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  • Is AuxMod the only option? Is anything else available now?

    Syflex has had AuxMod backordered for quite a while due to a connector availability problem. There is still no guarantee that it will be available in the next month or so, and I would like to get something earlier...
  • We recently took our 5 sport to the Mtn, the car came home COVERED in mud. I expect a little mud but the entire back and and sides were covered. I wondered if the slash guards would help?

    Any ideas?

  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    I have noticed on our touring that the backend gets covered with road grim and is the first part of the car that gets dirty.

    I have also noticed that while driving in the rain, I can see water drops strike the rear window. Which makes me think it's an aerodynamic issue.

    I suspect that splash guards would help (especially on the back), but Mazda doesn't make any splash guards for the touring. So I'm screwed. :cry:
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    The screws don't line up so you'd have to screw into the 5's roof and the rack would be permanent. I'm hoping Mazda makes a US version of the euro rails. Maybe we should all email them and ask about that? And upgrades for day time running lights, variable wipers, leather, Bose stereo, iPod connectivity.....
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    I think, (I Think) someone got the guards and simply cut out the section of the side skirts to fit the touring model. It's just plastic.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    Ah, here it is. This guy picked up Premacy 5 guards and trimmed them for his sport model. So, I assume they could be trimmed for the touring also. They are black, not sure what additional colors are available.
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  • Does anybody know who make the 6 disc CD player for the 5-GT. I noticed that Circuit City and Best Buy have Sirius Sat. receivers similar to the Mazda upgrade, but specific to JVC, Pioneer and/or Panasonic players for about $100. Much cheaper than the dealer option and if I knew the manufacturer is should fit nicely.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also has anyone had the DVD player installed?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    pagetuner has a sport, so it's a minor trimming to get the splash guard to fit. Actually, according to some of the online Mazda parts dealers, Mazda makes a front splash gard for the sport. But because of the extra side sill extension on the touring, the sport splash guard would not fit. I had the same problem with my Mazda3 hatch. :cry:

    Now I did see a link to a european mazda part supplier that sold a rear splash guard, that I think may fit my touring. :)
  • b_x20852b_x20852 Posts: 12
    In case anyone is interested AuxMod Basic is available again. I have just ordered mine!
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    Cool, let us know how it goes. I'm on the waiting list for the advanced model.
  • I got called today from a local Car mod place to say that they now install the Harmon Kardon Drive&play for the Mazda 5.

    269 CAD for the unit and 100 install fee.

    Not bad considering it includes a displat screen and great remote. Get's excellent revuiews.

    Worth looking at this instead !
  • I'm ready to buy my AuxMod, but I'm a little apprehensive about doing it because I am unsure of how to get the center console apart to get to the Head Unit. Anyone have any good suggestions on how to do it? I've read all of the different advice on all the other forums for Mazda vehicles, but none of them are for a Mazda 5.

  • I'm sure there was a link in this forum to the instructions for an MPV which was pretty much the same. Sorry I don't have the link though.

    I'm going to go with the Harmon unit as it seems a better deal and you can browse your artists/albums etc through the display unit. not bad for the price.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    Every photo of every part of the 5 have been posted I think the forum is if not then try It's really easy to do, mostly clips and 2 screws I think and the radio just pops completely out.
  • bob118bob118 Posts: 3
    Has anyone tried to hook up an external amp to the Mazda5? I would like to do this without using speker level inputs or a line out converter- due to noise and bass frequencies being affected. Anybody see a way of intercepting the unamped signals from the HU? Thx
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    anyone know about trailer hitch capability and availability? I'm thinking, bike rack and occasional very small utility trailer.
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    Has anyone tried mounting a 15" or 16" Mazda 3 wheel on the 5?
  • nym5nym5 Posts: 20
    15" will not fit due to the calipers. i have a set of 16" snows from tire rack that work well.
  • pagetunerpagetuner Posts: 41
    Here is what Nissan 16-inchers look like on the 5.

  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    Look back earlier in this section--I think we've been over this before. There are some Class I-II hitches available aftermarket, but Mazda NA won't have any officially because they don't rate the 5 for towing duty of any kind.

    Seeing how compromised the accessory roof rack is, I want to put my bikes in the same place. Just Google "Mazda 5 hitch" and you'll come up with a couple options. ;)
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    I saw a 5 in showroom yesterday, with bars mounted on roof 33 inches apart. To use our already-owned Packasport, we need bars 30 inches apart. Are the Mazda bars adjustable? (Are they adjustable one time only, at first installation? I saw clear plastic paint protector appliques on the showroom one.) That dealership was hopeless at answering this question, couldn't find any documentation or even the bar lock keys. Also, I've gathered the impression that these Mazda bars are pretty crummy. Can anyone please be more specific? Thanks
  • nym5nym5 Posts: 20
    US spec roof bars are fixed at those four mounting points unfortunatly. There are a few people researching getting the european roof rails which allow adjustable bars over here but don't hold your breath. Cost & feasability may rule it out altogether. Everyone should write to Mazda to complain! I just Know they left them off the US model thinking they made the 5 look like a minivan. While your at it, complain about them leaving out the stability control as well... :)
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I don't know that the Mazda rack is of poor quality--it's just that the lack of adjustability irritates me on an otherwise well-thought-out car. There's one guy who posted pics of his 5 with the roof rack and a cargo box mounted--maybe he wants to chime in on the subject of the rack's quality.

    The accessory roof rack doesn't clip onto the door frames with a tension system or anything like that--it screws into little inserts in the roof, which are in the rubber rain strips along the axis of the car. The inserts are only in one spot, so there is no fore-aft adjustability. PLUS, the load bars are very narrow, and do not extend out laterally past the towers, so there is very little "room" on the crossbars to mount accessories.

    You could get two, maybe three bike carriers on there, depending on how wide they were. And you can pretty much forget about carrying anything in addition to a cargo box, if you put one there--you might be able to squeeze one bike mount if you got a narrow box (like a Yakima RocketBox or something shaped like it), but not a wider one. We're all waiting for Yakima/Thule/Saris fits for the car, but none have any compatible models that I'm aware of (and I check their online fit lists frequently). I'm not familiar with Packasport boxes, but good luck in your quest.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    Thanks for the above comments. They have the ring of authenticity. I have also inquired at an independent rack shop here in Seattle, and they told me that for about $250 "track rails" could be installed on the 5's roof. I gather he means something that mounts flush to the roof but I did not see any pictures or anything. He was careful to check with me about sunroof, DVD, and other possible electronic surprises mounted in the roof. These tracks would be similar to the standard factory roof bar tracks that my old Nissan Quest came with, he said. To mount my Packasport cargo box on the Quest, we took off the Nissan plastic cross bars and mounted Yakima Rail Rider towers and bars on the Nissan's roof tracks. These same Yakima towers and bars are what the rack store guy said could be used on the track rails installed on the Mazda5. Good thing I didn't send the Yakima bars to the junkyard with the Quest. I have not yet seen the rack store aftermarket roof track rails. Anybody have any comments / experience?
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I like the idea of rails, but I always get uncomfortable with the idea of aftermarket vendors, regardless of their professionalism or experience, drilling holes in a new car in places which might not be so smart.

    Earlier in this section someone was talking about doing just this, but I think backed out once he saw what was involved and what the rails looked like (IMO, they were butt-ugly). Some people have been trying to source the Euro-spec rails from across the pond, which has two problems: that proposition is expensive as hell, and the Euro-spec rails apparently aren't compatible with US-spec cars, anyway. So that route is pretty much a dead end.

    Other people like the rails--I could personally take 'em or leave 'em, as I like the look of the car without them. I hate to use the word, but the lack of rails makes it look less "minivan-y". They would make the whole rack problem a non-issue, though, as your RailRiders (as well as comparable products from Thule and Saris) would fit perfectly. I would like a compression/tension-fit system from a major manufacturer, which would allow for more adjustability on the roof. I, and many others apparently, are waiting patiently. The Mazda rack is NOT on my shopping list. :)
  • I installed my AuxMod Basic today. It took all of 45 minutes, and was very easy. The difference in sound is amazing. I'm glad I decided to do the modification.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    I got a response from the email query I sent to Mazda USA:

    My Product Planning contact and I went down to our parking lot and measured the distance of the side rails on the roof of the MAZDA5.
    They measured in at approximately 39 inches. However my colleague did inform me that once the cross bars for the roof rack are installed they are adjustable and can be slide further or closer together. Once adjusted properly, this should allow you to use the box you currently have.

    This sounds good, but not terribly technically confident about it. It also dawned on me that I need to know the length of the horizontal flat top of the Mazda roof bars. My Packasport's U-bolt holes span a width of 30.5 inches. So the Mazda bars must exceed that in length, or I'd have to drill more holes in my $1000 box. So I sent Mazda another question. We shall see.
  • I'm trying to figure out what to do about seat covers.
    The official Mazda5 ones are $350 (!) for cloth, two-tone covers. But cloth won't do us much good because we want faux/leather covers to protect seats from spills and dog hair. But I found possibly compatible ones in black faux leather on ebay for less than $100.

    One possible problem:
    - The airbags in front seat, anyone know if special seat covers are necessary so they don't interfere?

    If anyone knows where I can get Mazda5 covers that aren't overpriced cloth, please let me know!!!

    Thanks! :)
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I guess I'm having trouble understanding their response. They measured the width between the rain strips (what they're calling "side rails") as 39 inches, is that correct? And that once the rack uprights are installed (i.e. screwed into the recessed inserts), they have some fore-aft adjustability, allowing the distance between the crossbars to be changed somewhat? It would be helpful to be explicitly clear about which distances are adjustable and which are not. If the above 39" measurement is true, then your 31" U-bolt holes for your cargo box shouldn't be a problem, with a few inches left over.

    I'm not surprised you only got a straight answer from Mazda USA themselves, as local dealers seem to be pretty stupid. I think I know more about the car than all of my local dealers combined, and I don't even own one yet. This was most flagrantly obvious to me during the exhaust recall fiasco of last fall, when I called ahead to see if a 5 was available for test-driving, knowing about the recall. I was assured it was, only to be told that it wasn't when I actually got to the dealership. :mad:
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    Further research results. I saw a Mazda rack uninstalled fresh out of the box at a dealer parts counter yesterday. I am 95% sure the bars are not adjustable fore/aft despite what Mazda emailed me. The steel brackets, the "feet" of the bars, have a small bolt hole, not a slot, and the plastic cover plates hiding the nuts welded onto the roof are spaced 33" apart fore/aft. So I think Mazda's bars will be 33" and only 33" apart from each other on the roof of a 5.

    Luckily, I also thought some more about my Packasport cargo box, and realized that although the centers of its U-bolts are 30" apart, the 5-inch span of each individual U-bolt allows me some installation slack. If I were to put my box on top of Mazda bars, the front half of the front U-bolt will touch the front Mazda bar, and the back half of the back U-bolt will touch the back Mazda bar. So it's the box that is "adjustable" not the car.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    I just figured more stuff out, and posted it in #235. It figures, that when I do my web surfing before 6AM and full caffeine hit, I don't fire on all cylinders. Rereading all the posts, I realize I wasn't catching all the clues. The Mazda email reference to "39 inches" must mean the length of each bar, spanning the width of the roof. I challenged them on what they mean by "adjustable" -- I suspect that they're not thinking about what "removable" means. We'll see what they say. My conclusion for now is, no urgency to buy Mazda bars as part of new car delivery. Wait; maybe Yakima or Thule will come through before vacation time.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I figured it was them who had their wires crossed, not you. I'm wondering about the possibility of a "stretch kit", as with a Yakima rack, to extend the span between the cross bars back further behind the rear doors. Check out <a href=" Typically these are used for coupes, which have little door frame to clip onto but comparatively longer roofs to support the rear crossbar. You think this might work for the 5? I don't know how much room there is to work with as far as door frame openings. I just want more adjustability than the factory rack allows. And don't hold your breath about Thule/Yakima/et. al. having something which might fit before summertime, as they're slow and it's a low-volume vehicle.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I figured it was them who had their wires crossed, not you. I'm wondering about the possibility of a "stretch kit", as with a Yakima rack, to extend the span between the cross bars back further behind the rear doors. Check out link title . Typically these are used for coupes, which have little door frame to clip onto but comparatively longer roofs to support the rear crossbar. You think this might work for the 5? I don't know how much room there is to work with as far as door frame openings. I just want more adjustability than the factory rack allows. And don't hold your breath about Thule/Yakima/et. al. having something which might fit before summertime, as they're slow and it's a low-volume vehicle.
  • rrratinarrratina Posts: 27
    Well.... a nail wiping out my side wall on one of my original Toyo tires with only 12,000 miles on it. Have any of you tried replacing your Toyo tire(s)-it is virtually impossible to replace. It takes 6 plus weeks to order and arrive and who can spend that kind of time on a doughnut. I am quite amazed that Mazda put the type of tires they did on the Mazda 5 without considering replacement availability. What a bad business decision, in my humble opinion. I now have to purchase two other brand tires or replace all four. With that in mind-what is recommended? I live in the desert so I have no need for snow or bad weather tires.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    If you don't have TPS, I'd troll one of the Mazda3 forums for folks selling their OEM Goodyear RS-A's.

    A lot of the Mazda3 owners are trading up to 18 inchers for their car and they're looking to unload their 17 inchers that came with the car.

    Here is one selling four wheels and tires for $400.

    The Mazda3 wheel will fit the Mazda5 perfectly.
  • rrratinarrratina Posts: 27
    Thanks for your reply and please forgive my ignorance, but what does TPS stand for?
    Thanks aagin.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 737
    TPS stand for?
    Tire pressure sensor?
  • goatropegoatrope Posts: 13
    Maybe it was a fluke, but my Mazda5 came with Michelin tires and not Toyos. They are easier to find, but they run about $180 each, plus mounting and install. And they are far from quiet.
  • I purchased a M5 Sport, but would like to mount the touring models 2nd row flip out tray. While at the dealership, I looked at the both Sport and Touring models side by side, and it sure looks like the tray assembly will bolt up in the Sport model, but the parts folks say they won't - has anyone tried to mount one? (or gotten a better answer from the parts department?)
    I'm also trying to find mudgards that will fit the side-sill-equipped M5's - the factory mudflaps are for the Sport without side sills. Anyone found a generic option or modified the factory ones? I live in Oregon where it rains occasionally (ha!) and I'm finding the wheels throw up a fair amount of debris.
    Lastly, I'm REALLY not happy with the factory roof rack Mazda offered in North America (yet another person who pines for the Euro racks) - Yakima doesn't yet offer a fit guide - another others who have tried to fit a Thule or Yakima rack?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    There have been a lot of compliants about the stock Toyo tires (not enough grip, so-so traction in the wet, etc.). I plan on getting different tires for the Mazda5 when the time comes to replace them, but the 205/50-17's seems to be an odd ball tire size. There are only a handful of tire manufactures that makes a tire in that size and they're not cheap.
  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    I had to replace one of the orginal tires, and the tire store didn't have Toyo tires, so I got a Federal Super Steel 595 to replace it. It's a nice looking tire, and rides well. I will see how it holds up, and when the time comes to replace the other tires, I will definately consider this tire.
  • 77722777772277 Posts: 7
    Hi, bjerry --

    Do you mind if I ask how much you paid per tire for the Federal Super Steel 595?

  • bjerrybjerry Posts: 59
    Do you mind if I ask how much you paid per tire for the Federal Super Steel 595?

    Right after I hit the post button I realised I'd forgotten to mention that. The tire was $130 plus tax (8.8% where I am). The "z" rating is what does it.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    I've hooked up a 4 channel amp. I went speaker level just to avoid using LOCs and was told Alpines are fine speaker level. I can confirm, there is no audible noise or weakness to the bass running speaker level. I mounted the Alpine F250 under the front passenger seat. Install wasn't that bad, hardest part was running all the wire under the carpet because the floor board is molded styrofoam and has small canals to run wires. Also, I had to figure out which wires were which from the head unit.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    At they've installed the seat covers $295 and rave about them. They are water proof and stain resistant. I would get them, but I like the OEM matching pattern on the two tone and haven't had any issues with them so far.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Posts: 41
    I don't know how many people on this forum might be interested, but I saw a site which has aftermarket bumpers, side sills, front lips, and rear air dams available for the 5. There were some other parts on the site as well; interior bits, engine stuff, etc. The company is called CorkSport, and the website is CorkSport Mazda Performance--Mazda5/Premacy. If nothing else, you can comment on the looks (or lack thereof) of their available body kits. ;)
  • Hi all--
    I'm zeroing in on buying a Mazda5 and one of my big reasons is that my husband is going to be posted to Europe for a couple of years and we want a car that will fit-in there.

    I read some comments about a Euro-style luggage rack? Can someone tell me what that is? I was going to have the dealership here install the rack, but if there's a better one available, I could wait til we get there.

    Also, does anyone know if the Nav system will work in a different country? Do you think it would be a matter of just buying a different disc? It would be really cool to have a nav system for a different country.

    Thanks -- I love how much you all know here! I hope to catch up eventually!
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    If I were you, I would buy the European version of the 5 when you get there. The European 5's have a variety of engine choices, including a diesel, a roof rack system that works with different rack carriers, available leather interior, available seventh seat, as well as a six speed vs. a five speed manual transmission. Also, you would surely fit in, as it would be bought locally, and you could drive it there for the few years and then either sell it when you return, or find out if you could import it to the states.
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