the factory stereo and provides an input jack for an Ipod or other MP3 player. With this you can use your steering wheel or dash controls (media button) to play your MP3 through the stereo. The basic unit is $50 +$5 s&h. You must remove the stereo to instal it. It will work with the 5 (though it has yet to be added to the web page's list of tested vehicles)... Check it out:
  • :shades: Apparently Mazda has made no attempt to allow people with light trailering loads to happily use their M5. There are, however, trailer hitches made for the (search for 2005 Mazda3) has class I hitches (made by Hidden Hitch) available for about $105 or so, and I'm sure there are plenty of other sites as well. My question, though, is more philosophical--will the installation of a hitch actually void the warranty? On another side note, for everyone who wishes their 5 had a bit more power, has turbo upgrade kits available for the M3, which should in theory work on the 5. Talk about the ultimate sleeper-mobile--a Mazda5 with 240 hp!! And no, I don't work for either company--just an enthusiast with children and equipment.
  • Just thought I'd provide direct links.

    I'm not sure I'd ever want to tow a trailer, but I would like to put a bike rack on the trailer hitch. I got one of those things that strap onto the rear hatch, but I'm worried about the composite materials being over stressed by the weight of the bikes and rack.
  • I’ve heard/read that the 3, sedan or hatch, has bolt holes under the plastic/rubber strip for adding a roof rack/rails. On a website, supposedly Thule makes a roof rack/rail that is made to fit perfectly over these bolt holes. This rack/rail is made flush so that the bars do not protrude outside of the rack tower that connects to the bolt holes. I was looking at the accessory brochure for the Mazda 5 that shows the same exact roof rack/rail. I don’t know any specs on either and I don’t know the mfg. of the Mazda 5 roof rack/rail.

    I posted this on both the Mazda 3 & 5 forums. Can anyone verify (or not) that the Mazda 5 roof rack/rail will fit on the Mazda 3 (especially the hatch)? If it does, I can imagine the reason why Mazda OE would want to keep this a secret.
  • My purpose exactly--I don't really even want to wire it for trailer lights or anything. Someone was interested in pulling lightweight stuff; the intended purpose was a sailboat, but a light utility trailer or some PWCs wouldn't be out of the question, either. The turbo just sounds like fun. Maybe install it after the warranty expires? :shades:
  • Funny, a big detractor that has kept the 5 out of my driveway up to this point is those big fat 17" wheels. I'd love a 15" option where I can get better gas mileage and increased winter traction.
  • Steve,
    I understand how a smaller wheel with a higher sidewall tire may provide better snow traction (depending on the tread design and depth), but I was wondering if you could explain how a smaller wheel would provide better fuel economy. Are we assuming that the overall size of the tire+wheel combos are the same? If not, then I do understand the reasoning (decreased rotating weight). I guess the more pertinent question is, if the overall size of the wheel and tire combo is the same, is there any fuel economy to be gained/lost by changing the size of the wheel? I understand that, in general, if you increase the size of the wheel, the sidewall height would have to decrease and you end up with a choppy riding car (which debatably looks better, depending who you ask). Assuming the overall size is the same, would the fuel economy suffer as a result? :confuse:
  • If the overall diameter is kept the same, Steve's mileage gains would have to come from decreased rolling resistance from a narrower tire. The best of both worlds would probably be to keep the 17" wheels and go to a taller (higher numeric aspect ratio) but narrower tire. That would keep the size of the contact patch the same but give you less rolling resistance and maybe 5 or 6% higher mileage. You would give up some acceleration, and you would probably use up the margin of error built into your speedometer, so when the speedo said you were going 75, you'd be going 75, not 71.

    To my eye, the 17's look wierd, but not everyone agrees, so the stock alloys would probably be easy to resell. 16s or especially 15s would open up more tire choices. Since the 5 is sold with 15s in Europe, there shouldn't be a clearance problem. If you can remember (sigh) what your 5 looked like (or see the wheel photo in Performance paragraph far down on ) there is big clearance between the wheels and the brake calipers.

    A related note for when you get your 5 back: Check your tire pressures. On new delivery, mine were low; this may account for some of the mileage discrepancies among the various reports at the neighboring forum.

  • wmiiiwmiii Posts: 10
    Just found an online dealer that has custom manufactured clear floormat protectors for the 5. You can even get a cargo mat for the rear if you want it. It is not listed on the site, but is available if you call them. You get 2 piece front mats, single piece 2nd row and single piece 3rd row mats to cover and protect the factory originals. I am getting my 5 back tomorrow and will be purchasing the mats to keep the kids from trashing the carpet. I have also designed and built a custom 10" 300 watt subwoofer system for the back of the car. If anyone is interested email me and I will send pictures. :shades:
  • Dalan now has a class 1 trailer hitch for the MAZDA 5

    Will order when I get my 5 back!
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    If you order this online, who would install it? Would installing this void the warrenty?
  • Unless you are leasing... installing a hitch should not void a warranty - unless you are pulling more than the recommended weight (2000lbs).

    Besides, all new hitches are BOLTED on, nobody welds hitches on anymore...most cars/trucks have pre-drilled holes, and some have electrical all set up ready to rock.

    Read your lease agreement around adding accessories. You may be wasting your $$. Here in Canada - the cost of installation of a hitch is around $50 (about 20 min shop time plus materials - bolts and such). The hitch costs around $150 - $250 depending on the car/small truck.
  • I'm interested in aftermarket wheels to replace the painted aluminum I currently have. I'm thinking some simple 5 spoke chrome wheels would look great on the carbon gray 5. Anyone have any suggestions?, nothing racer type, but rather simple and shiny.
  • If you check these items you will find that a lot of them are not available yet and some have no dates at all. I ordered a front mask (BRA) in late July, as of yet I have not seen it, the delivery dates have come and gone, they have given me three dates, the latest date is 26 December 2005, I believe this like I believe I will win the lottery, the part I dislike is that I had to pay in advance for this item to order it and it will be over six months before I see the part, :mad:
  • congerconger Posts: 1
    Hey guys, love the chit-chat so far! My wife just bought a 5 and I was wondering how well it gets up the mountains. I love to snowboard and was planning on taking it in the next few months but I'm afraid of how little the engine is.
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