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Mazda5 Owners Accessories & Modifications



  • afticaaftica Member Posts: 14
    I would have to agree with perfecto, the NA Mazda optional rack is inflexable in its utility and is also very narrow ~ 40" wide. There is a set of optional bars for my Mazda sitting at the dealership because they were paid for when we did the deal back in July before I even knew what they looked like. I would prefer not to mount them and will continue to await sourcing for the euro rails. Mazda dealer is also seeing what he can do.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Is there any way we can see pictures of your MZ5 with the roof rack and box attached? I'm tired of the same stock photos, I would like to see a real rack/cargo box on a real owner's vehicle.

    Have you had any trouble with the sunroof and/or mast antenna? Are you able to park the car in your garage (assuming you have one) with the box attached, or do you have to park it outside? If you leave it on all the time, have you noticed a knock in fuel economy?

    I don't know that anyone said for sure that Thule made the rack--some of us noted that the upright design and sqare bars look like it might be made by Thule. If Thule USA denies it, then it's probably some knock-off brand from Japan.

    Some pictures of your ride would be great. Actually, I think anyone who has pictures of their rides should post them or link to them. It would make the forum a lot more interesting and attractive.
  • ajpendoajpendo Member Posts: 19
    I am loading the 5 up this afternoon for a road trip and will try and take suitable photos with the box plus rails.

    The car did not fit in the garage with the box on.

    The box was fine with the antenna and sun roof.

    I will be checking on fuel consumption changes but I would not be surprised with 5 miles less per gallon or so.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Thanks, looking forward to seeing the pics. Too bad you couldn't fit it in your garage, though. At least the box is pretty easy to attach/remove, so it's not a total pain every time you road trip. :)
  • ajpendoajpendo Member Posts: 19
    I've posted photos of my Mazda5 with roof rails and cargo box here:

    We got 25 mpg and it handled just fine with a considerable crosswind at 70 mph on the highway.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    WOW! 25 mpg with the box on, with crosswinds no less! Thank you so much for the pictures, very helpful. The box you bought--it looks like the shorter (15 cu. ft.) model, correct? I remember there is a 1700 (17 cu. ft.) model as well...
    It looks like you have the exact car I would like to get--Strato Blue Touring edition. Couldn't tell if you had the 5sp or auto, though. Great looking car. Thanks again for the pictures. :shades:
  • ajpendoajpendo Member Posts: 19
    yup 1500


    we love it
  • bjerrybjerry Member Posts: 59
    I've posted photos of my Mazda5 with roof rails and cargo box here:

    Thanks for posting these photos. The Stratos blue looks awesome.
  • ajpendoajpendo Member Posts: 19
    There were many larger models available at REI, including 1800 and 2100 sq ft, but they were very long and would either bend the antenna or else extend forward above the front windshield. It was clear in the store that the Thule Cascade 1500 was large enough for our cargo needs while fitting the car nicely. The folk at REI were very helpful.
  • mactavish1mactavish1 Member Posts: 19
    I saw that mp3yourcar is now selling an ipod interface for the disk changer on the Mazda 5.

    Has anyone done it yet or even looked at the back of the stereo to see how easy it is to install ?

    How do you get into the back of the unit ?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    You might be interested in this Cartech Blog.
  • a10thundera10thunder Member Posts: 19
    I'm planning to buy a Mazda5 Sport the next few days. My wife and I really like the fold-out storage bin/cup holder for the 2nd row seats in the Touring line. Will I be able to install that on the Sport? Thanks.
  • wannahavmy5wannahavmy5 Member Posts: 8
    For all of you in the Montreal metropolitan area.

    I've done some shopping around, and i've been able to buy 16" winter wheels for 46$ CDN/each.
    I am going to test fit this weekend, i'll let you know how it turns out :D .
  • model_unmodel_un Member Posts: 6
    Does anyone think that some of the options available in other countries, i.e. "bench" second row seat, rear-viewing camera, and perimeter detector, will ever make it to the US? Why would Mazda not want to take advantge of all these gizmos in the US?

    Also... I asked this in another forum... but no answer... has anyone had the Mazda offered DVD installed? I noted in the UK brochure, that the DVD could NOT be installed in 5's that had sunroofs????
  • bypasskidbypasskid Member Posts: 57
    For all those interested: IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO INSTALL ROOF-TOP DVD IN ALL MAZDAS, not only mazda5. I bought an aftermarket dvd player for the roof installation and found that it would be extremely difficult to install. Ended up buying a headrest DVD player with 2 7" screen, much better in my opinion, both kids can have a private screen, cheaper too, <$300 in target.
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,992
    I agree. I don't know why anyone would spend $1000 for a DVD on the ceiling, when you could buy seatback types for each passenger in the 2nd row and the wouldn't have to even look up.
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Member Posts: 98
    Yeah, but that would mean FOUR screens in TWO rows instead of ONE overhead for our 5s. :)
  • kev604kev604 Member Posts: 30
    For anybody who is curious about how the 7th passenger seat works and looks like, on mazda japans website in the Premacy link with a bit of searching you can find a great picture of the layout of the seating and how the 7th seat bottom folds out and how the seat back folds around.
    I'm planning to goto Japan with my wife and daughter in April. Hopefully can get a chance to pop into a Mazda dealership there and check out what sort of accessories they have for the 5. I put my deposit down for the vehicle at the end of September still waiting for my platinum silver GT automatic to arrive.
  • sillypigmamasillypigmama Member Posts: 1
    Aftica mentioned trying to get the european roof rails as a group; we are definitely interested. Please keep us all posted if you learn anything. And thanks for all of your efforts.
  • model_unmodel_un Member Posts: 6
    I just spent more than a few minutes going through the Japanese Mazda site (thank God for Googles site translation) and again I ask the question... Why don't we get some of the options that are offered overseas? As I understand it, the Mazda5 for the US market is being built in Japan, I am sure that the major cost for the US market is the left to right driver position shift, with that out of the way, what is the cost or reason for not offering things like the automatic door closer or the perimeter warnings or the back-up camera? I was told at the dealer, that some options where not included, so as to keep the cost down, why do they care if OPTIONS increase the car cost? My only guess is that they get to say that MORE things are standard on the Touring version? But why short sell the options? Oh well... Does anyone think that maybe they are holding off to second model year to introduce these options?
  • frank4carsfrank4cars Member Posts: 98
    I'm guessing you're right about adding some of these features next year. My guess about why they aren't offered now is that Mazda wanted to keep prices around the $20,000 mark to make the 5 stand out as a bargain against larger minivans and other competitors. The fewer options they have to factor into the production line, the less expensive the final vehicle. So they made a lot of features standard on the US models and limited the options. One other major expense Mazda has to cover, though, is the 2.3 liter engine used here. I don't know if it's available anywhere else. Anyway, I'm thinking we'll end up seeing a 5 "Ultra" with leather and the electronic gizmos included around $25,000 or so.
  • c3poc3po Member Posts: 26
    Any body thinking of buying the car bra hood protector. Another alternative instead of the black vinyl car bra is to put the 3M urethane stone guard protector film on the hood and side. It looks invisible unless you get very close.
  • ajpendoajpendo Member Posts: 19
    Why is so hard to install roof DVD in mazda5???
  • gswaybrightgswaybright Member Posts: 2
    The US has different regulations. The 2nd row fold-out bench seat is not offered here, because the seat belt ancors for the middle do not meet US requirements. For some of the other options, I expect there are similar reasons. The different engine ued to meet our driving style/preference also forces other differences (like the front grill opening), which also might disallow options offered elsewhere.
  • gswaybrightgswaybright Member Posts: 2
    I'm also in the market for a flip down DVD. $1200 for the factory 7" seems too much. Pyle offers a 10" model # PLTV-D10, DVD/MP3 w/ integrated TV tuner and speakers for ~ $700 street price. I think the kids would love it.
  • bypasskidbypasskid Member Posts: 57
    Hi everyone,

    I need to put in interior light up by the handlebar next to the rear seats. After I put the window tint on the kids complaint it's too dark at night and I don't want to turn on the middle light because I forget to shut it off after. Is there anything on the market that I can use that is battery operated and is glued on, that kids can turn on/off by themselves?
  • edf4edf4 Member Posts: 65
    Sounds like a battery operated bicycle light would do the trick. You can get one a a bike store for about $20. They have a circular clip for handle bar mounting that would likely fit on the grab handle in the 5. The clip is tightened by a screw, as opposed to being glued on, which would be better. The kids could then reach up and switch it on and off until their heart is content, and because of the narrow beam, it wouldn't be as distracting to you as the center overhead light would be.
  • big_redbig_red Member Posts: 1
    Went to the ipodyourcar site and it does not show Mazda as an option, but does mention that it is available in Japan. Any idea how we could get the accessory here (I'm in Canada, but I assume would be the same issue for the US)?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    The only thing I can suggest is contacting Apple and ask them if/when it will be available for Mazda in Canada and US.
  • skaugskaug Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone removed the stereo head unit from their Mazda5?
    My Mazda5 Sport has a Mini Disk button on the head unit but no MD player. It should be possible to use the MD interface for a standard 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) audio cable (or similar).

    I also want to add a RAM mount for my laptop. The result: A beautiful laptop screen showing DVDs with the sound played over the factory speaker system. This seems the best possible solution, and you can take it out to prevent burglaries. Also: It would be a snap to add Navigation to the laptop.

    RAM mount: 3sw2.htm
  • dapontdapont Member Posts: 21
    Hella will introduce the DynaView Evo 2 fog/cornerning light next January which should fit right into the Mazda5. Here's a film clip in German:

    And here's more information from a vendor:

    The DynaView costs around $500; no price on the Evo 2 yet.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Interesting technology--it's been on a couple of OEM cars for a little while now (Porche Carrera, new-model VW Passat), but I hadn't seen it for aftermarket.

    On the subject of lighting, I saw one owner on had a 5 with a HID conversion (link title). Anyone know what would be required to do this? I have heard that HID units require a lot of power and run REALLY hot, don't know if they can be safely retrofitted to a halogen-style headlight setup. Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • wusterwuster Member Posts: 153
    He posted a step by step conversion on one of the Mazda5 forums. It required the removal of the front bumper and fog lights. Too complicated for me.

    My brother-in-law retrofitted HID to his MDX and it works great. But the parts where really expensive and he did have a lot more room under the hood of the MDX to work with.
  • dapontdapont Member Posts: 21
    Sylvania Silverstar bulbs are 1/20 of the cost with 90% of the light output of HID. With numbers like that, who needs to retrofit illegal headlights?
  • wusterwuster Member Posts: 153

    I have them on our 00 CRV and they work great. Does Sylvania make a Silverstar replacement blub for the Mazda5 yet?
  • deenkdeenk Member Posts: 4
    I am taking delivery of a new Platinum Mazda5 Sport (manual) today. It has the moonroof option (hooray!)and preferred equipment pkg.

    Before closing out the option list with the dealer I have a couple of questions on accessories: 1) is the moonroof deflector required to avoid excessive wind noise; 2) has anyone purchased the Mazda seatcovers (in lieu of dealer-installed leather? Do the seatcovers work with/affect the front-seat, side-bolster airbags?); 3) is the self-dimming mirror worth the $$$ ?

    Thanks in adavance... I'm looking to avoid expensive adders.
  • nym5nym5 Member Posts: 20
    HID uses less power (35w per bulb instead of 55w) and run cooler than halogen. I tried the Silverstars and didn't notice a big difference vs halogen. Then I put in HID and was blown away. I aimed the beams a touch lower to be a good neighbor. Also, adding HID lamps is Not illegal.
  • nym5nym5 Member Posts: 20
    The moonroof has a built-in deflector that pops up when open. It's smaller than the addon but does eliminate the wind noise. I'm sure the seat covers would be required to work with side airbags. The self-dimming mirror is nice if you drive alot at night, otherwise I'ld skip it. One of the best extras are the rear bumper step gaurd and the all-weather mats for winter. Enjoy your 5!
  • troopernewbietroopernewbie Member Posts: 60
    Does anyone have the rear step guard? I'd like to see one before ordering, but can't find a photo.
  • deenkdeenk Member Posts: 4
    ...for your input! I purchased/installed the bumper (step)guard and ordered the floor mats (as well as the tonneau cover & front splash guards), and skipped everything else. I always wished our V70 wagon had a bumper guard to prevent the inevitable scratches due to sliding luggage/boxes into the cargo area.

    trooper: my dealer had the step guard in-stock (the only thing), so you might be able to look at it in person before purchase.

    I also asked about ordering the Euro-style cargo rails, but the dealer had not been able to locate any yet. The parts counter also said that almost everything on the US Mazda5 accessory sheet has inventory (stocked in Pennsylvania). 5-day lead time for those of us on the west coast.
  • ccweemsccweems Member Posts: 33
    You figure it out. Typical light housings critically locate the horizontal filament of halogen lamps for proper light output that meets DOT specs and is legal. HID conversions replace the lamp with an axial filament lamp. The conversion does not meet spec and is illegal. Look at the web site; you have to acknowledge that it is for offroad use only. HID replacement housings are legal. They include a reflector and lens assembly optimized for HID lamps. Such housings (assuming they were tested and marked with the DOT spec) are legal. Yes, I know they are more expensive. It costs more to do it right. There is a reason why HID conversions are on the wane. Supplier and customers got tired of being charged.
  • nevergrowupnevergrowup Member Posts: 17
    I just ordered and received the Mazda Roof Rack for my Mazda 5. The box has the Mazda part number CC29-V4-701. However, it also has the Thule part number 1052-093-100-76 on the box.

    Mystery solved?
  • polarbear5polarbear5 Member Posts: 1
    May be I missed something. Where did you buy this roof rack?
    I couldn't find that Thule part number as well.
    Is it "european" roof rack? :confuse:
  • nevergrowupnevergrowup Member Posts: 17
    I ordered the US version from Rosenthal Mazda off the internet. It was almost $100 less than my local dealer, no sales tax and no shipping. I admit I would like to get the European version but for Thanksgiving and Christmas we are/were traveling and needed the Rooftop storage.
  • poohbah75poohbah75 Member Posts: 41
    Consumer Reports (January 2006, also has the head-to-head comparison of MZ5/Vibe/HHR/PT Cruiser) did an interesting test on aftermarket halogen bulbs vs. OEM. They noted that all of the aftermarket bulbs looked "whiter", but only one of them was actually better in terms of distance than the OEM bulbs. Granted, they only tested three vehicles (Honda Ridgeline, Chrysler Sebring, and Toyota Camry), but the GE Nighthawk was the only one which was better than OEM (and then, only in the Ridgeline).
    Interestingly, the Sylvania Silverstar tested relatively poorly, matching OEM bulbs in the Ridgeline and dropping 100 feet of visibility in both of the other cars, according to their testing method (which was somewhat subjective). But hey, if you like 'em, and they worked well in you CR-V, who's to say they won't work in the Mazda 5, you know? :confuse:
  • wusterwuster Member Posts: 153
    I guess I should quantify my statement earlier. The CRV had original OEM bulbs that was 4 years old when I replaced them with the Silverstar. So I did notice a big difference. The difference may not have been so great if it was a brand new OEM bulb vs Silverstar.

    I also think the design of the headlight is a big factor. My CRV was a gen1 with the first model coming out in 97 and the MZ5 came out in 05. I suspect vehicle headlights have made some serious strides in 8 years.

  • brucewayne00brucewayne00 Member Posts: 4
    There is no leather option available from the factory for the vehicle but my dealership in Great Neck, NY has one on the floor with leather- all six seats and door panels. The dealership is providing the option for $1500 for those who want it.
  • pagetunerpagetuner Member Posts: 41
    I made a quick page to show what a Mazda 5 looks like with 16 inch wheels and a taller tire profile, thinking this might be of interest to people considering snow tires.

    If anyone has more information on the issue of whether 15-inch wheels would clear the brake calipers, I would be interested to hear about it.

  • deenkdeenk Member Posts: 4
    just a note about the front splash guards: they will not fit if you have a MZ5 Sport with side sill extensions (or the preferred equipment package like mine).

    I was also quoted $1400 to upgrade the interior to leather from my dealer (Seattle area). Apparently, there is a kit available so that the revised leather covering does not interfere with the side-bolster airbags mounted in the front seat.

    Thanks also for posting the 16-inch wheel pict. link, Pagetuner.
  • jagphantombluejagphantomblue Member Posts: 13
    Way, way too much. I paid $899.00 installed.for all 3 rows and upper door area. Yes it's first class prime leather
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