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  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    The 3rd row seatcovers were the hardest to install (pull out the trunk tray to install & use a hammer to attach clips to edge of seat), but there's no problem with folding the seat flat.

  • I have a sport with sunroof as well and purchased the Mazda rack. If you go with the Yakima option, you may want to check whether you can open the sunroof when the rack is on. The crossbars on the Mazda rack sit high enough that you can fully open the sunroof when the rack is on.

    I believe that Yakima produces the rack sold through Mazda per Mazda's specification/design.
  • Has anyone come across a JDM part number for the fully adjustable intermittant wiper switch foro the Mazda5? The single speed switch just isnt cutting it. I was able to make this swap on my Pro5 years ago, so I'm guessing there must be a current model crossover number.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 188
    I have a Touring sunroof and Mazda bars, also. One fine point is that yes the sunroof will open fine with the bars, but that's not necessarily so if anything is mounted onto the bars. We have a Packasport cargo box, and the sunroof just slightly binds, rubbing along the bottom surface of the box. Of course, it is absurd to want to drive with box and open roof; I just mean it isn't something you'd want to let happen accidentally either. (the box acts like a gigantic aerodynamic ram scoop, and it makes driving like riding a motorcycle with no goggles or helmet. Plus no sunshine comes in.) I'm not so sure about Yakima being the supplier of the Mazda bars. I have owned past Yakima hardware for another vehicle type (Quest), and none of the "feel" of the Mazda bars is the same. Especially, the Mazda bars are not the Yakima style round pipe.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,237
    It's Tuesday, so it's time for our weekly Mazda chat. Stop in to meet and greet some of your fellow forums enthusiasts. I'll be picking your brain for discussion ideas for the forums as well! (Trust me, I need all the help I can get! :P )

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule

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  • I just installed factory roof rack for Mazda 5, I noticed it's a rectangular bar instead of round bar I am used to. Anyone know where I can buy the rectangluar plastic snap arounds so I can use my old bike rack from Yakima? Thanks..
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,192
    Just fyi for any who might be interested, we had Bluetooth installed aftermarket in our 5. Well I didn't like where they put the control unit and managed to fit it in the spot where the optional cassette deck would go. In the process I figured out how to get the front panel off and the head unit out. If anybody is interested I can provide directions. :D
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    I'd like more info on the BlueTooth. What it works with, how well, where you bought it, how much, etc. That's pretty cool.
  • I just ordered the factory iPod adaptor and had my local dealer install as he was doing recall work. The verdict after a couple of days -

    Pros: Connects you iPod directly, which gives crystal clear sound quality. Stashes the iPod in the glove box which does not attract thieves. Has a cool Mazda logo on the iPod display when plugged in. charges your iPod while the car is on.

    Cons: Although the adaptor manual explains how to switch seek functions, it is very confusing and I have yet to figure out if i am flipping through playlists, albums, artist, songs, or genres. The display does not give text information which is a huge disappointment (considering the radio tells me "Hello!" every time i get in). The numbering system only goes to "6", because it utilizes the 6-disc cd interface features, requiring the display to start over at 1 for track 7; so you really have no idea what you are playing. There does not appear to be a way to play Podcasts.

    These are major issues for me as I have a 60GB iPod with over 5000 songs and I listen to Podcasts quite a bit. All that said, i am glad to dump the FM transmitter and get high quality sound from my iPod. And it can be interesting to try and guess the Artist and Song playing while sitting in traffic. Since the stereo display is useless, I wish the display on the iPod itself was active to see if my guesses were right.
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    Thanks for the review, what was your price paid? Some of your concerns are valid, but don't weigh as much in my determining situation. I currently have my iPOd stashed inside the cupholder so I can't see the display. I only use the iPod to forward, otherwise it's on shuffle and I play it until I hear something I don't like, and forward. It's like listening to the radio for me. I only put songs on the iPod that I want to hear, so I let them all play.

    THe biggest thing for me, would be hiding the iPod in the glovebox and reclaiming my cupholders, charging the ipod, play with ignition and FF and RW on he steeringwheel.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    I just bought this link . It appears to have all the same features as the factory ipod link except the ipod display and control are active. I believe that you can get the same Ipod interface on Ebay.


  • Tim you are killing me :P. lol. tell me more about this Bluetooth item. any pictures where you got it how much....
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,192
    Sorry about that.

    We installed a Raytel 4200.

    After having my Acura TL we couldn't live without Bluetooth in the car.
    The installers double-stick taped it to the shift console below the shifter, but that looked tacky.

    I pulled out the audio panel and head unit, Dremeled a hole in the expansion plate where the cassette deck would go, and put the unit there.

    It seems to work pretty well although I'm not yet an expert at all of the features.

    To remove the head unit you pull off the panels on both footwells toward the back center. This exposes a screw on the shifter console plastic you can unscrew.

    You then unscrew the shifter knob (we have an automatic) and pull off the plastic piece where the shifter is (if you have nav you need to unplug the nav connector. You have to push a tab to pull it out; pulling alone is not enough.

    You then pull away the big plastic piece that the shifter plastic snapped into. This exposes two screws below the climate control knobs. Unscrew those and then you can pull out the big silver plastic piece that surrounds the climate and radio controls. It has some snap tabs but WILL come out if you pull hard.

    You then unplug the antenna and electrical connectors from the head unit. The plastic piece and head unit come out together. You then unscrew the head unit from the plastic piece and you are done!

    Installation is the reverse and was not too difficult, the hard part was finding out how to get it all out.
  • Greetings,

    I'm considering purchasing a cargo cover for my 5. Could someone tell me if the second row seats are able to lean back when the cargo cover is in use. If the seats can lean back, how far?


  • yes the seats can lean back a fair bit. At a guess i would say 6".
  • rlyonrlyon Posts: 57
    Yes, as stated above, they lean back pretty much unhindered. I believe the 3rd row laying flat may hinder more than the cargo cover (at least while lowering the 3rd row flat)
  • joebenjoeben Posts: 4
    After using the adapter for a couple of weeks, I have been able to get my playlists to come up. I have to keep the manual handy to remind me what the order is for switching between play styles (Songs->Playlists->Albums->Genres...). The numbers are in the display are relatively meaningless, except to tell you how many songs you have listened to in sequence. During Random Mode if you scan through songs, it cancels Random play. Aside from these major issues, it sounds WAY better than an FM Transmitter.
  • I am trying to get some of the accessories that we do not have in Canada. Like tire pressure sensors that work with mazdas screen TPS. dash lid thing that the mazda 3 has if you do not have NAV screen ....
  • People don't mention doing it, but perhaps its a
    obvious thing to do.
  • I am in Canada. Can anyone tell me how much a blank key and remote is in the states. I was reading somewhere on another place(i did not save to favourites) that they are only like $50US for both and less. Can anyone ask or let me know how much they are in the states or where ever. Programming and key cutting is no problem.
  • Just took delivery of a 5 Sport and have a few random questions:

    1. Is there a way to activate DRL's on the US model? The old Miata did have a plug-in module from Canada that would do the trick, is there a similar part or fuse?

    2. Sport doesn't have a thermometer displaying on the dash, anyone know the part numbers and installation to make it work short of installing the auto-dimming mirror?

    3. The wife likes auto-locking doors once you shift into drive, is there a way to do this?

    4. Anyone use aftermarket fog lamps with the Mazda turn signal fog lamp switch? I hear the Sport is pre-wired for fogs.

    5. The wife doesn't like the interior aluminum - any suggestions? black paint? tasteful aftermarket dash kits?

    6. Anyone know the part numbers for the power flip-up lid for the navigation system? Might be nice to install a backup cam monitor or carputer there that hides away.

  • Hey, all!

    Just want to let you know that I got the Mazda Genuine Parts iPod integration kit hooked up in my 5. It cost a total of $249.00. They put the cable in the glove compartment and that is where the iPod stays during use. You don't control the music through the iPod itself. You control everything through the stereo.

    To access the iPod when it's connected, you have to depress the CD button until "EX" (for external) is displayed. Then, it has menu options you go through numbered 1 through 6. Each number represents something different, i.e., 1 representes Artists, 2 represents Albums, etc. You scroll through these numbers until you get the option you want and it will start playing. Then you make your selections using the stereo buttons.

    I have to admit that it's pretty tricky getting used to it and using it. I just got it last night, and still have to play with it more to get used to it. But, it has its advantages. #1 - The iPod is charged while it's playing, so there's no need for an additional charger and it will play continuously; #2 - the fact that you only control it through the stereo makes it a lot safer to use while driving as opposed to looking for your iPod, looking at the screen and making your selections all while driving; #3 - the sound is great and it sounds just like a CD; and #4 - it's a Mazda Genuine Accessory/Part, so it's part of the warranty and won't void any other part of the car's warranty.

    On the down side, though: #1 - it's tricky to use; #2 - it will take you a while to select whatever Artist or Album you want to hear, unless you select it beforehand on the iPod itself and THEN connect it to the system, but even then if you want to select the following track through the steering wheel controls, it will bring you to the FIRST song on your iPod listed alphabetically by Artist; and #3 - they left two gaping holes in the back of my glove compartment, which takes away from its storage capacity and utility since objects can fall through the holes and into the inside of the dashboard area.

    Overall, though, I LOVE my iPod hook up. I'm just sad that the two gaping holes are there inside the glove box and that my glove box door no longer opens in a dampened manner, but just PLOPS open with no resistance whatsoever. I should take it back for that, though I don't know if that can be fixed. What do you think?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    So tell us how you really feel...
  • The Ipod integration kit is terrible!!! It doesn't show ANY text what so ever from the ipod. Another words, you can use next disk button to go to the next album on the ipod but you have no idea what album it is, who it is, or what song you here until it starts playing. There is no way to search albums, artists, or songs. I mean it shows a disk number for an album then another number for what song in the album. example 5:2-1. What is that???? I am not happy I bought this stupid adapter!! Would rather use the Ipod to play what I want!!!! DON'T PAY FOR IT!!!!!

    I also purchased the cargo NET. It is worth it's wieght in gold! Ok, I doesn't wieght much so that wasn't a good statement but you get the point.

    Since the IPOD adapter is so complicated and un-intuitive I suggest we start writing a manual here on how to use it. So far here is what I know.

    To switch to the next album > up Disk Button
    To switch to the prev album > down Disk Button
    To switch to the next song > up next right Button
    To switch to the prev song > up prev left Button
    To shuffle > repeat button
  • joebenjoeben Posts: 4
    I paid the price listed on Dealer gave me a good price on install as I had demanded the part when I bought the vehicle last year, and the salesman plaid dumb until I signed, at which time he told me the part did not exist. Thank you MazdaSouth (Austin) for holding to a commitment even when the salesman was long gone. Install and part is covered under dealer warranty and they did not drill any holes in the glove box as mentioned in another person's experience.
  • foxtwo2foxtwo2 Posts: 2
    Help Please. I have iPod integration on my Speed6. I cannot seem to get to the mode to select menu options. I have tried pushing and holding disc up for 2 secs, I have tried pushing disc up twice in rapid succsion, disc down does not work either. My iPod is stuck in Artist mode.

    Any ideas?
  • here is some of the things I have read in other forums to help use this terrible IPOD adapter. Please add any info you may have or tell us how to display TEXT!!!

    1. there was a complaint that it would only use 6 playlists and 99 songs in each playlist. That is not true. It will show you 6 music menu choices such as playlist, artist, album, songs, genre, and composer. If you choose playlist it will let you play all of your playlists in the order they are listed on the iPod. The display is limited to counting only 6 of them because it was made for a 6 CD changer. Your seventh playlist will be displayed as the number 1. The same goes for songs in a playlist, after number 99 the display will show the 100th song as number 1. This is all in the instructions that come with the unit.
    2. If you press the track buttons within one of the 6 initial menu chopices you will only change tracks in whichever choice you are in. Example: if you are in albums, then the current album you are playing will change tracks on that album and when you get to the last track the next press of the button will take you to the first track in the same album. It will not go to the next album. To go to the next album, press the disc change button once. To change choices within the six initial menus press the disc change buttom twice QUICKLY! Now, watch the display on the head unit. before it plays a song it will show you a series of numbers. These numbers are in the manual that came with the unit. Each of the six initial menu choices has a specific number. Playlists are shown as 1'00" on your display. Once you are within this menu it will begin to play the first song on the first playlist on your iPod. One trick is to know what the order of playlists are on your iPod and what the first song is in each playlist. Press the disc change button ONCE to change playlists. Do not press the button several times in a row or it will change your initial menu choice.
    3. For the 2007 Mazda3 equipped with a standard AUX IN jack, an additional "Switch Box" accessory P/N TD13-79-CFZ is required, to allow both features to function.
    4. 1. Turning the radio on
    2. Keeping it on a FM station(FM1?), the iPod will most likely be displaying "OK to Disconnect" and showing the Mazda Logo
    3. With the Logo showing, reset the ipod by pressing and holding the menu/ok button (NOT SLEEP), an actual reset (or how ever your ipod resets, every ipod varies)
    4. It'll reset, upon resetting your iPod's menu (should)will be displayed(not the Mazda Logo). From there press Mode on your stereo and go to EX and it should go there without your ipod saying "OK to Disconnect" hence you get to choose your songs from your ipod, not the stereo.

    Hope that works out for you guys!

    Now I know thats kind of annoying to do, but to me it's not that hard, I just have to take a second to reset the ipod before I go to work on a FM station. But I drive an 1 1/2 to work on highways.

    Any how, It worked for me, I have a 5th Gen iPod, 60GiG, Black with 50GiG's used and updated with the latest software update, formatted using a MAC.(in case for some reason formatting it using windows is some how different which I don't see why the adapter would notice or care but you never know) and I own a 06 Mazda 3i
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I cannot seem to get to the mode to select menu options. I have tried pushing and holding disc up for 2 secs, I have tried pushing disc up twice in rapid succession, disc down does not work either. My iPod is stuck in Artist mode.

    When you are changing menu options (holding ^ for more than 1 second or rapid succession), make sure you note the minute portion of the display: EX 1 : 1 1':00". the minute will flash with your current menu option and then go back to 0'00" to play the track. As far as I can tell, this is your only indication of menu option number. Make sure that this is not happening and then re-post with your results. Of course, make sure your music is tagged correctly as well, but if you see that info in iTunes it's on your iPod.
  • rrx421rrx421 Posts: 1
    I’d like to remove the third-row seats in an M5, in order to load several bikes upright (front wheels removed). Is this a straight-forward job with a socket wrench?
  • Has anyone investigated adding the options for automatic headlights and/or rain sensing wipers? It seems that these are features found everywhere except in the US? Is adding these options going to be too complicated? Can I take a trip north across the border to get these items?

    Thanks for your input.
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